Chapter 559 – 560: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 559: Opening up New Sea Channel

The Infinite Sea and the Beiming Sea are the lairs of the Sea Monsters. At the same time, this was also a shipping channel outside of the ten channels.

Kris Chen’s goal was simple. He wanted to open up the shipping channel here, so that this would become the domain of the Gengu No.1 Sect, and other places Kris didn’t want to compete with them. The sea is endless. The Beiming Sea, as an unexplored sea, is rich in resources, which is definitely richer than the ten shipping channels.

Yang Jin placed the Fangcun Mountain in the sea, and then it turned into a large island 3,000 miles long and 1,500 miles wide, floating steadily above the sea.

This was the magic of the Fangcun Mountain. Before Kris entered into the actualized spirit, or possessed the actualized spirit power, his other selves could only maintain such a big mountain. After all this, all the Practitioners received a message. Gengu No.1 Sect would be holding its opening ceremony in half a month.

Kris’s other selves were wandering around and had received many disciples. And every single disciple had been tested by him, but he only had a total of twenty people.

Chen Ye and the others were also specially waiting for the opening ceremony of Gengu No.1 Sect, watching the sect stand on the sea again.

In the past two years, the name of Gengu No.1 Sect had already spread throughout the sea. Everyone knows that Gengu No.1 Sect is a branch of the hidden Henggu No.1 Sect in Dongsheng Divine Land.

The Three Holy Sects were also in a complicated mood because they knew that the pattern of the sea was about to change again. But Gengu No.1 Sect didn’t grab territory with them in the ten channels, but reopened new channels, and that’s what it had nothing to do with the Three Holy Sects. Half a month later, the sea was in chaos, and Kris’s many selves resolved the conflict in the Beiming Sea, restoring peace to the area.

The Sea Monster tribes are numerous. For those who can cooperate with Kris, he would not fight them and he would even protect them. For those who are unreasonable, Kris has no choice but to destroy them. He even used his magic power to place thousands of Sea Monster islands around the Fangcun Mountain.

Thousands of Sea Monsters are living on them, and Kris Chen had the power to provide for them. These Sea Monsters are actually the guardians of Gengu No.1 Sect.

Thousands of islands surround the mountain, which was very imposing.

The chiefs of the various Sea Monster tribes had been accepted by Kris into his sect. Of course, they refused at first, but Kris took great effort to get their support.

The sea monsters were having a hard time. Now they were offered a place to stay and practice, so they gladly accepted. In the process of getting to know Kris, these sea monsters found that Kris Chen treated them equally and sincerely.

Kris believed that these sea monsters would be his best assistants when he opened the channel in the future.

Chen Ye brought two of his disciples to the Sect’s location today. Looking at the imposing gate, Chen Ye felt a sense of belonging at once.

All of the Ye family’s disciples had also migrated to the island. In the future, they would be blessed by the Sect and received the best resources and practiced the most mysterious powers.

The first to arrive were small sects close to the Beiming Sea, followed by second-rate and first-rate sects. The Three Holy Sects were late in arriving. The Nahai Sect was the last to arrive here.

The entire ocean knew that Nahai Sect was very close to Gengu No.1 Sect, so they would not stop the rise of Gengu No.1 Sect.

The only disappointing thing was that there are too few disciples. Even if there are Chen Ye disciples here, there are still not many people of Gengu No.1 Sect.

Walking in Gengu No.1 Sect, one could see the first-class immortal jade, which are the most powerful treasures in the cultivation world.

The immortal trees and grasses that can be found everywhere in the Immortal Gate is rare. Ordinary people take a sip here which is equivalent to an hour of cultivation in the outside world. A Practitioners practicing here to improve their cultivation is definitely dozens of times faster than the outside world.

Song Ye and the others never thought that they would one day reside in this kind of immortal mountain and blessed land.

“Welcome to the opening ceremony of the Gengu No.1 Sect.” Yang Jin looked at the crowd and said some conventional words of congratulations.

“These days, Gengu No.1 Sect has opened a new channel and has reached an agreement with the Sea Monsters.” he continued.

“The human Practitioners can settle into the new shipping channel. There are a total of 100,000 islands in the new voyage, and they need to be settled by all the people, so after the ceremony is over, the Gengu No.1 Sect will auction off 100,000 islands. The revenue from this will be split 50/50 between our Gengu No.1 Sect and Sea Monsters, and a portion of it will be jointly spent on defending the new shipping channel.”

The people thought that Gengu No.1 Sect would just take all the benefits privately, but they didn’t think that it would share the benefits with everyone else.

After the opening ceremony, Chen Ye acted as the auctioneer.

The auction lasted for three days. During this period, Gengu No.1 Sect got more than 300 billion spiritual stones. Yang Jin did not break his promise. He gave all the proceeds from the auction to a group of Sea Monster tribes. Each tribe’s profit was over 100 million spiritual stones. This instantly made these sea monsters’ tribe more loyal to Gengu No.1 Sect.

No matter it is humans, sea monsters, or the land-based monster race, all of them are after territory, resources, and cultivation. As long as these requirements were met, everyone could still get along well.

Previously, all of the Ye family’s possessions combined were only a million of precious stones, and Gengu No.1 Sect gave each Sea Monster tribe more than 100 million of spiritual stones.

Moreover, the ownership of the islands that each tribe got from the auction was not permanent. They had to pay a certain amount of rent to Gengu No.1 Sect every year, which was not very much, but there were many tribes in the waterway, so the income was still very much.

Nahai Sect directly gave Gengu No.1 Sect the status of primary dealer, which showed that Gengu No.1 Sect was definitely going to flourish.

After two years of development, the tribes were now more accustomed to thinking in business terms. In the past, they used to fight to the death for petty gains, but now they didn’t have to do that.

The Nahai Sect had completely mobilized the wealth of the Nahai Sect with a series of business tactics. Even the uninitiated sects could act as delivery points. There were also millions of spiritual stones in revenue in a month.

With the popularity of the Practitioner Development Bank, more and more Practitioners and Sects were storing their spiritual stones in the bank.

Powerful escorts formed by the major tributes gallop across the sea. Where there is crime, there is an escort. The number of crimes has become less and less. Those old demons have to change and become legitimate merchants.

As the wealth of the land sea flowed into the sea, the Practitioner’s cultivation improved rapidly.

Everyone knew it is a great change in a million years. And it all started from the Nahai Sect.

After the auction was over, all the tributes went back with a satisfied or unsatisfied mood. It wouldn’t be long before the desolate Beiming Sea would become prosperous

.As the controller of the new channel, the reputation of Gengu No.1 Sect is gradually increasing. This can be seen from the increasing number of Sea Monster islands outside Gengu No.1 Sect.

Chen Ye stayed in Gengu No.1 Sect for half a month. He had arranged everything for the Ye family, and then he was taking his two disciples out for a trip.

“Brother, please bring me along. I want to go with you!” Xing Ye said.

Chen shook his head, “There’s no benefit to following me with your current strength. When you break through primal spirit, then you can go to the sea to make your way. The sea is much safer now than before, but it’s still dangerous. You still have to work hard to cultivate!”

At the words, Xing Ye was a little sad, as expected his cultivation was still too low.

“I will guard the Ye family here, so you don’t need to worry about the sect.” Song Ye said.

Since taking the Sanzhuan Magic Pill, Ye Song’s injuries had completely healed, and he had even broken through two stages in succession. He was now an early stage of Primal Spirit cultivator.

“Thank you, Father. I’ll be out for decades or two or three years this time. Take care.”

“Just follow your heart. The eagle needs soar in the sky.”

Song Ye was very pleased and satisfied. The Ye family’s position today was entirely due to Chen’s efforts.

Chen nodded and took his two disciples with him on an excursion to the Dongsheng Divine Land.


At the same time, at the main peak of Fangcun Mountain, Yang Jin opened his eyes, “Chen Ye has left the Sect?”

Yang Mu nodded, “He’s progressed rapidly in the past two years. He even started practicing the Melting Method.”

Yang Jin nodded, “If he can pass on the Melting Method. It will be the immortal method of Gengu No.1 Sect that can be passed down.”

“These are all geniuses. As long as they are given the opportunity, they will achieve greatness on their own.” Yang Mu laughed.

“Step up the time to search for more Sword Fetus and resources. Kris’s journey is almost over. We must work hard to obtain more resources for Kris’ cultivation.”

Yang Jin and Yang Mu were created by Kris. Kris was them, but they were not Kris. They had to be led by Kris’s will. They would only become stronger if Kris’ strength was strong.

Chapter 560: The Power of Super Accumulated Spirit

After the ceremony of Gengu No.1 Sect ended, Kris received feedback immediately.

Very well, in this way, Kris had a power exclusively for him in Devil Land.

When he could break the space barrier and pick up his family back home, it can also be considered a safe place to stay.

In the past few days, Kris had challenged three Tao Sects.Though it became harder and harder, the rewards were better and better. The three major deduction clones continued to deduct, removed the dross, absorbed the essence, integrated everything and turned it into his own way!

Although Kris’s physical body had not been significantly enhanced, his understanding of magic powers and Taoism were growing rapidly.

The third-ranked Taoism was called Divine Refine Tao, which was one of the oldest Taoisms of the Purple Fire Sect. It followed the pure ancient method of refining the body.

It evolved into a god through cultivating the flesh, but it was different from the True Divine Tao.

There were three masters of actualized spirit in this path. Although these three masters of actualized spirit had disappeared in the universe long ago, their soul lamps were still strong. The Extremely Purple Heaven Fire couldn’t be ignored here, which was the fifth-ranked Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire, and at the same time, there was also the eleventh-ranked Hollow Spiritual Fire, sixteen-ranked Nine-Day Spiritual Fire, thirty-fifth-ranked Liuding Spiritual Fire!

There were also seven or eight kinds of Strange Fire ranked outside the hundred!

This was the true foundation of the Purple Fire Sect, and the Taoism of Divine Refine Tao was based on these dozens of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire.

The spiritual fire refined the body, then the body absorbed the spiritual fire, condensed into the spiritual fire seeds which could develop and grow. Contained by core Yanjue, the spiritual fire was all the time purifying the body, the blood and bone, and even the primal spirit and divine soul!

Speaking of it, Kris also had Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire that was ranked 88th. It was also extremely powerful Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire!

The benefits of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire were not only alchemy and increased attack methods, but the characteristics of Spirit Fire increased the recovery ability of Kris’s body and also remove impurities.

For example, the magical pills he swallowed, even if there were no impurities, would accumulate too much residual power.

With Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, there was no such concern.

The spiritual fire burned the accumulated medicinal power and turns it into the purest nourishment to nourish the flesh.

This was also the reason why Kris took the pills like candies.

Now a drop of his blood could be turned into a clone, which possessed 40% of his combat power, although it can only last for a while.

And his hair can only transform magic weapons of the spirit weapon level currently, but as long as he continued to cultivate, one day he can reach the level of conquering the world.

The Lord of Dayan, master of Divine Refining Tao, was also a actualized spirit. It was said that his body was comparable to the top-level Spirit Weapon, and the power on his body had exceeded ten million Dao or even stronger!

Standing on the ring, the projection space had to be strengthened again.

Kris felt a strong coercion, and the opponent’s momentum was compelling, especially the red hair, which was very exaggerated.

Take a closer look, that was not red hair at all. It was the burning Hollow Spiritual Fire!

“Good, you reached this level in just over a year.”

The voice of the Lord of Dayan sounded like an urn drum, and the people under the cultivation base were taken aback when talking with him.

Standing there, he was clearly like a burning flame, and even the surrounding air was roasted by the high temperature and became distorted.

“I’m Beiyang.”

Kris had a solemn expression, and the person in front of him was definitely the strongest Practitioner he had ever contacted.


The Lord of Dayan nodded.

The fighting between the two sides was about to break out. Without too much nonsense,they fought together.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Each move was full of explosive power, the space was shocking by hitting. Once the space of a layer was broken, there was another new projection reinforcement.

Kris’s fist was burned by him.

Damn, this guy was a flame man, right?

His body temperature was at least hundreds of thousands of degrees, which can be compared with the temperature of the sun’s surface.

How did he not melt himself?

“Yanjue:Hollow Spiritual Fist!”

Dayan slapped a fist, and the Hollow Spiritual Fire condensed on the surface of the fist. This was a super powerful spiritual fire that could burn all the space.

Kris wrapped his fist with Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.


The fists collided, and the flames burst forth like brilliant fireworks.

On one side was the bluish-orange Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, and on the other was the red Hollow Spiritual Fire.

The two fires formed a confrontation!

“It is Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”

Dayan was shocked. He had never seen Kris used it in the previous battle. It was hidden so deep!

The onlookers outside the ring were also whispering.

“Unexpectedly, Beiyang was actually the owner of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”

“This is the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire ranked eighty-eighth, and it is infinitely powerful, even if it is only the spiritual fire cultivated by yourself, it is also very strong!”

“No, that’s not a Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire cultivated with spiritual fire seeds!”

At this time, an elder said: “That is the kind of the seed of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”


“The seed of fire?”

The fire seed and the seed of fire sounded like the same thing, but they were quite different.

The seed of fire is the source of flame. Although the spiritual fire cultivated by fire seeds can continue to grow, it had only half the power of the seed of fire!

Even if the fire seed split into new fire seed, it would continue to weaken its power.

The existing Strange Fires were cultivated through various weakened versions of the spiritual fires. From a certain point of view, they were new varieties of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fires, but it was easier to distinguish them.

“It is exactly the seed of fire!”

Carrying several kinds of spiritual fire, Dayan was very sensitive to spiritual fire.

“Right, it is the seed of fire!”

Kris stood in the flames like a fire.

The two flames confronted each other, and even made a sound of “zizi”.

“It was beyond my expectation.”

Dayan’s eyes lit up, “Beiyang, if I can defeat you, can I condense a trace of fire?”

Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was designed by special flame, which was definitely the gospel of body refining practicer. If one can condense Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, he can be promoted to the actualized spirit more safely.

“Of course you can. But if I defeat you, I also want your Hollow Spiritual Fire!”

Kris said.

“Okay, but the Hollow Spiritual Fire in my body was just the fire of fire seed. I can take you to the Spiritual Fire Space and let you condense the fire!”

“Deal!You are such a frank person. No matter win or lose, I will make you a friend!”

Kris liked to make friends with this kind of people because he was not bad-hearted. Although it was a bit naive to say such things in the spiritual world, if his heart is too dark, it would be too tired to live.

The two sides collided with each other, and the two moved in the next second.

They turned into two flames and collided in the air.

Except for the sound of fighting, the other person even can’t find their traces.

“It’s too fast, it’s too fast, it’s hard to catch with the naked eye!”

“If I fight with anyone of them, I won’t be able to survive over three moves!”

An elder who was ranked behind five hundred said horribly.

“Back-to-heaven Shaking Fist!”

“Hollow Spiritual Fist!”



The force generated by the explosion of the double fists instantly tore through dozens of layers of projection space.

The power dissipated spread thousands of miles.

No one would survive the hurricane of flames.

“What a domineering style, what a strong force.”

The two of them were fleeting, the flames all over Dayan’s body skyrocketed, and his left fist condensed the Nine-day Spiritual Fire, and the right fist condensed Liuding Spiritual Fire.

He stepped on the Extreme Cold Fire, and the fiery red Hollow Spiritual Fire burned the void behind him.

There are four kinds of spiritual fires. If he can get Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, he can absorb the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire. By then, he will become an actualized spirit within a hundred years!


Dayan turned into a flame giant with a height of hundreds of pieces!

Transformation? I will transform too!

Kris revolved the Demon Body, and the black demon energy instantly lingers around his body, his eyes became scarlet, and the demon flame flowed on the surface of his body.

He was enveloped by the orange Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.


Incomparably immense power filled in the body of Kris. At that moment, his power exploded ten times!

This was the first time he used the power of a Real Demon after devouring demon energy and the Real Demon heart.

It’s so domineering, raging and violent!

“Yan Emperor Divine Fist!”

“Real Demon, Real Demon!”

Kris’s voice was like thunder. He clenched a fist, and the fists condensed by several spiritual fires could not break the demon energy on the surface of his body.


When the two fists intersected, Dayan was instantly knocked into the air like a meteor.

He penetrated the projection boundary wall, one floor, two floors and three floors…


The rumbling sound instantly rushed out of the ring, and the remaining force continued to impact on a 100-meter peak.


The mountain was directly torn apart!


This scene stunned everyone, and everyone’s face showed an unbelievable look.

It was enough to hit Dayan away with one punch, and also smashed several layers of projection space. What a power!

Kris was also stunned by his fists. This was really the power he had?

It seemed that the Real Demon heart Mr. Bone gave to him was beyond his imagination!

The Real Demon was stronger than the actualized spirit. His own Heaven Demon Phantom swallowed the heart of the Real Demon, so his power wouldn’t be weak.

He quickly restored his real body, he decided that the real body of the demon would never be revealed before the critical moment.

He understood that this was definitely a power that exceeded the accumulated spirit, maybe it was even comparable to the actualized spirit!

Afterwards, he pretended to be exhausted and knelt on the ground, gasping for breath.

“Crane Spirit, hurry up, help me!”


Crane Spirit quickly flew into the ring.

Seeing this, everyone immediately understood that Kris must had used some physical forbidden technique to increase his strength, otherwise he would not be as weak as this.

With his weak appearance, maybe any disciple could defeat him.

Above the sky, the Lord of Dashi’s frowning brows also loosened, “Xiaohong, that’s devilish energy? Right?”

Xiahong raised her head and shouted.

“Never mind, don’t care about him, anyway, the demon is gone,

The god is dead, the immortal is also dead…”

On the other side, the disciple of Divine Refining Tao hurriedly flew over, removed the big stone, and carried out the injured Dayan. This was definitely the one who had lost the worst in the ring so far, and was also the most injured one.

All the bones in his body had broken, and the physical damage was also severe.

These injuries were serious to ordinary people, but to Dayan, they were not a big deal.

“Beiyang… After I recuperate for two days, I will take you


Supported by Crane Spirit, Kris turned around, looked at Dayan and nodded, “Dayan is really a good person!” he thought.

Following Crane Spirit back to True Divine Tao, Kris immediately entered the sword world, and resurrected with full blood instantly!

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