Is the man about to accept the invitation?
Bryant sighed, Chuck Cannon didn’t know this, how could he accept it?
Was it knocked down by her?
So if you say that, then Chuck Cannon must have no face to continue to go to relatives with him. After all, what a shame it is to be beaten by a woman!!
“Stop talking.” Bryant sighed.
“When I get to the place, I will introduce you to a boyfriend from America, let you know what a man is.” said the blue-eyed beauty.
This is what she should do. They are all women. As a friend, she wants to tell Bryant what a man is.
This is a woman’s right to know.
What’s wrong with Bryant.
When they arrived, it was a hotel. There were a lot of luxury cars in the parking lot. It seemed that Bryant’s relative, like her, was also a rich man.
Chuck Cannon followed and drove in. Looking back, she found that Black Rose had also driven in, but she didn’t get out of the car. She watched and observed the situation nearby.
She doesn’t care, wherever Chuck Cannon goes, she can follow along.
Chuck Cannon called Black Rose.
Black Rose frowned and answered, “Something?”
“It’s okay to go in together, and we have food to eat,” Chuck Cannon said.
Anyway, I will go in for dinner and didn’t do anything.
“You don’t need to turn it off, you just do yours.” Black Rose hung up the phone. She can eat hamburgers as she pleases. They are nearby, so you can buy them later.
She has never eaten Huaxia’s dishes, but she doesn’t like the spicy ones. Hamburgers and French fries are the best.
Chuck Cannon shrugged, okay, she is still passionate, she was invited by her mother to protect himself, what to bother about?
“Chuck Cannon, here,” Bryant waved.
Chuck Cannon walked over, but since it’s Bryant’s relative’s birthday, do he need to give something? Go straight in to eat and drink, eh, isn’t it good?
Chuck Cannon walked over and talked to Bryant about this. Bryant shook her head, “I asked you to come over for dinner, but I didn’t ask you to come over to give gifts. No need.”
Chuck Cannon is not as embarrassed. Okay, just leave after dinner.
Chuck Cannon and Bryant went inside, but think about it, the blue-eyed beauty always looked at herself as if she was a little unhappy. What’s the reason? Didn’t you mess with her?
Although she has a very good figure, has a bumpy shape, and is full of youthful vitality of a beautiful American girl, after all, she is the same as Bryant, less than twenty years old, but Chuck Cannon did not look at her much.
“Your friend, do you think she is upset?” Chuck Cannon asked, is there any misunderstanding?
“No, she is that kind of person,” Bryant explained hurriedly. She didn’t want Chuck Cannon to have a conflict with her friend.
“Well, that’s how I thought about it,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“Chuck Cannon, have you learned taekwondo?” Bryant asked. Chuck Cannon’s body type shouldn’t have been learned, but he might have done a good job.
“No, why should I learn that?”
Bryant sighed. Sure enough, Chuck Cannon didn’t say that he was able to fight, but he had never touched this aspect at all. If he had fought with her friend just now, he would definitely be knocked down technically with a punch.
Fortunately, he didn’t have an interpreter at that time, otherwise, Chuck Cannon would be embarrassed.
“I learned something else,”
“Really?” Bryant was surprised, hopeful, what did he learn, karate?
“Well, really,”
“What did you learn! Karate?”
“I didn’t learn that. The first thing I learned was running, exercise and push-ups to ensure my physical strength…” Chuck Cannon said about his daily training tasks.
“Oh, like this? Well, don’t talk about this, let’s go in,” Bryant was disappointed. It turned out to be this.
Isn’t this just exercise?
That Chuck Cannon is definitely not her friend’s opponent.
“Okay.” Chuck Cannon happened to be a little hungry, so he can go in for a meal.
However, Chuck Cannon still felt that the blue-eyed beauty who walked in front had a perfect body and long legs.
They went into the hotel together. This belongs to Chinatown. This hotel is also very Chinese, so at the entrance, someone wrote a gift book.
They were all favored. The blue-eyed beauty took out the prepared red envelope and handed it to the recipient of the gift book. Bryant’s two friends also wrote it.
Bryant wrapped a card with a red envelope.
This is a birthday present.
Anyway, Bryant said no, but Chuck Cannon didn’t give it. In fact, when he came out in a hurry, he didn’t even get his wallet, only his mobile phone.
The person who wrote the ritual book saw that Chuck Cannon didn’t mean it, and immediately showed contempt.
The traditional Chinese people don’t even understand this rule?
Don’t you know if you pretend to be crazy? ?
“Bryant, why is this your friend like this? It’s too stingy because he doesn’t even write any gift books?” Bryant’s two Chinese friends murmured sarcastically.
It should be the case. You have to write a little bit. This is a blessing. Don’t you know how to do it?
“That’s right, they all drive luxury cars. He doesn’t understand the rules. Is this pretending to be crazy or stupid? I heard that many people drive luxury cars and can’t get hundreds of dollars on their bodies. Are they people like him?” Another friend sneered.
“No, he doesn’t need to give it,” Bryant explained this.
Even blue-eyed beauty was uncomfortable. People who are a fan of the country know this rule. Maybe you, a Chinese person, don’t know?
He’s really not such a stingy person, just as courageous as a mouse, even if he is so stingy, what kind of man is this?
“Why isn’t it necessary? Did he promise you that he just came here with mixed food and drink?”
“It looks like she is just right. He is too stingy. He doesn’t even pretend to be a costume. If you say that there are people like this, I can’t stand it. You see, I have taken out all my living expenses. He is too stingy. At the very least, pretend, look at him, oh, Bryant, are you short-sighted, how do you like such a person? Stingy, courageous, what can such a person do? Anyway, give it to me I don’t want it.”
Two friends muttered with each other, expressing dissatisfaction with Chuck Cannon in their heart.
When he is favored, he is also eating one person’s meal, and he also has to eat one person’s meal. Why doesn’t he need to be favored?
“Oh, I’ll give it to you,” Bryant couldn’t listen anymore.
“Don’t give it to me, ask him.” The two friends said.
“Yes, Bryant, as a Chinese, he selectively forgets. Such a person is not worthy. Let him leave.” said the blue-eyed beauty.
After leaving, then she will introduce her boyfriend to Bryant later!
“No, I’ll tell him, you go in first.” Bryant was helpless, there was nothing left.
“No, I have to watch him take out the money. I hate people eating and drinking the most in my life.”
The three girls stared at Chuck Cannon.
Bryant sighed and walked in front of Chuck Cannon, “That… go, let’s go in.”
“Okay, I’m hungry too,” Chuck Cannon followed in.
“Wait!” Bryant’s two Chinese friends came over.
Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Something?”
“Wenwen, Qingqing, you two stop telling,” Bryant hurriedly stopped.
“Why not? I’m going to say, hello, do you know the rules? In people’s birthday, you actually don’t have anything?” a black-haired girl said politely.
“Yes, why didn’t you give? Did you forget? No problem, I remind you.” Another little beauty said.
“Uh, sorry, I didn’t bring my wallet,” Chuck Cannon waved his hand awkwardly.
He took his cell phone.
“Can you change it for another reason? If you don’t get it, you won’t get it. What kind of wallet you didn’t bring? Who is this?”
The two friends disdain, this must be the kind of person who drives a luxury car and doesn’t have hundreds of dollars on him.
“Stop talking, you go in,” Bryant was angry.
She knew Chuck Cannon had money and he must have not brought a wallet.
“I see how he can eat and drink. Huh, let’s go in first.”
“Well, I don’t want to sit with him,”
Including the blue-eyed beauties, they all went in first. The blue-eyed beauties didn’t bother to look at them. They were as timid as a mouse and had no money. Is Bryant blind? It doesn’t matter if you will introduce one to Bryant yourself. Bryant will kick Chuck Cannon immediately. He’s not a man. Why do you ask for it?
“Chuck Cannon, I’m sorry, my friends…” Bryant apologized.
“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon doesn’t care. On a happy day today, Chuck Cannon won’t be angry, because he did something wrong.
Chuck Cannon accepted, “I’m calling people to bring money over now.”
“No, go in and eat,” Bryant shook her head, and Chuck Cannon shrugged. Okay, let’s go in and eat.

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