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Chapter 558: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 558 Whose Necklace Is It? (1)

“I’m sure I haven’t offended them.” said Qqi. “I don’t even know them.”

The innkeeper looked back at Miss Wen, and then lowered his voice. “I saw that the girl in the lead seemed to be interested in Yuqi. So she hates you. Now Yuqi has gone into town to make a purchase. If he is there, he will definitely have a way to deal with her.” he said to Qqi.

After the innkeeper mentioned something, Qiqi suddenly got an idea.

“Maybe she deliberately set me up when Yuqi went out.” Qiqi murmured.

Then she walked up to Miss Wen. “I need to talk to you.”

Miss Wen raised her eyebrows. She was arrogant. “What do you want?” asked she.

“How can you let me go?”

“Since you’ve done something wrong, you have to accept the punishment.” Miss Wen said disdainfully.

“Maybe I did do something wrong, but I definitely didn’t steal your necklace.”

“Then what do you think you did wrong?”

“I’m supposed to have been in someone’s way. So someone hates me.”

“Good, luckily, you know your situation well.” Miss Wen said coldly.

“Then if I’m willing to leave Yuqi, will you let me off the hook?”

Miss Wen had no grudge against Qiqi. If she was not related to Yuqi, Miss Wen did not want to target her. If Qiqi was willing to leave him on her own, then she saved a lot of trouble.

“How do I know if you will turn back afterwards?” Miss Wen said.

“Through this matter, I have learned that I am not as capable as you. I can’t compete over you. So I will leave Yuqi.” Qiqi said with her head bowed.

Miss Wen was satisfied with Qiqi’s words. “It seems that you are not stupid. I will let you off this time. If you can stay away from Yuqi, I won’t find your trouble. If you still dare to play tricks, then I will ruin you.”

“I know. I always knew what I should do.”

“I hope so.” said Miss Wen. Then she left with her friends, while Qiqi was still standing there like a statue.

The innkeeper looked at her worriedly. “Qiqi, are you okay?”

Taking a deep breath, Qiqi looked up at him with a smile. “I’m okay. It’s done.”

“She won’t bother you anymore?”

“Yes, I’ve made it very clear to her. But there is something I need your help.”

The innkeeper let out a soft sigh, and then asked, “What is it?”

“I …… haven’t done a full year, but I worked hard and brought a lot of benefits to your inn. Can you let me leave here early?”

“You’re leaving?”

Qiqi nodded gently.

“Then does Yuqi know your decision?”

Qiqi was silent for an instant. “It doesn’t matter if he knows or not.”

“But I think, you should tell him.”

“I have to go now. Otherwise those women will keep looking for me again.”

Then Qiqi came back to her room. She cleaned up her room and then packed her luggage. Soon, she prepared to leave.

As she walked down the stairs, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Is anyone here? I need to check in.” said a girl.

Qiqi looked up and saw Chuxue Ye.

Seeing Qiqi, Chuxue immediately began to complain. “Qiqi, we finally found you. The place where you stayed is really hard to find. Even the GPS is out of order. Anna and I almost got lost in the mountains.”

Qiqi blinked hard to make sure she hadn’t mistaken anyone else for Chuxue. The people standing in front of her were really Anna and Chuxue.

When she saw her best friend at this moment, Qiqi had mixed emotions. She really wanted to cry.

She lightly pursed her lips. “Anna, Chuxue, what brings you guys here?”

“Yuqi abandoned everything and left. He didn’t even leave his contact information. We heard that he was on vacation with you, so we came here.”

Thinking of Yuqi, Qiqi hesitated for a moment. “Sometimes he is just so willful.”

“That’s why we come to see if he is still alive.” Chuxue teased.

“He …… is quite well.”

“Then where is he now?”

Qiqi hesitated, not knowing what to say. And there were already people slowly gathering around, pointing at Anna and talking.

“She’s really Anna Xie, the movie star.”

“She also come here on vacation?”

“How about we go take a picture with her?”


“Anna, don’t you need to wear sunglasses?” Qiqi asked. “They all seem to recognize you.”

“Never mind, I’m here to have fun.” Anna was very calm. Seeing the case at Qiqi’s hand, she asked, “Are you leaving here?”

“I …… am going back.” Qiqi said. “Let’s talk about this later.”

“Since we are here together, why don’t we talk it now? Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” asked Anna, puzzled.

“Qiqi, they are your friends?” The innkeeper suddenly asked.


Upon hearing this, his eyes brightened. “I’m a fan of Anna. Will you get an autograph from her for me?”

“This ……”

Before Qiqi could say anything, the innkeeper turned his head to look at Anna and Chuxue. “Hello, I’m Qiqi’s boss. You guys are staying here, right? I can help you choose a room.”

“You’re Qiqi’s boss?” Chuxue raised her eyebrows. “Qiqi is working here for you?”


“What about Yuqi?” Chuexue asked.

“He is also my employee.”

Hearing this, Chuxue and Anna both showed an incredulous expression. But after they thought for a while, they felt it quite normal when things were related to Yuqi.

“Since you work here, can you show us around the area?” Anna said to Qiqi.

But Qiqi still refused. “I’m not an employee here anymore. I’m leaving here.”

“You’re leaving as soon as we arrive? Don’t spoil the fun. Please just stay for a few more days, okay?”

Soon, their conversation caught the attention of Miss Wen and her friends. She didn’t expect to run into people from the Ye and Xiao families here. If she could befriend them, it would definitely be of great benefit to the Wen’s Group. She immediately got up and walked up to Chuxue and Anna.

After Chuxue saw her, she felt that this girl looked familiar.

“Hello, I am the creative director of the Wen Group.” Miss Wen said with a smile.

Then Chuxue suddenly thought of something. “I remembered. I’ve seen you at a party. Your father praised you, saying that you are his pride.”

Hearing this, Miss Wen was very proud.

“It’s quite a coincidence. I can’t believe we would meet here. How is your trip here?”

“Yeah, pretty good.”

Then Chuxue continued to talk to Qiqi.

“Qiqi, take us to your room. We’ve brought you a lot of your favorite food.”

Qiqi was a little hesitant. She didn’t speak and didn’t move. So Chuxue suddenly felt that Qiqi’s behavior was a little strange.

Through the conversation just now, the innkeeper already knew that the two people in front of him were Qiqi’s friends. “Qiqi has been fired by me.” said he suddenly.


“She was suspected of stealing guests’ valuables. In order not to bring bad influence to my inn, she has to leave.”

“Qiqi would steal? What a joke. Tell me, who exactly did she steal from?” Chuxue asked angrily.

“She stole Miss Wen’s necklace ……” said the boss, but he was interrupted.

“Actually, there are misunderstandings. I suddenly remembered that I seem to have lent my necklace to my friend.” Miss Wen hurriedly explained.

She was trying to force Qiqi to leave here, but she couldn’t possibly offend Anna and Chuxue because of her. Now she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to befriend the two major families.

“But why was your necklace found in Qiqi’s room?” asked the innkeeper.

“Maybe that necklace just looks more like mine. I guess that’s not my necklace.” said Miss Wen.
Chapter 558 I Will Definitely Prove Your Innocence (2)

Then Miss Wen took out the diamond necklace. She hesitated for a moment, and then handed it to Qiqi.

Since she had said that, Miss Wen could only reluctantly give up her necklace, while her resentment towards Qiqi grew again.

Chuxue Ye looked at Qiqi, and then looked at Miss Wen. “That means this is just a misunderstanding?” she asked.


“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then Qiqi, you don’t have to leave here. Anna and I finally have free time to come to you, you can’t spoil the fun.” said Chuxue.

Qiqi did not want to mess with Miss Wen again. Today it happened that Yuqi Mu was not in the inn, so she can use the necklace as an excuse to leave the place. But the appearance of Chuxue and Anna changed her plans.

She let out a light sigh. “Okay.”

Seeing Qiqi finally agreed to stay here, Chuxue was happy. Just when she was about to go to her room with Qiqi, the red-haired girl beside Miss Wen came over to speak up.

“Hey, Miss Ye, Mrs. Xiao, nice to meet you.”

The Xiao family was a famous big family, and the red-haired girl naturally wanted to make Anna’s acquaintance.

Chuxue didn’t know this person and just nodded politely. “Hello. Nice to meet you, too”

“I’m …….”

The red-haired girl was about to say something else when Anna interrupted her. “Sorry, I’m a little tired. We want to go back to our room to take a rest.” said Anna. Then she turned around and held Qiqi’s hand and left.

The red-haired girl was a little embarrassed.

Only when they were far away did the red-haired girl show her anger.”Hmph, what a rude actress.”

“But she is also Yulin Xiao’s wife. You can’t compare to her in your life.”

Although what she said was true, the red-haired girl still treated Anna like dirt. She immediately retorted with disdain.

“She has no background. Yulin Xiao might dump her at any time. When the time comes, she’s just a family outcast.”

“Maybe you’re right. But now that Qiqi has friends like them, it’s hard for us to force her away.”

“Just now it’s lucky that Miss Wen reacted quickly and had to solve the necklace matter in time, otherwise our little trick would have been seen through by them for sure.”

Miss Wen, who had been silent, suddenly snorted coldly. “Since she doesn’t leave, I’ll ruin her reputation.”

“You have a plan?”

“Of course, this time I will definitely make Yuqi hate Qiqi.”

Seeing that Miss Wen was confident, several other people knew that she had a plan.


When Anna and Chuxue went to Qiqi’s dorm, they looked at the room and frown. And Qiqi smiled and poured tea for them.

“We have such good accommodations, but you stay here. I really can’t understand you.”

“As long as I’m happy, it doesn’t matter where I live.” Qiqi said.

“That’s true, but are you really happy?”

Qiqi was hesitant, and then immediately smiled brightly. “Of course I’m happy. As you can see the environment here is great, I’m absolutely happy to work here.”

“Then who were those women just now? Did they get you in trouble?”

“It’s okay. It’s all in the past.”

Hearing Qiqi, Chuxue knew there must be something wrong.

“They are the ones who falsely accused you of stealing something, right? How dare they frame you? I’m going to settle the score with them now.”

Then Chuxue got up and was about to go to them. But Qiqi stopped her.

“Don’t be so easily impulsive. You are now a bride-to-be. Keep calm, or you may get a pimple.” She said jokingly.

“Qiqi, I’m serious.”

“I’m serious too. Have you taken care of your skin lately? Look at your large pores here and small pimples, your skin is really bad now.”

Qiqi said while shaking her head as if Qiqi’s skin was really terrible.

These two days Chuxue was busy outside. She really didn’t have time to take care of her skin.

She turned her head to look at Anna. “Is my skin that bad?”

“Actually, she’s changing the subject.”

Then Anna frowned at Qiqi.

Qiqi gently spat out her tongue and smiled apologetically at Chuxue.

Looking at her expression, Chuxue knew she was being teased by her. She frowned. “Qiqi, I was almost fooled by you. I’m going to punish you.”

Then Chuxue was trying to tickle her. Qiqi was ticklish, so she was easily subdued by Chuxue.

“Okay, guys. Just stop.” said Anna.

Qiqi stood there panting. “Since you guys are here on vacation, just relax. The hot spring in the back was just built, but it’s very good. You guys can try it later.”

“There’s a hot spring? Oh, I like the hot springs. By the way, we brought wine so we can have a drink in the evening.”

“It seems that you guys come here prepared.”

“That’s for sure. Tonight, let’s get drunk!”

After Yuqi returned from his purchase in the afternoon, he didn’t know everything that happened at the inn today. He was moving goods in the back of the van as usual, his forehead covered with sweat.


He had just carried a bag of potatoes when he heard someone shouting his name. And he was also very familiar with the voice.

He froze for a moment as the potato fell off his shoulder, nearly hitting him on the top of his foot.

Then he looked up at the few women in front of him. “Why are you guys here?”

“The inn is not yours. If you can come here, why can’t we? Besides, I’m a guest and you’re a waiter now. It’s not appropriate for you to talk to a guest with such an attitude.” Chuxue said.

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Yuqi knew that Chuxue already knew everything about him here.

“I’m just asking casually. You two are welcome to come to our inn.” said he,smiling.

Chuxue suddenly thought of something. “Yulin said you were going to give up everything for Qiqi. Is it true?” asked she.

“Yes, it’s true.”

“What’s the point of doing so?”

“Then I can be the same kind of person as Qiqi. She would have no reason to reject me. Then we would be able to be well-matched both in wealth and social status.” Yuqi explained.

Anna, however, snorted. “Maybe that’s just your wish.”

“Why do you say that? Did Qiqi say something to you?” Yuqi suddenly asked seriously.

“She didn’t say anything to me, so that’s why it’s a problem.”

Anna’s words made Yuqi a little annoyed. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“When we came today, a woman said Qiqi stole her necklace and then she said it was just a misunderstanding. Although the matter was resolved, this still made Qiqi suffer.” Anna said.

“Qiqi is right beside you, but this kind of thing can still happen to her. But she didn’t tell you and planned to leave here on her own.” she continued.

Yuqi didn’t have pay attention to Chuxue’s nagging.

“I will deal with this matter and prove her innocence.” syaid he, then he was ready to investigate the matter. But before Yuqi could start investigating it, Qiqi looked for him first.

She stretched her arm in front of Yuqi and held up the diamond necklace. “It is not mine. Please give it back to the owner.”

However, Yuqi did not take the necklace. “Qiqi, I’m sorry for putting you through this. But I promise I will definitely prove your innocence.”

“It’s not your fault. You don’t need to apologize to me. It’s just a misunderstanding. Don’t care too much about it. That Miss Wen seems to know you, so it’s appropriate for you to return the necklace to her. I guess she must not want to see me at this moment, so I won’t go to her.”

Qiqi then put the necklace in Yuqi’s hand and turned around to leave.

“Qiqi.” said Yuqi loudly.


“Do you believe that I can give you happiness?”

Qiqi looked at him, hesitated. “We are just friends. You don’t have to give me happiness.”

After saying that, Qiqi turned her head and left without the slightest hesitation.

It was not until Qiqi walked away that Yuqi withdrew his gaze. He held the necklace tightly, and then turned around.

“What do you want?”

“Find the person who set up Qiqi.”

“You know who framed Qiqi?”

“Although there is no proof, I already know roughly about it.”

“What a strange answer. Yuqi, even if you’re looking for someone to settle a score, don’t you need to have evidence? And even if you find evidence, you may still drive Qiqi away.” said Anna.

Anna’s words made Yuqi upset. “I’m trying to prove Qiqi’s innocence, how can I drive her away?” said he.

“It seems that you really don’t know.” Anna sighed. “Once the matter is resolved, Qiqi will leave without hesitation. On the contrary, if the matter is not resolved, Qiqi might still stay in order to prove her innocence.”

“But I have to do so, and I can’t let anyone wrong her.”

“There are many ways to find someone to settle a score. You don’t have to settle scores with her face to face. Besides, Chuxue and I will help Qiqi.”

Hearing her words, Yuqi raised his eyebrows and looked at Anna, curious. “Why are you helping me all of a sudden?”

“We are just helping Qiqi, not you.”

“Helping her is just helping me. We will be a family in the future.”

Yuqi’s words left Anna really speechless.


Qiqi led Chuxue to visit the inn. Until the evening, the two sat down and discussed what to eat later.

And Yuqi had been watching the two in the side.

Chuxue just ignored Yuqi, but Qiqi cannot stand his staring. She walked up to him and asked, “What do you want?”

“What are you guys talking about? I want to chat with you guys too.” Yuqi said.

And Qiqi didn’t want him to join in their chat. She was a little impatient. “You haven’t finished your work.”

“Then why can you chat and I can’t?”

“The Chuxue is a VIP. The boss wants me to accompany them and let them have a good time.”

“I want to be VIPs too.”

“Yeah, of course you can be the VIP. As long as you become the president of Mu’s Group again, you are also a VIP.”

Qiqi clearly knew that Yuqi abandoned everything he had in order to stay here with her, so she deliberately said this. Yuqi had no choice but to turn his head and glare at Chuxue with dissatisfaction.

Chuxue was watching them for fun. When she saw Yuqi glare at her, she hurried to explain. “Don’t look at me. I’m here for a tour.”

“Yeah, really? Are you here to travel or to laugh at me?”

“That doesn’t matter. The point is I’ve brought wine. We can have a drink tonight.” said Chuxue. “What’s the recommended cuisine here?”

Yuqi didn’t answer her.

The atmosphere was a little awkward and Qiqi felt a little uncomfortable. “We hire an excellent cook at the inn. Whatever you want to eat, he cook make it.” said she hurriedly.

“I want to eat roasted duck, steamed eggs with seafood ……”

Before Chuxue finished, Yuqi said coldly. “Why don’t you order an Imperial Feast? That way you will eat more and then grow fatter.”

“No, no, I’ve been on a diet lately. I must eat less.”

“You do have to eat less. Otherwise you won’t even be able to wear your wedding dress.”

Hearing his sarcasm, Chuxue pouted.

“Qiqi said I have bad skin and you said I’m fat. I’m really upset.” said Chuxue.

“That’s the truth.” Yuqi said deliberately.

“But I’m just joking.” Qiqi explained. “Don’t care what he said. I’ll take you to the kitchen. You can order the food yourself.”

The two walked hand in hand towards the kitchen, and Yuqi could only follow them behind.

After ordering some of Chuxue’s favorite dishes, Qiqi went to the rooftop of the inn with Chuxue and Anna. From there they could just see the sunset in the mountains.

Chuxue took out her red wine and sipped it carefully. “What a beautiful sunset.”

Just as she finished speaking, she suddenly smelled something. “What’s that smell? It smells so delicious.”

“This is our store’s signature dish.” said Yuqi suddenly. He walked over with the dish. “Chuxue, your sense of smell is as excellent as a dog’s. You can smell the dish from so far away.”

Chuxue didn’t care about Yuqi’s teasing. Then she also deliberately teased Yuqi.

“Sir, you are very handsome. Can I have your phone number?” She said deliberately to Yuqi.

“Chuxue, don’t pretend that you don’t know me. That’s too boring.”

Chuxue nodded and then continued. “Since the food has been served, you can go now.”

“No, I’m hungry. I want to eat them too.” said Yuqi and sat down.

“But you are now a waiter of the inn. You can’t eat with the guests during working hours.”

“No, I’m off duty now. Now I am your friend, so I can naturally sit down and enjoy the food with you.” said Yuqi. “Besides, you guys have ordered so many dishes. It will be a waste of food if you can’t finish it.”

Then Yuqi kept on putting dishes into Qiqi’s plate, urging her to eat more.

Seeing the way Yuqi kept pleasing Qiqi, Chuxue showed a disdainful expression while Anna smiled.

Then Anna poured a cup of wine for Yuqi and handed it to him. “You do work very hard. Have a drink.”

He took the glass she handed him and smiled. “Thank you.”

“How long are you going to stay here?” Chuxue asked suddenly.

“Isn’t it good for us to live by our own hard work?”

“Yeah, it’s good. But Qiqi will be graduating soon and she has to go back for the graduation ceremony.”

“When we need to be present for such occasions, we will naturally go back.”

Seeing that Yuqi kept talking, Chuxue was dissatisfied. “This is Qiqi’s business. She should be the one to make the decision. Why are you making the decision for her?”

“Because that’s what Qiqi thinks.” said Yuqi. “Am I right, Qiqi?”

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