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Chapter 556: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 556 No, I Won’t Sign It (1)

Before she could finish her words, she glanced at Yuqi writing something. She suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Yuqi, what are you doing?”

After finishing writing, Yuli handed that document to her. “I’m signing it.”

“Are you crazy? How could you agree to such a thing as selling yourself to someone for hard labor?” Qiqi growled.

However, Yuqi was quite calm. “We owe him a debt, so of course we have to pay him back. You have to sign it too.”

Then he also came to shake Qiqi’s hand for her to sign it. And Qiqi was busy putting her hands behind her back and shook her head. “No, I won’t sign it.”

“You can also sign the contract with your thumb.” The innkeeper suddenly said. Then he put an inkpad in front of Qiqi.

Qiqi sneered and reached out to point at him to say something. And Yuqi quickly grabbed Qiqi’s finger and poked it on the inkpad, then pressed her thumb to the contract.

“No, Yuqi.”

Qiqi screamed, but it was too late. The contract was printed with clear fingerprints.

The more Qiqi thought about it, the angrier she became.

“Yuqi, what are you doing?” she yelled.

“One has to take responsibility for doing the wrong thing.” said Yuqi.

“Then this has nothing to do with me. Why do you want me to follow you to do hard labor?”

“We are friends. We have to share the pain and suffering.”

At this moment, Qiqi was speechless. She even suspected that Yuqi and the innkeeper had colluded to make her sign this contract.

She reached out and covered her forehead, helpless. “I really regret knowing you.”

The boss took the two contracts and put them away carefully, and then he said to them, “From now on, you will move to the staff dormitory.”

Qiqi immediately looked up. “I paid for the room, so I should take the guest room.” She retorted.

“Oh, then I can use your room payment to offset your wages. That way, you can work five days less, isn’t that better?”

Seeing Qiqi looking at himself dazed, the boss asked, “Do you have something to say?”

Qiqi lowered her head feebly. “What am I supposed to say now?”

“From tomorrow, you will be responsible for cleaning, cooking, laundry, promotion, purchasing and marketing in the inn.”

These business arrangements made Qiqi frown. “May I ask if there are other staffs in this inn?”

“There was one before, but he just left recently.”

“Then we are multi-tasking, and I demand a raise in salary!” Qiqi said.

“No way.” The boss refused without even thinking about it.

But Qiqi was very insistent. “If you don’t give us a raise, we won’t finish our work on time, and you will be the one who suffers in the end. I suggest you’d better think it over.”

The boss was a bit hesitant, but Yuqi suddenly said. “Qiqi, you can’t work like this, let’s be a good employee ……”

Qiqi was speechless after hearing Yuqi’s words. She turned her head and glared angrily at him and rebuked, “You shut up!”

Yuqi pursed his lips and was aggrieved. He did not understand why Qiqi would be angered when he spoke.

Seeing this, the innkeeper immediately said. “Look, your companions are aware of the need to be a competent employee. Girl, don’t always think about money. Improve your professionalism.”

Qiqi looked at him and wanted to continue arguing with him, but the he hurriedly walked away.

She was going to chase him behind, but Yuqi stopped her. “Qiqi, I can help you move.”

“Yuqi, don’t involve me in your business again, okay?” She slammed Yuqi’s hand away and said angrily.

“I am trying to run this hostel with you to make it better.” said Yuqi seriously.

“I don’t want to. I just want to get out of here.”

“Since we are already employees of someone else, we have to ……Qiqi, don’t go. I haven’t finished my words.”

Qiqi did not want to pay attention to Yuqi. She found that Yuqi’s nagging was really killing her.


Qiqi’s classmates were worried that the watch given to them by Yuqi would be taken away, so they surprisingly ended their journey early. They left early in the morning to go back to school. By the time Qiqi found out, they were almost at school.

Qiqi was furious, and now she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.

Compared to Qiqi’s anger, Yuqi enjoyed this life very much. Even if he was being ordered around by the innkeeper, he was still happy.

Qiqi looked at Yuqi who was busy going around, and she was puzzled.

Seeing Qiqi not working, Yuqi patted her head. “Qiqi, don’t be lazy. Come and work!”

“The boss doesn’t pay me, why am I so motivated?” Qiqi snorted

“You’re not thinking right. Since you’re staying, you have to work hard and can’t waste time.”

“Why didn’t I see you so motivated before?”

“I like it here.”

Hearing this, Qiqi turned her head to look at Yuqi and found that he was very serious.

“I really like this place. I used to want to open an inn, live in the deep mountains, and be friends with the flowers and plants. It’s really a kind of enjoyment.” said Yuqi. Then he closed his eyes with a very intoxicated look.

“How do you make money at the inn when all you do is to enjoy life?”

“Enjoy the process of making money, don’t just think about money.”

“You’re really a gentry who doesn’t know the hardships of the world. Even if you give up your fame and status, you’re still a gentry who only seeks ease and comfort.” Qiqi said.

“Who told you that you can’t make money and enjoy life at the same time? I can do both.”

Qiqi did not agree with such a statement, “Making money is very hard. You want to easily earn money? This is simply a lie.” She retorted.

“If I can earn money easily, you promise to be my girlfriend!”

Qiqi was about to refute Yuqi, but unexpectedly this guy suddenly changed the topic.

Qiqi’s eyes blinked. “Does this have anything to do with each other?”

“That means I can support you and give you happiness on my own.”

“What an absurd logic.”

“I think it’s pretty good. It’s a deal.”

“No, I didn’t say yes.”

“So you’re saying you don’t need to test me and you’ll agree to be my girlfriend?”

“What are you talking about? No more nonsense!” said Qiqi angrily.

Yuqi acted as if he didn’t hear her. “You only have these two choices now. You either agree to be my girlfriend directly, or test me and then be my girlfriend. Think about it and give me an answer later.”

“I can’t …… I haven’t finished my sentence, stop.”

Qiqi went after Yuqi, but he seemed to be deliberately teasing her. He ran slowly for a while, then ran fast, but did not allow Qiqi to catch him.

Now that Yuqi had decided to make the inn profitable quickly, he was ready to start his plan.

The next morning, he started remodeling the inn. But he woke up the innkeeper.

He sleepily walked down the stairs and was just about to ask what was going on when he was shocked by the sight in front of him. The lobby had been torn apart and there was dust floating in the air.

“What are you doing? Stop it, stop!” The boss shouted hoarsely.

Hearing the voice, Yuqi stopped. He wiped the sweat on his forehead. “Good morning.”

Looking at his hall turning into a mess, he was angry. “You better explain to me exactly what you are doing!” He yelled.

“The layout here is unreasonable, resulting in a very poor customer experience. It needs to be refurbished. I’ll remove all the corners in the lobby and make it better.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve been running this inn for ten years and no one has ever complained about the poor experience.”

“Believe me. The effect after renovation will be absolutely great.”

“I don’t need it. Put it back.”

Seeing that he couldn’t convince the boss to agree, Yuqi shook his head repeatedly. “Why don’t you change your mind? If your inn wasn’t cheap, I guess no one would come here. Think about it yourself, do you have repeat customers? I guess the occupancy rate is getting lower and lower, and there are more and more bad reviews.”

“If this continues, your store will soon be closed.” he added.

The innkeeper was furious by Yuqi’s words. His face was red with anger.

“Nonsense!” shouted he loudly.

“Don’t be too old-fashioned. Doing business is to be constantly innovative. Just let me renovate this inn, okay? I can guarantee your inn will be rolling in money.”

Hearing the noise, Qiqi came over to watch them for fun. Seeing the mess, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

Yuqi had never played by the rules. No matter what he would do, Qiqi would not be surprised.

“Can’t you understand what I’m saying? I don’t need it! Don’t say those useless words. I just want my inn.” The boss growled.

While Yuqi was continuing to decorate the inn, he said casualy. “You don’t seem to have considered a problem clearly. There are only three of us here, what’s the point of you opposing it?”

“You …… you are a madman!”

Qiqi listened from the side and gave a laugh. “Do you just know that? He is a crazy person. Messing with him is the same as messing with trouble. Actuality your hard time has just begun.”

After hearing Qiqi’s words, the boss hesitated. “I don’t want you guys to work for me anymore, you guys leave here now.”

Qiqi was happy. Her eyes lit up. But Yuqi suddenly refused the innkeeper’s suggestion. “No, I can’t leave. I still have to chase my girlfriend here.”

“Yuqi Mu, you shut up.”Qiqi shouted.

“Then you promise to be my girlfriend now?”

Facing Yuqi’s eager look, Qiqi was silent again.

“Then I’ll just have to impress you with my actions.” Yuqi sighed helplessly. “Okay. I’m going to get back to work.”

Then he continued to start demolishing this inn.

“I said, stop.” The boss growled loudly, while Yuqi directly ignored him.

Yuqi kept demolishing the inn, so there was dust everywhere. The innkeeper wanted to stop him, but he was choking and coughing.

“Since you can’t stop him anyway, then just let him do it.” Qiqi said. “If he failed, let him pay you back in the end.”

“If he has money to pay me back, why does he stay here?”

Qiqi had no reason to refute this statement.

“Then you’ll just have to trust that he’ll let you make money. Since things are already like this, maybe there will be a surprise.”

The boss did run out of ideas. He was panting roughly and was ready to go back to take some medicine to relax himself.

Before leaving, he looked at Qiqi warningly. “If you guys fail, then you can never leave here.

Chapter 556 How Can You Call It Stupid? (2)

The boss left after he finished speaking angrily.

“Yuqi, are you sure you can make the inn profitable by doing this instead of leaving it in ruins?” Qiqi asked

“Trust me. I minored in architecture in college. I have no problem transforming a small place like this.”

Seeing how confident Yuqi was, Qiqi didn’t argue with him anymore.

After three days of remodeling, the inn really changed a lot. The room became brighter, and when the sunlight shined in, it made everything look vibrant. In such a room, even just sitting there was a pleasure.

Qiqi and the innkeeper wandered around the room.

“How is it??” Yuqi asked with expectation.

Actually the innkeeper was very satisfied with the inn that had been transformed. But he was reluctant to show his appreciation.

“Not bad.” said he coldly.

“Young people like this kind of decoration. I have already written marketing ads for you on the internet. I believe there will be people coming here soon.” said Yuqi confidently.

“I already had guests here. There’s no need for you to help me advertise it at all.”

“You used to use a low price strategy and the customer experience was poor, so most travelers would only come once and then never come to your inn again. Now we want to improve customer satisfaction, provide quality service, and then raise the room rate.”

“Raise the room rate? That’s a good idea.” said the innkeeper excitedly.

“If you want to make money, you have to find a way to increase profits.” Yuqi said.

“I’d like to sell sky-high rooms, but why would travelers come to my sky-high inn?”

“We have a natural mineral health spa. It’s the perfect place for relaxation and wellness.”

“Hot springs? I didn’t know there was hot springs here.” The innkeeper asked, puzzled.

Yuqi was about to explain something when he suddenly heard the sound of a car engine.

“Who come to my inn?”

“It must be something I ordered that arrived.”

“Do you have money to pay for it?” Qiqi asked curiously

“No, but it is paid on delivery.”

“What is this?” asked the innkeeper.

“A new plaque for the inn,” said Yuqi. Then he unpacked the package and said with a smile. “Look, how about it? Do you like it?”

Qiqi and the innkeeper came over and looked carefully at the words on it: Youjia Inn.

It looks very good. But Qiqi suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Can we install the plaque now?” The worker asked.

“Yes, please.”

Soon the workers installed the plaque in less than ten minutes.

With the new plaque, the facade became very different.

Just as the innkeeper was looking at it happily, the workers asked. “May I ask who will pay for it?”

Immediately, Yuqi pointed at the innkeeper.

“I have to pay for this?” he froze.

His words made Yuqi laughed. “Of course you have to pay for the purchase. The plaque, the shipping fee, and the installation fee, they all add up to a total of ten thousand.”

The innkeeper stared at him with eyes open. He couldn’t believe it. “Ten thousand Yuan? Just this stupid thing is worth that much?”

“How can you call it stupid? The facade is very important. With the new plaque, our inn is all different. Just pay for it. It’s definitely worth your every penny.”

The innkeeper immediately covered his pockets and shook his head. “No, I’m going to buy it. I’m not paying for it!”

“No, you’re wrong totally. You can’t just think about making money and not think about investing. Pay with your bank card.” said the innkeeper.

“I …… you ……” the innkeeper stammered.

Yuqi found out the innkeeper’s bank card and handed it to the worker.

“Although this plaque is very nice, but 10,000 is too expensive to buy it.” Innkeeper muttered. At this time the sound of a car engine came from outside again.

He immediately glared at Yuqi. “What did you buy again?” asked he.

“This time I didn’t buy anything.”

Hearing him, the innkeeper gently sighed in relief.

But what Yuqi said next made his heart tense up.

“I asked someone to come and fix the spa.” said Yuqi.

“Does this cost money?”

“Of course. Fifteen thousand dollars in total.”

The boss stepped aside, rubbing his chest, breathing heavily.

And Yuqi took the workers over to the spring pool.

“You really want to build the hot spring?” Qiqi asked.

“Yes, I’ve checked it. The hot spring here is very good.”

“But, why do I feel that you are deliberately screwing the innkeeper? You are trying to get back at him?”

“I didn’t get back at him. I really wanted to help him. I did all this so that the inn could make money.” Yuqi said seriously.

“You are serious?”

“Of course, soon you will believe what I said.” Yuqi said, pointing to the hot spring in front of him, “And there is our advantage. I naturally have to repair it properly.”

Seeing that Yuqi was very serious, Qiqi kind of believed him.

“Hey, you two please come here.” The innkeeper said to them coldly.

Yuqi and Qiqi looked at each other, confused and then walked to him.

He placed the two contracts on the table. “This is the contract for both of you. Now I give it to you two.” said he gruffly.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I can’t afford to hire you guys here. Please leave here now.”

Seeing her contract right in front of her, Qiqi’s eyes lit up and she reached out to get it.

But Yuqi slapped her hand away. “I’m not leaving. I have to help you run the inn.”

However, the innkeeper waved his hand repeatedly. “Thanks, but I don’t need you at my inn. You should leave now.”

“But it doesn’t seem to be the right time for you to let us leave, because……”

Hearing this, the innkeeper interrupted him suddenly. “You’ve bought something again?”

“I didn’t buy anything. It’s just that I’ve put out an ad. I believe there will be customers coming to the inn soon. I’m afraid you can’t receive so many guests by yourself.”

“Will there be customers that soon?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Just as he finished speaking, the phone at the front desk suddenly rang.

Qiqi ran over to answer the phone. “Hello, this is Youjia Inn. How many rooms do you need? Then I will reserve two double rooms for you. Yes, meals are also provided.”

Hanging up the phone, Qiqi just couldn’t believe that a guest had really booked a room.

“See, there will be more and more guests. You guys just trust me.” said Yuqi proudly.

Yuqi was very complacent, while the innkeeper still didn’t believe him.

“These people wouldn’t be the ones you found on purpose, would they?” asked the innkeeper.

“No, Even if I want to do so, I don’t have money to hire people to fool you right now.”

Then the innkeeper immediately opened the appointment registration program and found that there was really money coming in on it. Just as he was checking it, another person booked a room. Two orders in a row made him surprised.

He thought he was lucky that Qiqi and her classmates would come here for a vacation, but he didn’t think others would come forward to book a room at his inn.

He looked at Yuqi, changing his pained expression from just now. “You seem to be talented.”

Yuqi proudly held his head up. “I Yuqi Mu, a genius in the business world. It’s easy for me to run such an inn. Now, you finally believe me?”

“Yeah, really, your name is so….” The innkeeper paused, and then continued. “So ordinary.” Then he turned his head and left quickly.


Muyuqi pouted. “I think he’s getting back at me.”

“He also thinks you’re getting back at him. I bet he regrets letting us stay at the inn.”

“Soon he will find out how good I am. You have to believe he will be grateful to me.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

“Soon, we’ll get busy. Qiqi, if you feel tired, I can hire someone.”

“You really think you’re the boss? You’ve spent his much money. If you can’t make the inn profitable, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for a few more years.” said Qiqi.

“I’ll be happy to have you with me for a few more years here.”

“I don’t want to stay here with you.”

“We’re friends, so we have to share the hardship together.” said Yuqi excitedly.” “When I was rich, I was nice to you, but you didn’t care. So I thought you preferred to share the hardship with me.”

Qiqi frowned, discontented. “No, I don’t really want to share the hardship with you. You ruined my trip.”

“Don’t you think the trip is boring? It’s just taking pictures. But if we ran the inn together, wouldn’t you feel a sense of accomplishment?”


“Haha, I know you’re not just saying what you mean.”

“Yuqi, can you shut your mouth?”

“Qiqi, are you shy? You are still a little girl.”

“If you say one more word, I’ll sew your mouth shut.”

Seeing Qiqi was about to get angry, Yuqi immediately shut his mouth.

She glanced at Yuqi, then turned around and left.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Yuqi sighed lightly. “Qiqi, do you feel my love for you?” He murmured.


As Yuqi expected, the business in the inn suddenly became better. Rooms were full every day. There were many guests who booked in advance.

Qiqi had to clean up the room every day and prepare meals for the guests. Sometimes she suddenly missed the days when she had nothing to do in the inn.

But Yuqi suddenly hired a group of people to help her.

Looking at the busy cook in the kitchen, Qiqi asked. “Did you hire these people?”

“Yes, they are all professional chefs.”

The innkeeper felt just happy to have made a lot of money in the past two days. Now he found out that he had to spend money to hire people again, so he got a little angry. “Why do you hire people suddenly?” he asked Yuqi.

“Before we didn’t have a professional chef, so the dishes we made couldn’t meet the needs of our customers. Now we have professional chefs, I believe this can improve our customers’ satisfaction with our inn. Then wouldn’t we be able to make more money?”

Once he heard that he could make more money, the innkeeper became excited again.

Seeing Qiqi getting busy, Yuqi walked over to her. He patted her shoulder. “You won’t have to work so hard. I have hired someone to help you.”

“Just earn enough money so that we can leave here soon.” said Qiqi. She didn’t seem to appreciate his kindness.

“Why do we have to leave here? It’s so nice here. I enjoy the picturesque scenery every day and I can also earn a lot of money. How enjoyable. And there’s still you beside me.”

“Can you talk it seriously?” said Qiqi..

“I’m serious. I’ve already made this inn profitable, are you going to keep your promise too?”

“What promises? I’m going to get busy first.” said she, and then she suddenly thought of something.

“Qiqi, you will be my girlfriend sooner or later.” Yuqi said loudly.

After hearing his word, Qiqi quickly left.

While watching Qiqi leave, Yuqi was happy. “Her reaction is really cute.”

Now Qiqi had mixed emotion. She felt that Yuqi just wanted everyone to know that he liked her. But now she just wanted to pay back the money quickly, get out of here, and went back to school.

The boss laughed beside. “Young people really have original means to chase their girlfriends.”

“No matter what means are used, it is a good way to make the beauty fall in love with me.” Yuqi said.

“This is much more difficult than making money. Women’s minds are hard to catch.”

“The process is a little hard, but the ending is sweet.”

“Is that so?” The innkeeper spoke with a questioning tone.

Yuqi’s eyes narrowed. “You seem to like talking about gossip, and then I’ll cancel the reservation in the afternoon so you’ll have more time to talk about gossip.”

“Are there any more guests in the afternoon? Then I’ll go and get ready for this.” said the innkeeper.

But after he walked a few steps, he felt something was wrong. “Why do I always feel like I’m being ordered to do something by him? But obviously I’m the owner of the inn.”

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