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Chapter 559: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 559 Will You Regret? (1)

Qiqi had been busy all day without eating anything, so she was starving. At the moment, she was enjoying her food, not paying attention to what others were talking about.

When hearing her name being called, Qiqi was a bit surprised. She said, “I…”

“My friends, may I sit here with you?” Before Qiqi could finish, someone interrupted her and asked.

Miss Wen was dressed in red, looking classy and attractive, with pretty makeup on her face.

She looked too beautiful to be in this place.

Standing next to her was the red-haired girl who looked respectful.

Chuxue was direct. she turned her down, “Sorry, this is a private party. You are not welcomed here.”

“Sorry for disturbing you, but I really admire Mrs Xiao’s works. I really want to sit down and have a talk with you.” Miss Wen looked at Anna Xie smilingly.

She’s really tricky. She knew who’s the tough one and who’s the soft one.

She assumed that Anna’s easy-going just because Anna’s quiet. But she was wrong.

Anna was quite stubborn.

Chuxue thought Anna was going to say no, but Anna said in a nice voice, “Since you are here, come and have a seat. Let’s drink together.”

Looking at Anna in disbelief, Chuxue thought she heard it wrong.

Yuqi Mu frowned, then he continued eating.

As for Qiqi, she looked so calm. She turned her head away to enjoy the scenery outside.

Anna said smilingly, “What do you want to talk about, Miss Wen?”

“Actually, I’ve been so interested in acting. I want to open a media company but my father doesn’t approve. He thinks the investment is too high and the profit is too small. Can you give me some advice on this?”

“Well, it depends on how you run the company. Whatever business you do, there’s fifty-fifty chance of winning or losing. You can’t have it all on your first attempt, right? I believe you have the ability to take care of it. You will hit it overnight. If your father is worried about you, why don’t you invest a small media company first, and when you learn enough experiences, you can start your own company. By then you will have both experiences and connections.

Hearing Anna’s words, Miss Wen looked excited. She said smilingly, “Thank you for your advice. I’ll try my best.”

“You are welcome. Let’s toast to your bright future! I’ll drink up to show my respect.”

Anna drank her wine up.

Miss Wen felt so flattered. She hurriedly held up her glass and drank her wine up, too.

Then she turned to Yuqi and was about to say something to him. But Chuxue had been staring at her tightly. She was going to teach Miss Wen a lesson if she dared to misbehave.

Smilingly awkwardly, Miss Wen stood up and said to Anna, “Thanks for your advice again. I shall leave you guys alone, excuse me.”

Then Miss Wen and the red-haired girl left.

Watching them leaving, Chuxue rolled her eyes. She asked Anna, “Anna, why are you nice to her? You know she has evil intentions for Qiqi!”

Anna lowered her voice, “that’s why we need to give her a chance!”

Chuxue suddenly understood and said, “Ah, give her a chance to make mistakes!”

Glancing at Yuqi and Qiqi, Anna said, “We are running out of time. These two are going too slowly. Let’s help push them.”

“Yes, I’m planning to give my bouquet to Qiqi, so that she could be the next bride.”

Anna and Chuxue were whispering to each other while Yuqi was looking at Qiqi with his eyes full of love.

It made Qiqi embarrassed. She stood up and walked to Anna and Chuxue.

“Hey, quit talking secrets! Come and drink together!”

Chuxue raised her glass and said, “Okay, you drink it up first!”

“Why should I drink first?”

“Shouldn’t you be thankful for us? We have helped you a lot since we came.”

“Well, you are right.”

“Then, to show your gratitude, why can’t you drink first?”


“Yes she should drink. But Qiqi will have a headache if she drinks too much. I’ll drink hers.”

Yuqi suddenly stood up and blocked Qiqi. He raised the glasses and drank it up.

Brave and gentle as Yuqi might seem, Chuxue did not buy it at all. She said, “Did Qiqi ask you for help? If she didn’t, then what you did is meaningless.”

“You asked us to drink and we did. But now you are saying it doesn’t count. Hmm, you are unreasonable!”

“I am reasonable! It depends on Qiqi!”

Qiqi just wanted to enjoy the drinks and meat but she got disturbed again and again. So she patted the table and said impatiently, “Want me to drink? A piece of cake! Stop nagging!”

Then Qiqi raised her glass and bottomed up.

Chuxue got excited when seeing Qiqi like this. She shouted, “Look how determined Qiqi is! I will drink this up for her!”

The two women thus got high. One glass after another, soon half bottle of wine was gone.

Anna sighed and stopped the two, “Should you eat something? Don’t drink too fast, or you’ll get drunk.”

Push Anna’s hand away, Chuxue said carelessly, “We’ll drink till we get drunk! Do not think too much! Anna, you don’t have tasks tomorrow, come and drink with us!”

Then Chuxue gave Anna a glass of wine and hinted her to drink it.

“Crazy woman!”

“Crazy woman is asking you to drink, so you’ll drink or not?”

Anna did not want to ruin everyone’s good mood, so she drank it.

Seeing Anna drink the wine, Chuxue nodded smilingly, “Yeah that’s my girl! I hate it when you nag!”

The three girls were having fun while Yuqi was left alone there.

But he was okay with that, because he knew at the moment Qiqi was happy.

“As long as she’s happy, she could drink as much as she wants. If she gets drunk, I’ll be taking care of her.” Yuqi thought.

Looking at Qiqi smilingly, Yuqi’s eyes were full of softness and warmth.

Though standing from a distance, Yuqi’s eyes were like an invisible net that tangled around Qiqi.

Qiqi was standing with her back on him, pretending that she knew nothing.

But Chuxue did not give her the chance to keep pretending.

“Hey, Qiqi, are you tired from work everyday?”

“We feel fine.”

“Is Yuqi always starving?”

“Not really.”

“Then why is Yuqi looking at you as if you are a giant chicken leg?”

The metaphor made Qiqi uncomfortable, “What? Am I as oily as a chicken leg?”

“Do not change the topic! How is it going between you and Yuqi?”

Qiqi’s eyes were blinking, “What between us? It goes just like that.”

Anna joined their conversation, “It’s really rare for a man to give up everything and live a secluded life with you in the mountain. It means you are really important in Yuqi’s heart.”

Qiqi hurriedly stopped them, “Let’s not talk about this now, shall we?”

“It’s now or never! You want to wait until Yuqi goes crazy? Look at what he has become now! Give him an answer now! Whatever it is, don’t leave him hanging!”

Qiqi hesitated and turned her head to Yuqi.

He still looked attractive and gentle.

But he looked exhausted, with those unshaved beard on his chin and those simple clothes he’s wearing.

He should be wearing delicate suit with nicely arranged hair, instead of letting the mountain here cover his charm.

Moving her eyes calmly, Qiqi said, “I did not ask him to come. He wants to stay. I was having a vacation here, but because of him, I became a worker. I am innocent!”

“Then are you happy?”

Was she happy?

Qiqi had never thought about this question. But indeed, she feels so relaxed here. Days went by so fast, with Yuqi around, playing and arguing.

She assumed this should be called happiness.

Looking back on the days that had passed, Qiqi raised the corner of her mouth.

“Well, kind of.”

Seeing Qiqi’s look on the face, Anna knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

But what Anna said next took away Qiqi’s smile.

“While you were away, Yuqi was really upset.”

Qiqi got silent and said nothing.

“He looked like a different person. He went to your school, the dessert shop, the tutoring school, the hotpot restaurant and so on. He just sat there doing nothing. He just wanted to feel your aura.”

“He became a quiet person. We did not know what he was think about. We wanted to commfort him but don’t know where to start. Until one day when he heard the news about you, he finally came back to life. Then he started to ask me about you everyday.”

“You said you want some time alone, so he gave you enough space; you said you want your life undisturbed, so he hid himself carefully somewhere you couldn’t see him and thought about your past alone. Seeing Yuqi like this, won’t your heart ache?”

Of course, Qiqi’s heart ached.

She couldn’t imagine what Yuqi would be like when he got silent.

In her eyes, Yuqi was like the sun in the sky shining brightly. He shouldn’t be in this mountain being just a nobody.

Seeing Qiqi get silent, Chuxue added, “We wouldn’t say anything for him if he had totally forgotten you in the past two months. But he’s really like a changed person. He did not go to parties. He cared nothing but his work. Girls would throw themselves into his arms, like this miss Wen, but Yuqi never gave them the chance. He had been waiting for you.”

Breathing lightly, Qiqi closed her eyes and said, “It’s my fault.”

Hearing Qiqi’s words, Chuxue shook her head hurriedly, “You still don’t understand Yuqi heart now? So he has suffered for nothing?”


“Yuqi could endure loneliness but he couldn’t not endure you ignoring him. He’s done so much for you and you know what he wants in return!”

Qiqi lowered her head and said, “But I can’t give him that.”

“Yes you can. If you want, you can be a happy couple.”

Holding the wine glass in her hand, Qiqi frowned, But I am afraid I can’t give him what he really wants.”

“We are living our lives while learning. Happiness must be earned, not granted. Life is long and full of possibilities. You can’t just give up on him just because you are not sure. It’s not fair.”

“Besides, you like him, too. Why can’t you give each other a chance? You might never find someone like him in your life. Won’t you regret?”

Will I? will I regret? – Qiqi thought to herself.

She closed her eyes and felt deeply disturbed.

While Qiqi was hesitating, the alarm sounded outside of the hotel. It drew everyone’s attention.

Chuxue got up and went to the window. She said, “What’s going on? How come the police is here?”

The police walked in the the hotel. The owner went up immediately. He asked respectfully, “HI, what can I do for you?”

“We got a call saying someone’s using drugs here.”


The owned stared his eyes in disbelief.

“Ask your guests out. We will inspect them all.”

“Yes, officer.”

Chapter 559 Will You Regret? (2)

The owner of the hotel had to give the order to the staff, letting them notify the guests to come out for inspection.

It was nap time, so a lot of guests were complaining.

“Who did id? Who was using drugs? Why not come out? Why ruin my nap time!”

“My good vacation is also ruined!”

The complaints went louder and louder. The police had to warn them, “Quiet! Do not chat!”

Then the people had to be quiet.

After a while, a police officer came out and shook his head to his captain, “We found nothing.”

The captain frowned, “Was it a false alarm?”

Hearing this, the owner of the hotel hurriedly nodded, “It must be! My guests are decent. They won’t use drugs!”

The captain still frowned and looked at the crwod.

Seeing Anna Xie in the crowd, the captain pointed at her, “Are you Anna Xie, the movie star?”

Anna was calm, “Yes.”

“Take out your personal belonging please.”

Apparently, he’s suspecting Anna.

He did not say anything, but Anna is a star, so people are accustomed to judging a star.

Just like now, the police was only asking Anna to cooperate, but a lot of people had already believed Anna was guilty.

Anna was still very calm. She laughed lightly and asked, “what, just because I am a movie star, I become a suspect?”

The police did not say anything. He just said with a serious look, “Please do as I said.”

“Of course, I understand, it’s your job.”

Then Anna took the police to her room and watched them searched every corner.

After the inspection, the police found nothing, so he went back to his captain to report.

The captain frowned lightly and said, “Sorry.”

Anna was very reasonable, “It’s okay. It’s your job.”

The police came and found nothing, and caused inconvenience for the guests.

And the one who started this, was a voice from a male or female behind the phone.

Thinking of this, the captain felt angry and looked more serious.

“Who was fooling the police? This person must be punished!”

Someone suggested, “Captain, that person must know we have a star here and want to make some noise around here. We should get the caller’s phone number, then we’ll know who made the phone call.”

The captain nodded and told his man to get the number from the calling center.

Soon the captain got the number and he dialed it with his phone.


Qiqi’s phone started to ring. It sounded so harsh.

This phone was given by the owner of the hotel.

The hotel is not big with only a few floor. Whenever the boss needed Qiqi, he would made a call.

Qiqi had just got this phone so she’s not quite familiar with the ringtone.

It took her a while to realize it was her phone.

Qiqi said hello but nobody was talking.

“Strange, is it a harassment call?”

So she hang up the phone and complained. And when she looked up again, she found everyone staring at her with a strange look.

Seeing the police who had his phone in his hand, Qiqi’s heart sank.

The red-haired girl looked at Qiqi and said, “Aren’t you Mrs Xiao’s friend? Why? Why do you want to frame her?”

“I didn’t!”

“But the truth is here! Or you think the police is lying? Look at you, you’ve drunk too much. So it’s a drunk behavior?”

“Hay! I say, she took money from paparazzi. Maybe tomorrow Anna’s name will be the headline.”

“God! How evil! You are friends! How could you do this to your friend! What a bad fortune it is to have a friend like you!”

Miss Wen’s friends started to mock and condemn Qiqi.their words sounded so harsh.

“Shut up! All of you!”

Yuqi Mu suddenly shouted. His voice startled those girls.

Miss Wen hurriedly hinted them to be quiet. Then she turned around and looked at Yuqi gently, “Mr Mu, let the police handle this.”

“Aha! You upstarts!”

Before Yuqi said something, Chuxue started to mock the girls.

And Chuxue’s words made the girls blush.

Seeing them looking at her angrily, Chuxue said, “Aren’t you? You do not know anything about the Ye family and the Xiao Family. Do you think this kind of news will affect our families? You are so naive!”

The red-haired girl said boldly, “Maybe you are powerful, but you can’t go against the law!”

“You are the ones that keep ignoring the law!” Chuxue turned around and looked at miss Wen, “do you think we are a group of dumb shits? Use your brain when you want to frame someone!”


“Qiqi is our friend and we know she’s a decent person. Do you think we will believe your words and turn our back on Qiqi?”

Miss Wen showed a mild smile and explained, “Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing to do with this. The police found out the tricky caller.”

“Good, let the police witness what good deeds you have done! Come, let’s check the camera!”

Hearing this, Miss Wen and the red-haired girl’s faces turned pale.

They had already checked that there’s no camera in this hotel, that’s why they dared to set Qiqi up for stealing the diamond ring.

But why was there a camera?

Under the eyes of Miss Wen and the red-haired girl, someone took out a laptop, in which there was a piece of video.

In the video, Anna and her friends were drinking and chatting on the penthouse. The red-haired girl stole Qiqi’s phone and made the phone call, pretending to be Qiqi. Then she put Qiqi’s phone back without being noticing.

It was a perfect secret but at the moment it was exposed to everyone mercilessly.

The red-haired girl was dumbfounded. The plan was supposed to work! What to do next?

She turned around and looked at Miss Wen. Before she talked, Miss Wen scolded her angrily, “How could you do this! I know you don’t like Qiqi, but how can you set her up! It’s filthy!”

The red-haired girl was stupefied. Then she realized that Miss Wen was abandoning her.


“Do you know how sad your mother will be when she finds out about this? You are her pride! If you make a mistake, you will lose your qualification in competing with your brother for your family property!”

Clearly, Miss Wen was threatening her, remind her to take the responsibility, or she might lose Miss Wen’s support in the family battle!

Hearing her words, the red-haired girl hesitated.

Right at this time, Chuxue said again calmly, “Your mother can’t help you, but I can. Your brother is a playboy. If you can get the investment from the Ye’s Group through your own effort, I am sure your father will be very happy.”

Chuxue’s words got the girl excited. But Miss Wen’s face turned pale.

“Do you mean it?”

“Of course. As long as you tell the truth, I’ll keep my promise.”

“Okay, i’ll tell everything.”

The red-haired girl was about to say something when Miss Wen stopped her again.

“Think twice! You can’t afford to lose!”

Miss Wen was still trying to threaten her and manipulate her.

But at the moment, the red-haired girl had found a bigger support. She would no longer show any respect to Miss Wen.

“I’ll tell everything I know,” the girl then pointed to Miss Wen and said, “she’s the one behind all these silly shit. She hates Qiqi and wants Qiqi to disappear totally, so that she can have a chance to be with Mr Mu!”

Everyone was stupefied.

“Not only so. She told me to hide her diamond necklace inside Qiqi’s case to set Qiqi up. She wants to ruin Qiqi!”

It’s unbelievable! Miss Wen looked so nice1 who could believe she actually had a heart of a snake!

Being accused by everyone, Miss Wen panicked.

“She’s lying!” Miss Wen looked at the red-haired girl hatefully, “I’ve been so nice to you and take you as my best friend. Why do you set me up? I see, you must like Mr Mu too, so you did these filthy things. Then you want me to take the responsibility for you, right?”

Seeing Miss Wen was still lying, the red-haired girl hummed, “Good friend? You think I don’t know? All you need is a loyal dog who could bark for you! As for who likes Mr Mu, why not let them check your phone? How many pictures of Mr Mu are there in your phone? Should I tell them?”

Hearing her words, Miss Wen’s face got dead pale. She stared at the red-haired girl and really wanted to rush up and tear her into pieces!

Chuxue hummed and said, “Officer, did you hear that? You must know who to arrest.”

“Miss, come with us.”

Like a dead man with a pale face, Miss Wen turned around, trembling.

When she waked past Chuxue, she heard Chuxue saying, “You think this is the end? Yuqi is not done with you!”

Hearing her words, miss Wen hurriedly turned around, only to see Yuqi’s cold and sharp eyes staring at her.

She trembled. She’s like a prey about to be attacked by the predator.

She felt so cold and scared.

She then looked at Qiqi and showed a poor look, “What about now, is it too late for me to say sorry to you?”

Qiqi was emotionless. She asked back, “What do you think?”

Miss Wen felt hopeful again. She said, “I’m sorry, I was too obsessed. Can you cak Mr Mu to forgive me?”

“Are you begging for mercy? You should be responsible for your mistakes. You should be punished or you will still cause trouble for others. Sounds familiar? You told me these words!”

With her pupils shrinking, Miss Wen cursed, “You hold grudges! A filthy rat!”

“I am a filthy rat, but you are a fake saint!”

Miss Wen still wanted to say something but the police pushed her, “Alright, let’s go! Hurry!”

Thus, a drama ended like this and the crowds all left.

Chuxue stretched her body and yawned, “Great! We’ve finally got rid of the annoying person! We can enjoy our vacation now!”

Qiqi had drank a lot and she felt dizzy. Plus the drama, Qiqi felt a headache. She wanted to go back to her room and rest.

She kneaded her temple and said, “I am exhausted. You can play as you want but I really need a rest.”

“Come on! What a bummer!”

“I’m really tired! See, my eyelids are colliding!”

Then Qiqi showed Chuxue her sleepy eyes.

Chuxue patted her on the shoulder and said, “Okay, off you go.”

As Qiqi turned around, Yuqi was about to follow her.

Chuxue hurriedly went up, trying to stop him, but Anna stopped her.

“It’s okay, let them talk. Qiqi must have a lot to say to Yuqi now, I supposed.”

“But I’, afraid Yuqi will bully her.”

“Didn’t you notice it? It has always been Qiqi who’s bully Yuqi. This playboy finally has a weak point.”

“You are right! Finally there’s someone who can grab his heart!”

“Shall we keep drinking or go back?”

“Of course we will drink here! So much good food!”

Chuxue and Anna went back to the table feeling relaxed.

But Qiqi felt pressure.

She knew Yuqi was walking behind her and she should talk with him.

But where to start?”

With this question, Qiqi paced up and walked faster and faster.

“Qiqi! I have something to tell you!”

Finally, Yuqi took the first step.

Qiqi had drunk too much, she felt dizzy. And she could see Yuqi floating in front of her eyes.

“What…what do you want to say?”

Yuqi looked at Qiqi serious and said, “Qiqi, let’s run away!”


Qiqi was surprised. Then she frowned and scolded him, “Yuqi! Don’t joke with me!”

Yuqi showed a serious look and said, “I mean it. I wanted to live with you in the mountain but we still get disturbed here. Let’s go to another place, where nobody knows Yuqi Mu, shall we?”

Looking at Yuqi in the eyes, Qiqi asked, “Are you really willing to give up everything for me?”

“Yes and I did.”

Qiqi felt her eyes were teary, “You won’t regret? You’ll feel bored if you leave the fancy city life.”

“I won’t feel bored when I’m with you.”

“you are only say so. One day you’ll get bored, even if you are with me.”

Yuqin squinted and looked at the distant place, “It’s a big world. There are many interesting thing to do and interesting places to go. We can go to Africa to see elephants and giraffes, go to Australia to see kangaroos, go to Europe to see fancy building and Latin America to watch football games. What a wonderful world it is! We don’t have tome to get bored!”

“and if we run out of money,” he added, “we can make money with our own hands. Like what we are doing now in this hotel. When we make enough money, we can start again. And when you are tired, we can settle down in your favorite city and get married there. We will have kids, boys like me and girls like you!”

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