No, Chuck Cannon, don’t do this, you are not his opponent. “Bryant immediately panicked.
Chuck Cannon is a bit muscular, but compared with this tall man, it is too far behind. How could he beat others?
This is impossible.
She was even a little angry. Chuck Cannon was trying to do his best. What if something happened?
Is it good to be beaten? Can’t bear it?
“It’s okay,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, joking, Chuck Cannon hasn’t done anything for a long time.
Everyday training and learning to fight, Chuck Cannon doesn’t know how good he is. Anyway, this big guy Owen, it should be easy to beat him.
Right now, Chuck Cannon was not able to do this, but the size of the two was not so huge. The fighting was fast and accurate and he needs to use one move to control the enemy, which was just right to deal with such a large person.
“No, don’t fight!” Bryant knew she had to do this.
He will definitely stay in the hospital below, how can this work?
“Bryant, it’s okay, my friend will learn a sentence from Huaxia in it, as long as I click it!” said the blue-eyed beauty.
Owen sneered, smug in his heart, if he punched him, it will be enough to make Chuck Cannon dizzy for three or four days and he will beat him with half body failure.
Click to stop? As long as it starts to fight, it is not like this.
“Yeah, Bryant, don’t worry, Chuck Cannon is so lucky all night and won so much money. What if he is lucky and wins again?” a girl said in a weird manner.
“Yes, fights and bumps are normal. People will stop until they stop. It’s okay. If you lie down for a few days, is a man afraid of this? What kind of man is he?”
The two girls murmured and both mocked Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon asked them to pay back the money. Now he is knocked down by Owen and knocked out. It is best to stay in the hospital for a few months. It is best to be demented. Then how can he make them payback?
“No, it won’t work. Chuck Cannon, don’t agree, it’s not worth it,” Bryant said.
It was her who brought Chuck Cannon here. At the very least, she must ensure Chuck Cannon’s safety.
“It’s okay, I have practiced too,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
“Your fitness is different from this one. He has learned other things. Chuck Cannon is really no opponent.” Bryant was anxious. Why didn’t Chuck Cannon understand?
There is a big difference between fitness and those who have learned fighting skills!
“He has learned other things, and I have learned them too,” Chuck Cannon said in Bryant’s ear.
“Oh, Chuck Cannon, don’t be aggressive,” Bryant shook her head, feeling too worried, and regretting that she shouldn’t come to this place.
“I didn’t try my best, it’s alright, I still have to make money,” Chuck Cannon looked at the blue-eyed beauty, but this beauty said that if he resisted for five seconds, she will give him one million dollars, so why didn’t he make this money?
“Hey.” Bryant sighed, knowing how to start is useless.
“Be careful.” Bryant exhorted.
Chuck Cannon came out.
The two girls ridiculed and thought he was lucky. If he wins gambling, then can he win the fight as well?
It’s not luck!
Kill you!
You think you can win a fight with good luck.
“You finally got a man again.”
The blue-eyed beauty sneered and looked at Chuck Cannon. It’s a pity that she didn’t do it herself, but her friend could do it, enough to scare this man like a mouse.
“I have always been a man,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Really? Why don’t you accept my invitation to you?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
She used jerky Chinese language, Chuck Cannon could understand.
“Have you invited me?” Chuck Cannon was astonished, did she?
“You really know how to pretend! But it’s useless to pretend now.” The blue-eyed beauty stepped back and Owen stepped forward with a faint sneer on his face.
“Play here?!” Chuck Cannon shrugged, this place is inside the casino.
Don’t this person need a bit of face?
“Otherwise? Oh, I see, are you afraid of embarrassment? Don’t worry, I will try not to embarrass you,” Owen laughed and knocked him over!
The two girls, including the blue-eyed beauty, are disdainful, so weak, and afraid of embarrassment?
Bryant hopes to fight right here, at least there are many people and people watching, then this Owen will not be too deadly.
“If you say that, it’s up to you,” Chuck Cannon moved his hands and feet.
Owen’s active fist, this sound, made people nearby come to watch. Many people have seen this Owen and know that he is the boss here.
Someone saw Owen hit someone last time and knocked them out with one punch.
Is he going to fight again now? That’s interesting.
Owen mocked, “Are you ready? It’s about to begin!”
“You can start anytime.” Chuck Cannon was ready.
“Really? Then, start!”
A fist as big as Owen’s sandbag was smashed, and it was full of horror like a wild beast!
This burly Owen punched, it was amazing!!
Owen is confident that this punch can definitely put Chuck Cannon into the hospital!
With bad luck, this guy may be beaten to death by himself, because his punch is so powerful!
He can solve him in one second!
The blue-eyed beauty sneered and stared. This Owen she taught, Owen’s strength, she knew nothing more, one punch was enough!
Bryant covered her eyes, she sighed anxiously, Chuck Cannon, you are too aggressive, how could you be someone else’s opponent?
The two girls smiled, you told to let us payback and now he will kill you!
The onlookers were surprised, this fist is so big, this is going to kill people!
Chuck Cannon took a serious look at the fists that came, and his fighting skills made Chuck Cannon react at once.
Chuck Cannon stepped back and avoided.
Such clouds are light and breezy.
Just kidding, is Chuck Cannon’s daily physical training and fighting training for fun?
With her experience, Karen Lee allowed Chuck Cannon to purposefully train the various reactions of the body, as well as various speeds. Now it is the result.
Owen was taken aback and escaped unexpectedly. He immediately struck him with a left uppercut, like a storm, following Chuck Cannon!!
The blue-eyed beauty had such a slight accident, she was a mouse-like man, as timid as a mouse, so he dodged fast enough!
But it’s useless. In the face of the right strength, hiding is useless!
Owen pursued with one punch and Chuck Cannon just dodged anyway. Suddenly, Chuck Cannon spoke, “Stop!!”
Owen sneered and stopped, he had already pursued Chuck Cannon, and he could defeat Chuck Cannon with the next punch.
“Afraid?” Irving sneered.
“No,” Chuck Cannon looked at the blue-eyed beauty, “Time is up,”
The blue-eyed beauty was surprised, frowned, “When is the time?”
This bastard wants to delay time?
“I’ve been on it for five seconds, are you ready for one million!” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.
There was a little sarcasm on the beautiful face of the blue-eyed beauty. “Get ready, I will give you one million. I can count on what I say. It doesn’t matter, but there is a problem with your wording. You can hold it for five seconds?! You are hiding, hiding like a mouse.”
“That’s right, hiding like a shameless pen, thinking that you’re very powerful, right?! In fact, it’s just timid trash.” The two girls sneered.
“Owen, knock him down,” said the blue-eyed beauty.
“No problem.” Owen clenched his fists.
It’s been a shame for him to escape for five seconds, but it won’t happen anymore. He will knock him down with one punch.
“Who taught you boxing?” Chuck Cannon asked with interest.
“Me.” The blue-eyed beauty is proud!
She is talented in this aspect. In school, playing Chinese men is the same as playing.
“You? What are you proud of? The tricks are full of loopholes, and they are embarrassing?” Chuck Cannon said straight.
“Do you dare to underestimate me? Owen hit him!” The blue-eyed beauty was angry!
When she was in school, let alone Chinese men, even American men didn’t dare to do anything to her. They were all respectful, and now she was laughed at by a mouse-like man?
This is something she cannot tolerate!
Just kidding, a mouse is qualified to laugh at herself?
“Okay, I will let him…” Owen sneered, making his fists harder! One punch keeps you up!
“Don’t you admit it? That’s okay, I’ll prove it to you!” Chuck Cannon said blankly, his eyes were like sharp swords, he immediately found the flaw, and smashed his fist!
Owen’s eyes widened and Chuck Cannon punched him back. Rumbled, Owen hit a gaming table and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

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