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Chapter 557: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 557 The Rival (1)

The boss could see that though Qiqi had been saying mean words to Yuqi Mu, she must like him.

Since they both had feelings for each other, why not get together now?

The boss found it hard to understand, but he didn’t have to. As long as he could earn money, he could care less about them.

Hearing that more customers would come in the afternoon, the boss felt so happy that he even started to hum a song with his hands held on his back.

After lunch, the sun was warm and the birds were enjoying the warm sunshine lazily in the tree.

All of a sudden, a car came and scared all the birds away.

Judging from the car, the customers this time were rich.

The car stopped. Several pretty girls got out of the car and looked at this hotel up and down.

A girl with red hair started to complain, “Hey, what a poor place!”

“What’s to enjoy here in the mountain? We’ve driven so long for this? We should’ve gone to the beach!”

The girl in front of the team looked easy-going. She had those long and soft hair and gentle eyes.

She was not aggressive at all. Hearing her friends complain, she touched he rlong hair and said slowly, “This place has a good reputation on the internet. Let’s have a try. There’s nothing interesting about the beach,”

“Whatever…as long as you are happy. By the way, where’s the servant? Why not come to get our luggage?”

“Let’s do it ourselves. Servants? I don’t think so.”

“Come on! We carry the luggage? Oh no, this place is too poor! We…”

She was trying to say something more when someone next to her pushed her, hinting her to stop.

She swallowed the words but she still looked unsatisfied.

The girl in front held her suitcase first. She walked ahead and said, “Since we are here, we shouldn’t complain. Just relax and experience a different kind of life.”

Easy-going as she might look, no one dared to say no to her. It seemed that she’s more than what she looked like to be.

When they reached the reception, a young and newly hired girl smiled to them politely and asked, “Welcome! Do you have reservations?”

“Yes, room 301 and room 302.”

“A moment please,” the girl checked her screen and asked, “are they under Miss Wen’s name?”


“Miss, her are the keys. You can call us if you need anything.”


The girl, as we know, Miss Wen, took over the keys and was about to leave.

Then the red-haired girl asked, “Where’s the elevator?”

“Sorry, we don’t have elevators here.”

“No? Then how are we supposed to carry our luggage”

“Use your hand!”


The girl in the front desk answered jokingly but it almost drove the red-haired girl crazy.

But Miss Wen stopped her, “She’s right. We are supposed to do it by ourselves. Let’s go.”

Then she carried her suitcase and walked up the narrow stairs.

Miss Wen’s friends all looked at each other, then they followed her without saying anything.

They rested for a while then they went to the lobby to order something to eat.

But it seemed that the food here didn’t agree with them. They were used to the fancy food. Seeing the menu of vegetables in front of them, they did not know what to order.

Miss Wen went ahead and ordered some drinks for them. They planned to go in the woods after this.

While waiting for their drinks to be delivered, the girls took out their phones and started to do selfies.

Then the red-haired girl saw someone in her camera. She was surprised and stared her eyes round.

“What? Is he Yuqi Mu?”

“What are you talking about!”

The red-haired girl turned around and pointed, “Look, he’s there!”

They all looked that way and it indeed was Yuqi.

“Oh lord! It’s really him! But how is it possible that he’s here? I didn’t now the Mu’s Group has property here!”

The girls were very surprised and overjoyed. they didn’t even bother to hide their feellings.

Miss Wen was rather calm. She stood up and said, “Well, let’s go and say hi to him.”

Then she walked to Yuqi and said smilingly, “Hi, Mr. Mu, what a coincidence.”

Yuqi was busy carrying something, so he was a bit annoyed when someone blocked his way.

He looked up and asked impatiently, “You are…”

“I am the Creative Director of Wen’s Ground. We’ve met before, did you forget?”

Yuqi wiped his sweat and said, “Sorry, I don’t remember see you. Will you please get out of my way? I am kind of busy here.”

He even waved his hand to let her go away.

Yuqi’s words and behavior humiliated Miss Wen big time but she could say nothing about it. She had to move aside a little bit, looking annoyed.

Yuqi put the boxes on the ground and waved his hands for some fresh air.

While he was having a rest, Qiqi walked by. Seeing him surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls, she frowned. She walked up to him and said, “Yuqi, everyone is busy out there; why are you sneaking around?”

Seeing Qiqi, Yuqi changed his look right away. He said proudly, “I am not! Look, I just finished moving these boxes. They are so heavy! I did it all by myself! Aren’t I great?”

“Yes, yes, I see it. You don’t have to be so happy about such a small thing. Hurry, hang the sheets out!”

Then Qiqi came up and grabbed his hands.

“Hey! Talk to me nicely, will you?”

“We are busy to death! Don’t ask me to talk nicely!”

The two walked away, leaving Miss Wen standing there looking unhappy.

Then the girls gathered together and started to chat.

“Who’s that girl? Why is she talking so rudely to Mr Mu?”

“What’s more, Mr Mu did not even try to disobey her. Maybe that girl is from a noble family?”

“Are you kidding? There’s no need for Mr Mu to be so humble. Maybe they are in love!”

The girls were just joking. They could see that Qiqi was not from a rich family. They were only making fun of her by saying so.

But Miss Wen minded it. She turned angry right away, “It’s impossible! Look at that poor girl with that poor look! Mr Mu cannot be interested in her.”

The red-haired girl did not sensed what Miss Wen meant by saying that. She still joked, “Maybe she really is the girlfriend. Mr Mu has a unique taste. It’s highly likely that he’s into this type of girls lately.”

Seeing Miss Wen frown, the girl standing by the side pushed the red-haired girl and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about it. Mr Mu will be unhappy if he knows we are talking about him. Let’s go in the woods now.”

Holding the camera in her hands, Miss Wen felt so attracted to the scenery here. She was taking photos here and there, totally forgetting about what had just happened.

But the girls behind her started to whisper to each other.

“Hey, is it possible that Wen knew Yuqi’s here, so she recommended this place?”

“It’s possible! She likes Yuqi, so she wants to seize this chance of being with him day and night.”

“But Mr Mu is very cold to Wen. He’s not interested in her at all.”

“So what? Just a little bit of tricks and that man will be hers.”

“I doubt it. He’s no one else. He’s Mr Mu!”

“He ‘s a man. Wen will not let him slip away. Let’s just expect the good news.”

“In my opinion, this thing is not that easy. See that girl just now? She’s mot simple.”

Speaking of this, everyone stopped talking right away. They reached their necks forward to see Miss Wen’s reaction.

Seeing that she did not seem to notice what they were talking about, they sighed in relief.

“Hey, do not let Wen hear it. Did you see how she reacted? So horrible!”

The girl who mentioned Qiqi nodded right away.

Seeing that the girls didn’t follow up, Miss Wen turned around and asked, “What are you talking about there! Walk faster!”

Hearing miss Wen’s voice, the girls laughed, “Nothing. We are catching up.”

Then the girls walked in the woods aimlessly, having their own thoughts.

They sweated a lot when they came down the hill.

They decided to take a shower then a bath.

Right after the shower, someone knocked at the door.

“Come in.”

Qiqi pushed the door and put the bath robe on the desk. She smiled to Miss Wen and said, “Miss, this is your bath robe.”

Seeing Qiqi, Miss Wen squinted her eyes.

Then she walked up to Qiqi and said, “Just leave it here.”


Qiqi put the robe down and was about to leave.

But miss Wen called her again.


Qiqi turned around and asked politely, “May I help you?”

Miss Wen showed a nice smile and asked casually, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Qiqi.”

“Ha, an interesting name.”

Though Miss Wen was smiling, Qiqi could not see kindness in her eyes, instead, she could see coldness.

Qiqi got alerted right away and raised the corner of her mouth, “What else can I do for you?”

Apparently, Qiqi wanted to finish this boring conversation.

But Miss Wen did not seem to have notice that. With her hand under her chin, Miss Wen asked with an innocent look, “It’s my first time to be here. I want to know more about here. Can you help me?”

Customer is the God. Qiqi had to nod, “Of course.”

“Does this hotel belong to Mr Mu?”

“Nope. He’s just a worker here.”

Miss Wen laughed sarcastically, “He works here? Are you kidding? In this place?”

Her question made Qiqi uncomfortable. Qiqi felt that she was hinting something.

So she showed a serious look and said to Miss Wen, “I don’t have to joke about this. You can ask him if you don’t believe.”

Speaking of Yuqi, she showed a very bad attitude, which made her so unique.

But Miss Wen dislike this, because in her eyes, no one was allowed to despise Yuqi.

Chapter 557 The Rival (2)

Mr Mu was the dream lover of many girls. Miss Wen fell for him the first time she met him in a ball several years ago.

How could such a young girl as Qiqi despise him?

With coldness in her eyes, she asked Qiqi, “You are Mr Mu seem to be in a good relationship.”

“Nope, we are not that close.”

“But close enough to give him orders and shout at him?”

“He likes being treated toughly. Believe it or not, he will like you if you treat him badly. Excuse me, I have to go.”

Qiqi did not want to waste her time with this woman any more. She turned around and left.

Watching Qiqi Leave, Miss Wen clenched her fists.

“Why do you think he won’t look at me? Arrogant woman!”

Miss Wen stood up and put on the bath robe. Standing in front of the mirror, she’s lost in her perfect figure.

She didn’t think she would lose it to that poor girl, with a body like this!

Miss Wen got Yuqi Mu’s whereabouts from the other workers in the hotel, then with a box of chocolate, she went to the warehouse.

It was dark in the warehouse, but Yuqi lightened this little poor place up.

He was so absorbed in counting the goods, so he really wished not to be disturbed.

However, someone showed up.

Miss Wen opened the door and walked to Yuqi. She smiled lightly and said, “You are so hardworking, Mr Mu! You don’t have to do this kind of thing all by yourself. Let your staff do it. You will be too tired working like this.”

Yuqi was counting the goods. When Miss When talked, he totally forget the figures.

Damn it!

He frowned and looked at Miss Wen impatiently.

Miss Wen was intimidated by his look. She regretted messing with such a man.

But since she’s here, she was not intending to leave empty-handed.

“Besides, the poor girl Qiqi can be with him, why can’t I?” she encouraged herself.

Thinking of this, miss Wen raised her arm smilingly and said, “You must be tired. I’ve brought something for you.”

Glancing at the well decorated box of chocolate, Yuqi said, “Thanks, but I don’t like chocolates.”

Then she put away her smile and asked awkwardly, “Then what do you like? I can bring them to you next time.”

“I don’t like the things from strangers.”

Yuqi’s words were so harsh and they hurt Miss Wen’s feelings.

Pretending to be fine, she laughed lightly, “We have introduced each other, so we have officially met. But it’s my bad that I did not know you don’t like chocolates. I shall bring something else to you next time. You’ll like it.”

Seeing Miss Wen insisted on giving him a gift, Yuqi frowned and asked, “Why giving me a gift all of a sudden?”

Miss Wen showed a sweet smile and asked, “It’s a little reward for your hard work.”

Yuqi shook his head and said, “Oh you are so wrong. I am not tired at all and it has nothing to do with you!”

“You are really not tired? Doing all these things alone?”

“Of course not, on the contrary, I am quite happy.”


“Yes. It’s a happy thing to see the hotel thrive in my hands.”

Miss Wen did not get him, but since he liked it, she would like it too.

Miss Wen put the chocolate box aside and rolled up her sleeves. She bent forward and said, “Since you like it…let me help you.”

“Hey! Keep your hands off my stuff!”

Miss Wen was startled by Yuqi when she was about to arrange the big boxes on the floor.

Seeing Yuqi being so furious, she was frightened, “I…I just want to help. You startled me!”

Yuqi walked forward and stood in front of Miss Wen. He said coldly, “You are the guest here. I can’t bother you with all these tough work. Just let me do it.”

Yuqi’s serious look made miss Wen tremble. She even forgot to play cute in front of him.

She licked her lips and no longer dared to cross the line.

His cold aura forced miss Wen to step back. With a long distance between them, Miss Wen said, “But I want to go through hardships with you!”

Hearing her words, Yuqi laughed. His voice sounded as if he was mocking her.

There’s already someone he wanted to spend his life and go through everything with.

And he’s not interested in the woman who’s concerned about him.

Isn’t there a perfect solution?

He sighed in his heart and said, “Do you even understand what it means by ‘go through hardships together’?”

those words were meant for Qiqi to hear, so he sounded so gentle.

But Miss Wen heard it and misunderstood. She thought he was asking her the question. She thought her bravery made her a little different in Yuqi’s heart.

As a result, an embarrassing self-confidence grow inside her. She lifted her chin and said proudly, “Of course. It’s going hardships together and never leave each other.”

But the answer only got Yuqi to shook his head.

Miss Wen was surprised, “An I wrong?”

“You are wrong from the start.”

Yuqi’s attitude got her more puzzled. She asked, “Then what do you think it means?”

He squinted his eyes and said, “Well, there’s no such thing as hardships when you are with the one you love. Even if there is, the hardship will only taste sweet.”

It’s hard to believe a tough guy like Yuqi could be so romantic when he said these sweet words.

Miss Wen smiled shyly and said, “Indeed. Your beloved one will only make the time together sweet. I just don’t get it, who’s got your heart?”

“Huh? Not you.”

Yuqi’s words got Miss Wen’s face to turn pale.

She looked up at Yuqi’s side face, only to find that his gentle and sweet look had already turned cold and serious, like he’s another man.

Embarrassed as she felt, she tried to hold her feelings and squeezed a polite smile.

“I wonder who that rich girl is.”

“She’s not a rich girl. She’s just an ordinary student. She has no background.”

Then wouldn’t it be…

Her face got paler when she heard the answer.

She could lie to herself when she heard it from someone else.

But hearing Yuqi admit it himself, she could no longer lie to herself.

She liked Yuqi so much but he;s only into a poor girl. Miss Wen felt so humiliated.

She held her temper and asked, “You are too good for her, don’t you think so?”

“You are wrong. She’s too good for me.”

Miss Wen was so surprised that she stared her eyes round.

She shook her head inn disbelief, “Are you kidding? You are Mr Mu! You can have any girl you want! You are too good for her!”

Yuqi looked so lost. He said, “But the more I want her, the further she gets away from me.”

“She’s playing hard-to-get!”

Miss Wen said it so bluntly that Yuqi got surprised. He frowned, “Do you know who she is?”

At the moment, Miss Wen was about to go mad. She gave up the self-control she had long been proud of, and said, “The girl named Qiqi, isn’t she? She’s just so-so. She’s rude and badly educated. She’s not qualified to be Mrs Mu!”

Yuqi mocked her, “So, does it make you qualified?”


“Maybe you are one in a million, but it means nothing to me because I don’t like you at all.”

“Is he turning me down? I failed before I even confess my feelings to him? No! I don’t accept this result!” Miss Wen thought to herself. Her face got red then pale. Then with great courage, she said, “How do you know you don’t like me? Why don’t you try?”

Looking at Miss Wen with great interest and curiosity, Yuqi asked, “Are you confessing to me?”

“Yes,” she was no longer shy; staring at Yuqi, she continued, “I’ve liked you for so long. I’m a better choice when it comes to appearance, family and ability. I think, I should be the one standing by your side.”

“If it’s only appearance, family and ability you are talking about, there are so many girl better than you out there. Why do I have to choose you?”


Miss Wen was chocked by Yuqi’s words. She did not know what to say.

When the impulsive feeling finally faded, Miss Wen started to realize how ridiculous her behavior was.

Stared by Yuqi, she had no place to hide. Finally she said, “I might not be the best choice, but she’s the worst choice!”

Yuqi hated to hear someone talk about Qiqi like this. He did not want to waste his time with this stupid woman any more, so he said, “It’s my business whoever I choose to be my girlfriend. You don’t get to judge me. Miss Wen, you’ve infringed my privacy. You and I are not that close. Please remind yourself who you are.”

Then Yuqi got up and left.

Seeing him getting further and further, Miss Wen stood there with her fists clenched.

“Why do you like that poor girl? You must be lonely! And when you are done playing, you will find someone like me! We’ll see!” Miss Wen said madly.

Qiqi was busy in the kitchen, and she was having fun working and chatting with her workmates.

Suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder and said, “Qiqi, do you have a moment?”

Qiqi wiped her sweat on the forehead and said, “I’m busy here! What!”

“Room 302 is calling for you.”

It was a newly hired waiter. He said it lightly and calmly.

But on hearing his words, Qiqi’s face turned serious.

Room 302…those spoiled women?

Qiqi’s impression about them was bad. Especially that girl who looked kind on the appearance but aggressive inside.

She wiped her hands and asked, “What do they want?”

“I don’t know. You go check yourself.”

Qiqi thought for a while, then she untied her apron and left the kitchen.

Standing in front of room 302, Qiqi knocked at the door.

“Come in please.”

Qiqi walked in. She saw the girls, and the boss.

The boss looked at Qiqi, then he shook his head.

Qiqi seemed to have sensed something. She asked respectfully, “Boss, what can I do for you?”

Qiqi smelt like spring onions because she had been working in the kitchen. The girls in fancy clothes frowned.

Miss Wen remained emotionless. She questioned Qiqi, “Did you clean my room this morning?”


“I’ve lost my diamond necklace. You took it, didn’t you?”

Qiqi got alerted and she immediately denied, “No! I did not touch it at all!”

The red-haired girl covered her nose and frowned, “If you didn’t take it, then why is it gone? Do you know how expensive that necklace is? You are not going to pay it off even if you work all your life!”

“However expensive it is, I did not take it. If you lose something, keep looking for it until you find it. You can’t set me up!”

“But you are the only one who has stepped into this room!”

“Well, what about them? They are coming in and out all the time, too.”

Qiqi’s words made the red-haired woman so angry.

“So you mean we stole our own things?”

“Well, it has nothing to do with me.”


The red-haired girl was about to rush over to Qiqi but Miss Wen stopped her.

She looked at Qiqi with a cold face and said, “Stop pretending to be innocent. Take out my necklace and we can let you go. There’s no way for you to regret when the police come. I heard you are going to graduate soon, aren’t you? If the school finds out about this, you will be kicked out!”

“You need to show the proof. You can’t just make me confess something I did not do!”

Miss Wen shook her head smilingly, “You are really stubborn, aren’t you? You want proof? It’s easy. Just let us go to your room and search for it.”

“Search as you want. You won’t find it because I never took it!”

“Well let’s go and see who’s lying!”

Then they went to Qiqi’s resting room.

Qiqi’s room was small. It was furnished with only a small bed, a table, two chairs and a closet. Looking around, everything was in your eyes.

The boss smiled, “There must be a misunderstanding. As you can see, there’s no necklace.”

“How do you know? We haven’t searched this place carefully!”

Then Miss Wen hinted her friends to start searching.

Soon the girls started to move. They searched the closet and the area under the bed rudely. The room immediately became messy.


Qiqi was so angry. She wanted to stop them but she had to stop. Because a shiny objected attracted her attention.

The red-haired girl waved the necklace in her hand, showing that smug smile.

“Do not tell us that it belongs to you. It’s an exclusive edition. As a student, you can never afford to buy this.”

Qiqi was dumbfounded. She kept repeating, “How come?”

“Huh? You stole Miss Wen’s necklace! I was wondering what tricks you use to attract Mr Mu. Now I know, you are a thief!”

Qiqi clenched her fists and said, “I am not a thief!”

“Then how do you explain this? Does the necklace have wings and flew to your room by itself?”

Qiqi bit her lips and did not know how to defend herself.

Then the red-haired girl walked to the door and said to the crowd, “Look, the staff here steals from her clients! How can you stay in this place? Let’s leave this place as soon as possible!”

The boss hurriedly pull the girl back in the room and closed the door. He tried to calm the girls down, “Please calm down. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Come on! Are you really going to defend her by saying it’s a misunderstanding? Then call the police!”

The boss hurriedly waved his hand, “Do not call the police please. Qiqi is just a young girl. Give her another chance please.”

“Another chance? For her to steal from others?”


Qiqi interrupted the boss.

“Go ahead, call the police! The police will prove that I didn’t do it!”

The boss was begging the girls to have mercy on Qiqi, but Qiqi did not buy it. She fought against them with no fear.

The boss couldn’t afford the consequences once the police came, so he pulled Qiqi to the corner and said in a low voice, “Qiqi, don’t you get it?”

“Get what?”

“I know you are innocent and I admire your integrity. But clearly, those girls want to make you suffer. Look at the way they dress themselves. They are from rich families. They have ways to make you suffer even the police come!”

Qiqi frowned, “Then what? Should I admit something I have never done?”

“Of course not. Do you remember when and where you once made these girls angry? If you can remember, maybe we can have a chance to talk to them.”

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