Chapter 55 – 56: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 55: The hero saved a beauty

“Not only that, you’re close with our company’s goddess as soon as you come. Everyone isn’t happy seeing you.”

“Goddess? Lily Jones?”

William Howard nodded.

Colin Ward casually said, “She’s okay!”

“What ‘okay’? You brat, you have such a high standard, huh?” William Howard thought Lily Jones was beautiful.

Colin Ward laughed without giving explanation.

Lily Jones was pretty and she looked sweet when she smiled. Unfortunately, her beauty couldn’t compare to Doris Lee’s.

Colin Ward asked again, wondering, “Then why are you here eating with me?”

“Tsk!” William Howard shook his head, “I haven’t been here for long too, and my performance has been poor. So no matter what, I’ll be laid off. So I don’t care anymore.”

Colin Ward ate silently. He felt that he couldn’t comfort him.

“By the way, do you know Kevin Reed?”

“Kevin Reed?” William Howard was shocked and looked around. After making sure the person wasn’t around, he breathed out in relief.

Colin Ward was surprised. Was he that afraid of Kevin Reed? It seemed like Kevin Reed had a big influence!

“Why do you suddenly mention Kevin Reed? Have you seen him?”

Colin Ward noded and told William Howard what had just happened just now.

After William Howard heard this, he said, “No wonder. Considered you lucky that he didn’t do anything to you.”

“Why do you say that?”

William Howard looked around again, then whispered, “Kevin Reed is the company director’s son. He’s a tyrant in the company, basically no one dares to deal with him.”

“And you know that Kevin Reed has always liked Lily Jones, but Lily Jones doesn’t like him. So every time Kevin Reed sees someone is close with Lily Jones, he will either send the person to the hospital or mentioned Director Reed and fires you.”

Colin Ward nodded as he understood, “Is that so!”

Then, Colin Ward asked about the relationship between Kevin Reed and the group’s chairman, but William Howard was just an employee and didn’t know much.

After chatting for a while, Colin Ward talked about other topics to not make him looked suspicious. And to grow their relationship closer at the same time.

After they were done eating, they walked back to the dormitory.


Colin Ward halted, “Do you hear something?”

“Huh?” William Howard faked, “I don’t!”

Colin Ward frowned. He wanted to take a look, but William Howard immediately pulled him back. “Bro, don’t poke your nose around. Let’s go!”


The call for help came from the group building again.

When William Howard saw this, he said, “Bro, in society nowadays is better if you mind your own business. It’s not good to be nosy and put yourself into trouble.”

As Colin Ward heard this, he suddenly sighed.

William Howard was right. It was minding your own business nowadays. Who would be nosy and caused themselves trouble?

But Colin Ward’s conscience was uneasy. What if something happened?

You clearly knew, but you turned a blind eye which would cause others to be in trouble. Would your conscience pass just like that? Moreover, if you put yourself in their position, what if someday it was Doris Lee who called for help?

Or any woman he knew?

If he didn’t save them, wouldn’t he feel guilty for the rest of his life?

And if you didn’t go, and neither did he, someone still had to go!

After thinking for a while, Colin Ward told William Howard, “You go back first!” Then he turned and ran to underground garage.

William Howard shouted at him. He sighed helplessly in the end and walked away.

At eight or nine in the evening, there was almost no one near the company. And the security guards were far from the underground garage, so even if someone called for help, the securities wouldn’t hear.

As soon as Colin Ward rushed in, he saw two big men dragging a woman to the corner of the parking lot. The woman was wearing a professional suit and she was a mess at the moment. Her legs kicked on the ground, and one of her heels fell out.

The woman wanted to shout for help again, but one of the men covered her mouth and her voice was muffled. From the sound she made, she sounded desperate.

Colin Ward immediately retreated and hid behind a pillar. His heart was pounding.


Those two men were big and muscular, and even wore horrible ghost masks. He knew they were gangsters in a glance. He was sure he couldn’t beat them!

Was it too late to regret now?

Colin Ward leaned back against the pillar, panting. Was he going to save her or not?

But if he didn’t save her, he…

Colin Ward used to be a coward, not because he was really afraid, but because he wasn’t capable, poor, and didn’t capable to earn money! That was why he couldn’t lift his head and dared to argue.

But as a successor to the socialism, he still had the three views.

It was just that if he charged at them, he was afraid it would be more disaster than good.

After contemplating for a while, Colin Ward gritted his teeth. He covered his face with his arm except for his eyes and rushed out.


Colin Ward shouted at the two men.

The two looked over when they heard a sound. They looked at each other then walked over with a folding knife.

Colin Ward took a deep breath when he saw it. Then he turned and ran.

The man with the knife was dumbfounded for a moment, then he started to chase him.

Seeing that Colin Ward had run to the corner, the man speeded up.

When the man thought he was about to catch Colin Ward, he flew out with a loud sound.

There was another loud sound and he hit the ground.

The masked man over here didn’t pay attention to this side. He only heard the sound of something hitting the ground. His eyes instantly widened and he was shocked!

The other masked man who fell on the ground got up in pain. He shouted at his companion, “Run!”

He shouted and ran, running away.

Seeing this, the man immediately let go of the woman and escaped.

Colin Ward breathed out in relief and didn’t bother with the two men. He stared at Gerd Ward and said, “Your kung fu is great! Do you accept disciples?”


Colin Ward shrugged, not caring.

Gerd Ward turned around and was about to leave, but then he said, “You can’t learn it even if I accept you!”


Colin Ward glanced at the woman at the corner, finding out she was actually an acquaintance. “Lily Jones?”

Lily Jones was already in despair back then, but suddenly someone with his face covered appeared…

Lily Jones was almost moved to tears.

This was exactly a TV series’ plot. The female lead was rescued by the heroic male lead. The two became acquaintances since then, got to know each other, and fell in love.

Lily Jones didn’t see the figure clearly just now, but she still noticed the outstanding and heroic posture. In an instant, she had a series of imagination, imagining the man was a handsome and brave prince. And she was the princess who was caught by the bad guys.

But when she tidied herself to stand up, she didn’t see the so-called prince in her mind. “Hey, are you there?”

Colin Ward heard her voice, but didn’t go out. He came only to probe questions. He didn’t want to cause more troubles.

“Thank you!” Lily Jones shouted.

Colin Ward still said nothing and was ready to leave.

“Colin Ward!” Lily Jones shouted again.

Chapter 56: What’s the use of you?!

Lily Jones spent most of today with Colin Ward. She was getting familiar with Colin Ward’s figure. The silhouette just now seemed to be Colin Ward, but she was not sure.

Lily Jones saw no one responded. She sighed and said with distress, “Is it you?”


In the morning, Lily Jones bought breakfast for two. One was for Colin Ward.

“Thank you for last night.” Lily Jones looked at Colin Ward shyly.

Colin Ward looked at her doubtfully, “Last night? What are you talking about?”

She paused and tried her best explaining, “Well, last night in the underground garage…”

“Hm?” he didn’t follow.

She noticed that he was lost. Wasn’t it him?

She returned to her desk. Colin Ward turned around casually. He was relieved.

She sat back, but her eyes wouldn’t look away from Colin Ward. The more she looked at him, the more she was sure that it was Colin Ward last night. However, he seemed to know nothing which made her uncertain.

During lunch break, Lily Jones came over, “Colin, have dinner with me.”

Colin Ward was stunned, “Let me treat you. You treated me breakfast this morning.”

“Okay.” Lily Jones smiled. She planned to have dinner at a Western restaurant, the less romantic the better, and then, she would ask him again about last night.

However, at dinnertime, Lily Jones was surprised because Colin Ward took her to the staff canteen.

She planned to talk about last night, but now, how was she supposed to ask?

There were hundreds of people in the canteen. How was she going to ask?

Lily Jones looked at Colin Ward sitting in front of her with a grumpy face.

He didn’t notice it. He had his dinner happily.

Well, the braised pork tasted good, so did the soup.

The food was delicious. Suddenly, someone hit him on the shoulder.

Colin Ward groaned and turned around.

There was a man standing behind him. His finger was pointing to the door, “Brother Reed wants you to meet him there.”

Colin Ward looked at the door. Kevin Reed was standing there with his five or six men.

“Oh, why is he looking for me?” he asked with a smile.

“You will know later.” the man said impatiently.

Colin Ward lowered his head and sighed. However when he looked up, he was smiling.

Lily Jones was even more puzzled when she saw Colin Ward’s reaction. If he really saved her, he wouldn’t be this dumb.

Colin Ward finally walked to the door and asked with a smile, “What do you want, Kevin?”

Kevin Reed looked at Colin Ward coldly as he patted him on the face, “You have balls. You don’t listen to my words.”

Lily Jones didn’t tag along. She watched from a distant, just to make sure if Colin Ward really was the man who saved her last night. If so, there was nothing to be afraid of, but if he wasn’t, he would surely be badly beaten.

Colin Ward seemed to understand, but he smiled, “What balls?”

“Hm!” Kevin Reed snorted coldly. He looked at Lily Jones from the corner of his eye and said, “If you don’t have balls, you won’t have dinner with her. Do you think I’m blind? Since you’re not listening to me, I think I have to teach you a lesson.”

After Kevin Reed finished, his men charged in.

“Hey, wait, wait—” Colin Ward stopped them.

“You afraid?” Kevin Reed asked scornfully.

Colin Ward smiled and said, “There are so many people here. I’m afraid it’s not a good place to fight. Why don’t we go to a quieter place?”

Kevin Reed laughed, “Fine. Have it your way.”

After a few glances, Kevin Reed’s men took Colin Ward to a secluded alley.

Lily Jones was so disappointed when she saw Colin Ward so dumb that he accepted the beating without a fight.

As soon as they arrived in the alley, Colin Ward pushed the men and distanced himself from them.

Kevin Reed’s face darkened, “Are you trying to fight back?”

Colin Ward changed his demeanor. He grinned and it made them feel awe.

“Brother Reed, let’s finish him!”

“Beat him for me!” Kevin Reed stared at Colin Ward bitterly. There was no mercy for anyone who dared to fight against him.

His men surrounded Colin Ward.

Suddenly, a wooden stick swung over. It smacked Kevin Reed’s man in the face and his tooth flew out.

Before they could react, a black silhouette charged in and kicked one of them, he turned around and punched the other two. Finally, all men down expect Kevin Reed.

Colin Ward even clapped his hand in admiration for Gerd Ward’s skill.

After clapping enough, he grabbed Kevin Reed’s hair and pressed him against the wall. He banged him twice.

Kevin Reed’s eyes were starry as he screamed repeatedly.

It happened so fast that he didn’t even have the time to react.

His men were lying on the ground writhing in pain.

“Do it again, I dare you! Do it again!” Colin Ward grabbed his head and smashed it to the wall.

Kevin Reed let out a cry. He grabbed Colin Ward’s hands trying to stop him.

“Behave yourself, you prick!” Colin Ward shouted as he slammed him to the wall mercilessly.

This time, Colin Ward was no coward at all.

Kevin Reed was afraid. He was afraid to fight him again. He had to beg for mercy before he died, “Brother, Brother, I was wrong. Show mercy, Brother!”

Colin Ward replied, “Now, you know you’re wrong! Okay, I’ll ask you a few question, you need to answer them honestly. If you dare to lie, I will kill you right here right now!”

“Fine! I will answer honestly.” Kevin Reed’s face turned pale. He wouldn’t stop nodding.

Before, Kevin Reed took advantage of his father’s position in the group, which was a general manager, to boss around the company. No one dared to provoke him. He didn’t expect that this humble newcomer was actually wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He had a pervert, one meter nine tall by his side.

Colin Ward grabbed his head tightly and asked, “Who is the real boss of Xinxi Group?”

Kevin Reed was stunned, “Brother, can you change the question? I really don’t know the answer!”

“Really?” Kevin Reed squinted at him.

Kevin Reed nodded hard, “I swear to God I don’t have any idea! Shall I go back and ask for you later?”

Colin Ward looked at Kevin Reed. He really didn’t know who the real boss was. So, he changed the question, “What’s the beef between Xinxi Group and Lishi Company? Why does Xinxi group want to overpower Lishi Company?”

When Kevin Reed listened to the second question, he was even more embarrassed. He asked carefully, “Brother, can you… change the question?”


“Brother, I really don’t know. I don’t even know what Lishi Company does!” Kevin Reed was trembling as he spoke. He was genuinely scared.

Colin Ward took a deep breath and asked, “Do you know when the chairman will come back to work in the company?”

“I… I don’t know…” Kevin Reed did nothing but rely on his father’s presence. He had a position in the company but he didn’t work at all. How was he supposed to know when the chairman would come back to work?

“How come you don’t know anything I asked you?! What’s the use of you?!”

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