Chapter 554: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 554 What Is Your Plan? (1)

Qiqi looked around and didn’t find Yuqi Mu. She didn’t really miss Yuqi, and she was just a little curious why he didn’t come today. “Is everyone here?” She asked.

Chuxue did not get the meaning of her words. She looked at the menu intently. “Yes, we can order now. I want to see what dishes are available here.”

Then she studied the menu while Qiqi looked at the door there from time to time.

Anna suddenly approached Qiqi and whispered, “Yuqi is not coming today.”

“I don’t expect him to come.” Qiqi said, then turning her head to look at Yiyao and deliberately changed the subject.

“Yiyao, have you thought of a name for your baby yet?”

“No. There’s no hurry. We want to take our time to think about it.” said Yiyao.

“Yeah, a name is meant to stay with a person for life. It does have to be well thought out.”

Seeing that they kept chatting, Chuxue pouted. “Can we order the food now? I’m hungry. The roasted lamb here is especially delicious, how about we order this dish?” Chuxue said.

Yulin just smiled. “Since you’re so familiar with this restaurant, you can order the food for us.”

“Yeah, I’m happy to do so.”

Chuxue called the waiter and started ordering food.

Seeing that she was so familiar with this place, Yiyao couldn’t help but smile. “Why do I feel like this place is a restaurant owned by Chuxue?” said she playfully.

“Seriously, a dessert store doesn’t satisfy me anymore. I want to expand my business scope, and opening a barbecue restaurant is a good choice. In the future you can come to my barbecue restaurant to get together. In the past, Yuqi always said he couldn’t get enough food when he came to my dessert store. If I open a barbecue restaurant, then I won’t have to listen to his complain.” Chuxue said excitedly.

The atmosphere had been quite good, but after Chuxue mentioned Yuqi, the atmosphere became strange at once.

Chuxue knew that she shouldn’t suddenly mention Yuqi at this time. But she still took out her phone and was ready to call him.

“Hey, Yuqi, are you still in a meeting? We’re all waiting for you. Aren’t you coming to join us?” Chuxue said.

Then she and Yuqi chatted briefly for a couple of minutes and then she hung up the phone.

“Why is he suddenly working so hard and even not coming to dinner? It’s not like him.” She muttered.

The crowd exchanged look, not really knowing what to say. Anna looked at Chuxue warningly, but Chuxue was oblivious to her look.

“People have to grow up.” Anna said. “He should have to work hard.”

“Hey, there are a lot of workaholics around us. He really doesn’t have to be like this.” said Chuxue.

Qiqi felt that even if Yuqi was mentioned, she didn’t really care. But everyone still paid silent attention to her reaction. They had been avoiding talking about any topic related to Yuqi for fear that it would make her sad, which made her a little uncomfortable.

“It’s a nice environment here. I want to go around.” She suddenly said.

“I also want to go out, just so I can go get some air.” Yiyao stood up.

Then the two of them walked out together.

As soon as Qiqi left, Anna glared at Chuxue.”Why do you have to mention Yuqi?” asked she.

Chuxue shrugged. “Why can’t I mention him?”

“Qiqi doesn’t want to talk about him, so we’d better not mention him.”

However, Chuxue waved her hand and looked at her in a serious manner. “Anna, you’re wrong.”

“Why am I wrong?” Anna asked, puzzled.

“You know exactly what Qiqi’s concerns are, yet you always turn a blind eye to them. You can’t help her at all like this.”

Chuxue’s seriousness amused Anna instead. “I find that your words are making more and more sense now.”

“Really? I’ve been reading the history of philosophy recently. Maybe it helps me.”

Then Anna turned her head to look at Zhao Nangong. “Aren’t you guys preparing for the wedding? How come Chuxue still has time to read?” she asked.

“What we should be busy with is already done, and we have people to do the rest for us. Until the wedding is held, we have a lot of free time.” Zhao said.

“Hey, this is really bad news.”

Anna’s words made Chuxue discontented. “Why did you say that?”

“I’m sad for Zhao.”

“You should be happy for him that he found a wife as good as me.”

Zhao nodded his head repeatedly. “Yes, Chuxue is right. I’m so happy that I wake up laughing every night in my sleep.”

Chuxue, however, did not appreciate him saying so. “I didn’t ask you.”

“But I am really glad that I found such a good wife.” said Zhao. Then he even reached out to hold Chuxue’s hand with deep affectionateness in his eyes.

Both Anna and Yulin couldn’t stand the fact that they were looking at each other with affection.

Yulin coughed deliberately. “Is Yuqi really not coming?”


“When did he become so patient?”

“People always have to grow up. I believe Yuqi will also become more mature soon.”

“People are meant to become mature slowly, not suddenly. The speed at which he becomes mature is frighteningly fast,” Anna sighed lightly. Then she got up to look out. “The view outside seems really nice. I’ll go out too.”

“You are obviously worried about Qiqi, so you go out to find her.” Yulin said. “You don’t have to worry about her. Everything will be fine. Just let the thing run its course.”

“Let the thing run its course? Then this will most likely go out of control.” said Anna, then she walked out without looking back.


After the crowd didn’t mention Yuqi, the atmosphere became harmonious again. People chatted and laughed as if they were returning to the carefree days of the past.

As for Qiqi, she was smiling brightly. She seemed to be happier than usual. She had to prove with a smile that she was fine, and that she was still carefree. She told herself over and over again that she was fine, really fine.


As graduation approached, graduates had either found jobs or were waiting for the new semester to begin to become graduate students. And so did Qi. She was used to being busy. Now she suddenly was free, and she didn’t know what to do.

Someone suggested a graduation trip, so Qiqi signed up. But Anna was getting busier and busier. She simply didn’t have time to go on the trip with Qiqi, so Qiqi had to go on the trip with other students.

Anna hadn’t gone out for a long time, and this time she could only envy Qiqi.

To appease Anna, Yulin promised to take her on a trip around the world when she was done with her work. But her work had been scheduled until the end of the year. When she can go on the trip was unknown.

Seeing she had been working very hard, Yulin was worried about her. At the same time he advised her to relax more. But every time he mentioned this to her, she didn’t care.

“I have to think of a way to get Anna to stop pushing herself so hard.” Yulin sighed beside.

Hearing him sigh incessantly, Yuqi was puzzled. “Is it that painful to drink with me?” asked he.

Yulin put down his wine glass. “I’m thinking about something. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Then it must have something to do with your wife. Anna is angry with you again?”

“No, it’s just she works too hard. I’m very worried about her.”

Yuqi tilted his head and drank a glass of wine. “But your opinion carries little weight. She won’t listen to you.”

“If Qiqi hadn’t run to Anna and bragged that she was going on a graduation trip. Anna wouldn’t have been so lost.”

Hearing Yulin’s words, Yuqi was silent.

Yulin didn’t know how Yuqi really felt about Qiqi. He tried not to mention Qiqi in front of Yuqi, and now that he had accidentally mentioned her, he silently observed Yuqi’s expression, trying to read something from his demeanor.

Something did flash in Yuqi’s eyes, but Yulin still couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

Yuqi held the wine glass and asked in a light tone, “Did you just say Qiqi is going out on a graduation trip?”

“Yes. What do you want to do?” Yulin said.

“I want to continue to pursue Qiqi,” Yuqi said firmly.

His words, however, took Yulin by surprise. “So you didn’t give up on her?”

“Of course not.” Yuqi said.

After knowing that Yuqi was going to pursue Qiqi, Yulin was relieved. “Since you haven’t given up on pursuing her, why have you been so quiet lately? We all thought you were going to move on.”

“I won’t act easily again until I think of a good plan.”

“You have a plan now?”

Yuqi’s eyes brightened. “Yes.”

“What’s your plan?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Yulin was waiting to hear, but he didn’t expect Yuqi was not going to say at all. “Be careful, or your plan may fail again.”

“I will definitely get Qiqi back this time. Otherwise I won’t come back.”

Seeing Yuqi so persistent, Yulin thought for a moment. “Have you ever thought why you keep pursuing Qiqi? Do you really like her, or are you unable to accept her rejection?”

This question made Yuqi silent for a while and then immediately said in a loud voice. “I like her.”

Yuqi wanted to continue to express his determination, but Yulin turned his head around and said in a light tone. “It’s good that you know your own heart.”

Yulin clearly didn’t say anything more, but Yuqi was suddenly a little annoyed. “You are really nagging. If you have time, you’d better think about how to get your woman to listen to you.”

Chapter 554 I Won’t Let You into My Room (2)

After saying that, Yuqi Mu put down the wine glass.

“You’ll go?”

“Um, I want to go home and have a sleep!”

Looking at Yuqi’s back, Yulin raised his eyebrows. He thought of something.


On the day of the trip, the students gathered in front of the school.

Qiqi was late. With a bag of dumplings and a cup of soybean milk in her hand, she ran anxiously to the meeting place.

When the class monitor saw her, he smiled. “Qiqi, you are alone? Why didn’t you bring your boyfriend?”

“Yeah. I don’t have a boyfriend.” Qiqi breathed.

“Isn’t Yuqi your boyfriend?” asked the monitor.

“No, he is not my boyfriend.” Qiqi explained.

But the monitor didn’t believe her at all. He always thought that Yuqi was her boyfriend. “You two are really low profile. Hurry up and get in the car, we’re leaving.”

When she got into the car, she realized that people all have their boyfriends or girlfriends, while she was the only one on the car who was traveling alone.

Qiqi shrugged, found a window seat, and started eating her breakfast.

The monitor got into the car, counted the number of people, and then patted the driver’s shoulder, signaling that he could start the car.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

The car was just about to leave when someone suddenly stopped in front of the car and yelled.

Qiqi was drinking the soybean milk, but as soon as he heard the sound, she choked.

It was Yuqi who came up with a large suitcase. He immediately saw Qiqi.

“Hi, Qiqi!” shouted he excitedly.

Qiqi thought they would never see each other again, but she never expected to see him here.

Then Yuqi crossed the aisle and stood in front of Qiqi. “You’re too happy to say anything when you see me?” He teased.

Qiqi frowned at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Go on a graduation trip with you.”

Her frown deepened. “Are you kidding me? Get out of the car. We’re leaving.” said she impatiently.

She still pushed Yuqi, asking him to get off the car quickly.

“I’m serious. I want to go out on a trip with you.” Yuqi said.

“Go to have a trip yourself. Don’t come with us.”

“But it’s fun to go on a trip with so many people.” said Yuqi, then he happily waved his hand to the other students and said hello.

The people were surprised to see Yuqi. The president of Mu’s group was going to travel with them. This was something they did not anticipate. They all asked to take pictures with him. And Yuqi also gladly agreed to their request.

Qiqi didn’t care how much others want to keep Yuqi. He just wanted to get rid of him anyway. She was afraid that the longer she stayed with him, the more she couldn’t leave him.

“You didn’t sign up for this trip, so you’re not eligible to join us.”.” Qiqi suddenly said.

Yuqi pointed to the seat next to Qiqi. “There are still empty seats here, so why can’t I go with you? And I’ve brought gifts for everyone. If no one objects to me joining your trip, I’ll give everyone a gift.”

“What gift?” Someone immediately asked.

“Longines watch.”

His words took the crowd by surprise. Then they unanimously agreed that Yuqi could go on the trip with them.

Yuqi had expected the crowd to react this way. He smiled at the crowd. “Thank you, guys.”

After saying that, he gave a bag which had dozens of watches worth hundreds of thousands to the monitor and asked him to hand it out to everyone.

Seeing that everyone easily agreed to Yuqi’s request, Qiqi stood up angrily. She grabbed her bag and headed outside. “All right, you stay, I’ll go!”

When he saw Qiqi was leaving, Yuqi immediately gave a wink to the class monitor.

Although this was the first time the monitor met with Yuqi, he quickly understood what Yuqi meant. He told the driver to start the bus immediately and then started giving out gifts to everyone.

These people immediately poured into the narrow aisle, blocking Qiqi’s way. She couldn’t even walk to the car door to get out, and even standing still was difficult for her.

Finally she held onto the handle and then shouted, “Hey, stop the car! I want to get off.”

“Qiqi, for the sake of the collective good, we can’t hold up any longer.” The monitor said.

Since the monitor said so, she could not continue to insist that the driver stop the bus.

Qiqi was about to enjoy a quiet relaxing trip, but Yuqi’s sudden appearance ruined her good mood. She turned around to glare at him, but found Mu Yuqi eating her dumplings.

Then she angrily walked over and grabbed the dumplings. “That’s mine!” said she loudily.

Yuqi was eating happily when suddenly the dumplings were snatched away from his hands, and then he looked up at Qiqi. “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

“Go buy it yourself or maybe you tell them you are hungry. I guess they’ll be happy to share their snacks with you.” said Qiqi.

“But I just want to eat dumplings.”

“No way.”

“Qiqi, just give me one.”

“No.” said Qiqi, and then put the rest of the dumplings into her mouth.

When the people next to them saw Qiqi and Yuqi arguing over dumplings, they thought it was a sign of their love. After all, couples sometimes have a tiff with each other on purpose.

“Look, they are so in love.”

“Yeah, I envy them so much.”

Hearing their conversation, Qiqi turned her head and glared angrily at the two girls behind her. She didn’t like people talking about her and Yuqi, especially when they misunderstand her relationship with him.

Seeing Qiqi’s face turned red with anger, Yuqi comforted her from the side. “Just ignore them. There is no need to care too much about what others think.”

Seeing that it was impossible to get off, Qiqi could only sit back in her seat. “Yuqi, didn’t we agree not to look for each other again before? Why do you still come to me?”

“I suddenly thought of one thing.” Yuqi suddenly said seriously.


“Since you like a simple life, I’ll abandon the things you don’t like and live a simple life with you.”

Qiqi blinked her eyes. She seemed to understand something, but was puzzled by what he said.

“I don’t quite understand.” said Qiqi.

“I mean I don’t want my fame and status, but to be an ordinary person like you.”

“Are you crazy!” said Qiqi angrily.

“I’m not crazy, I’m serious. I’ve been distressed for a long time because of your words. The thought of losing you made me feel sad. I want to forget about you, but I can’t.” said Yuqi affectionately.

“Since I can’t forget you, I’ll find a way to be with you. But you reject my fame and status, so I finally came up with this great idea.” He continued.

“This is obviously a stupid idea. How can you throw away your fame, fortune and status? You are too childish to do so. Does your family know about your decision?”

“I’m fighting for our happiness.” said Yuqi. “I didn’t tell anyone about my decision before I left, but I left a note. They should know by now.”

“Didn’t they call you?”

“I forgot my phone at home.”

Qiqi took out her own cell phone and prepared to call his brother.

Just as Qiqi was dialing the number, Yuqi’s body suddenly tilted and leaned on Qiqi’s shoulder. Then her phone fell from her hand.

Yuqi reached out to catch the phone. Then he threw the phone directly out of the car window.

“Oh, my phone, what are you doing?”

Qiqi popped her head out of the car and saw her phone being run over by the truck driving across the street.

She turned back and glared angrily at Yuqi. “You did it on purpose!” She yelled.

“I was trying to do you a favor, but I accidentally dropped it. It’s really just a coincidence.” Yuqi explained.

Qiqi no longer wanted to talk to him. She just turned her head to the side, angry.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” said Yuqi. He didn’t seem to see that Qiqi was angry. “Everything I did to make you like me is worth it. I will show you on this trip that we are the perfect match for each other.”

Qiqi didn’t want to talk to Yuqi, but his words made her want to refute him. “What a load of crap. Bullshit!” said she.

Hearing her, Yuqi was excited. “You like vulgarity? Then I’ll become vulgar too, so that I’ll match you better.”

“Yuqi, that’s enough!”

“This is just the beginning. I don’t think it’s enough.”

“Please just stop your nonsense.”

“I’m serious, very serious. Until you feel my love for you, I have to keep trying. I heard that this time we are going to a place with beautiful mountains, we can ……”

Yuqi chattered over there while Qiqi turned her head to look out the window. “How can he not understand the meaning of my words?”

Qiqi leaned back in her chair sadly, but once again she was angry because of the conversation behind her.

“See, I told you they had a good relationship!”

Qiqi glared at them.

The girl was just about to say something when her friends immediately whispered in her ear. “They keep a lower profile. We’d better not disturb them.” said the girl in a low voice. Then they were silent.


The group chatted happily on the way and soon they arrived at the destination. Yuqi was having fun chatting with the young people around him.

Once they arrived at the place, Qiqi couldn’t wait to get out of the car and deliberately kept her distance from Yuqi.

This time they booked a quaint inn surrounded by mountains and water.

Everyone was full of anticipation for the next journey, while Qiqi looked sad.

While the crowd was chattering, the monitor walked out with a set of keys. He raised his voice. “Those whose numbers are called, come over and get the keys.”

The students gathered around and took the keys in turn.

Finally, when there was only one key left, the monitor handed the key to Yuqi.

“Mr. Mu, you and Qiqi will live in Room 504.”

Qiqi frowned when she heard that. “I don’t want to share the room with him.” said she suddenly.

“But there’s only one room now.” said the monitor. “And others’ rooms are full.”

The monitor knew that Yuqi wanted to stay in a room with Qiqi, so he kind of did it to help Yuqi, which made Qiqi angry.

She frowned and stared at him. “How much benefit did you receive from Yuqi? Why do you keep helping him?” She asked discontentedly.

“Actually, I am helping you. Yuqi is a nice guy. There are a lot of girls here who like him. If you don’t take the initiative, he will be stolen by the other girls.” The monitor said in a serious tone.

“I don’t care. I’m very grateful to the person who can steal him away.” Qiqi said dismissively.

Then the class leader signed. “Does anyone want to change rooms with Qiqi?” asked he.

There were many girls who wanted to do so, but did not respond to the class president. After all, girls could see that Yuqi liked Qiqi a lot.

Seeing that no one responded, Qiqi said coldly. “I won’t be in the same room with Yuqi anyway!”

“Qiqi, are you shy? We are all young people, we understand you.”

“We’re out together, and the most important thing is to have fun. Don’t pay too much attention to who you’re staying in a room with.”

“Yuqi is such a nice person. You guys look good together.”

The classmates all spoke up for Yuqi, while Qiqi did her best to explain her relationship with Yuqi. “I don’t like him. We just ….”

But she hadn’t finished her sentence, and soon the students’ attention was quickly drawn to other things. Then they went to hang out in the courtyard, not paying attention to what she was saying.

At that moment Yuqi walked up to her. “Qiqi, they won’t believe what you say no matter how you explain it. Forget it.”

Qiqi immediately kept her distance from Yuqi. “You shut up. It’s because of you that they misunderstood my relationship with you. I won’t share my room with you.” said she angrily.

Yuqi was speechless. “You won’t be so cruel to me, right? It’s cold at night in the mountains.”

“Yes, I am that cruel. I will never let you into my room.”

After saying that, Qiqi held the key and turned around to leave.

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