Chapter 553 – 554: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 553: Chen Ye’s Returing to Hometown

Xuefei Yuan frowned, her face full of pain!


Was it necessary?

He was so powerful that if they really wanted to revenge, they wouldn’t be able to escape from Wuwei City! However if it was not revenge, then why he always used mana to make love with her in the dream?

Was he just trying to abuse her?

But people like him must be able to get every kind of women, so it was unnecessary to do so.

Or did he just treat her as a toy?

It was the most vulnerable time in her life, but also the strongest time as well. She thought for a long time, and finally her eyes became firm. “No matter whether he retaliates against me or plays with me, I will find him and ask him for an explanation.”

Now everything was done, and the baby had been born. Judging from the appearance, it was definitely the Kris’s kid. He couldn’t deny it.

“What’s his name, my lady?”

Xuefei said, “Buhui Yuan!”


Meanwhile, in Nahai Sect, “In just two years or so, we have made such great achievements.” Lord of Vipers said. Lord of sparks acclaimed.

Lord of Spark said “True, it’s all thanks to Taoist friend Diao!”

“By the way, Taoist friend Diao’s substitute said that he had also established a huge foundation in Nanli Fire City. Let’s work hard to develop and extend our influence as soon as possible!”

Nanli Fire City was not comparable to the barren North Luzhou. Numerous sects and masters were located there. Many accumulated spirits could be found.


Although there was suspicion of exaggeration, but not too much.

Now Nahai Sect has more than 100000 disciples, and Sha Mo had successfully broken through to the accumulated spirit. There were hundreds of disciples of the accumulated spirits, coupled with more than 50000 primal spirits, and the rest were pill formations in back-to-self stage.

Elders of accumulated spirit exceeded two hundred, and the primal spirits exceeded thousand.

Two years ago, it achieved the influence of the top ten sects and became the top 11. With two years’ efforts, it had successfully climbed to the top and became the first of the eleven top sects.

According to Kris, within five years, Nahai Sect would reach the top of the whole Infinite Sea and became the fourth Holy Sect, which made the two Lord yearn for.

Now Nahai Sect was definitely a treasure pot now. The spiritual stones were countless here. They bought a lot of panacea, natural materials and treasures, and even had their own cave world!

Although it was not Little Small Thousand World, but it was also very good, at least more and more powerful and profound.

The Infinite Sea was changing, while the mainland was not idle as well. A year ago, it was marching into the land, which was very popular in an instant.

It took only one year to cover North Luzhou.

The whole Infinite Sea was united by Kris with carrots and sticks, and then the strength of the Sea erupted within two years.

The dispute among the Three Holy Sects was fierce, and then… Nahai Sect’s religion without background became the fourth doctrine!

This was also the reason for Kris to make Nahai Sect the fourth Holy Sect in five years.

The entire core was controlled by Kris. Besides, from the viewpoint of the fight for doctrines, the purpose of Nahai Sect was similar to that of Wuji Sword Sect, so it was not different!

Wuji Sword Sect was close to Nahai Sect, and once they joined hands, they would have equal power with the other two sects.

From this point, it was not difficult to figure out the vision of people in North Luzhou.

There were thousands of doctrines in the Mountains of Purple Fire Sect, but there are only three doctrines in the Infinite Sea!

There was still a big gap between the island and the land.

As for Chen Ye, this boy had been training with his brother and sister, and his strength rose hugely. At this time, he had successfully entered the fulfilled period of the primal spirit. His physical strength became strong, and his had opened up 10800 acupuncture points. As Chen Ye used the melting method handed down to him by Kris, his magic power now became incomparable in the world.

He could now kill everything!

Magic Gourd had also been successfully promoted to spirit weapon of lower level with infinite power.

As for Fangcun Mountain, he also carried it with him. The five Lords also began to travel in the world with the reputation of Gengu No.1 Sect, making a great reputation in a short time.

“Master, Let me massage your back!”

The little girl was also seven years old this year. Although she was still young, her strength was underestimated. She had been a pill formation at such a young age.

Her cultivation talent made Chen Ye shocked.

Nan Chen was not weak. Although his talent was poor, he practiced very hard, even harder than Chen Ye.

“Nan Chen!”


Looking at Nan Chen, who was struggling against the tide in the sea, Chen Ye went over and said, “sometime you should practice hard, while sometime you should relax. It’s like a bow string. If it always keeps tight, it’s easy to break.”

“Yes, I remember it in my heart.” He said so, but he didn’t mean to do.

“Chen Ye, your senior disciple Nan Chen is carrying a heavy burden!” Mr. Gu’s voice appeared in his mind.

How couldn’t Chen Ye know?

Nan Chen was young, but looked mature. The first time Chen Ye saw him, he was only seven years old, taking his sister to the Infinite Sea to survive. What a determined mind?

“Nan Chen, I know what you may burden something, and I will not ask. But as long as you have something, no matter what happens, I will stand behind you!”

Chen Ye looked at Nan Chen seriously: “if I can’t help, Kris will help you as well. And also the elders of the sects will do you a favor. Loving each other is always the tenet of Gengu No.1 sect!”

Chen Nan had the talent to distinguish the true from the false, and naturally he could tell what Chen Ye said was true.

There was a rare hesitation on his face

He hesitated, as if he had made some decision. He walked out of the sea and put down his heavy load of more than ten thousand kilograms. “Master, you have always been curious where my sister and I come from? In fact, we are not from North Luzhou! “

Chen Ye listened quietly. In fact, he had some conjectures in his heart. Although this brother and sister were quite young, their temperaments were extraordinary. They were definitely not cultivated by ordinary families.

With Nan Chen’s complaint, the anger in Chen Ye’s eyes gradually accumulated, “asshole!”

It turned out that Nan Chen and Zi Chen were the direct descendants of Chen family, which was the top ten True Divine Family in Dongsheng Divine Land.

He was born with Magic Bone, but his Magic Bone was taken by his uncle because his son was the first successor of the family!

Nan Chen’s parents were missing. Fortunately, there was a loyal old slave in the family, sending them to North Luzhou by all means, which helped the brother and sister escape!

Mr. Gu was also lamenting, “Magic Bone, it is said that Magic Bone could help its master to become a true god. However, his had been taken away!”

Chen Ye’s blue veins on his forehead burst out “don’t worry. One day, I will take you to kill Chen Family and return your Magic Bone to you!”

Nan Chen said the biggest secret in his heart and couldn’t help crying.

Speaking of him, he was only a child under ten years old!

Over these years, he didn’t dare to relax. He practiced hard in order to have the strength to protect himself and his sister

He knew his uncle hadn’t let them go!

“You two should practice hard in the sect. When I have dealt with my private affairs, I will take you to Dongsheng Divine Land to travel for cultivation!”

Nan Chen was moved by his master a lot. He knew that Chen family was one of the True Divine Family, but he was not afraid. How lucky for Nan Chen.

“Thank you so much!”

Nan Chen kneeled respectfully on the ground, kowtowed three times toward Chen Ye.

“Get up. You should take all the advantages to improve yourself here. This time I left, it could take me for half a year, or at least three months. If there is any urgent matter, you can send the message at any time. If I can’t come back in time, you can find other elders here… No one can hurt you!”


Nan Chen nodded. In these two years of Nahai Sect, although the cultivation was very tiring, it was still the happiest time for Nan Chen!

The private affair Chen Ye mentioned was his bet with Ruolan Shangguan. He said that he would go to Qiankun Sect to defeat her and make her a slave!

Qiankun Secct was located in the southeast of North Luzhou, which was just a second-class sect. The strongest one was their sect leader, a practitioner in the early stage of accumulated spirit.

Ruolan, who had one Acupuncture Point, naturally worshiped toward him.

For Chen Ye, Qiankun Sect was a giant sect at that time. If he didn’t agree, they would definitely start a war!

In addition, the strongest one in the Ye Family was his father, a pill formation the middle period.

With his magic power, Chen Ye came to 15000 meters away. Since he had sufficient mana, he didn’t care about such consumption. Besides, the spiritual stones he owned were sufficient as well.

After a journey of several million miles within three days, Chen Ye galloped day and night and returned to his hometown, Taita City.

“Ye Song, you old doggie, get out now. Your second son beat my son. If you don’t give me an apology today, I will destroy your whole Ye Family!”

Big man with a strong back and thick waist stood at the door of Ye Family.

His name was Yong Wang, the family head of the Wang Family in Taita city. Two years ago, he became pill formation in the fulfilled period. Three months ago, he got into the primal spirit by luck, and even became more domineering.

Now the Wang Family had become the first tyrant of Taita City. Together with the Zhao Family and the Li Family, these three families were called the three tyrants of Taita City!

“Your family head Wang, it is just a quarrel among the younger generations. You don’t need to be so angry.”

A middle-aged man with half black and half white hair came out of the door. He was the current family head of the Ye Family, Chen Ye’s father, Song Ye!

Other people in Ye Family followed him. Chen Ye’s second younger brother, Xing Ye was also at his side.

“My son can beat your son, but your son can’t fight back!” With his head held high, Yong Wang did not hesitate to crush the people by his Primal Spirit Field.

People of Ye Family suddenly felt tremendous pressure, and cold air from their backs.

Sweat seeped out from Song Ye’s forehead. “Your family head Wang, if my son did something wrong, I can apologize to you!”

“Xing Ye, apologize to the family head Wang!”

Xing Ye clenched his fist, and his eyes were full of hate. “Father, I’m right. He humiliated Wanqing Wang in the street. I can’t help but fight with him!”

Wanqing was the daughter of Bai Ye, the second eldest member of the Ye Family. She was also their only surviving daughter.

Song Ye usually treated Wanqing as his own daughter.

But now the situation was a bit tricky, and the Wang Family was aggressive. If they got an excuse, they could possibly fight with Ye Family to prove their power.

“You idiot, you dare to talk back as you hit other!”

Song Ye was helpless in his heart, but for the sake of the Ye Family, he has to harden his heart and let Xing Ye to apologize.

“Apologize, now!”

Xing Ye was also aware of his family situation. He bit his lips and was about to apologize. Then, Chong Wang, the second son of the family head Wang, came out and said, “kneel down to apologize to me, and then hand Wanqing over. I still lack a maid to warm my bed!”


Members of Ye Family were shocked and angry, which was no longer a shame, since it meant the Wang Family wanted to crush their dignity and face on the ground.

“No way, I will never give my sister Wanqing to you even if I die!”

Xing Ye was furious, so as Song Ye.

“My Ye Family can die standing, but not kneeling!”

“Yes, we fight them!”

Disciples of Ye Family were never afraid of fighting. At this time, an elder of the Ye Family said, “family head Ye, please think twice. If Wanqing can marry to the Wang family, it will be a good thing for the Ye Family.”

As he said so, the protests were gradually abating.

Song Ye suddenly turned his head, ” Kun Ye, what exactly do you want to say?”

Chapter 554: Violent Struggle

“Family Head, it would be a good thing if you can resolve grudge with the Wang family and become in-laws!”

Kun Ye looked at Yong Wang and lowered his voice unconsciously, “At least with the Wang family as the backer, the Ye family’s life will be better!”

His words made many Ye family children nod secretly. Of course, more of them felt humiliated for their descendants have become slaves. This was a great shame to the Ye family.

“Does we Ye family need to rely on others?” Song Ye was furious, “If you are afraid, go now, get out of Ye family, I will never stop you!”

Kun Ye’s was confused, “Family Head, what do you mean, I am just thinking about the future of the Ye Family! “

“You see, my son, the Ye family has started fighting against each other.”

Yong Wang laughed, his eyes even more disdainful, “I will give you three seconds to consider it!”

“One!” “Two!”


As soon as finished his words, Yong Wang turned into a white shadow and rushed away.


Song Ye was shocked, and pushed Xing Ye away in front of him. Before he could dodge, Yong Wang slapped Song Ye’s heart with a palm!


Song Ye was beaten into the air in an instant; this palm almost killed him, and the golden core in his life point also cracked directly.

“Family Head!”


Everyone in the Ye family was shocked and angry, and Xing Ye was even more raging, “Yong Wang,son of a bitch, you hurt my father, I will kill you!”

“Damn it!”

Yong Wang snorted coldly, agitating his mana, and the vicious evil spirit condensed in his palm.

However, Xing Ye, whose Back-to-self stage was in the Fulfilled period, was not Yong Wang’s opponent at all, and Yong Wang raised his hand to shoot Xing Ye on his head.

If this palm was shot, Xing Ye would definitely have lost his


“No, junior brother!”

Wanqing Ye’s stern voice sounded.

At this moment, a loud voice sounded, “You dare!”


With this sound, Yong Wang had an illusion for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, an indescribable feeling surged into his heart, as if he was stared at by something.

“Get out of here!”

Chen Ye hurried over and waved his hand, then Yong Wang was

Instantly knocked away like a ball.

Yong Wang spewed blood in the air before he landed, .

It was known that Chen Ye practiced both body and magic power, and his physical body cultivation base was even more powerful than magic power.

Half-step accumulated spirit!

He was so power that Yong Wang weren’t able to compare to him.

Looking at the not-so-tall figure in front of them, all the Ye family members were stunned!

Xing Ye felt that the figure was very familiar, and suddenly he thought of something, “You…you are the senior brother!”

Chen Ye turned around and smiled brightly, “How are you, my junior brother?”

When everyone in the Ye family recognized Chen Ye, they were in an uproar!

It turned out to be Chen Ye. He just waved Yong Wang into the air. How could this be possible?

How could this waste be Yong Wang’s opponent!

Kun Ye was shocked.


Although Wanqing was very happy, Song Ye was not in good condition at this time!


Chen Ye’s expression changed, and he strode over to investigate Song Ye’s injuries with his magic power.

The muscles and veins were cracked, the life point golden core was damaged, and the vicious and evil Qi in his body consumed his father’s vitality.

“Brother, save father please!”

Ye Wanqing’s tearful eyes were whirling. All of this was caused by her, and if she hadn’t gone out, nothing would happen.

“Don’t worry!”

Chen Ye quickly took out the magical pills, he was also a senior alchemist now!

“Canyuan pills, Huitian pills!”

These two kinds of magical pills were high-level magical pills. Although they cannot heal the injury of the golden elixir, they can save Song Ye’s life and prevent the injury from getting worse!

“Take care of father!”

Chen Ye stood up with murderous, “Xing Ye, I will take you to kill him!”

At this time, Yong Wang had already run away with Chong Wang, and the other Wang’s family had also been scattered.

“I’ll follow you, brother!”

Xing Ye nodded, and then felt a gentle force enveloping himself, and then he flew into the sky!

“Brother, what is your Stage now?”

“Primal spirit!”

Xing Ye was overjoyed, “We also have primal spirit in the Ye family, so we don’t have to be afraid of them anymore!”

From Xing Ye’s words, Chen Ye heard something strange, but he didn’t care about so much now, and directly brought Xing Ye to the sky above the Wang’s Mansion!

At this time, the Wang Family’s guardian formation had been activated, Chen Ye looked down from a high position, can this ridiculous formation also protect him?


Chen Ye blasted out with a punch, and the powerful physical

Power instantly penetrated the formation, the intermediate formation collapsed directly, and the foundation of the formation could not withstand such a large force and burst instantly.

“Yong Wang, your bastard, get out!”

The loud voice even could be heard throughout Taita City!

At that moment, several rays of light rose up into the sky, all of them were Pill formation and primal spirit, but they only looked at it from a distance and did not dare to move forward.

Chen Ye scanned it with Divine Spiritual Power and found Yong Wang and his son in a 100-meter underground cave, covered by a restraining array.

A crowd of Wang’s members gathered below and shouted.

Chen Ye didn’t bother to talk to these ants, and directly

Blasted them into meat!

Chen Ye was able to be strong like today completely by his own efforts.

The people who are dealing with him now are Lords of accumulated spirit, the crowd standing on the top here, so how can these little guys be provocative?

Chen Ye stood at a height of one hundred meters, agitating magic, and his fists were like wind, the huge fist marks moved towards the Wang Family Mansion.


The earth-shaking explosion sounded, and half of Taita City shook.

When the smoke cleared, there was still Wang’s family there, but only a fist mark several hundred meters deep remained on

The ground.

Yong Wang and Wang Chong, who were hiding in the ground, had already teared and disappeared in Chen Ye’s shock.

Xing Ye was stunned. Is this the power of primal spirit?

The rest of the onlookers were also shocked.

At the moment that Chen Ye shook his fist, they felt a strong sense of suffocation.

At this time, the Ye family also rushed over. When Kun Ye saw the bottomless sinkhole, the whole person was stunned!

How could it be possible?

“Chen Ye, my son!”

Song Ye came over with the help of Wanqing.

Chen Ye quickly landed from the air and knelt directly in front of him, “Father,it’s my fault, it’s too late to come back!”

Song Ye was relieved, “It’s not late, not too late…”

Back then, Chen Ye suffered a great deal of humiliation in order to protect the family. He, as a father, was powerless. He owed Chen Ye a lot, so not to mention fault.

“You have formed a primal spirit?”


Chen Ye nodded.

“Haha, it’s so good! Our Ye family finally has our own primal spirit now, even if I die, I can close my eyes safely!”

What is a backer, this is the real backer!

Hearing Chen Ye’s words, everyone in the Ye family rejoiced, but only Kun Ye looked a little panic.

Killing the Wang family with one punch, with such supernatural powers, was not something that the primal spirit could do in the early period.

Maybe it was the Middle period of the primal spirit or the Later period?

Kun Ye didn’t dare to think about it. If so, Chen Ye could crush him with a single finger. Thinking of all the troubles and ridicules he had made to Chen Ye in the past, Kun Ye gritted his teeth and quickly went out and knelt directly in front of Song Ye. “Family Head, I am also confused in the past, hope

Family Head will punish me!”

He didn’t say anything like forgiveness, but put his position extremely low.

Everyone in the Ye family looked at Kun Ye with complicated expressions.

Song Ye sighed, “Go back to the confinement for half a year, and hand over all the matters in your hands, to practice


“Yes, Family Head!”

Kun Ye’s expression dimmed, and he of course understood what Song Ye meant. From today, he will be completely separated from the core of the Ye Family.

Ye family had Chen Ye means had prosperity.

Chen Ye didn’t speak all the time!

“Junior brother, tell me who bullied our Ye family during the time I was away from home, today I will also settle the bill!”

Hearing what the eldest brother said, Xing Ye’s blood boiled over, “Eldest brother,Zhao family, Li family, jointly took away the veins of Ye family, and repeatedly oppressed us…”

“Okay, come with me, I will help you out today!”

“Treasure gourd!”

With a thought, Kris called out his treasure gourd and took the hundreds of Ye family into the sky.

The Zhao family was the first cultivating family in Taita City.

There were two primal spirits in the group, one primal spirit in the early stage and one primal spirit in the middle period!

The strength was comparable to some small sect.

But in Chen Ye’s eyes, they were all rubbish!

“Get out,everyone in Zhao family!”

Chen Ye shouted and punched again to break the Zhao family’s

Protective array.

“How dare you!”

The two primal spirits of the Zhao family rose into the sky, and Chen Ye slammed and fought with them.

Actually it’s a frenzy!

“Snatch my Ye Family’s mineral veins, who gave you the courage!”

“The Magic Power of Banning”

Chen Ye activated his magical powers, and the two of them instantly became prey to be slaughtered.

After a mad beating, Kris threw the two of them over, “Beat them!”

Everyone in the Ye family couldn’t believe this was true. These are the two primal spirits of the Zhao family!

It was completely different between beating primal spirit and catching primal spirit!

Looking at the dying Zhao Family Head on the ground, Xing Ye swallowed, and immediately a sense of excitement came to his heart. Then he raised his fist with a violent punch.

“How dare you bully our Ye Family!”

“Brothers, give them a beating first, and then give them a hard blow!”

After a violent beating, a group of Ye family people gathered together, untied their belts, and pattering voices sounded, and the Zhao Family Head and the Zhao family ancestor passed out with anger.

Wanqing blushed, hiding behind Song Ye and dared not open her eyes.

After finishing this, Chen Ye said again: “wait for me here, I will get the Li family.”

Launching the magic power, Chen Ye came to Li’s house.

Breaking the Li family’s defenses quickly, the Li family’s primal spirit and Family Head were directly captured.

All the people of Zhao and Li family were banned, tied with an arm-thick iron chain, and then taken to sky by Chen Ye.

This scene stunned everyone in Taita City directly.

“There is a dragon in the Ye family, this time, the sky in Taita City is about to change!”

Many people shook their heads, in the feeling of fear and envy!

When they returned to the Ye Family, Chen Ye directly asked them

To vowed to become Ye Family’s servants.

And with the help of Mr.Gu, a ban was planted. This ban had no solution, and it is connected with the soul. Once it is forcibly broken, the ban will explode.

Finally torn apart.

Song Ye sat in the upper seat, Chen Ye stood aside, looking at the people kneeling below.

Three primal spirit, dozens of Pill formation, and the rest were Back-to-self stages and The return-to-nature stages, and also many The innate-power stages.

Although they were still weak in Chen Ye’s eyes, they were enough in Taita City.

“From today, you are the slaves of Ye Family!”

“Yes, young master!”

After Chen Ye showed his overwhelming strength, everyone surrendered to his strength.

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