“Betty Li, what do you mean?” Karen Lee said.
“Master Lee, don’t get me wrong, I have been following you all the time. I know what you have done. I am not talking about loyalty, but other things,” Betty Li explained.
She has followed Karen Lee for too long, and of course, knows that Karen Lee has never done anything of that kind.
Yes, Karen Lee is very loyal.
The university has known Joseph Cannon until now, he has always been Karen Lee’s first man.
“Others?” Karen Lee fell into silence.
Others? What?
I haven’t done anything!!
“Well, can you check his details? I never thought that his family was gone, and I never thought he could not fight,” Betty Li said her thoughts.
She judged this kind of thinking by herself, but it was not nonsense. It was what she felt. She always felt that Chuck Cannon’s father Joseph Cannon were not that simple.
“Well, I will think about it.” Karen Lee said.
“Master Lee, I’d better pick you up.” Betty Li said concerned, she didn’t want to see Karen Lee desolate.
“Well, I’ll wait for you.”
Karen Lee sat down by herself. She scanned everything in the room, lost in loss and contemplation…

Chuck Cannon didn’t know that his mother had chased it out. Yvette Jordan was dealing with her taking over the family. Chuck Cannon had nothing to do. He was sitting on the sofa and called Yolanda to ask about the situation in China.
Like Chuck Cannon’s initial vision, he did not misunderstand the wrong person, and Yolanda did a very good job reporting.
Chuck Cannon also asked casually and the hotel Du Peixin managed was not bad.
Although Du Peixin said that she was dissatisfied that Chuck Cannon only let her manage a hotel, she was also taking care of it, waiting for Chuck Cannon to give her a bigger opportunity.
After all, Chuck Cannon’s net worth, Du Peixin could no longer imagine.
She thought that relying on Chuck Cannon would make their Du family much better.
But when calling Yolanda, Yolanda mentioned Qian Yueying.
Said Qian Yueying has been asking questions these days.
Chuck Cannon was more surprised. What is Qian Yueying thinking about? She didn’t even plan to rectify her Qian’s house, she should stay away from him.
Why did she come to find him?
Did he look at her photos, fixes her, and make her a little interesting to herself?
There is no such woman? ?
Chuck Cannon shrugged, thinking too much! It’s hard to tell the woman Qian Yueying, but her figure is really good.
She was so charming.
However, during the period when Chuck Cannon came to the United States, he still had ideas, such as what to invest in the United States, but lacked a manager. Chuck Cannon was thinking, did he want Du Peixin to come to the United States?
Anyway, she will follow him for five years.
She is pretty good in every aspect, so you have to make good use of her, right? It can’t be wasted.
When Chuck Cannon thinks this way, his mind is even more serious.
Hanging up, Chuck Cannon was about to go out and have a look.
Black Rose felt like it was not bad. She put on her clothes and walked out of the room, just in time to see Chuck Cannon who was going out.
“You want to go out?” Black Rose asked coldly.
“En,” Chuck Cannon knew that she was his bodyguard, so of course, he would tell her about his whereabouts. Anyway, he wasn’t going to do something about not seeing people.
“Will you follow?”
“Yes, I will do it if there is danger.” Of course, Black Rose would do it.
“But the injury on your body.” Chuck Cannon looked at her, her face was still pale.
“I have nothing to do with you, you can go out anytime,” Black Rose didn’t mean to imprison Chuck Cannon.
Although it is safer to stay at home, Karen Lee didn’t say to restrict Chuck Cannon’s activities!
“I’ll go out and have a look, what project I want to invest in,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Your mother Karen Lee’s property, one-fifth upwards of the entire United States. What can you vote for?” Black Rose was thinking was he a fool.
It was originally.
“Um, let me see.” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed by the black rose’s words. Yvette Jordan is not free. Chuck Cannon felt boring and can only go out and have a look.
“Up to you,”
“Why don’t you come with me as a companion.” Chuck Cannon said.
There is no need for Black Rose to follow.
“No, I’m protecting you secretly, obviously, some people still know me,” Black Rose immediately shook her head and refused.
Although she usually pays much attention to these, no matter how much she pays, there are times when she is exposed, not to mention the number one female killer like her.
“Well, then I’m out.” Chuck Cannon said.
“When I am blind?” Black Rose’s big blue eyes are cold.
“Actually, you can try to communicate with me in English. I have learned it these days,” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.
Yes, he followed Yvette Jordan for a few days. After Yvette Jordan made Chuck Cannon happy in the evening, he seriously asked Chuck Cannon to learn English.
After the incident last time, Chuck Cannon swore in his heart that he must learn English!
Yvette Jordan has been a teacher and speaks very standard English. She made Chuck Cannon the easiest way to start learning, but the most practical way. Chuck Cannon has been a few days and feels pretty good.
Reluctantly, general communication is still possible.
Black Rose didn’t even look at Chuck Cannon and went out directly.
Chuck Cannon shrugged and went out without any purpose, but after following out, seeing the uneven black rose, Chuck Cannon thought about going over and asked, “Then I will ask you something.”
“Where is Ouyang Fei?” Chuck Cannon paid more attention to this. Now Logan is still recovering from her injuries. Ouyang Fei did this all.
Chuck Cannon will kill this sinister woman.
“I want to kill her more than you!” Black Rose’s big blue eyes are cold!
Yes, she wants to kill Ouyang Fei in her dreams! But Ouyang Fei was guarded by the boss behind the scenes at this time, and she has no time to find it now.
Chuck Cannon has nothing to say. At this time, Black Rose is like ice cubes. Chuck Cannon also felt that Ouyang Fei had done too insidiously when taking photos.
“She is a bad woman, you can definitely kill her.” Chuck Cannon said.
Black Rose looked at Chuck Cannon, “Don’t mention her in front of me,”
Chuck Cannon drove around by herself, Black Rose had already arrived in her car, and she would follow from a distance.
While Chuck Cannon was waiting for the traffic lights, he suddenly heard someone calling him, Chuck Cannon, Chuck Cannon…
It’s a girl’s voice, Chuck Cannon felt strange, who is calling him?
Chuck Cannon looked around and saw a beautiful girl in a luxury car waving at him.
Chuck Cannon was shocked. Why did she come to the United States?
This beautiful girl is actually Bryant, a classmate who went to Huagang together last time.
Last time Chuck Cannon also promised her one thing, that is, to go to Huagang together, but after going there, she ignored her. She said that time was not counted, and Chuck Cannon agreed at the time.
But Bryant never contacted him. Chuck Cannon thought Bryant had forgotten about it. He didn’t expect to meet her in the United States.
“Why are you here?” Chuck Cannon said.
“Drip, drip!!”
The car behind frantically honked the horn and cursed Chuck Cannon, saying that it had a green light and did not drive. Chuck Cannon knew that he was ignorant, so he said to Bryant without responding and had a good chat on the roadside ahead.
“who’s that person?”
Inside Bryant’s car, a beautiful American girl asked, this American girl is beautiful, like an elf, and she is really white and beautiful, especially her long legs, which makes Bryant, a former school girl, a little bit eclipsed.
“My classmate.” Bryant curled her lips.
She came to the United States to play, and she thought about letting Chuck Cannon be together, because Chuck Cannon agreed, but Bryant thought about going there. The last time she went to Huagang together had already hurt her deeply.
She didn’t dare to let Chuck Cannon come out to play like this. When she came out, she didn’t care about herself. What’s the point?
It happened that some of her relatives had immigrated to the United States and held a birthday party, so she simply came to the United States alone. After a few days of relaxation, she did not expect to meet Chuck Cannon!
There were also two other yellow-skinned beauties in the car with Bryant.
Bryant was watching. She was obsessed with Chuck Cannon’s line muscles at the Beijing Bar at that time. Now he seems to be a little stronger.
Bryant’s heartbeat accelerated.
“What classmate can make you blush?” her friend asked.
“No,” Bryant defended.
“Do you like this classmate?” said the blue-eyed beauty who drove.
“I…” Bryant didn’t know it, but suddenly she was dumbfounded when she saw Chuck Cannon.
“I advise you not to like it, Chinese men are very rubbish,” said the blue-eyed beauty looking at Chuck Cannon who was parking in front of her with disdain.

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