Five hundred thousand, right? “Chuck Cannon looked at them.
“Yeah, I am a friend of Bryant, and so are you. We all lost. You should give us a little bit. After all, you won 10 million, give us 1 million, and you still have 9 million.”
Two girls blinked cutely.
Bryant was speechless, her two friends!
She can’t say anything.
“Okay, each of you takes half a million.” Chuck Cannon agreed.
“Really, Chuck Cannon, you are so kind,”
Two girls reached out in surprise and hurriedly took the chips. One girl took an extra, which was more than one hundred thousand, that is, she took over six hundred thousand.
“Qingqing, Chuck Cannon gave you half a million, what are you doing with that much?” Bryant must say.
Too greedy.
“Oh, it’s okay, Chuck Cannon won so much money, would he still care about more than 100,000?”
“Yeah, Chuck Cannon won’t care. He still has so much, so I just got a little bit more!”
Both girls took more than 600,000 yuan, which was pretty good.
Chuck Cannon glanced at them a few times and said nothing.
The two girls continued to play, and Chuck Cannon continued to listen.
The two girls were thinking that Chuck Cannon must be so generous not for other reasons, but to pretend to be coercive in front of Bryant and also to pretend to be coerced in front of themselves.
Hehe, he wants to pretend to be the best, then even if she loses again, if she asks for it, he will definitely give it.
Just keep playing.
The blue-eyed beauty behind her was shocked, and Owen, who was holding the wine glass next to her, had a cold face, especially ugly, just like pig liver.
“He actually won 10 million?” The blue-eyed beauty really felt like a dream.
How is this possible? !
She thought that Chuck Cannon would lose at most hundreds of thousands of wins, but she didn’t expect that he would win all the time, winning the current 10 million! ?
Owen was angry. The 100,000 became 10 million. He hadn’t appeared in this casino before, and he didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to appear.
it is good!
See how much you can win?
“It’s okay, I’m not afraid of him winning, I’m most afraid that he won’t play anymore,” Owen sneered.
Seeing Chuck Cannon look like this, surely he still wants to continue playing and want to win more money? !
Then the only result is to lose!!
Lost and ruined!
This is the fate of the gambler.
“He won’t run away?” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed. She wanted Chuck Cannon to get out. Didn’t expect that he won so much money by luck?
“No, look at him, he will start to lose, look at it, he will lose soon,” Owen confidently.
“Hope, see him lose all!”
“He will, you see, he has started again. Actually, he is betting together again, is this luck so good?”
Every time we bet together, the next one will definitely lose!
Chuck Cannon bet three times the area, he listened accurately.
Bryant was nervous, he pressed more than 8 million at once! A lot of money!
The two girls didn’t follow Chuck Cannon to press. They felt that Chuck Cannon would definitely lose in this one. How could anyone keep winning? ?
The two of them all crushed another place!
It is Chuck Cannon’s money anyway!
If this one is pressed, it will definitely be hit, when the time comes, hum!
The croupier looked at Chuck Cannon, and she opened it.
The people at the gambling table were shocked again, and there was no sound. The two girls stared like eggs.
“What’s the matter? Finally lost?” The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.
“Yes,” Owen took a sip of red wine, but when he saw the dealer, a sip of red wine came out of his mouth.
“This Mr. Huaxia has hit, this is your bargaining chip!” The croupier looked at Chuck Cannon a few more times and pushed a lot of money.
Chuck Cannon shrugged.
Bryant was shocked again. Won again?
The jaws of the two girls were almost astonished, tripled, more than 25 million, scary.
“Wow, Chuck Cannon, you are really amazing. Have you won so many?”
“Yeah, that’s great, can I get a little bit? Okay, okay,”
Two girls act like a baby.
Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Whatever,”
“Wow, nice,”
The two girls were surprised by the fact that everyone nearby was envious.
Bryant was speechless. Her two friends actually took one million this time.
Too greedy.
“I’ll take a little bit more, you shouldn’t mind.”
“I also want,”
The two girls grabbed another hand, more than one hundred thousand.
“Don’t mind, it’s not for you anyway, you have to pay it back,” Chuck Cannon said.
“What, what is it for?”
“That’s right, you won so much money, we only took so little, why are you so stingy?”
The two girls suddenly became unhappy, and were angry and threw the chips on the table.
“You think I’m stingy, so put the chips down. By the way, you just took 680,000, and you, you got 730,000, you have to return it to me,” Chuck Cannon said calmly.
“What? Didn’t you just give us the one?”
The two girls were angry and glared at Chuck Cannon!
“Who told you?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“Are you, are you sick? Are you crazy, right? It was for us just now,”
“Yes, you are too stingy. You said yes. Now you can’t say so. Why are you so shameless?”
The two girls cursed Chuck Cannon.
“I think you have misunderstood, are you two worth more than one million?” Chuck Cannon looked at them.
“What do you mean? Why are we worthless?”
“It’s not worth it, so return the money to me,” Chuck Cannon said.
“No, you just gave it to me.”
“I won’t pay it back either!”
The two girls stared at Chuck Cannon angrily, their eyes bursting with fire.
“That won’t work, it must be paid back.” Chuck Cannon narrowed his eyes.
“I won’t pay it back, what can you do with me? Looking at your sling, I thought it would be great if you won a little money? Become a rich man? You are not far behind!”
“I won’t pay it back, what can you do?” The two girls sneered.
Don’t pay it back, what does Chuck Cannon dare to do to herself? He dares?
The two of them are proud.
Bryant was helpless, she didn’t know how to speak, both were friends.
“The Chinese gentleman, do you continue to bet?!”
At this time, the dealer spoke.
Chuck Cannon looks at the croupier. This croupier is smart. He should know that he will listen to it. There may be some changes, so if you continue to press it now, it should not work.
“Keep playing.” At this moment, Owen and the blue-eyed beauty came over.
The blue-eyed beauty looked at the pile of chips on the table. She was shocked. How lucky is this mouse-like man?
Owen’s face is ugly. Chuck Cannon actually won more than 20 million. This is a shame for him!
Moreover, the reason he came over was that Chuck Cannon had stopped. This was a bad signal!
Of course, Bryant persuaded Chuck Cannon, “Stop playing, it’s enough.”
Chuck Cannon looked at Bryant.
“Why don’t you play? You are so lucky, if you keep playing, you can win more money,” Owen said.
He sneered in his heart, as long as you play again, all the money will be lost. I’m not afraid that you will win but that you won’t play.
“Yes, keep playing, I want to see how much you can win and you lose.” The two girls laughed.
“Stop playing.”
Chuck Cannon shook his head, “Exchange cash.”
Owen’s eyes are angry, and the blue-eyed beauty is even more unhappy. She wants to see Chuck Cannon lose all, not to see Chuck Cannon win, and he has won so much.
“You’re so courageous, are you a mouse?” The blue-eyed beauty had to use agitation on Chuck Cannon.
She doesn’t want Chuck Cannon to win so much money, she must stay!
Chuck Cannon ignored her and said to Owen, “Change money, I won’t play anymore.”
It doesn’t make sense, this croupier is smart, and Chuck Cannon’s set may be useless for her, so why should he keep playing?
After coming out around, won more than 20 million US dollars, not bad, Chuck Cannon is satisfied.
The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed, “You are timid, if you are a man, you can fight him, and he can knock you down with one punch!!”
“So amazing?” Chuck Cannon touched his nose and looked at him.
“It’s okay, do you dare? If you beat him, I will give you another one million dollars. No, this is too harsh for you. It should be said that if you can resist for five seconds, I will give you one hundred. Do you dare?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
Five seconds? Chuck Cannon smiled, “Okay, but what if I win?”
“If you won. What do you say is what.” The blue-eyed beauty sneered, just wanting to win just like you? Dreaming about you?
Owen sneered, proud in his heart, five seconds? Really, one punch can beat you to the hospital!
“What you said, well, I accept,” Chuck Cannon said calmly

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