Chapter 557 – 558: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 557: The Beginning of the World

Kris also drove the Purple Fire Sect completely crazy with his four hundred and ninety wins.

Now Kris had the nickname of the Undefeated God of War. When he learned the nickname, he just laughed.

He continued the challenge and found that the Practitioners were getting stronger and stronger. It was said that the top three Practitioners were all half-actualized spirits. But the stronger they became, the more excited Kris was. Even though the half-actualized spirits used physical strength and magic martial techniques, Kris believed he can’t lose to them.

Practicing Taoist magic art alone for several dozen days, Kris left the sword world and moved on. Every challenge he took on now attracted the attention of the crowd. Kris’ journey from last place to current number one was something that has never happened before in the Purple Fire sect and was something that everyone was very interested in.

The tenth place practitioner was the disciple of Soul-Body Dao. These practitioners are simply pioneers in practicing. Their practice was very daring. They fuse the soul with the body, so that the body is as strong as the soul, and the soul is as strong as the body. Even Kris was amazed by the power of the body to drive the soul.

However, there are also drawbacks to this practice. For example, when the body is broken, the soul is also in danger. The soul is the most fundamental thing for a practitioner. Once it is damaged, it is very difficult to repair. This reduces the ability to resist risk.

But they are really strong. With one punch, the magic martial arts plus the soul impact can be frightening. If it weren’t for Kris’s Divine Spiritual Power, which was equally powerful, he might have been defeated.

Now, there were no magic techniques that Kris couldn’t comprehend, and that is the power of the Taoist Strength of Deduction. It’s a fusion of all methods. Whether it’s a sword or a fist, it’s just a means to increase practitioner’s power. Now when Kris wanted to blow down a mountain, he just had to sneeze. For Kris, who had the Taoist Strength of Wind, this was easy for him to do it.

Kris used the Zhendang Fists of Divine Spiritual Power to counter his opponent’s Spiritual Shockwave, so their duel was only a draw. Even Shanghun, the leader of the Soul-Body Dao, was surprised. He did not expect Kris’s soul power to be so strong.

As we all know, body refining practitioners are powerful, but they also have many shortcomings. The weakness of the soul is one of the many shortcomings that can be fatal. Therefore, the Soul-Body Dao tried to unite the soul and body, and as a result, they even had disciples who mastered the techniques of actualized spirit. This showed that soul-body unification was completely feasible.

“To show my respect for you, I will use my strongest move against you.” Shanghen said politely.

Shanghen still had great respect for Kris. If don’t mention Kris’s money-grubbing in Purple Fire Sect, he deserved Shanghen’s respect for defeating a hundred divine practitioners single-handedly.

“Good.” Kris nodded and smiled. “This is my honor.”

Then Shanghen threw a light punch. It was Spiritual Body Fist. Kris saw in this light punch the evil power that devoured the flesh and the soul.

This move was very strong, and included the power of the Soul, the power of the Flesh, and the powerful Martial Arts. It was Annihilation Fist. When Mr. Bone borrowed Kris’s body, this fist destroyed the Heavenly Monster and the devil monster. If Kris had been careless, he would have been destroyed.

Kris countered him with a punch as well. Their fists clashed. The energy of the fire exploded and then turned into ashes.

Then Kris waved his hand and a jewel left over from the Spiritual Body Fist flew into his hand.

In his punch, Kris also drew on the Locking Art. He was using someone else’s powers to his advantage.

Shanghen shook his head, “I’m defeated.” And with that, he left the ring.

The disciples of the True Divine Tao were elated, and so were the disciples of the other schools.

Kris had now won the approval of the Purple Fire Sect. They were thrilled to see Kris win and felt like they were witnessing history.

But the disciples of Soul-Body Dao were very pale.

Once again, the True Divine Tao was in the 9th place. Soul-Body Dao had to move back.

Kris walked out of the ring, and went directly to the Scripture Pavilion, and took away the entire collections there.

He then read them with great diligence. The Soul-Body Dao is not only a deep study of the body, but also of the soul. The way of the soul is what Kris lacked, and what he wanted to perfect.

Then, Kris came across a story in a book.

The founder of the Soul-Body Dao, Dahun, once encountered an interesting tribe when he traveled the universe. This tribe was called Hun Race, which was famous for the strength of their souls and the weakness of their bodies.

But although their bodies were weak, the strength of their souls was very strong. In fact, they had delved deeply into the ways of the soul.

They could use Divine Spiritual Power to control objects. They could dislodge even a mountain ten thousand feet high with their powerful spirits. They could also use their Divine Spiritual Power to transform into various kinds of magic weapons.

The most surprising thing about them was the Taoist Strength they controlled. It all depended on the strength of their souls.

He once saw Practitioners of Hun Race master hundreds of Taoist Strength. Although most of them were only Taoist Strength seeds, when they were linked together, they could become infinitely more powerful. He even saw the signs of the Power of Rule in the Practitioner who was in the early stage of accumulated spirit.

This directly made Dahun dumbfounded.

Was it possible for an early accumulated spirit to comprehend hundreds of Taoist Strength? However, Hun Race did it. Dahun had been lurking in the Hun Race for decades, but he still didn’t find much. He found that even if he captured a Practitioner and searched his soul with the Soul Search Technique, it did not have much of an empowering effect.

Just as Dahun’s patience was running out, something happened in the Hun Race that made the Dahun discover the truth.

At the Hun Race’s decennial ceremony of worshiping the Heaven, the new Practitioner in the stage of accumulated spirit came forward to be honored and at the same time, released his own soul. The patriarch then planted a Dao seed in the soul of the Practitioner.

Being a mighty power in the middle period of the actualized spirit, Dahun naturally recognized it as Taoist Strength.

Then, one by one, the elders of the Hun Race approached and planted the Dao seeds for the Practitioner. They kept planting more than thirty seeds until the Practitioner looked pained, and then they stopped.

Dahun remembered that unique method by heart. Just as he was about to leave, he was discovered by the chief of the Hun Race.

In the end, Dahun and the patriarchs of the Soul Tribe began a terrifying battle.

As a result, Dahun escaped with serious injuries. He stayed in the universe for a hundred years before recovering. The first thing he did after his recovery was to return to Purple Fire Sect and plant the seeds of the Dao in his disciples using the Hun Race’s seeding techniques. However, the moment the Dao seed was planted, the disciple’s spirit collapsed and he died.

Dahun was astonished. While grieving, he looked for a lot of monster race to do experiments, but in the end he was still unsuccessful.

He realized that he couldn’t plant the Dao Seed with only the seeding technique. The reason that Hun Race can use such a technique to plant it was that it may have something to do with their unique bodies.

He went through the books of Purple Fire Sect, and finally realized that it was impossible to grow the Dao Seed. But he was unwilling to give up. After a hundred years of enlightenment, he combined what he had seen and heard in the Hun Race, and Dahun finally created the Soul-Body Dao.

After reading this story, Kris understood something. He hadn’t realized that he had enlightened the then ways of Taoist Strength, such as The Taoist Strength of Yin and Yang, the Taoist Strength of the Five Elements, the Taoist Strength of Wind, the Taoist Strength of Deduction, and the Taoist Strength of Extreme Pain.

He had already surpassed the limit of Devil Land’s the ninth Taoist Strength of accumulated spirit.

He had already comprehended ten ways of Taoist Strength, but Kris did not feel that this was his limit. He guessed that it had something to do with his ability to create the Fruit of Taoist Practice. Of course, this was only his guess.

He didn’t know what his limits were. “If I can master dozens or even hundreds of Taoist Strength like the Hun Race, how strong will I be?” He thought.

The basic elements of building the Dongtian World were earth, wind, water, and fire. Kris figured that by adding Yin and Yang to it, the Dongtian World could evolve into a middle class Dongtian World

Suddenly, Kris felt that he had made a mistake in his deduction. He sat down quietly and began to enlighten himself.

Devil Land has three thousand righteous schools and eight hundred evil schools. But it was much harder for these eight hundred evil schools to become righteous schools.

In the story of Dahun, there was one sentence that Kris remembers very well. “When Dahun saw that the Practitioner, who was at the beginning of accumulated spirit, had mastered hundreds of Taoist Strength, he saw the Power of Rule.”

The Power of Rule means that time and the movements of things have their own set of rules.

If he could create rules in his world, then his world would be a real world.

Kris had an epiphany. His was immersed in an instant epiphany.

It was as if he saw a chaos, and in the chaos, there was no time, no space.

Suddenly one day, the chaos shook and earth, wind, water, fire emerged, gradually opening up a new space in the center of the chaos.

The whirling Fairy Aura of the surroundings was continuously absorbed by it. After a long time, the space grew larger and larger, and its surface was covered with mysterious Daoist spells.

Then a startling divine thunder struck it, and the space was filled with cracks. After tens of thousands of thunderbolts struck it, the space crumbled. Only a thin membrane was left to protect the area.

Kris was curious and wanted to go inside, but was stopped by the soft, yet tough membrane.

Suddenly, Kris opened his eyes.

When Kris woke up, he was shocked. His soul was now golden, and the Divine Spiritual Power in the Mud Pill Palace was filled with divine aura. But only his flesh was almost skin and bone, a thin layer of flesh on top of his bones.

“What the hell happened? Is what I just saw real or not?” Kris thought.

“And why did I see that scene?” Kris had all sorts of speculations running through his mind, “Is that what it was like at the beginning of the world?

Kris took out hundreds of magic herbs and gulped them down. The feeling of weakness faded a little as he felt the power to refill his flesh.

“If I haven’t woken up in time and I have walked into the membrane, would my flesh have been sucked dry?” Kris thought.

Thinking about this, Kris had a moment of fear.

After swallowing hundreds of magic pills, Kris still felt hungry. Then he ate hundreds more magical pills to make up for the loss of his body.

Chapter 558: Stage of Becoming Actualized Spirit in Half a Step

Although he expended a lot of power, Kris gained a lot. In particular, his spirit became stronger than before. His spirit appeared with a golden aura, a sign that he had reached the stage of actualized spirit.

Kris smiled. His spirit had strengthened faster than his physical body and mana.

Walking out of the sword world, Kris was shocked. His projector had sent him many messages. He found that the longest messages had been over a month.

In the sword world, he had been practicing Taoist magic art alone for ten months. The messages showed that Yang Jian and Kris’ others selves had already signed cooperation agreements with three of the Ten Major Holy Sects, such as The Buddha Sect, the Sect of Ten-Thousand Daoist Immortals, and the Sword Sect. There was also the Blade Sect, which had joint hands with Gengu No.1 Sect since the beginning. Four of the Ten Major Holy Sects had formed an alliance with Gengu No.1 Sect. At this point, Gengu No.1 Sect was firmly established in the Nanli Fire City. Gengu No.1 Sect was never intended to be the eleventh sect. It wanted to be the strongest sect.

In addition, they sent the Golden Sword Fetus to Kris again. He spent three days creating his gold self. So far he had five selves now. If his five selves were to work together, they would be stronger than the actualized spirit in the early stage.

What made Kris sigh was that he still had no information about Earth. Besides, there was something else that interested him.

“Chen Ye is going to take his disciples on a tour and give Fangcun Mountain to another self of mine?” Kris thought. “Chen Ye’s two disciples also seem to be very talented. I should train them well.”

These things naturally had Kris’s other selves to worry about. What he had to do now was to work hard to raise his stage. The ten-year period was already half over, so Kris was anxious.

He used Taoist Strength of Deduction to make another three selves, and then let them to help him remember all the scriptures that had been sent to him.

When Kris walked out of the sword world, Crane Spirit returned. She had improved her power and her cultivation had reached the early stage of accumulated spirit.

With Crane Spirit here, the True Divine Tao was completely fearless. Even if Kris left the Purple Fire Sect, he did not have to worry about the True Divine Tao.

“Master, there is something I want to tell you,” Crane Spirit said. After the hard training, Crane Spirit had become more confident.

“I want to emulate you and start challenging the practitioner who ranks 1,000th.” said Crane Spirit.

After coming back, Crane Spirit thought about it for a long time. Fighting with others was the best way to improve her power.

Kris nodded and said, “You have a good idea.”

“You agree?” Crane Spirit was delighted.

“It’s a good thing. Go ahead and do it, and win back all their collections.”

“Yes, Master!”


On this day, Crane Spirit announced that she was going to challenge the True Blood Tao which ranked 1,000th. Upon learning this news, many sects in Purple Fire Sect talked about it heatedly. Some said that the True Divine Tao was too arrogant. Its disciples had no respect for the masters of other sects. Many people protested against this. It even reached the top of the Purple Fire Sect.

The Lord of Dashi was lying on his side on a big red dragon, pulling out his ears. “You just fight them. If you can’t, you can admit defeat. What have you come to me for? There is no point that you come to me.”

These Daoist Lords who came to protest grew red in the face.

They were elders, so they thought it was only right that they should beat her, but if they lost, they thought they would be humiliated.

Although they did not want to fight her, they had to accept her challenge. In the end, they decided to send the elder in the stage of accumulated spirit to face her. That way, even if they lost, they would not be so embarrassed.

Crane Spirit didn’t care if they were a lord or an elder. As long as it is a Practitioner in the stage of accumulated spirit, she would fight them.

“They’re really trying to create conflicts in Purple Fire Sect deliberately.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing. The Purple Fire Sect disciples are supposed to keep getting better by fighting.”

“Yes, I agree with that. Talented people deserve respect.”

The senior elders of Purple Fire Sect exchanged ideas with Divine Spiritual Power, and then left.

After the Daoist Lord had left, the Lord of Dashi took out a palm-sized object from his pocket. He looked at the fairy that was singing and dancing. “I wish my Purple Fire Sect had female disciples like them.” He thought.

The Purple Fire Sect set up dozens of fights to satisfy the crowd’s desire to fight

With the support of Kris, Fat Cat and Lean Monkey had been battling disciples from various Sects. So far, they had won 100 consecutive matches. Of course, they were still at the Supreme Monster, and were only competing against primal spirit disciples.

Now everyone knew that the True Divine Tao disciples were demons. The fact that the majority of True Divine Tao’s disciples were demons frightened other practitioners.

No one could have imagined that the sect that was about to be discarded was now the super sect of Purple Fire Sect. It is also the richest sect in Purple Fire Sect at present.

From what the True Divine Tao disciples said, they would be rewarded with all sorts of things if they accomplish the Taoist Lord’s training tasks.

However, it was too late for disciples from other sects to join the True Divine Tao, because the True Divine Tao was already full of disciples.

Today Kris was against the Way-Body Dao which ranked eighth.

The Way-Body Dao is to practice both the Way and the Body. However, although they are strong, they are no match for Kris, who is a master of Soul, Way and Body.

After Kris practiced Taoist magic art alone for a month, his strength improved a lot again.

He had reached the stage of becoming actualized spirit in half a step, so it was quite easy for him to defeat Way-Body Dao.

After defeating the Way-Body Dao, Kris continued to challenge the Qixiu Dao that ranked seventh. Its total number of disciples and masters is no more than 100, but they are all super strong. This is because, like Kris, they are also the master of Soul, Way and Body.

They use their souls and Way to assist them in their cultivation when they cultivate their body. They believe in the unity of the three methods of soul, energy and spirit. Coincidentally, this was accomplished by Kris when he underwent the accumulated spirit thunderstorm. He also gathered the Fruit of Taoist Practice.

The Yuanfa Taoist Lord squinted at Kris, who had just punched him, “What great power. I didn’t expect that you also used the cultivation way of Three Methods of Returning to One.”

“If I’m right, the reason you keep challenging the various sects is to gather the best of all the schools and form your Way!”

“That’s right. I just want to create my Way.” Kris didn’t hold back either.

“Well, then show me your Way.” The Yuanfa Taoist Lord and Law shouted. Then a Sanhua Flower rose above his head.

Then Yuanfa Taoist Lord threw a punch. The power of the punch almost made space collapse. His had taken a great leap in the stage of becoming actualized spirit in half a step.

Yet Kris was undaunted. He threw a punch too. Then a sudden pain and sorrow spread. The Yuanfa Taoist Lord felt a sudden pain in his body. Kris struck the Sanhua Flower with a flash of lightning and the killing intent of his fist.

The space they were in was filled with cracks, and the outside world trembled.

Yuanfa Taoist Lord felt his spirit begin to crumble under the extreme pain, and even began to detach from his body. He shouted, and then his body emitted dazzling divine light, firmly locking his spirit. Then he struck out his Indestructible Fist. This fist contained his Way, his Spirit. The cracks in his body that had closed with difficulty were instantly opened again, and even showed signs of collapse.

“Let’s end our fight with one punch.” Yuanfa Taoist Lord shouted again.

Kris nodded. He looked very composed and gathered his spirit to make a move. It was the most powerful move he currently possessed. The blood in his body was rushing, and the sound of his heart beating was like a drum. There were cracks in his flesh, and his muscles and bones were under tremendous pressure. He could not even squeeze his fist tightly.

The aftershocks of power from the two-fisted confrontation directly shattered the space he was in. Their battle ended abruptly.

Many of the spectators was about to flee, but then they found that they didn’t have to flee now.

“Their power shattered the space. Even fighting an actualized spirit in the early stage, these two might be able to withstand a fight with him for some time.”

“They have cultivated their bodies and souls to the extreme.”

In the end, Yuanfa Taoist Lord admitted that he had lost, because Kris used his power to destroy Yuanfa Taoist Lord’s Sanhua Flower, the source of his power.

“I lost. You are more powerful than I expected from you.” Yuanfa Taoist Lord said, and then he left.

Kris laughed and also left the ring. Then he went to Qixiu Dao, took the collection there, and entered the sword world.

He did not start cultivating, but was repairing the damage to his own body. At the same time, he was thinking about the shortcomings of the fight he had just had with Yuanfa Taoist Lord.

After spending half a month in the Sword World, his damaged flesh had recovered. What really made Kris happy was that he had perfected the eighth move of the Nine Golden Body Technique.

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