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Chuck Cannon has entered this casino. Last time, the scale of the casino behind the scenes was too big. The daily turnover is estimated to be several billion US dollars, which is much bigger.
Chuck Cannon felt that it would be better to drive such a big one first, and then drive a bigger one afterward.
This idea is even bigger, and Chuck Cannon can’t wait to call Du Peixin immediately to get her to come here.
Suddenly, the phone rang, and Chuck Cannon saw that it was Du Peixin’s heart.
“Bryant, I’ll take a call,” Chuck Cannon can just talk about this to Du Peixin, anyway, Du Peixin wants to follow him for five years.
Then let her come to the United States.
“En,” Bryant nodded.
Chuck Cannon stepped aside.
“Where is such a person so strange? They all said that they don’t want him to pay, he still does it, he will answer the phone and leave when they come in. Interesting?” A girl was extremely dissatisfied.
The blue-eyed beauty was too lazy to look at Chuck Cannon, and smiled and said to Bryant, “Bryant, let’s go in.”
“Wait for Chuck Cannon,” Bryant worried that Chuck Cannon could not find her.
“What are you afraid of? He is such a big man, so is he afraid that he will be lost? Let’s go!” A girl pushed Bryant.
Bryant had no choice but to go in.
The blue-eyed beauty smiled slightly, she had already said hello, and her friend had already arrived.
Wearing a black suit, he is tall and strong and looks handsome. This is just like a model!
This is a temperament!
Both girls are nympho, so handsome!!
All of them are thinking, let the blue-eyed beauty introduce a handsome boyfriend to herself!
After they came to the U.S., they felt that Chinese men were really bad. They wanted U.S. men to be boyfriends because U.S. men are real men.
“Hello, my name is Owen.” The man walked over gracefully, using the standard Chinese language.
That’s right, the introduction in the phone of the blue-eyed beauty is correct, Bryant, he really caught it at a glance, the bumpy figure, the standard to the extreme.
Really a standard Chinese beauty.
Bryant was stunned to see, the blue-eyed beauty was smug in her heart.
This is the man, what Chuck Cannon you are interested in, like a mouse, is rubbish!!

“Hey, Du Peixin,” Chuck Cannon answered the phone.
“Mr. Cannon, there is something I want to ask you at the hotel,” Du Peixin called.
“You don’t need to ask me, you can hand over to Yolanda, you can now buy a ticket to the United States.” Chuck Cannon said.
“United States? Mr. Cannon, did you let me go to the United States? What are you doing?” Du Peixin was confused.
To be honest, she was very depressed. When she was in her own home, she managed several companies. After meeting with Chuck Cannon, she managed only one hotel.
She is very depressed.
“For the United States, I am going to invest here, and you will help me manage it,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Really?” Du Peixin needed an opportunity to go to the United States. She was very surprised.
“Well, come to the United States in these few days, I will pick you up at that time,”
“Good, good.”
Du Peixin’s heart began. She knew that Chuck Cannon was so capable, how could she only focus on China?
He must look at the world!
The United States is one of the most important countries in the world. Chuck Cannon is now letting herself go. Is this about to start reusing herself?
Sure, then, when five years are up, she will have contacts in the United States. Is it possible to expand her Du’s business there?
This is a great opportunity!
Chuck Cannon hung up the phone, Du Peixin was so surprised that her heart thumped and thumped. She couldn’t wait to call Yolanda and connected, “Hey, Yolanda, come over to me when you have time, and I will hand over to you. …No, I’m going to the U.S., Chuck Cannon asked me to go, come here soon…”
Chuck Cannon put his mobile phone in his pocket and walked over. Listening to Du Peixin’s tone, was she happy to come to the United States?
Fortunately, otherwise, Chuck Cannon could only order her.
“Emily, what’s the matter? Are you serious?” Bryant came back to her senses. This man was tall and mighty, but Bryant didn’t like it.
She felt too tall and she was a little scared.
“Of course, it’s true. This is the man. What do you think of your Chuck Cannon? My friend, he can lie him down for a few days with a punch,” the blue-eyed beauty said proudly.
She thought Chuck Cannon was originally a thin monkey, it was really a matter of punch.
“Don’t say that Emily, I don’t want this.” Bryant refused.
She thought that the blue-eyed beauty was joking, but she didn’t expect it to be real. How could she stand it?
“It’s okay, take a look.” The blue-eyed beauty persuaded.
She wondered whether Bryant was contaminated by rubbish. Don’t even want such a handsome American man?
The blue-eyed beauty can’t understand, there is meat to eat, why eat spicy chicken?
The man smiled slightly, “Come and have fun first.”
This is his place, so much chat is enough. The woman he likes hasn’t gotten yet. For three hours, at most that long, Bryant will be fascinated by himself.
This is his confidence.
“Farewell, I’ll wait for Chuck Cannon to come,” Bryant felt that at this time, he couldn’t go in.
She is afraid of such a tall person.
The blue-eyed beauty frowned. At this moment, Chuck Cannon came over.
The blue-eyed beauty winked at her friend.
Of course, this man named Owen knew how to do it.
“Bryant, are you not playing?” Chuck Cannon came over and asked curiously.
What are the others doing here?
Who is this man? Chuck Cannon saw Owen. He was very strong and should be able to fight a little bit, but Chuck Cannon didn’t fight with him, it was nothing.
“Hello, my name is Irving.” The man reached out his hand.
“Chuck Cannon,” Chuck Cannon stretched out his hand and shook it.
The man sneered, and suddenly he used his hand silently to pinch Chuck Cannon’s hand.
Of course, the blue-eyed beauty saw it. Her friend’s strength is very strong. People like Chuck Cannon will definitely cry!
Chuck Cannon was shocked. This man is so powerful, but Chuck Cannon is not a vegetarian. He does physical training every day, as well as fighting training. What’s more, he too wears a special metal ring that weighs up to 20 kilograms all the time.!!
Chuck Cannon is now too light.
The man frowned, he sneered in his heart, there is still some strength, you know, I only used half of my strength, with all of my strength, squeezed your fingers!
He was ready to push hard, Chuck Cannon was ready to give him a counterattack.
Bryant found out and said hurriedly, “What are you doing??”
Men can only let go.
“It’s nothing, shake hands,” the man smiled slightly.
“Chuck Cannon, are you okay?” Bryant looked at Chuck Cannon’s hand, all red.
Chuck Cannon shrugged.
The blue-eyed beauty whispered, it’s a pity, another pinch, this Chuck Cannon will definitely cry out immediately.
Only hiding behind a woman, a man like a mouse.
“Don’t stand here, go in and play,” the man snapped his fingers.
Someone brought the chips over.
The man said, “A little bit, everyone with a hundred thousand chips, you can win cash if you win more or less.”
The two girls were pleasantly surprised. He was too generous, handsome and rich. He was a really perfect man.
I don’t know how many times better than this Chuck Cannon, huh, I didn’t eat enough just now. They looked at Chuck Cannon who paid no attention.
The two girls immediately took the bargaining chips and went to play inside. You can also exchange money directly without playing. Today’s gift money is back, and it’s a big profit! !
The two girls are very happy, they, even more, want to find a boyfriend from the United States, tall and handsome, and more gold, how nice!
“You too,” the man looked at Chuck Cannon.
It’s only one hundred thousand, he usually doesn’t look at it more, just treat it as a beggar.
It doesn’t matter.
Chuck Cannon didn’t even mean to gamble, of course, he was too lazy to take it, and shook his head and said.
“No money, for you for nothing, you can exchange it for cash now,” the man said. On the phone, the blue-eyed beauty had already told about Chuck Cannon’s situation, saying that he didn’t bring a wallet or something, he heard I’m going to laugh to death.
“It’s not a question of money, I don’t want to play.” Chuck Cannon said, he is like looking at the operation of this casino, after all, the sound of this casino is very good!
Chuck Cannon is about to drive by himself, so see if there is no harm.
“Really? I heard that you didn’t bring your wallet?” The man sneered, “This one hundred thousand yuan is a lot!”

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