Chuck Cannon and Bryant came in at the banquet. Bryant took Chuck Cannon to sit with his friends. Chuck Cannon felt that the banquet tonight should be good, and he could eat more. Anyway, he was hungry.
“Don’t sit here,”
“Yes, if you let me eat with such a stingy person, I won’t be able to eat it.” Two Chinese friends said in front of Chuck Cannon, their tone full of mockery.
Yes, what about Chuck Cannon driving a luxury car?
With a few dollars in your pocket, what kind of rich man is this?
Rich people don’t understand this little etiquette?
What else did you say, you didn’t bring your wallet, how did you say this reason?
“You two, just have dinner together.” Bryant was a little angry, these two friends were too much today.
“What’s it called? I gave you the gift. I don’t want to sit with people who didn’t give the gift. Bryant, don’t you make me eat it?” a friend said.
“He didn’t bring a wallet,” Bryant explained.
“Forget it, we don’t believe this reason. He just doesn’t want to give money. Why do you say so much? Why do you say so nice?”
“Wenwen, he is very rich, he really didn’t bring a wallet.” Bryant was helpless.
“If he has money, let him take it out, he didn’t give any gifts. What kind of money will a stingy person have?” This friend shook her head and said contemptuously. She doesn’t believe it!
Rich people are not like this, definitely not like Chuck Cannon.
Why didn’t you give the gift money, and you still have the face to come in for dinner, why do you say so good about eating and drinking?
She even said she didn’t bring her purse, she was laughing to death.
“Hey.” Bryant sighed, her friend.
“Bryant, sit here, let him go to sit elsewhere.” The blue-eyed beauty pulled Bryant down.
She didn’t want to see Chuck Cannon.
She would have no appetite to eat.
“Don’t do this, you are my friends, so is he.” Bryant was really angry.
The blue-eyed beauty can only compromise, what else? She doesn’t want to get stiff with her good friends for people like Chuck Cannon, and she will introduce a boyfriend to her later!
The other two Chinese friends looked at Chuck Cannon contemptuously. Why is this person so thick?
Forget it, let us sit down for Bryant’s sake.
“Chuck Cannon, don’t mind, they are like this, sit down, the banquet is about to begin,” Bryant said to Chuck Cannon.
She is speechless, her three friends are so uncomfortable with Chuck Cannon? ?
Chuck Cannon actually went to sit in other places just now, but they were all full, and he had no choice but to sit here, forget it, just have a meal.
When the food came, Chuck Cannon was really hungry, so he didn’t eat it politely. Bryant was worried that Chuck Cannon would be embarrassed, so she gave Chuck Cannon some food.
In this way, Chuck Cannon is really embarrassed, “No need,”
“Yes, are you starving? Come on, eat this.” Bryant filled Chuck Cannon’s bowl with vegetables.
“Bryant, why are you doing this? We still want to eat, in fact I paid for it,” a friend said with extreme dissatisfaction.
Only three dishes were served, and Bryant gave Chuck Cannon so much.
“Have you never eaten? It’s like a countryman entering the city. Haven’t you eaten such a good thing? No wonder if you don’t give the gift, you have to eat it cheeky. It turns out that you have never eaten a good thing!”
Chuck Cannon looked at her, but didn’t speak, and ate his own.
“Pretending to be a rich person, disgusting, eating with such a person, I have no appetite,”
“Oh, people nowadays, you can do everything with a thick-skinned face, oh! How can such a person come abroad?”
“What does the ghost know? I don’t have any appetite anymore, but people don’t give money to eat so happily, why do we not eat if we give it? We must eat honestly, even if he eats secretly.”
“Yes, let’s eat quickly. If you pay, you must eat more than him.”
The three girls didn’t care about anything else. They despised Chuck Cannon for a while, and they ate directly. They didn’t give Chuck Cannon a chance to pick up dishes at all. As long as Chuck Cannon stretched out his chopsticks, the three of them would definitely have caught them.
Chuck Cannon didn’t care, because Bryant kept picking up food for him.
Chuck Cannon had almost eaten and put down the tableware.
“It’s finally finished. One-third of a table has been eaten by one person. Haven’t I eaten?” Someone said, dissatisfied with Chuck Cannon.
“Rice bucket, I didn’t have enough to eat. I will never eat with such a person again. Today is the worst time I have had a banquet for so long.”
“Me too, I really don’t have the quality, just eat it myself, and finish all the dishes, what shall we eat?”
Several people were muttering, particularly dissatisfied.
In fact, they eat and take pictures, and everyone else wants to eat too.
Chuck Cannon ignored them. It was unnecessary. He came to eat for dinner, not to quarrel.
“Chuck Cannon, and you guys, wait a minute, I’ll go chat with my relatives.” Bryant originally wanted to take Chuck Cannon over.
But Chuck Cannon is definitely not willing.
Bryant didn’t want Chuck Cannon to be questioned by his relatives. How embarrassing?
Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“You three, don’t talk nonsense,” Bryant warned.
The three girls did not speak.
Bryant felt relieved to say hello to his relatives. This is necessary. Coming here from a thousand miles, it must be like this.
Chuck Cannon sat drinking tea and waited for Bryant. When Bryant came over, she also greeted him and left.
Originally, he didn’t come out to eat, he came out to stroll around.
“Why is he still not leaving? Why is he still relying on here? He wants to have a meal?”
“Sure, finally there is a place to eat, don’t you seize the opportunity to eat a few more meals?”
“Hush, don’t be so loud, what if he will tell Bryant bad things about us later?”
“What are you afraid of? Doesn’t he understand English? When I scold him now, he doesn’t understand it in all likelihood.”
“Yes, look at him, hey, why are Bryant’s eyes so low?”
“Does the ghost know? Maybe Bryant saw him pitifully, so she felt sorry for him and reluctantly likes him? Don’t you know that Bryant is very caring?”
The three girls were speaking English. At this moment, someone brought desserts.
“Ah, there are desserts too,”
“It’s great, take it quickly, don’t let him take it, let him take it and it’s gone,”
The two girls, including the blue-eyed beauty, ate desserts for fear that Chuck Cannon would take more.
Chuck Cannon didn’t want to eat it because he was full, but this dessert is a traditional Chinese dessert. It’s very good. He wanted Black Rose to taste it.
After all, she was protecting herself.
Chuck Cannon asked the waiter for a packing box, took a piece of pastry and put it in the packing box.
“God, I can’t stand it, but still packing? It’s not enough to eat so much, but packing? My mom,”
“Follow him, don’t you think he is gone?”
“Really, okay, never need to see him again. Get out of here,”
The two girls, including the blue-eyed beauties, were happy, and they whispered, Chuck Cannon packed up the dessert and went out. Anyway, the black rose is outside, just send it over.
“Left early, but what do we say when Bryant comes here? Bryant will think we drove him away.”
“What are you afraid of? Just say he left by himself.”
“Presumably, Bryant is still happy after he is gone,”
The three girls muttered.
Chuck Cannon came out of the hotel, looked around, and found the black rose car, he walked directly over.
“What are you doing? Don’t get close to me, I may be discovered!!” Black Rose said coldly.
In this way, Chuck Cannon will tell others that someone is secretly protecting him?
“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“What are you going to do, call me directly.” Black Rose’s big blue eyes are full of cold light.
“I can’t call this one. I bring this for you to eat. Our traditional Chinese mung bean cake is delicious,” Chuck Cannon put into the car and left.
Seeing Chuck Cannon leave, Black Rose became even more angry. She didn’t eat this. She had bought a hamburger just now.
The black rose calmed down, took a few deep breaths, and the anger in her heart was gone. What else is mung bean cake? Is there such a thing?
Black Rose stared at the packing box on the car seat with big blue eyes. There was a piece of something inside, which had a slight fragrance. She hesitated for a few minutes, opened the packing box, and saw this thing for the first time.
“Can she eat this? Delicious?” Black Rose expressed doubt.
She took it out, put it in her mouth, and took a bite. The black rose was a little surprised, “Tasty, how is this made?… It’s a bit delicious…”

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