Chapter 551 – 552: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 551: A Harsh Fight With Nianhua

When Kris Chen was about to leave, someone yelled, “Hey, wait a minute, give us the spiritual stone!”

You’re kidding. What can be eaten by Kris? Think twice!

“At the same time tomorrow, please come to the challenge arena, and I will fight with master Nianhua.”

With that, he left with a group of disciples and left the stunned people!


Some people can’t help murmuring.

Returning to the Tao of Real Gods, Kris took out half of the spiritual stone and gave it to his disciples, and the remaining half was sent to the treasure vault.

Kris thought very clearly, the sect didn’t give him the reward, right?

Very good. The students he trained were his people!

No matter it’s spiritual stone or people, Kris wanted them all.

The collapsed Gate of Tao of flesh and blood had been restored, but the disciples in the gate were all upset.

Although the battle of the Purple Fire Sect was normal, and it happened from time to time, this time it was such a disgrace.

The Flesh and Blood’s people came to the Real Gods but were beaten. One person from the Real Gods defeated the whole Tao of Flesh and Blood! if it is a super Tao practice that did that, it would be fine, but it’s the worst Tao, the Tao of Real Gods.

Kris didn’t care about this at all. He flew directly to the other party’s script Pavilion and collected their books in droves.

Up to the Taoist master and down to the ordinary factotum, they were all angry. However, if they were willing to gamble and admit defeat, it will be nothing more than losing the challenge arena. If they cheat on others, the Tao of Flesh and Blood will become the laughing stock of the whole clan.

“Master of Beiyang Road, the classics of the Scripture Pavilion, we will bring them back openly and honestly one day!”

The Lord of Xuanxu said, gritting his teeth.

Kris laughed. “I’m waiting for you in the Tao of Real Gods, but you have to hurry up, because I may be very busy at that time!”

Saying that he disappeared from the Tao of Flesh and Blood.

Back to the Tao of Real Gods, Kris stepped into the sword world.

The Tao of Blood and Flesh is one of the top 100 orthodoxies. There are hundreds of thousands of ancient books about the way of Qi and Blood, which can be said to have reached the extreme Taoist practice of Qi and blood.

With so many books, it took lots of time to read all of them

Kris can only write down all the contents and then digest and understand them by deduction.

One day outside, ten days in the sword world.

In ten days, Kris looked at all the blood and flesh classics and kneaded his swollen temples. “It’s really hard to read so many books at one time.”

From martial art to magics, from the theory of Qi and Blood to practical cases, Kris had gained a lot.

But it’s not enough. Kris wants to make Nine Cycle Golden Body Spell more perfect. For example, when cultivating the body, he expanded the acupoints and orifices and evolved into small worlds!

The acupoints and orifices were opened in the body, and there must be a closer relationship between them!

The Tao of True Gods’ classics and the Tao of Flesh and Blood’S classics were not enough!

After touching his chin, Kris was out of the sword world. Today, he made an appointment with the master of Banruo Tao, the Taoist master Nianhua, to fight, and brought a group of disciples to the challenge arena!

From a distance, there was a group of people crowded there, all of them were the disciples who had bought the defeat of Kris yesterday!

When Kris looked up, there was a middle-aged man in a blue robe, holding a flaming red dragon and looking at himself with a smile on his face.

“Shit, he’s shameless!”

Kris murmured, and the master of Tao of Banruo, Nianhua, stepped out of the crowd. “Master Beiyang, let’s fight!”

There is no wordiness, two people ran into the arena space!

There was no gossip but a straightforward fight.

The strength of Nianhua was very strong. They fought fiercely with no magic power. They use pure physical strength, fist to fist, and foot to foot.

Finally, Kris learned that his physical strength was a little weaker than that of Nianhua.

Very good, this shows that his body still has room for improvement.

Nianhua practiced the Suppression Techniques of Dragon-Elephant and was much stronger than ordinary people.

However, in physical defense, Nianhua was slightly weaker than Kris.

Two people faught back and forth, adapting to each other’s combat at the same time and also learning the other’s skills.

Nianhua did not have a provocative attitude but held the idea of learning and common progress when she wanted to faught with Kris.

So is Kris.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!”

“Bang bang bang!”

The sound of fists tearing the air and the sound of the sonic boom were endless.

Seeing the space concussion, people were totally attracted to the fighting.

Once again, the battle between Kris and Nianhua became the focus of the battle. All disciples came to watch it.

“Our master will win!”

Said the disciple of Banruo.

“You are farting! our master will win!”

The fat cat should not give in; there is a faint firelight collision between the two sides.


After a stroke of whip leg, The Lord of Nianhua’s body suddenly retreated, “Lord Beiyang, if it goes on like this, I’m afraid we can’t tell the victory or defeat for three days and three nights. How about using each other’s magic power?”


Kris nodded, “concussion punch!”

Dense fists and virtual shadows were all over the space, and waves of power were sweeping toward the opponent.

“Good move!”

“Dragon Elephant Prajna, Dragon Fist!” cried the master of Nianhua road

At that moment, a golden dragon shadow swam around the body of Nianhua!


The Dragon roared out and matched the concussion punch of Kris!


With a startling explosion, Kris took advantage of the situation and gave a second punch, “All-Embracing Dharma, evolving ten thousand magics!”

Thousands of magics burst, there were a fist, supernatural power, and Dharma!

The power of this fist was even stronger than that of the battle with the Lord of Xuanxu yesterday. The ancient books Kris read greatly improved his power!

All of the three kinds of supernatural powers that Kris has learned can grow.

For example, the first type of concussion punch, if his physical strength goes further, one punch maybe ten thousand or even one hundred thousand punches.

In a flash, one hundred thousand punches will explode. Who can resist the incomparable power stack?

The second powerful is All-Embracing and more simple. The physical strength increases with the understanding of magics and Taoism!

What are ten thousand dharmas? There could be100000 dharmas, millions of dharmas! Isn’t that terrifying?

The Lord of Nianhua, who stood outside the arena yesterday, analyzed this move and knew that it was a very terrible martial art.

When it really came face to face, this magic power was more terrible than she thought!

“Godly Elephant Stepping the Sky!”

It is said that in ancient times, there was a god beast, named Hell Suppression Elephant. It was born in hell and grew up in hell.

The power to step into the sky will be infinite.


The powerful force of stepping sky and concussion punch counteracted each other again. However, this time, Kris used all his power, “combined magic, ten thousand magics concussion!”

The magic power of this combined magic is very powerful, and it is also a great test for the physical body.

If Kris’s body was not strong enough, he would crush his bones in an instant.

Even now, when using this move, Kris felt his right hand was swollen and he felt like he wanted to explode.

Feeling of firing spread throughout the arm, his muscle and vessel was broken.

It’s the limit he can do at this stage.

“Godly Dragon, Godly Elephant, Come to my body!”

The Taoist master of Nianhua shouted. When the two powers blessed him, the golden light curtain covered him. Even if it was the attack of the actualized spirit, he was confident that he could fight the next step!

This time, however, he was wrong!



When Kris’ fist punched the light curtain, the crack of the fist was like a web of light.

“Bang Dong”, the light curtain burst, the flower master was shocked, quickly waved his fist, “Suppression of Dragon and Elephant, All Magics Defended”

The suppression techniques of the dragon elephant not only gave the master a strong power to attack but also gave him a strong power to suppress.

An ancient and simple copper door came down from the sky, sending out the temperament of the nether world. The bronze door was branded with a dragon and a God-elephant.


Kris’s combined magic power had been suppressed!

The master Nianhua was really powerful!

Kris thought that a man should fight excitedly and happily!

“Good, then you take me one more punch, see if you can suppress it!”

“A World Strike!”

The punch seemed slow, but it was fast.

When Kris shook his fist, a cold sweat flood behind his back.

This fist is infinitely subtle. He must display his most powerful attack before he can resist it!

“Dragon and Elephant Prajna, World Suppression!”

The Taoist master Nianhua didn’t expect that he was forced to this degree. This is the strongest blow of his martial arts. His power is more than 300000 Taoist power!

Kris is furious: he wanted to see whether his own world will win or be suppressed by the Dragon elephant of the opponent!

“Break him for me!”

Kris gave a big shout and the force of the small world rolled down.


At that moment, the Dragon and elephant were overwhelmed, and he seemed to hear the sad voice of the Dragon and elephant.


The master Nianhua was hit and flew hundreds of miles out of the ground in an instant. The huge gully was like a valley.

If it hadn’t been for the automatic restoration of projection space, this place would have been broken.

Kris stood in the air, gasping for breath. It was a tough fight.

It is too difficult to fight the fulfilled period of the embodied spirit.

The master Nianhua has beaten away, and all the people outside the challenge arena were shocked.

“How can this be possible? It’s the master Nianhua!”

“There must be something wrong with my eyes!”

“Oh… My spiritual stone is gone again!”

Banquo’s disciples all lowered their heads and clenched their fists with speechless anger.

Read Gods’ disciples cheered one by one, just like the Spring Festival.

“Our master is the best. We have won again!”

Kris told them that they will keep their back straight and hold their heads high to tell others that they are disciples of the Read Gods.

Now Kris has done it.

Now no one dares to look down upon the Tao of Real Gods.

Even if they are all demons, so what?

“Thank you for your humility.”

Kris quickly went over and helped the master Nianhua stand up.

The master patted the dust on his body and said with a bitter smile, “I was defeated by you. Where does humility come from?”

“But Beiyang’s combat power is incomparable. We can often exchange views about martial arts when you have time.”

Kris smiled, “It couldn’t be better.”

They walked out of the arena and Nianhua said: “Beiyang Taoist master, I’m waiting for you in the Tao of Banruo!”

With that, he took his disciples out of the arena.

The Lord of Dashi came with a little red dragon in his arms. “Don’t go. I bet three million yuan yesterday. Should I double it today?”

Kris gritted his teeth and knew that he couldn’t escape. If he repented and damaged his reputation, he would not be able to do business.

“Skinny monkey, give him six million.”

The skinny monkey took out six million yuan stone to the Lord of Dashi, and lost half of his profit yesterday!

“In the future, we can only bet 200000 yuan. Let’s go!”

Kris snorted and said that if you take mine today, I will take it back with interest one day!

Chapter 552: Xuefei Delivered A Son

Kris did not hate Lord of Dashi, he just thought the sufferings Lord of Shendao had were related to the seniors of Purple Fire Sect.

What would happen if Kris was just a accumulated spirit?

Could he afford the practice resources of hundreds practitioners?

For sure inaction of Lord of Nanyang was part of the reason, but the final reason was the sect planed to cancel the Taoist tradition of Lord of Shendao.

He could not afford the practice fee of the practitioners without an ending. As the saying went, avoid showing off your property on purpose or unintentionally.

Lord of Dashi was stunned, he touched the little red dragon and said “It pissed off him.”

Lord of Huidao said Kris asked Jianyang to set a lottery station, it could make big profits with a small capital. And he also asked Practitioners to develop bank industry.

He thought it was too slow to search for a news now.

Kris went to BoRe Sect and took all the books there away. Kris went into Sword World happily then he began to view and emulate those book reservations. He tried to absorb that them.

Sword World had been three months when the outside world had passed ten days. Finally Kris absorbed all the books of Xuerou Sect and BoRe Sect.

Now he had better understanding to flesh and blood.

His budo was a miracle because it was all-embracing. At least his power was improved by a half.

The most important was the shortness of the reiterative extract pill was improved.

But it was far from enough.

Kris needed more Taoism books to enrich his power.

Kris focused his goal on the top 500 sects after he checked out.

“Lord, where are we going?”

“To Zhenkong Sect.”


“To learn from each other.”

Zhenkong Sect was famous for its Qi. It believed that Qi was the origin of everything.

And its sovereign lord was also a master of the middle period of accumulated spirit. Kris learned all their Kungfu after he learned from its lord.

This time Kris found a new way to play it, the winner was no longer important.

The most important thing was how many moves could one win another.

This kind of playing made more and more people joined even though they cursed Kris for being shameful.

For one part Kris was shameful, but he made his promise that once the one’s guess was right, he paid the money immediately.

Therefore Kris got bigger and bigger deal and it became a special program of Purple Fire Sect.

It was Benyuan Sect, Zhanji Sect, Gu Sect, Wuzang Sect after Zhenkong Sect.

He had one battle each day. Then he could adsorb others’ Kungfu at the same time of practicing his Kungfu skills.

Kris also launched Zhenshen Sect lottery.

It became popular immediately and the revenue of Zhenshen Sect kept increasing.

The most important thing was Kris won three hundred times continuously.

Now Kris was the most popular guy in Purple Fire Sect. Some people said Kris’ strength was among Top 10 lords, some people believed he was No.1. Opinions varied.

Kris made long-time silent Purple Fire Sect began to fight again.

“Do you believe Kris will keep fighting until he becomes No.1?”

“Who knows. But I guess so.”

“Ah, I really want to join Zhenshen Sect. It’s said the benefits of them were even better than that of the elders of other sects.”

“I also want to join them.”

No matter where Kris went, he got envious eyes. It made Kris annoyed because sometimes there were female discipline wanted to give him flowers at the gate of the Sect.

Kris’ strength kept increasing within a year. His Kungfu was rare to see.

But Kris thought it was far from enough. He wanted to beat Top 500 of Zhihuo Sect then he could combine all the strength and got the perfect Kungfu.

What we shall mention here was Kris’ Kungfu of evolving the appoints had been the last step. It could be completely improved if several sects could be added.

Then Kris got the conclusion that the recourse it needed was endless.

What was a hundred billion spiritual stones, even thousand billion of it was far from enough.

But the business of Gengu No.1 Sect covered half areas of Nanlihuo State.

The harder it was to go to a more prosperous area.

But obstacles were temporary in front of strength.and Kris got two clones, one named Jinyang and the other named Yanyang.

It was the Sword Fetus of Gold and Fire.

This was the advantage of owning big power. All good things had to offer him first.

Now Kris could got the cloned of five great Sword Fetus as long as he got a Sword Fetus.

But there would not be wired staff like Sword Fetus of Water in Nanli Fire City, so Kris aimed at North Luzhou.

Jianyang went back North Luzhou and fetched Sword Fetus of Water for Kris.

After three days of smelting, Kris looked at the naked man in front of him and said “You are Shuiyang in the future.”

“Yes, lord.”

“Go to help Jianyang and others.”

Shuiyang nodded then he left as a sword light.

“It’s a pity that there was no news of Taoist Strength until now.”

Kris sighed and thought the construction of Feng Shui and Huo was so hard, the he innate-power stage had high standards.

Over the year, at least he consumed millions of Taoist Strength stones, but he still could not got the secrets of Taoist Strength.


“How could I forget it?”

Kris patted his head then he hurried to call out the Sword of Loyalty.

Since he got it, Kris was using Taoist Strength stones to moisten it. It took million Taoist Strength stones and it recovered 12 percent.

Tthe Sword of Loyalty had nine rules, and one was deducing rules.

And the Sword of Loyalty had a function to help its owner to understand Taoist Strength.

Kris’ deducing art was working these days and it was going to deduce some Taoist Strength.

Would it be workable to understand deducing with the help of the Sword of Loyalty, then he could understand Taoist Strength of Wind from Taoist Strength?

Kris felt he was silly because he did not use it when he had the treasure.

Then he had an idea, a mysterious gas blocked him and brought him to a abstruse stage.

Kris began to understand the deducing these days. He could not only deduce Kungfu and even the cause and effect by some clues.

This was a strong Taoist Strength.

And it seemed deducing Taoist Strength had some connection with Divine Spiritual Power. The Divine Spiritual Power of Kris did not increase for a long time. It was stocked at the top of accumulated spirit. Kris might got something if he could break the Taoist Strength this time.

The Purple Fire Sect was not interesting without Kris. It had no soul without Kris. The battles between other sects were not popular for people had no interesting scenes to see anymore.

But Langur and others still guarded the stage.

Nothing was more important than earning spiritual stones.

Langur became Supreme Monster from spirit animal, then he became the exterior followers of Zhenshen Sect. He became the internal follower when he made a breakthrough of fifty million Jin.

There were many talents in Zhenshen Sect, and there were fifty internal disciplines.

Under the allowance of Kris, they recruited another hundred followers. Some were human and others were demons. But generally there were more followers of monster beast.

It was Kris who gave them the chance to stand out and be a good human. So others cherished this chance very much.

Heling owned the highest cultivation, he was a Supreme Monster. His flesh and blood power exceeded the power of two sects.

He could be called a master in Nanli Fire City.

Kris never cultivated rubbish. So he ordered Heling to take his followers in batches to practice. A follower who never seen blood was not a good one.

At the same time, in an unknown twon of Yelang Kingdom in North Luzhou.

Tiangang was waiting in worry outside the door. Butler Mei was accompanying him beside.

“Master, don’t worry. Miss is a lucky person so surely she would be fine.”

Tiangang sighed and said “Did you see anyone who deliver the baby after one and half years?”

Butler Mei was silent hearing this. She also felt it was wired.

Xuefei ate more and more food since she got pregnant. She had ten times per day. But she did not gain weight but lost weight.

Some people said she had a demon, some said there was a dead baby in her belly.

But her baby moved on time everyday, so to protecting her baby, Xuefei at last shut herself in the room. She did not meet anyone expect Yujie who sent her food.

The door of Xuefei was open when Tiangang was in worry. Wenpo hugged a baby and said “Mater Yuan, Miss delivered. It’s a boy. They are all safe.”

“A boy?”

Tiangang’s suspended heart finally put down, he hurried to go inside and check them.

He found the boy his daughter just delivered did not cry and he stared at him with his hand waved. Tiangang could not believe such a cute boy was a demon.

He could not help stretched his finger, that boy caught it immediately and began to laugh.

“Thank you.”

Tiangang said to Wenpo. Then he said to Butler Mei ”Fetch a hundred spiritual stones for her.”

Wenpo was happy to hear that then she said “Thank you master Yuan.”

She never seen a man was so generous as Master Yuan.

Xuefei was weak in the room “Yujie, where is my boy?”

Yujie’s eyes were swelling because of crying. She hurried shouted seeing Xuefei woke up “Miss, master is hugging him.”

“Oh,it’s a boy.”

Xuefei smiled and said “Go and hug the boy to me.”

Fortunately she was a Practitioner, an ordinary person had die because of difficult labour.

Soon Yujie held the boy to Xuefei and put him beside Xuefei “Miss, see. He is so adorable.”

Xuefei looked at the boy who was sleeping. And her tears kept falling down. “They are alike. They are the same.”

The browns, nose, mouth were exactly the same with Kris.

She was furious that Kris made her pregnant but he did not come to her.

Why he tortur her like this?

Pregnant before a marriage made Xuefei awkward already. People spread rumors even though Tiangang ordered them not to spread it.

Yujie was silent then she said “Did he revenge on purpose?”

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