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Chapter 55 – 56: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 55: Ask Kerry for One Million

Venus Mu had been quiet for several days, and Kerry Ye was also not heard much. Nobody knew what business he was busy with. She was happy about it, giving her time to deal with her own matters.

Last time, her uncle said that he had news about her brother, but there was an accident that day. She didn’t have time to ask Uncle. Recently, Uncle and Aunt couldn’t get through. Venus knew that there must be something going on, so she planned to visit the Mu’s Group after school.

In the evening after school, upon getting in the car, Venus asked the driver not to send her back to Ye’s home but to Mu’s Group.

“I’m looking for Mr. Mu. Is he in the office?” Walking straight to the front desk of the group, Venus asked.

“Ah…Yes.” The young girl at the front desk nodded. When looking up and was just about to ask if there was an appointment, she saw Venus and changed immediately, “Excuse me, Ms. Mu. Mr. Mu is not in the office.”

Venus retorted,” You just said he was in, why change all of sudden? “

The young girl said awkwardly, “It’s my mistake, Ms.Mu, why don’t you come next time?”

It was not the girl’s fault. Her boss ordered her, as long as it was Venus, to send her away.

Venus clenched her teeth and glared. She didn’t intend to leave. When she tried to find a way to go upstairs, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Mr. Liu, it’s useless to pester me. Our funds are not in place and the settlement cannot be made. I don’t have the money to give you. How about you give us more time and we will give you a reply asap?” Changrui Mu’s voice came from the right side of the lobby.

Venus was surprised and looked over. The middle-aged man with the surname Liu held on to Changrui’s clothes. “Last time you asked for a few more days, not this time, how long do you want to delay? When will you settle the 300,000 you owed us?”

Changrui waved his hands, “It’s not that I don’t want to pay you, it’s the company recently…”

Venus listened. Her mind was like a blast bomb. She understood from the conversation between her uncle and this man. The company did not run well now. The company’s one partner owed the company money, correspondingly, the company owed its other partner money.

However, how could it possible that her brother left just half a year, the company had been unable to operate normally already.

Out of a shocking stance, Venus walked over until the two men finished quarreling and Liu left angrily. She stopped in Changrui’s way.

“Uncle, I heard the conversation between you and Mr. Liu just now. What’s going on? What happened to the company?” Venus asked quickly and worriedly.

When Changrui surprisingly saw Venus, his eyes were a little dodgy. “Venus, how you doing? About the company, to tell you the truth, several projects our company invested have been stopped, so…”

“But I married Kerry. Didn’t he help Mu?” Venus doubted.

Changrui thought about it and said, “Most of the money that Mr. Ye subsidized has been sent to your brother. The rest is not enough for the company’s business operation!”

Speaking of this, he sighed loudly on purpose. There was something wrong with the operation of Mu’s Group, and it had been struggling to run normally indeed.

“What?” Venus was even more shocked, “Send money to my brother? Did you hear from my brother? “

Changrui nodded and mumbled nonsense right away, “Your brother is now in America. He was seriously injured and he needed money. I transferred some to him, but that was not enough. But Mu’s Group can’t afford that any more. You see, that Mr. Liu just came here to ask for money.”

Venus was so nervous that she grabbed Changrui’s arm,”What happened to my brother? Was he injured? Did he need money for treatment? How is he doing now? Is it serious?”

Chapter 56: An Unexpected Visitor

“The situation was very critical. I have just received the news. Your brother is still in a coma.” Speaking of this, Changrui Mu came up with a vicious idea, “Venus, you are now Kerry’s wife, can you find a way to get money from him? Your brother is in a life-and-death situation and needs money urgently. Mu’s Group is in trouble as well. Why can’t you go to Kerry to help us out? He is your husband anyway!”

At the end of his speech, Changrui’s eyes were filled with greed. How did he forget, Venus Mu, the golden tree! How silly he was! He should have answered her phone earlier and asked her for money!

“Ask Kerry for money?” Venus was stunned. How could this be possible? In Kerry’s eyes, she was not even as important as a servant!

“Yes!” Changrui sounded promising, “There is no other way but going to Master Ye. You don’t want your brother to die in America, do you?”

“No, I can’t let that happen!” Venus rapidly replied, resolutely shaking her head.

Changrui manipulated the vulnerable Venus at the moment, “That’s right. Your brother needs money now. You can ask Kerry for it. It’s not much. It’s only a million yuan.”

“A million?” Venus exclaimed, “Is that too much?”

“Not much, not much!” Changrui shook his head and said, “This amount of money is nothing for Kerry, but it’s life-saving for your brother! Venus, you must help your brother. I haven’t answered your phone these days. I was afraid if I told you about it, you will be devastated. Now we really have no other solutions. “

“…” Venus was speechless. Her mind was in a mess. Her brother was dying in the hospital. After a rather long while, she murmured, “Well, I’ll find a way.”

After leaving the Group, Venus asked the driver to send her back to Ye’s home. She was exhausted from worrying so much.

A million! How could she even open her mouth to talk to Kerry about it?

She felt hopeless that her head started to ache. When arriving, she got out of the car and walked into the villa looking preoccupied with troubles. As soon as she entered the room, she found something unusual, there was an unexpected visitor at home.

“Ha ha ha ha, Kerry, do you think it’s funny? This was an anecdote from my cousin’s childhood!” Yiyao Mu’s voice sounded like a harsh silver bell. Venus’s eyebrows wrinkled up immediately.

She should have the nerve to come to Ye’s home!

In the living room, Venus saw the scene on the sofa. Yiyao took Kerry’s arm and talked to him with a intimate smile on her face. The content of the conversation was all about her, funny stories in old times.

Venus was embarrassed to see the two talking closely. They were really shameless, even it was inappropriate for them to show any intimacy in her home. Maybe they had the skin thicker than an ancient wall, so they naturally did not care about what other people thought of them. Believing this relieved Venus from caring it much any more. She moved away her eyes and turned to upstairs.


Staring at her indifferent back, Kerry’s face and voice changed from a easy-chatting old friend to a gloomy cold enemy.

Kerry originally didn’t want to engage into Yiyao’s flirting talks. Then he saw Venus enter the door. He wanted to see her become jealous and angry. But to his surprise, the woman ignored him and went upstairs directly, which made him furious at once.

Venus heard his cold order, then stopped and turned around. Standing on the steps of the revolving stairs, she looked at him calmly and asked, “What’s the matter?”

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