Chapter 555 – 556: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 555: The Three-year Appointment

Chen Ye came back with marvel and proclaimed that Teta City was then named Ye!

Both the family Zhao and the family Li were completely reduced to subordinates of the Ye family, and no families dared to oppose.

Many families that had once had a conflict with the Ye family had apologized to the Ye family.

That was the law of cultivation:Storms come and go, and the big fish eat the little fish! The families Chen would be interested in were the families with power in Teta City.

“Chen, if only your mother could see this!” Song Ye lamented in the backyard and the words that contained both relief and more loneliness.

“Dad, I was coming for the three-year appointment,” Chen explained.

Song was shocked, “You’re going to the Universe Sect?”

Chen nodded and replied, “One thing has trapped me for three years, and it’s time to put an end to it.” “After I defeat Ruolan Shangguan, you follow me to the Infinite Sea!”

“This place is backward, which a primordial spirit can rule the roost, in the meanwhile, Xing Ye and Wanqing need a wider world!”

“A migration?” Song asked with a little nervousness since he knew about the Infinite Sea.

In Song’s opinion, the Ye family had lived on the land for thousands of years, while the Infinite Sea was treacherous and with as munch as powerful individuals; if the Ye family moved over, would they really be able to survive there?

Chen did not hide anything and analyzed the situation of the Infinite Sea to him. Knowing that his son had joined the Gengu No.1 Sect, Song finally released a bit.

Song wasn’t a procrastinator, and now his wish was to make the Ye family grow and expand. Going to the Infinite Sea was undoubtedly the best choice.

That night, Song gathered everyone together to discuss the matter of migration.

The vast majority of people were in favor of relocation, which was expected by Chen.

The most excited one was Xing because he yearned for the magnificent sea more than the inland.

Chen had a deep consideration on this matter of relocation, for he would take Nan Chen and Zi Chen to travel to Dongsheng Divine Land, and the future was unknown, in case anything happened, with Kris Chen’s care, the Ye family would not fall.

Moreover, he was still unable to concoct magical pills to mend the wounds caused by Dao, and only the Three Revolution Pill from Big Brother could heal them.

After two days of preparing, the Ye family once again embarked on the road to the Universe Sect.

The Universe Sect was located a million miles away to the southwest of Taita City, and after spending half a day, Chen arrived at the Universe Sect.

“Who are you, may I ask?” The gatekeeper stopped Chen at the gate.

“Chen, from the Ye family. I am coming for the three-year appointment!”

“Ruolan, today I come to avenge my past shame!”

Chen’s voice was so loud that the words spread to the entire Universe Sect!

“Insolent. How could you call my primary sister’s name?”

Facing the gatekeepers, Chen swept the two away with a wave of his hand and strode into the Universe Sect.

As he walked, he shouted, “Ruolan Shangguan, it’s time to keep the appointment, so why don’t you come out?”

At the same time, inside an ancient and austere loft, Ruolan opened her eyes, and her beautiful eyes filled with coldness, then she murmured, “Chen Ye!”

Three years ago, Ruolan went to the Ye family to break the contract, and Chen was so angry that he divorced her, which made Ruolan disgraced, then made the three-year appointment, and if Chen lost the fight, he would be Ruolan’s slave or servant.

If she lost…, but how could she lose?



Ruolan flashed to the outside world and looked at the Lord Relentless, and said, “Master, today I will keep that three-year appointment!”

Lord Relentless nodded and said, “Go ahead. Eliminate the internal demons, and the accumulated spirit is just around the corner!”

“Yes, Master!”

Ruolan now was at the Fulfilled period of the Primal Spirit; once she defeated Chen, she probably would be able to level up to the Accumulated Spirit, and then…, there would be two Accumulated Spirits in the Universe Sect. The Universe Sect would be respected by others then.

“Come with me!”

Ruolan teleported to Chen and gave him a scornful glance before she went to the Universe Sect’s arena, and Chen followed closely behind.

“Ruolan, you are still the same, arrogant, selfish, and cocky!” Chen sneered.

“Once a snake, always a snake, and it will never be a dragon!”

Ruolan said faintly, “You can still save yourself a lot of painful skin by admitting defeat now!”

“Oh, really?”

Chen smiled indifferently, “Then today I’ll let you understand who is the dragon, and who is the snake!”

Ruolan sighed as if she was sighing at Chen’s innocence!

At the same time, the arena was around with people, and Lord Relentless stood in the void, looking down with cold eyes.

“You start first, after all, you’re my ex-wife…”

Chen said that word by word.

“Ex-wife?” Upon hearing that, a hint of indignation appeared on Ruolan’s face, “You are just Looking for death!”

Lightly gave a slapping out, tremendous killing intent covered Chen entirely.

“Look at that, the Great Universe Palm. I didn’t expect Sister Ruolan to have cultivated to the highest stage– the Life and Death Palm!”

“Definitely, Big Sister is the first in the Universe Sect in terms of qualifications!”

“That’s a divine inferior level magic technique, so can he stand against it? I’m afraid he’ll be smashed to pieces by this slap, right?”

“Look, it’s a killing attack right off the bat!”

However, Chen was there with his hands behind his back, and without a trace of fear in his eyes.

Ruolan frowned and thought, “Is he scared?”


The shocking palm slapped toward Chen as if it would smash him into pieces!

“Nice hit, definitely that guy is dead!”

“I thought it was some powerful character, but…”

“Wait, he’s alive!”

When the dust and smoke cleared, Chen dusted his shoulders and said, “Not bad, not a bad move for a pat on the back!”

Chen’s physical body was half the Accumulated Spirit and could be comparable to the Spirit Weapon; besides, with the instruction of Mr.Gu, the actualized spirit, the strength of blood and qi, as well as the hardness of the flesh, were all first-rate.

Although Ruolan’s Great Universe Palm was powerful, it could not even shake Chen’s flesh a bit at all.

Ruolan was taken aback, then said, “Playing tricks? Or you are just wearing defensive magic weapons!”

“Oh, really?” Chen smiled and didn’t explain but continued, “You slapped me, I give you a punch … It shouldn’t be too much, right?”

Although he smiled, there was not a trace of smiling in his eyes, and only cold.

“Dog-beating Punch!”

Chen’s body was like a bow, and his fists were like arrows. With one blow, all the space in the arena was blocked off, and Chen locked Ruolan down with fierce atmosphere!

Chen used no magic, only with his physical prowess.

Ruolan frowned, and several Magic Shield appeared in front of her.


“Click, click!”

The Magic Shield was like a glass mirror, instantly shattered!

“What?” Ruolan was so shocked that she instantly moved away.

“Want to go?”

“Dog-trapped Fist!”

Dog-trapped Fist was a martial art that incorporated the Locking Art, a move he drew inspiration from the Locking Art of Kris. Although it was not as good as the Locking Art, it was still an invaluable Prowess.

As the fist blew out, Ruolan was trying to move but found that she could not operate her magic, and when she was shocked, the fist had already crushed on her.

“This is impossible. what kind of Powress is this!”


A punch hit on Ruolan’s face, instantly shattering her facial bones, and Chen controlled his strength so as not to kill her.

Chen was a body refining practitioner, and under the same level, once he is close to a Magic Refining Practitioner, the Magic Refining Practitioner would die.

“How could this bastard did this to Sister Ruolan!”

The disciples of the Universe Sect were furious, but none of them dared to step forward, because even Ruolan was no match for him, so how could they be Chen’s opponent.

“Now, tell me, who is the dragon, and who is the sake? Say it.” Chen scolded while beating, “Don’t think that I won’t beat you because you are pretty; there are so many pretty women, you are nothing, and there are plenty of people who are more talented than you, so you are no one!”

In the eyes of the audience, the fists were slow, but they were extremely fast.

Chen’s humiliation, which had been pent up for years, was released, and he felt relieved and satisfied.

“How dare you!” Lord Relentless uttered and was furious, for he didn’t expect this to happen, and he only knew that this kid was a waste. “Why is he so strong?” Lord Relentless thought.

Ruolan was the child he found with great difficulty to inherit his Tao and even had a chance to achieve the accumulated spirit within three years, but now, it was ruined!

“Damn you!” Lord Relentless shouted, and after that, he pointed with his finger, “The Ash Technique!”

What Lord Relentless knew was the extremely powerful Taoist Strength, which he had once used to kill a strong man of the same level.

However, Chen was prepared for that, and the double Taoist Strength formed by the Treasure Gourd instantly canceled out the Taoist Strength.

“That’s… Spirit Weapon!”Lord Relentless said in surprise, for he knew the Spirit Weapon could easily counteract his attacks.

Lord Relentless had been cultivating for a thousand years, but he had only got a half Spirit Weapon, so if he could obtain a Spirit Weapon, he would be able to go a step further! Then he thought,” how can a primary disciple be compared to a Spirit Weapon?”

“The Relentless Gun!”

A long spear appeared in his hand, and with a fierce murderous aura, he rushed directly toward Chen to kill him.


Chen didn’t say a word, and he backed off quickly by operating the Teleportation technique, then he appeared several miles away in an instant.

“Teleportation technique?” Lord Relentless frowned, for he missed.

Lord Relentless took out a set of Chain Runes from his storage ring and uttered, “Space Isolation Rune!”

The Runes was meant to be used for lifesaving, but Lord Retenless thought it was worth it, as long as he could gain the Spirit Weapon.

“Chen, when you perform the Heaven Breaking Strike, don’t be covered by the Space Isolation runes; otherwise, the Powress is useless!” Mr. Gu reminded.

“Hard to escape, hmm… then I will get close to you. and we will isolate together, ” Chen thought and smirked, then he spoke, “Teleportation technique!”

Just in a second, Chen arrived in front of the Lord Retenless; while At this time, the Lord Retenless was triggering the Runes, with the brilliant divine light shone. Then realm around was instantly isolated, and neither Magic nor Prowess could be useful in that space!

“You didn’t escape, but instead, you tried to into the danger. What a fool you are!” Said the Lord Retenless, who was overjoyed seeing Chen got into his Formation.

“Oh? Do you really think so!”

Chen stood on the ground, looked at the Lord Retenless, and his feet suddenly stepped hard.

The diamond plate beneath his feet was cracked, and Chen struck away at a hundred times the speed of sound, so Chen just left Lord Retenless’s Formation by using his Physical Strength.

“What, you’re a Body Refining Practitioner!” Lord Retenlss was incomparably shocked. He found that Chen had puzzled him because Chen didn’t show his Physical Strength during the fight, even he thought it was the Spirit Weapon canceled out his attack of the Great Ash Technique and prevented Ruolan’s attack.

“Wouldn’t it be a little too late to find out?” Chen grinned, “Now, you… Are you ready!”

Chapter 556: Consecutive Challenges

“Boom!” Chen Ye was like a big balloon, inflated instantly, and turned into a giant of several meters.

This is actually a process of releasing physical power.

“Damn it!”

Lord Wuhen panicked. He is just a magical practicer. Although his body is much stronger than ordinary people under the refinement of the sky thunder, it is much weaker than the body refining practicer. As long as they don’t let the body refining practicer get close, they can use magic at will. The body refining practicer is a moving target, but once they get close, the opponent will be defeated easily.

Although systems of body refining practicer and sword cultivator are known as the strongest cultivation systems in the world. However, they are difficult to practice, thus the number of magical practicers is a hundred times of them!

Naturally, magical practicers also have a special way to deal with them.

But he shouldn’t have used air forbidden runes, and shrouded himself in it.

In the blink of an eye, the huge fist was already near, and Lord Wuhen had no time to dodge. “Boom!” His jaw bone was shattered instantly.

Lord Wuhen couldn’t even make a scream but was beaten up.

Fortunately, at this time, he also unlocked the runes.

Want to escape?

With Chen’s order, treasure gourd gushed out extremely cold water and magma, blocking the entire space.

The current treasure gourd is a spiritual weapon with the dual Taoist Strength of water and fire. Once used, it is infinite!

“Crush him to death!”

Water and fire are compatible, and Lord Wuhen was struggling to fight against it.

“Ten Thousand Sword Tactic!”

These are two divine tactics that Chen obtained from Kris, both of which are first-class tactics.

In addition, Chen’s Divine Spiritual Power is also several times of the same level of Practitioner.

Performance of Ten Thousand Sword Tactic could be infinite.

Tens of thousands of superb flying swords was shuttling, leading by hundreds of Taoist flying swords!

Chen is so rich, thanks to fortune of auction on the day when Nahai Sect opened its sect!

In addition, Kris solved the problem of his poor mana. In order to sharpen his physical body, Chen also challenged practitioners one by one in the Sea of Chaos.

“You are going to die!” Lord Wuhen screamed, then died, and the last bit of spiritual intelligence was also wiped out by Mr. Gu, once a master of actualized spirits, still available to do this.

After receiving the storage ring of Wuhen, Chen looked at the dumbfounded Qiankun Sect disciples below, “From today onwards, the Qiankun Sect will be destroyed. If you hand over your storage ring and magic weapons, you can survive!”

To prevent them from escaping, treasure gourd had already locked down the space.

As for the elders of Qiankun Sect, they had already managed to escape, and Chen had no interest in pursuing them.

Ruolan Shangguan, who fell to the ground on the side, was even more incomprehensible at this time, “No… it’s impossible, how could he be so powerful?”

She is a genius and possesses the best cultivation resources.

After Chen received a wave of storage rings and magic weapons, his wealth skyrocketed again. Although these were nothing to him, the Ye family will be able to use them.

Seeing the fairy of the past fell into the mortal world, like an evil ghost, Chen’s Taoist heart was fulfilled, at that moment, the mana rioted, was it going to go through the God’s test?

Chen suppressed the mana, and the feeling of being targeted by the heaven disappeared.

It’s not safe to go through the God’s test here, it had better go back to the Infinite Sea.

Throwing a bottle of magical pills to Ruolan, “You and I already untied the cause and effect. If you don’t accept it, you can challenge me at any time, but next time I will not be lenient.”

Then Chen cut the gate of Qiankun Sect with a sword and flew away.

“Ah…” Chen’s sonorous roar came from far away, which was a kind of relief.

From now on, he can be himself again without restrictions.

As for accepting Ruolan as a slave or maid, Chen didn’t like her at all.

“Has the killer gone?”


“It blames her, a disaster carrier !”

“Yes, it’s her. If it weren’t for her, how could the Sovereign Lord die!”

“Kill her, kill her…”

The Sovereign Lord was dead, the sect was gone, they had no backers, even the storage ring and magic weapons were gone.

They ascribed everything to Ruolan.

Half an hour ago, she was a sovereign and promising elder sister of Qiankun Sect.

Half an hour later, she was an evil spirit, the chief culprit in the destruction of the sect.

Under the resentment of everyone, she was beaten to death, and even the primal spirit was wiped out.

Ruolan did not expect that she did not die in Chen’s hand, but in her partners’ hand.

At night, Chen returned to Taita City, and finally decided to leave a branch here, after all, Ye’s ancestral grave was still here.

Kun Ye knew he was unpopular, so he took the initiative to stay here.

Ye Chen nodded, leaving cultivation resources for the branch, and leaving the Zhao and Li family to guard the Ye family, so Kun was definitely a superior existence here.

But Chen didn’t care about the little power.

Even Song Ye didn’t care either, because he already knew his son had joined great power in the sea.

The next day, Song took the lead in worshipping the ancestors. Chen moved away the tomb of his deceased mother. He took a group of Ye family descendants from inland to the Infinite Sea!


At the same time, within the Purple Fire Sect, Kris finally condensed the seeds of Taoist Strength after a month of practicing Taoist magic art alone. With deduction, the speed of practicing divine powers was increasing rapidly.

Without delay, Kris held the Taoist Strength stone of wind in his hand and began to understand it carefully.

Ten days, fifteen days, twenty days…one month, two months…Kris finally realized Taoist Strength of Wind, or rather, it should be a forced performance of Taoist Strength of Wind.

Although it is only the seed of Taoist Strength, Kris prepared the Taoist Strength stone early and spent more than ten days practicing it. Taoist Strength of Wind has also risen to 50%.

At this point, earth, wind, water and fire, the foundation of constructing Dongtian(cave) was completed.

Kris also decided to go out and continue the next round of challenges!

This time, practicing Taoist magic art has been so long. Seven or eight days have passed of the outside world, but Kris’ strength has changed dramatically.

“Where is Crane Spirit?”

Fat Cat said, “Master, the elder sister has taken the juniors out to practice.”

“Ok!” Kris nodded, “Then you follow me, we will continue to challenge the next orthodoxy.”

“Yes, Master!” Fat Cat said excitedly.

The news of Kris’ challenge spread all over the Purple Fire Sect in an instant, and many people didn’t even bother to practice.


A 17-year-old boy dropped a hundred-meter-sized mountain and ran away quickly.

Someone came by riding the giant elephant, “Give way, I want to bet!”

The competition arena has returned to the excitement of the past.

One month, two months, three months passed, Kris had maintained 422 times of victories at the fourth month,.

In other words, he crushed more than four hundred orthodoxies!

Kris’s evolutionary method of Dongtian has been completely condensed, and still with further deduction, not only Dongtian (cave), but also small worlds, middle worlds, and even… Great worlds!

So it’s not enough!

Ranked 77th is the blood return Tao!

This orthodoxy is very crazy, and the disciples in it are all insane like demon.

They believe that blood has magical power, and all power comes from blood.

So they condensed blood desperately, and even added the blood of various monster beasts to strengthen themselves.

Some people have trained themselves to be half-human, half-demon, and even half-man, half-beast, but their powerful strength is obvious to all.

And their blood contains a very powerful force, giving people a sense of otherworldly.

Finally, after defeating the Taoist Master of the Returning Blood Tao and obtaining the classics, Kris realized that they were after the return of blood.

This is similar to the return to ancestors of monster races, this orthodoxy also believes that the ancestors of humans are equally powerful.

This gave Kris a lot of inspiration.

Whether it is the skin, bone, the primal spirit, or even the Divine Spiritual Power, if you practice to the extreme, mutations will inevitably occur.

Though the physical body of Primal spirit practitioner was destroyed, primal spirit can exist alone.

The primal spirit is gone, and the Divine Spiritual Power is present. Divine Spiritual Power can also be attached to magic weapons, or grab other person’s flesh!

But this concept was still relatively vague, then Kris challenged the Skin Tao ranked 60th.

They imagined skin as a ship passing through the other shore, which is also unique.

And their combat effectiveness is also very strong.

Ranked fifty-fifth is Hair Tao, their hair is already similar to the three vellus hairs of Monkey King in the book, Journey to the West.

It can change arbitrarily, even…a single hair can cut off a mountain, and a single hair can evolve into a mountain!

This is powerful!

It also gave Kris new ideas.

As Taoist Strength gradually became stronger, Kris’ foundation became deeper and deeper.

The loopholes in the Nine-Step Iron Figure were gradually compensated.

The thirty-third-ranked Flesh Tao.

Do you know how the sun, moon, stars and mountains of the Purple Fire Sect come from?

They all evolved from Practitioners’ death.

Their eyes turned into stars, their limbs turned into mountains, and their spine, dragon veins, which enriched the spirit Qi of the small worlds and provided a way for the small worlds to be promoted.

Kris was surprised, it’s too awesome, these people are really incredible in studying the flesh.

Even when he challenged the eleventh-ranked orthodoxy, he also encountered Tao with similar ideas, that is acupuncture points!

The acupuncture points are the source of mana and one of the energy sources, so why can’t the connection between the acupuncture points be strengthened?

Linking the acupuncture points of the whole body to form the world in the body is the idea of ​Acupuncture Points Tao.

Kris put down the classics of the Acupuncture Points Tao with amazement.

In the body, it becomes a world by itself. This concept is too advanced. The most important thing is their super combat effectiveness, which also confirms that their ideas are effective!

On this day, Kris practiced Taoist magic art alone again. At this time, the Nine-Step Iron Figure have been completed fulfilled period of the first seven turns, Kris began to enhance the eighth turn.

After another few months, Kris perfected his eighth turn.

With eyes open, there seems to be the birth and death of the universe in him!

Numerous Taoist classics turned into nutrients to nourish him.

At this time, Kris has a Taoist Strength flowing around him between his gestures naturally, and he does whatever he wants.

The understanding of magic powers was also more transparent.

Once again, Kris set his goal on the top ten orthodoxy.

The tenth-ranked was five internal organs Tao!

Refining the five internal organs, forming a microcosmos with gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The five elements of heaven and earth are the most basic and most powerful.

As the saying goes, jumping outside the Three Realms and not in the Five Elements, it can be said that everything in the world evolved from the Five Elements.

This time, it was a tough challenge for him because the opponent’s five elements cycled, reproduced and restrained each other, and the huge power generated by them continued to flow, as if they were inexhaustible.

In the end, the world of the five elements still could not rival one strike of Dongtian connected with dozens of thousand Dongtian.

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