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Chapter 550: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 550 Care (1)

“I don’t mean that. I just want to know what stimulates Yuqi Mu to be willing to die and to not value his own life. As long as Yuqi has a little sense, he will not drive crazily, as if he is deliberately pursuing for death. “

Deliberately pursuing for death!?

These four words, like a heavy hammer, hit Qiqi’s heart and let her body shake.

Jake immediately supported Qiqi by clenching her hand to give her some strength.

As Chuxue Ye saw these two people hand in hand, she slightly frowned her brow down, and said, “Impossible. Yuqi should have stronger psychological endurance.”

But Zhao Nangong was still searching for an answer, asking, “what exactly did you say to Yuqi?”

“I….I just told him that I wanted to have a relationship with Jake and tell him not to come to me again, just as we never knew each other.”

Hearing these words, Chuxue and Zhao Nangong were silent.

Qiqi couldn’t help looking up at they two, and found that they were frowning and staring at her with extreme disapproval.

With some panic in the heart, Qiqi asked, “I think this words are not too much. Don’t lovers always say such words to break up?”

“It isn’t the matter whether these words are too much or not. Don’t you know that Yuqi loves you?”

“No matter she knows or not, it doesn’t mean that she have to accept his affection. It doesn’t seem to make any sense.” Before Qiqi’s reply, Jake said to Chuxue for her.

Jake was silent all the time. Nobody paid attention to him before.

But as soon as he spoke such words, the atmosphere became tense.

Looking up at Jake, Chuxue found that this young man looked like gentle and good-tempered. But as long as observed carefully, he had hidden a touch of coldness and arrogance in his eyes.

Since Jack’s words were not polite to her, Chuxue didn’t need to pretend to be friendly anymore. She sneered and said, “You’re right. But it’s quite not proper to bring your girlfriend to show off in front of her ex-boyfriend.”

“I don’t think so. Qiqi is kind of missing their previous friendship and wants to visit Yuqi. That’s all.”

“So you won’t refuse Qiqi to meet Yuqi, will you?”

Chuxue seized the flaw in his words and refuted, but Jake behaved calmly. He said slowly, “Qiqi just wants to pay a visit to Yuqi. It’s reasonable to go inside.”

After saying so, Jake looked down at Qiqi and said: “Qiqi, just go in.”

But Qiqi shook her head repeatedly, with a very resistant expression.

“How can I see Yuqi again? He became like this because of me. “

“You little fool, did you force Yuqi to drunk driving? It’s just he can’t bear being refused by your several hurtful words. No wonder her girlfriend will be taken away by some riff-raffs. “

Chuxue’s words made Qiqi more shameless and she felt guiltier about Yuqi.

When Chuxue said this, she kept staring at Jake, with her eyes full of provocation.

Zhao Nangong knew Chuxue’s temper, who might quarrel with Jake in the next moment.

After all, they were in a hospital, and it was unnecessary to let people all know their little things, so he then mediated a bit. “That’s it. Qiqi, let’s go and have a look.”

With a provocative look at Jake, Chuxue pushed Qiqi away.

Qiqi didn’t want to go, but Chuxue was too strong, and Jake didn’t help her. Finally, she was pushed into the ward.

As soon as Qiqi saw Yuqi, she immediately covered her mouth.

All the description did not as shocked as she saw the tragic scene by herself.

Although Qiqi had already known that Yuqi was seriously injured, it was still hard to accept seeing Yuqi lying quietly on the hospital bed, whose breath was light and even invisible.

This boy liked to show off, whose laughing was more brilliant than the sun in the sky. Why did he become like this?

At the moment, with his face as white as a sheet, Yuqi was wrapped in bandages all around his body and half of his face was swollen out a lot.

Before seeing Yuqi, Qiqi still had some illusions. She hoped that Yuqi was not hurt. He just wanted to joke with her.

But after seeing him in person, all the illusions were shattered. The man in front of her was really on the line of life and death. Maybe in the next moment, he would…..

No, no, no. Yuqi was a naughty boy, so he would tease her for thousands of years!

Qiqi covered her mouth with tears uncontrollably dropping down, and stepped back two steps.

Hearing the sound, Anna Xie and Yulin Xiao turned back.

As Anna found Qiqi, a strange look instantly appeared in her face.

Looking around the room, Chuxue asked, “Where are your uncle and aunt?”

“They are already back.”

“It’s good to go back and have a rest. They should be tired these two days.”

After chatting with Chuxue for a few words, Anna focused on Qiqi and said, “You girl, you still know to come here? I didn’t hear from you after I called you. I thought you were abducted and sold!”

Chuxue looked at Jake and said unsatisfactorily, “It’s not abducting, it’s brainwashing.”

Qiqi seemingly didn’t recognize Chuxue’s banter. She bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve been a little busy these two days. I got my time recently.”

“No matter how busy you are, you should come here sometime.”


Before Qiqi could figure out how to reply, Chuxue hummed first, “She is busy to have a date. How can she have time to care about us? OK, as for Yuqi, you’ve seen him. You can leave now. “

Seeing Chuxue wanted to drive Qiqi to leave, people here immediately called her, “Chuxue!”

But Chuxue didn’t want to change her mind, instead she asked, “Am I wrong? Maybe from her perspective, we are dispensable. We are definitely less important than her boyfriend.”

“Well, stop it.”

“Why should I stop? Look at Qiqi now. Is she still the girl we knew before? She…” Chuxue was still complaining, but Anna was attracted by other place.

After staring at Yuqi carefully for a moment, Anna was shocked. She tugged Yulin’s hand and yelled, “It moves!”

“What moved?”

“Yuqi’s fingers just moved!”

After hearing this, everyone was surprised.

Yulin was still calm. He immediately pressed the bedside bell and called the doctor.

Soon, the doctors came in a hurry, pushing Qiqi and Jake behind.

When she heard Anna’s words, Qiqi’s eyes were fixed on Yuqi, hoping that he would take a turn for the better and be out of danger, and be as energetic as before.

The busy scene seemed so unreal, like a dream.

If it were possible, Qiqi preferred that all this was just a dream. Yuqi never knew her in such a dream.

Looking at Qiqi with a pale face, Jake shook her hand and said softly, “Qiqi, shall we go back first?”

Qiqi didn’t want to leave. Her eyes expressed everything.

Jake also saw Qiqi’s decision, but he didn’t agree with it. He said, “If we stay here, we can’t help but become a burden.”

As Chuxue saw they two whispering, she went over and heard Jake lobbying Qiqi.

At the moment, Chuxue sneered and interrupted, “Isn’t it good to stay and wait for an answer. If Yuqi doesn’t survive, you can drink and celebrate, right?”

Turning around, Jake looked at Chuxue’s sarcastic face and said in a light tone, ” I can’t drink as I haven’t recovered from my injury.”


Chuxue was talked back. She stared at Jake speechlessly and was about to break out.

Zhao Nangong stopped Chuxue in time, frowned and said, “Be quiet for a while. Do you have to fight at this time?”

“I didn’t want to fight with him. This guy didn’t know what he should do!”

“True, I don’t know what to do, so I won’t stay here to bother you guys.”

With that, Jake tugged Qiqi’s hand and was about to leave with Qiqi.

But Qiqi didn’t move. Her eyes were still fixed on Yuqi.

Qiqi’s reaction gave Chuxue some confidence so she looked at Jake defiantly.

Jake ignored Chuxue’s provocation. He, with his eyes full of worrying, looked at Qiqi, who seemed to lose her soul.

After examination, the doctor came to the conclusion. He turned back and said to the people, “we have examined the patient, and nothing has changed.”

Anna didn’t want to give up, she added “But Yuqi’s fingers did move just now!”

“It shows that the patient has a positive response to a certain stimulus, and you should continue to do so, which may be beneficial to the patient.”


Chuxue was silent. Then she clenched Qiqi’s hand with her eyes staring round, “Qiqi, Yuqi must hear your voice. Only when he wants to say something to you can he have a reaction!”


“Yes, it’s you! Then you should stay and take care of Yuqi. You also hope that he will recover soon, right? “

After listening to Chuxue’s words, people immediately understood her meaning.

Qiqi hesitated and was at a loss.

Jake, next to her, frowned and said in a slightly cold voice, “This is a moral kidnapping. What does it have to do with Qiqi whether Yuqi recovers or not?”

“Just because of their previous friendship, can’t Qiqi stay and help? Qiqi is not as cold-blooded as you are. She will stay. Qiqi, will you?”

Looking at Chuxue’s eyes, Qiqi opened her mouth a bit, but she didn’t speak.

Chuxue knew that Qiqi wanted to stay, but she couldn’t pass the obstacle in her heart, so she continued, “Will you really watch Yuqi die? If he can’t get through this, he will really die! “

Anna followed Chuxue’s words and added, “Even if you don’t want to have a romantic relationship with Yuqi, you can’t refuse to save his life. If Yuqi really died for this, would you regret it in the rest of your life? “

She would definitely regret, and it would last the rest of life.

Qiqi didn’t want to regret the whole lifetime, let alone watch Yuqi die.

Sipping her lower lip, Qiqi looked up at Jake.


Qiqi now had her answer. No matter what Jake said, she would not change her mind.

Jake would not like to be a villain. He said helplessly with a smile, “If you really want to stay, just stay. Anyway, it won’t affect our relationships.”

Seeing that Jake didn’t object her decision, Qiqi showed a brilliant smile, nodded and said, “That’s it. I’ll stay and take care of Yuqi.”

At this moment, Jake felt sorry for himself.

Even with his careful company, he couldn’t take the place of Yuqi in Qiqi’s heart. She looked so happy just because of taking care of a patient.

That happiness was from the bottom of her heart, without any trace of camouflage. In contrast, Qiqi was more modest and courteous together with him.

It was obvious that Qiqi and Yuqi were closer to each other.

There was a slight loss at the bottom of Jake’s heart, but Jake didn’t show anything.

Chuxue didn’t miss the opportunity to ridicule Jake as she found something. She snorted and said, “Qiqi, when you’re free, please spend more time in accompanying Yuqi and talk more about what he likes to hear. As for those who have nothing to do with it, don’t bring them here please, so as not to make Yuqi unhappy. “

Chuxue’s words made the situation a little awkward. But Jake didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll wait in the hospital hall,” he said in a flat tone

This guy was so shameless.

Chuxue frowned and said, “Don’t you get hurt? Why don’t you have a good rest?”

“I’m afraid that with so many wolves staring, Qiqi, the little sheep, can’t escape.”

Although Jake’s tone was calm, his words were sharp. In terms of innuendo, Chuxue was really not his well-matched competitor.

After listening to Jake’s words, Chuxue immediately burst into anger. She raised her voice, “how long have you known Qiqi? We are all her best friends. Will we scheme against her?”!? What a joke! “

“Really? Never? “

Jake’s deep eyes made Chuxue flustered for a moment. It seemed that the secret in her heart was found out.

In order to cover up her anxiety, Chuxue shouted with a higher voice, “We do these are all for the sake of Qiqi!”

Chapter 550 Care (2)

Compared with Chuxue Ye’s nervousness, Jake’s tone was still calm and slow, but his words were aggressive.

“It hurts more to plot against others in the name of love. You’re not the victim. Do you know what she wants? “

Chuxue bit her lip, gnashing her teeth and said, “What a teacher. Your eloquence is really good.”

“You know me very well. If I don’t know you, I will think you have investigated me.”

“Hum, why will we investigate person as simple as you? Just ask about…”


Chuxue was stunned and then realized that she had said something wrong.

Staring at Jake, Chuxue said angrily, “You said that deliberately!”

In the face of such accusations, Jake smiled lightly and did not deny it.

Jake’s attitude had the same effect of slapping Chuxue, which made her angry enough to want kill Jake.

Just as Chuxue was grinding her teeth, Qiqi asked a question, “Why do you ask about Jake?”

Worried about Chuxue said something wrong again, Anna Xie explained before Chuxue might answer, “We are worrying that he may be another man with glasses, who will do bad things to you. We do this because we care about you. “

After Qiqi heard this, a different light shone in her eyes.

She felt something wrong in her mind, which was a feeling of distrust.

But before Qiqi said anything, Jake spoke again.

“If you put it in a sound way, it’s caring, but it’s actually controlling. You are all well-known people, only Qiqi is a naïve and a little silly girl. It must be nice to be able to control other people’s lives, isn’t it? “

Chuxue couldn’t bear Jake anymore. She rushed to Jake and was about to beat him. Fortunately, Zhao Nangong stopped her.

“Don’t stop me. I should teach this kind of boy a lesson to see if he can talk nonsense again or not!”

Jake looked at Chuxue fearlessly and said, “Did I say wrong?”

“You are wrong from the beginning to the end. You are just afraid that we are not in chaos and want we to fight against each other! How can you alienate our friendship with Qiqi? “

“True friends will not be separated unless your friendship is too weak.”


Chuxue could not win Jake in language. If they continued to argue with each other, Qiqi would misunderstand them more.

Therefore, Anna interrupted Chuxue and frowned, “That’s it, everyone. Stop please. This is the ward! “

After listening to Ana’s words, everyone calmed down and said nothing more.

But everyone held their own thoughts.

Qiqi left in a hurry so she didn’t tell her parents. Jake went with her to explain to her parents and prepared something for Qiqi.

As soon as they left, Chuxue punched and kicked angrily at the air.

“That guy is absolutely a disaster. We can’t keep him!”

Anna had contact with Jake and knew that he was not as simple as he looked like. She said, “if we attack him at this time, aren’t you afraid that Qiqi will suspect us?”

Chuxue raised her head and said, “We have deep friendships with Qiqi, so he cannot outweigh us in Qiqi’s heart.”

Anna sighed lightly, “I’m afraid you’ve been too confident this time.”

Chuxue thought for a while and finally understood what Anna meant.

Obviously, Chuxue didn’t accept this. She widened her eyes and said, “Do you think Qiqi will suspect us? Not really. Although Qiqi understands things slowly, she is not stupid. She knows who is sincere to her.”

“We are sincere to her. That guy may not be insincere.”

Chuxue was very angry and dissatisfied, “How can you always speak for him? Are we so bad?”

“I’m just analyze the truth and tell you not to be so optimistic,” she then continued after a pause. “Do you see Jack’s injury? I heard that Yuqi Mu made it. This is also the fuse for the breakdown of his relationship with Qiqi. “

With her eyes blinking, Chuxue looked unbelievable.

“How can Yuqi leave evidence to expose himself for such a thing?”

“Ordinary people can’t, but although that guy looks very harmless, he is a tough guy to deal with, and he has some extraordinary means.”

Yulin Xiao, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly sighed and said, “If it was easy to deal with him, Yuqi would not have become what he looks like today.”

“What’s wrong with all of you? He is just a young man. How can you all consider him as a powerful monster? I don’t believe that he can deal with us all by himself only. “

Looking at Chuxue’s eager expression, Anna said, “Chuxue, don’t mess with him. We should find some wise ways to deal with him, instead of fighting with him directly. Anyway, Qiqi will stay. We have a lot of opportunities. We are not in a hurry for a while.”

“Yes, Qiqi will stay, and so will the nuisance. I really don’t want to see him for a moment. I must find a way to get rid of him! “

Anna was a little helpless, looking at Zhao Nangong and nodding at him.

Zhao Nangong knew that Anna wanted him to stop Chuxue to make any other troubles.

However he could not change what Chuxue had decided to do. Very likely, he would help Chuxue, lest she got into trouble.

Seeing Zhao Nangong shaking his head, Anna touched her forehead helplessly.

After patting Anna on the shoulder, Yulin said, “Don’t worry too much. Just let it be. If we can’t keep Qiqi, let’s not force her. Everyone has their own way to go. It’s lucky that you can accompany each other a journey.”


“Don’t forget, the most important thing for us now is to help Yuqi recover.”

This words made Chuxue speechless. At this moment, Chuxue was so upset, since she couldn’t do or say anything.

“You are so annoying!”

Chuxue stamped her foot, turned and ran out. Zhao Nangong followed her.

Looking at Chuxue’s figure, Anna’s eyes were full of worry.

Yulin touched Anna with his forehead and comforted her, “Don’t worry, With Zhao Nangong’s company, Chuxue will be fine.”

Anna sighed deeply and said, “Yuqi, Chuxue and Qiqi, why do they make us worry so much?”


Until hanging up the phone, Qiqi’s parents didn’t find any flaws, which made Qiqi take a long breath.

With her eyesight flowing up, Qiqi saw Jake look at her with a warm smile.

There was too much emotion in his eyes, which made Qiqi unable to bear it, so she subconsciously lowered her head and avoided eye-contact with Jake.

Qiqi realized Chuxue’s hostility to Jake. If Jake stayed here, he would definitely be made difficult, so she said, “Jake, our holiday will surely be ruined. Maybe, it’s better for you to go back first. When I have free time, I will definitely make up for it.”

Jake shook his head indifferently and said, “I’m free this time, so it will be the same wherever I’m staying. It doesn’t matter. Besides, you are here. If I leave you, I will miss you all the time.”

Qiqi pretended not to hear his last half sentence and said, “But I don’t want you to be hurt by them inexplicably.”

Jake smiled confidently. “Don’t worry, they won’t hurt me. At this moment, I’m afraid they have to draw a clear line with me, so as not to let you misunderstand. Time is different. The most they can do is to satirize me but not to hurt me. “

Jake looked confident and seemed to be in control.

However, Qiqi knew Chuxue fairly well. She was really a straightforward person. If anyone offended her, she would use the most direct and primitive way to make that person pay the price.

It was obvious that Jake had already touched her baseline.

After sipping her lips, Qiqi asked, “Jake, did my friends do anything to you before?”

“No, they’re just investigating my background. Don’t worry.”

“They are all good people. Maybe their words are a bit cold, but their hearts are really warm. They just worry that I might be cheated by you, so they investigate you.”

As for this, Jake did not take a stand, but gently raised the corner of his mouth, with a slight invisible smile.

“Oh, and my parents, thank you for helping me convince them.”

Jake sighed and said pitifully, “Oh, I wish my lies would come true one day instead of comforting myself with lies.”

Qiqi knew that Jake was waiting for her promise.

But at this time, she couldn’t make any promise, so she could only bow her head, “Jake, I’m so…”

“Don’t say sorry again. You promised me you wouldn’t say these words again.”

“Well, I won’t say.”

It is clear that Qiqi is unable to make a commitment, but her expression seems to be more aggrieved, which makes Jake feel helpless.

After rubbing Qiqi’s head, Jake said, “don’t push yourself too hard, just follow your heart, and don’t leave any regrets. As for others, just let it be.”

“Thank you.”

“Then organize yourself. I’ll go out first. When you’re ready, I’ll take you to the snack bar nearby to eat something delicious.”

Qiqi nodded with a reluctant smile “Okay.”

The next day——

Qiqi appeared in Yuqi’s ward as negotiated. Looking at the unconscious man lying in the bed, her eyes were full of pain.

The sound of footsteps came behind, from far to near, including the thump of high heels.

After wiping the corners of her eyes, Qiqi got up and looked back calmly.

Chuxue first looked around the ward, and didn’t find Jake the annoying guy, so her face was slightly relieved.

“Did you come by yourself?”

“No, Jake is waiting for me outside.”

After hearing this, Chuxue became unsatisfied down again.

“Well, he did what he said.”

Seeing that Chuxue had a lot of opinions on Jake, Qiqi said immediately, “Chuxue, Jake intended no harm and has helped me a lot. I don’t want you to misunderstand each other.”

“It’s not misunderstanding. It’s a deception. That guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Only you treat him as a good man!”

Finding that Chuxue adhered to her own views, Qiqi felt that she could not communicate with her.

Anna looked at Qiqi who was helpless and Chuxue who was angry. She sighed and said, “Forget about it, Chuxue. In terms of feelings, people falling in love know by themselves whether it is cold or warm. If Qiqi love him, no problem. As her friends, we just wish her the best in silence.”

“Even if she was cheated!”

“Even if she was cheated, it is out of her willingness.”

Qiqi frowned when she heard they both use the word “cheat”.

“You keep saying that Jake cheated me. You should have some evidence. If you don’t, you’re just talking.”

Chuxue pointed to her eyes and said, “Do you still need evidence? Just watch with your eyes. He must be plotting against you.”

“Jake just wanted me to become his real girlfriend. Just I can’t now. “

Seeing that Qiqi had always been speaking for Jake, Chuxue said angrily, “No matter what he says, you shouldn’t promise him! You should care more about Yuqi who becomes like this for you. Shouldn’t you be responsible for him? “

Looking back at the man in the bed, Qiqi was heartbroken and murmured, “I…..I will take care of Yuqi wholeheartedly. As for the other things… “

Chuxue waited for Qiqi’s following words, but after a long time, she didn’t complete her words. It could be seen that Qiqi still didn’t want to make up with Yuqi.

This made Chuxue angry. She didn’t care that they were in the hospital, she held Qiqi’s shoulder and yelled, “You have already gone so far. It will be better even if you lie to Yuqi! Qiqi, when did you become so cold-blooded? That’s Yuqi, who love you so much to carve you into his bones. You can’t do this to him! “

When Chuxue talk to Qiqi, she kept shaking Qiqi’s shoulder, hoping to shake this stubborn woman awake.

Anna stopped Chuxue and frowned, “Enough. Chuxue, please don’t force her. Let Qiqi think about it by herself.”

“Think by herself? Her mind is full of Jake. What else can she think of! I don’t know if that man gave her ecstasy!”

The quarrel made the atmosphere a little awkward. Anna wanted to ease it, but she could not figure out a proper way.

In the embarrassment, someone broke the deadlock.

“What’s the matter? What’s the noise?”

Hearing this voice, they immediately looked to the door, and could not help but restrain their anger.

“Sister Yiyao Duan.”

Yiyao walked into the room and looked at them with stiff faces. Finally, she looked at Qiqi and said with a smile, “Qiqi, it has been a long time that I haven’t see you.”

Qiqi really hadn’t seen Yiyao for a long time. Yiyao’s belly bulged obviously, which made it easy to see that she was pregnant.

Qiqi showed a smile and said, “Sister Yiyao, how do you do?”

“Fine, you…you don’t seem fine.”

Qiqi knew that how spiritless she looked now even if Yiyao didn’t remind her.

Looking back at Yuqi, Qiqi were full of pain in her eyes.

Yiyao immediately understood Qiqi’s worries. She said, “don’t worry too much, the doctor said…”

“The doctor said that as long as the beloved ones wholeheartedly accompany, there will be a miracle! Since Qiqi is here, she will certainly create that miracle.”

Before Yiyao finished speaking, Anna interrupted her and said the following words for her.

In addition, Chuxue also helped to convince Qiqi, and also winked to Yiyao from time to time.

Qiqi’s attention was all on Yuqi, so she didn’t find Chuxue’s small actions.

Yiyao picked her eyebrows and seemed to understand something.

Anna turned to smile at Qiqi and said, “OK, we will go out first, Qiqi. Please take care of Yuqi.”

“Okay, fine.”

Except for Qiqi, everyone else went out of the room, and the ward immediately became quiet. Only Yuqi’s ventilator made a cold and monotonous sound.

Sitting beside Yuqi, Qiqi held his cold big hands and gently kissed them lightly.

She wanted to give Yuqi some warmth, but his body was very cold, like ice. No matter how hard Qiqi tried, she couldn’t transfer the temperature.

The feeling of powerlessness made Qiqi cry.

Tears dropped the back of Yuqi’s hand. Qiqi choked, “They all say that I was wrong. Do you think I’m wrong? You’d think so. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be lying here. Yuqi, you must hate me very much, because of me, a tiny girl, you have a stain on your life. “

Qiqi’s voice, echoing in the ward, seemed empty.

Qiqi was seemingly chatting with Yuqi, but she couldn’t wait for a response. Maybe, she could not get any response all her lifetime, which made Qiqi very desperate with her tears flowing even more fiercely.

“Yuqi, wake up, please? Please, your life should not be like this. As long as you wake up, I will promise you to be your girlfriend. “

Speaking of this, Qiqi suddenly gave a bitter smile.

“Oh, you hate me so much. How can you let me be your girlfriend? It’s impossible between you and me. Yuqi, you must want me to stay away from you. But I won’t go. I’ll wait for you to wake up. Drive me out by yourself. “

After Qiqi was talking for a long time, Yuqi didn’t respond at all. Qiqi’s eyes slowly darkened.

Qiqi took out her mobile phone from her bag and flipped through it, “I found the song you played. You don’t sing very well, which is far from the original. So I find the original song for you to listen to. What’s the gap between you and the original singer? “

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