Chapter 56 – 60: My billionaire Mom

Chapter: 56

Zelda Maine saw Chuck Cannon walking towards her, then she looked at another side and saw Yolanda from a distance. She was a little surprised. Why did the manager come with Chuck?

Chuck’s eyes widened when he saw the stunning Zelda, who appeared to be very elegant and mature today.

“Zelda,” Chuck said as he came over.

Zelda’s eyes wandered around him, and she was surprised as well. This expensive suit was very suitable for him. It gave off a different vibe this time. He looked handsome the last time he changed his appearance, but this time, one could feel the nobility from him when he wore this suit. It was really amazing.

But when she thought of the last time when Chuck had a wet dream other, she was surprised that she didn’t feel angry.

“Well, I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” She said. Since she had received an invitation, how could it be that Chuck, being so mysterious, had not received it?

Chuck asked her why she didn’t call him. But upon asking, he felt that this was an awkward question. How could he let a woman take the initiative?

When Zelda was about to answer him, Chuck quickly changed the topic.

However, Zelda asked, “Do you know Madam Lee?”

Chuck shook his head. He didn’t know her. However, it was obvious that after the party, those who wanted to stay overnight would probably choose here. It seemed that Madam Lee was good at doing business.

“I don’t know her either, but I heard that she is a very mysterious person, but that’s none of our business. Anyway, we’ll leave after dinner…” Zelda continued.

Chuck thought the same.

“How did you and Yolanda meet?” She looked at him and asked. It was a little strange that he would bring a manager over.

“You should know, Yolanda was one of the prettiest girls back when we were studying,” Chuck said. However, with that weird look of hers, did Zelda really think that she was the new manager of the square?

“Wow, since you’re able to bring someone like her here, you must be pretty amazing too.” She said.

Chuck gave a wry smile. If Yolanda had not been working at his place, he would not have known her, let alone bringing her here.

Zelda thought to herself: “I wasn’t thinking about him at first, but he actually brought his manager here. Can’t this only be done easily if he was the boss? So it’s really him!!!”

Thinking of this, she felt a little uncomfortable and thought, “You let Yvette renew the contract, but what about me? I have also been interested in that place for a long time.”

Zelda wanted to ask Chuck clearly, but when she saw him suddenly turned around and walked away, she muttered, “Escaping?”


“Yolanda, who did you come with?” William had a cold look on his face. His girlfriend didn’t come with him, but with another man. How could he be happy?

“It’s none of your business. Besides, this is someone else’s place. Please don’t talk so loudly here.” Yolanda shook her head.

She sighed in her heart. Why did William come here too? Sigh, his father, was the boss of King Cross Realty. This ve-star hotel was built by his father’s company. How could he not be invited by the new boss?

“In this entire city, there is no place that I, William Yuri, can’t speak loudly as I please.” He said proudly.

Wiliam sneered. “Who brought you here? Scared of telling me? You are my woman. How dare you try to betray me? Believe it or not, I will cripple him today!”

“I came here on my ovvn. Don’t make a scene,” Yolanda was in a hurry, so she prepared to pull Wiliam outside first.

Of course, she didn’t want to get her boss involved. If she was red because of this, she would be really sad. Without a good boss and no good opportunity, how could she let her family recover?

“Hmph, now you know you’re wrong? Well, come with me to the toilet, and I’ll spare you this time. I’ll let that coward off the hook this time.” William stared at Yolanda’s breast and said with a sly smile.

Yolanda was stunned, and her beautiful face was instantly filled with anger.

“If you don’t listen to me, then I’ll kill the coward who brought you here today, I will definitely kill him! He dares to rob my woman, then he must be tired of being alive!… Yolanda, you don’t want him to have an accident, do you? Be obedient and follow me to the toilet. There are so many people out there, it’ll be very exciting. I am sure that you’ll love it.”

William sneered, and at the same time, he joked in his heart, “Hmph, I’ll take advantage of you first, and then I’ll cripple the man who brought you here later!”

William dragged Yolanda to the toilet. She struggled, “Don’t do this, please…”

She was anxious and wanted to escape now, but William grabbed her hand very tightly. How could she be more powerful than a man?

But suddenly, a hand grabbed her, and Yolanda’s body trembled. When she turned her head, she was stunned.

“What are you doing?” Chuck pulled

Yolanda behind him and protected her, he said while staring at Willian angrily. This man was once the famous rich kid in his school. How could Chuck not have heard of him before?

However, seeing William forcing an unwilling Yolanda to the toilet, it was not difficult to figure out what that pervert wanted to do.

William stared at Chuck. He didn’t know who this person was, but Chuck’s high-grade expensive clothes made him understand the situation a little. “Was it this guy who brought my woman here?” He thought.

“He must be. It seemed that this guy was rich, but it is pale in comparison to my family. What’s more, I have the support from gangsters, I could kill this guy easily!” Thinking of this, William’s arrogance showed up, “Hmph, boy, do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are.” Chuck couldn’t be bothered to talk to him. William was so angry that he raised his leg and kicked at Chuck. Chuck fell to the ground. It was so painful because his forehead was hit hard on the ground. Yolanda was anxious. “Chuck… William, why did you hit him?”


William raised his hand and slapped Yolanda, which injured the corner of her mouth, and blood started to ow down.

Yolanda did not cover her face with her hand. Instead, she stared stubbornly at William, “Is that enough?”

Slap! Slap!! Slap!!!

“You cuckolded me. What the f**k!” William shouted.

William raised his hand and slapped Yolanda heavily again. Yolanda was still standing, her face was red and swollen, and there was more blood on the corner of her mouth. However, her stubbornness prevented her from moving or crying.

However, the sound of the slaps silenced everyone in the hall. Many people came over and gossiped.

“What’s going on? Isn’t this Richard Yuri’s son?”

“He is. In the entire city, he is the only one who can beat up other people on such an occasion.”

“Then who was the one that fell down just now?”

“I don’t know. He should be some rich person’s son. But he’s in trouble. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you offended Richard’s son, you’re in big trouble.”

“I think so too. This young man is doomed. Richard isn’t someone you can simply provoke with. It’s likely that he’ll even get his parents in trouble.”

The onlookers were talking about it. Some of them sympathized with Chuck, some felt that Chuck was unlucky, and some mocked him even more, thinking that Chuck did not know what he was getting himself into and dared to play tricks on William’s girlfriend.

“Yolanda, I’m going to beat him up! And I’m going to hit him until he dies. How dare you grab my woman? I want you to know that you really have a poor taste In women! You cheap bastard!” William lifted his leg and kicked him over and over. He kicked Chuck to the ground again as soon as he got up. He kicked for a few times in a row, and it was so painful that Chuck almost passed out.


Chuck was kicked and slammed into a table. He gritted his teeth and got up. Now, Chuck was also angry. He picked up a wine bottle on the table and threw it at William, who was sneering.

Chapter: 57

Crash! The clear sound of glass shattering echoed through the great hall.

Chuck Cannon, who was furious, grabbed a bottle and smashed it. The glass shattered, and William screamed. He covered his face with his hands. He was full of ferociousness. His head was full of red wine, which embarrassed him greatly.

The onlookers were dumbfounded and began to discuss their own opinions.

“Who, who is this young man? How dare he hit Richard’s son? He’s so cruel!”

“That’s right. If he fights like this, Richard will never let this one slide off so easily!”

“Young people nowadays are too impulsive.”

“I think today’s banquet is about to change. It’s going to be Richard Yuri’s revenge for his son!”

“Then I guess the new boss of this hotel, Karen Lee, can’t do anything about it. Today’s banquet is supposed to promote her hotel, but I guess she didn’t expect her spotlight to be stolen by these two young people.”

“You are wrong. Richard is the one that’s going to steal the limelight. Now that the new boss, Karen, has not even come out yet, I guess she can only turn a blind eye to this mess. She wouldn’t come out until Richard had settled this matter. Otherwise, she will offend him as soon as he arrives. After that, she will definitely not be able to stay in the city anymore.”

“For sure. If I were her, I definitely wouldn’t have come out before the matter is settled. She’s definitely not the stupid type, since she managed to get this hotel. Besides, who’s bold enough to offend Richard here?”

Yolanda covered her mouth and was stunned.

Zelda, who was running over, was also shocked. Why did Chuck and William, Richard Yuri’s son, fight each other?

Furthermore, he even used a wine bottle to smash Richard’s face. This was so bold that it could be considered stupid. Everyone knew that William had some sort of relationship with gangsters.

Zelda’s heart was anxious. What should she do? What could she do? Something must happen to Chuck today. He was too rash.

Wilbur and Harold were also shocked. Wilbur shook his head and thought, “How dare he hit William? It’s….”

Harold took a look at William, and there was a weird sparkle in his eyes.

“Ah! Don’t you f*cking know who my father is!? How dare you hit me? I’m the only one who can hit other people around here. How dare you hit me?” William roared like a madman, clutching his head with his hand. His voice was full of disbelief.

Chuck lifted his leg and kicked him. The kick was filled with anger. William covered his stomach and screamed, “Both of you…..”

Slap! Slap!! Slap!!!

Chuck didn’t want him to talk nonsense anymore, so he raised his hand and slapped him. The slap was very heavy, the loud sound from slapping his face echoed in the big hall. William’s handsome face was already red and swollen. He got up from the ground. The burning pain on his face stung his nerves. This was an insult!

“You’re dead, I swear you won’t be alive after today!” He was now a wild beast, full of anger.

Here, no one had ever dared to hit him, let alone in front of so many people, this great humiliation made him ferocious!

“You don’t know who you are messing up with. My surname is Yuri, and my father is Richard Yuri! Today, I’ll make you kneel and plead to me before you die!”

There was a terrifying grin on his face.



Chuck remained unmoved and once again slapped him in the face!

The broad palm slapped on William’s cheek made him dizzy. He sat down on the ground, thinking about how hard he was slapped!

The audience was even more dumbfounded!

“What? Are you still beating him? Don’t he know who Richard is?”

“That’s impossible. Who in this entire city doesn’t know Richard? He must know! This young man must be so out of his mind that he doesn’t know where he is and what the condition he is in now. If he really doesn’t know his own position, then there is no way anyone can save him now.”

“That’s right. If you offend Richard’s son, you’ll have no choice but to end up as a cripple, at the very least.” These people whispered, and many people sympathized with Chuck. Some even whispered that Chuck should run away as soon as possible.

“Chuck Cannon!”

Yolanda finally came back to her senses. She ran over in a panic and pulled him away. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for getting you into this. You’d better leave first.”

Yolanda knew that Chuck had money, but money and gangster background were two different things. Back in the time when she was still in school, she saw with her own eye, where there was only a slight quarrel, yet William called someone over!

Within ten minutes, a car filled with people came over and fiercely beat the boy into a coma and seriously injured him on the spot!

William, who had been insulted today, would definitely do the same. Moreover, there would definitely be many more people who would come to help him! She was worried that Chuck would end up like that person, or even worse than that person that was beaten up.

Before Chuck could speak, William had already gotten up from the ground. His eyes were blood-red, and he looked like a beast. “Leave? He’s not going anywhere!”

Every word he said was filled with anger and viciousness.

It made everyone’s hair stand on end. They looked at each other in dismay. This was a kind of anger, the so-called ‘anger that came from William Yuri!’

What was he going to do?

He was still laughing. His smile was so ferocious!

Yolanda’s face turned pale. She knew what William was going to do, she knew….. “I’ll tell you who you’ve offended today. Today I’m going to see you convulsing in your own pool of blood. I’ll see your terrified face, hear you begging for mercy, and then watch as you close your eyes… What a wonderful picture! I’ll enjoy it, I’ll enjoy it very much!”

His cold voice made a few women’s hairs stand on end. It was horrible! With this, William took out his mobile phone and dialed a number! There was no going back. There was no way William was going to stop!

He had been beaten just now. The humiliation he felt was more than word could describe! He had to take revenge at Chuck, to regain his honor and dignity!

The phone was connected, and there was dead silence in the room.

Yolanda’s face became paler and paler, and her lips trembled. She was not afraid, but guilty for involving her boss, Chuck. When this phone call ends, Richard will be extremely angry. No one could avoid this, not even Chuck….

“Dad!” William gave him a hideous smile…

“Hello, son, how is it? Have you finally met that Karen Lee?” There was a calm voice on the phone, as if nothing could affect him.

This was truly Richard’s voice! All the people around looked at each other in dismay.


“No? That’s ne. Karen hasn’t got any real ability. She just has some money. If she wishes to stay here, she will take the initiative to look for me… However, my God, what’s wrong with your voice? What happened?”

“Dad, someone hit me just now!” William stared at Chuck like a viper.

“Hit you! What!? Someone dared to hit you?” There was a sudden slamming sound on the table from the phone, and then the tone was as cold as ice.

“Yes, a person!” William said as he grinned.

“Wait for me! I’ll send someone over.” Richard said immediately.

“Dad, ask more people to come here, because I want to see this person lying in a pool of blood today! I want him to die!” William was ferocious.

“Just hold on there! How dare anyone hit my son! He must be tired of living!”

The phone was hung up, and then the whole place was so quiet that even the sound of a fallen needle could be heard!

William’s face was almost distorted. At this moment, he looked at Chuck as if he were a dead man.

“He really called someone here!”

“It’s over. This young man is really finished. Richard is furious. He’s not joking.”

The sound of the discussion was like waves. They all thought that Chuck’s life was finished. These voices made William feel full of pleasure, knowing he’s going to get his revenge.

Yolanda bit her lips tightly, and her voice calmed down. “Chuck, I got you into trouble today. You’d better leave now! Otherwise, his men will come, and you won’t be able to leave.”

She was prepared to bear all these responsibilities. Chuck shot her a glance. After all, his effort to save her today didn’t turn into nothing. Zelda’s heart was filled with anxiety. “Hurry up and leave!” She thought.

She hurried over to Harold’s side and said, “Director Wendel, you and Richard know each other. Please call him and calm him down. It’ll be fine if this could be settled with money. Don’t fight or kill. In case something happens….”

“It’s too late for that.” Harold shook his head. “It’s not like you don’t know Richard’s character. Once the call comes out, he’ll come over soon! It’s just too late, and it’s not going to work even if I make a call….”

Harold’s voice was strange. He looked at Chuck’s every move, and a strange feeling gurgled in his heart. Why didn’t he call Logan yet? It was more useful for the man to talk to Richard in person.

“Chuck, please leave now!” Yolanda said anxiously.

“Hahaha, leave? I already said that he can’t leave today!” William sneered, and his voice echoed in the hall, loud and insidious!

“Really?” Chuck glanced at William. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket, tapped a number, and dialed!

Chapter: 58

Right as Chuck took out his mobile phone, everyone in the hall was stunned and even shocked. Others were confused.

“Uh, does he intend to call someone else?”

“Look, he also took out his mobile phone.”

“That’s funny. I’ve never seen this young man before. Who on earth could he call?”

“In this entire city, there are only a few people who have backups that they can call, and I know all of them. This young man in front of us isn’t one of them.”

“In my opinion, this young man is not calling someone, but rather, the police!”

“Yeah. Facing someone like Richard Yuri, one can only call the police, right? But it’s a little too late to call the police at this time, isn’t it?”

“It’s better to be late than being beaten to death!”

Seeing Chuck taking out his mobile phone, William gave a hideous smile. That was very sarcastic!

“You’re gonna make a call too? My father knows every gang in the entire city, so who are you calling? It’s okay if you call a few gangsters, but even if they do come, they’ll only be scared out of their wits. This is hilarious, even up to this point, you’re still struggling. It’s too late to realize what you did wrong! But… If you come here, kneel down and apologize to me until I’m satisfied, then maybe I will change my mind to be merciful and not make it too hard for you.”

William sneered. His father knew every gangster in the city, and even a few in other cities as well. In Wiliam’s mind, it was disdainful for Chuck to take out his phone.

“Go on! Keep pretending, you don’t have much time left!” William thought. At this moment, William was full of joy and excitement. He couldn’t wait any longer. Yolanda looked at Chuck, who was on the phone, with a dull eye. Who was he calling?

Zelda was anxious, as well. She felt that it was best to run away rather than making a phone call at this time. However, Harold had different thoughts. He was looking forward to it and thought, “Is he calling Logan?”

“Mom!” When the phone was connected, Chuck walked to the side and called.

Now he could only call his own mother. Didn’t his mother say that she had returned? Chuck didn’t know where his mother was, but with his mother’s abilities, she should be able to nd a solution for him.

“Hey, Chucky…” she replied.

Hearing his mother’s voice, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. “Mom, I have encountered a problem. Can you help me?”

Chuck knew from the onlookers that Richard Yuri was cruel and merciless. The problem was that he had a criminal background. He could ask dozens of people to come over with just a phone call. He didn’t know if his mother could solve such a problem.

After all, there was still a difference between rich people and gangsters. “Of course, You can wait for me. I’ll help you with it right away!” His mom said.

“Mom, have you heard of Richard Yuri?” Chuck added hurriedly.

“Richard?” She asked.

“Yes, I am now in a five-star hotel in the city. He’s going to bring dozens of people over….” Chuck told her.

“That is much?” She replied.

On the phone, his mother chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. This is just a piece of cake. Just wait!”

“Well, mom, where are you now?” Chuck was completely relieved. But how could his mother solve this problem? Would she call Richard or ask someone to come over? If it was the latter, she should have more people come over.

“Me…. make a guess!” She told him. His mother didn’t even leave any clues behind, so how could he guess?

“Wait,” She said this before hanging up the phone. After hanging up the phone, Chuck tried to calm down and put the phone in his pocket.

“Who exactly did he call?”

“Who knows? Anyway, I think it’s the police.”

“I think so too, but still, I think escape is the best choice. When the time comes, it will be useless to kneel down or even beg for mercy.”

“He can’t run away anymore, can he? Hey, there seems to be a sound of car brakes outside. Richard’s men are coming!”

The onlookers saw how quickly Chuck finished his phone call and was even more confused. Everyone was talking about it, but when they heard the sound of the car roaring outside, they subconsciously looked out.


The messy and repeated tapping footsteps came from outside. People were coming, and there were plenty of people!

The whole place was silent. They broke out in cold sweat. These were a group of despicable people who didn’t care about their own lives. The people in the hall were starting to get nervous. Some women were even about to cover their eyes. The scene would definitely get very bloody later.

William sneered! Finally, they had arrived!

From the sound of the footsteps, it seemed that the leader was a man in a suit. He Iooked like he was in his forties or fifties, with a shocking scar on his face, which made his whole face even more horrible and ferocious. Many people felt scared when they saw him at first sight.

He exuded a domineering aura. His cold eyes made it impossible for many people to look at him in the eyes!

There were about 30 or 40 people behind him. All of them were tall, muscular, and expressionless. There was a kind of evil energy that exuded from them.

One call from William actually got this many people to come!

“This is the Real Estate Tycoon!”

“It’s really him. I heard that he had crippled someone recently. He’s very arrogant and cruel. Oh my gosh, this young man is finished today!”

“Who told him to be arrogant? Who would even bene t from getting the bad side of William?”

“Hey, why haven’t the men that the young man called arrived yet?”

“Why would they even come? Damian Wills is here, would anyone else even dare to show up? They’re better off hiding.”

The onlookers had different expressions on their faces, and the voices of discussions were endless.

Yolanda’s face turned even paler. “Oh no, I’m really getting my boss into so much trouble…”

“Master Yuri, your father asked me to deal with this matter. Who is it?”

Damian’s face was expressionless, and his voice was cold.

William sneered and raised his hand to point at Chuck. “That guy!” With such casual pointing, many women covered their mouths in shock; the fight was about to start!

Damian glanced at Chuck without any expression. “Alright. What are your orders, Master Yuri?”

“Orders? That would be too much,” William sneered. “First, hit him for three minutes straight. After that, give him a hard slap in the face, crush his hands, both of it. Then… let him kneel down and beg for mercy from me! Remember, I want him to be afraid and beg for mercy with tears rolling down his disgusting face.”

“No problem, just you wait!” Damian said. Damian nodded and stepped out. Behind him, three or forty more people followed!

This kind of horrible aura made the onlookers subconsciously retreat. This was a kind of oppression that no one can ever imagine!

They were all rich people, but at this moment, no one dared to speak because they were afraid of getting involved in this. Because of Damian’s reputation, they were feared!

“Should we do it, or do you want to do this yourself?” Damian said with a poker face. His voice was not loud, but it entered everyone’s ears. The coldness in his voice sent chills down everyone’s spine!

“It’s starting, It’s going to be bloody!” Everyone held their breath.

At this moment, the whole place was dead silent. Chuck didn’t speak a word, but his face was calm.

Yolanda bit her lip and spoke. “William, let him go. I’ll go with you today!”

“It’s too late for that now. I’m going to show you how bad your taste is!” William sneered and shook his head. “And, if you sided him anymore, you will only make me torture him more. No one can save him today! Damian, let’s begin!”

Yolanda’s face was pale. She didn’t cry when she was beaten just now, but the strong guilt at the moment made her tears gush out. She said, “Chuck, I’m sorry….”

Damian nodded and slightly raised his hand. More than 30 people came behind him and surrounded Chuck. All of them were expressionless and full of astonishing evil spirits!

“Wait!” Chuck said.

Damian’s face was calm. He raised his hand, and all of his men stopped moving. The scene was shrouded in a tense and fearful atmosphere. It seemed like there would be a horrible bloody scene at any second!

“What is he going to do?”

“He’s going to beg for mercy! I’m sure he is! What else is he going to do?”

The onlookers whispered. William laughed sinisterly, full of pleasure, “Haha, come here, come here! Kneel down to me!”

Chuck walked over. William’s face was distorted from laughing too much. He was too happy. “Kneel, kneel for me….”


Chuck didn’t say a word. Instead, he raised his hand and slapped William. A loud sound of fresh being hit echoed throughout the hall.

Everyone was shocked and filled with disbelief! What’s this? He still dared to hit William by now? It was beyond everyone’s expectations! Even Damian and the dozens of men that he brought with him were stunned.

“Beat him! Kill him! Now!” William roared in a low voice.

Damian frowned and walked over. Dozens of people gathered behind him. But all of a sudden, a loud bang came from the outside!

Everyone was stunned. What had happened? Who was it?

Chapter: 59

Damian’s face turned pale. He could hear the sound of someone smashing the car. Dozens of people behind him looked at each other nervously.


Another sound came.

“Get out there and look at what’s going on!” Damian ordered coldly.

A yellow-haired man immediately ran out, but the sound of the car being smashed was still there. People in the hall looked at each other. What happened? Who was smashing the car? Who could it be?

“Boss, someone is smashing our car!” The yellow-haired man who had just run out returned with anger. Damian’s face turned really angry. How dare someone to smash his car!?

That person must be looking for death!


The sound was still there, and then.. footsteps came in. Someone walked in.

Chuck looked over as the others did. He saw a woman in a black suit entering. She was not very old, as she was only in her early twenties, but her face looked very cold. She was carrying a steel pipe in her hand. It seemed that she was the one who smashed the car just now.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know. Is this who the young man called?”

“Maybe, but why is there only one person here?”

“This young man obviously doesn’t have enough power. He can only summon one person here! He can’t call anyone else over.”

The voices of discussion at the scene rose one after another, but many of them were disdainful and scornful.

“Who are you? How dare you smash my car?” Damian stared at the woman in the suit. His voice was so cold and full of anger that he was about to erupt.

The woman in the suit didn’t even look at Damian and walked up to Chuck.

“She really did come for Chuck!”

“What’s the use of calling a single person here?”

“They’re going to die together.”

Chuck was surprised. This woman was so young. What was her relationship with his mother?

“Please wait for a moment,” she said.

The woman in the suit said and then walked to Damian.

He stared at her. “Who the hell are you? How dare you smash…”

The woman in the suit didn’t speak. After shaking her head slightly, she just walked to the side and moved the table and chairs away as if she didn’t want anyone to break it. Soon, she cleared up space. It was empty.

Everyone looked at each other with disdain and ridicule. What was she going to do? Was she afraid that she would fall too hard when she was beaten?

Damian felt insulted. How dare a woman ignore him like this?

When he raised his hand, more than 30 people behind him stared at the woman in the suit. They clenched their fists and surrounded her with killing intent.

The woman in the suit didn’t get even an inch. Instead, she just walked over and raised her hand to grab Damian’s collar. He was furious, but he was pushed to the ground by the woman in just a split second, and then…..

He was dragged to Chuck’s side by the woman in the suit. He had never thought that this woman would dare to do anything to him, nor did he expect her strength to be so huge!


The woman in the suit raised the iron stick in her hand and hit his knee.

“Ah!!!” He screamed in pain. Damian knelt down in pain. He knelt down in front of Chuck!

“Boss!” Someone screamed.

“How dare you beat our boss! We’ll kill you!” Another of them threatened.

More than 30 people brought by Damian immediately ew into a rage and rushed over.


Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of footsteps came in in an abnormally orderly way as if there were hundreds of people coming in from outside. This was…..

Everyone in the hall widened their eyes. What was going on? Who’s coming? Damian’s group of more than 30 people stopped all of a sudden.

As the sound of footsteps approached, many people walked in through the door of the hotel from the outside. They were carrying an oppressive feeling that is beyond description!

There were more than a hundred people in suits! All of them looked cold and stern!

In an instant, the large hall was enveloped by a cold aura that everyone’s blood literally ran cold at an instant!

They walked in and didn’t touch any table or chairs in the hotel. According to the space that the woman in the suit made just now, they surrounded Damian and his men!

The one hundred people surrounded the group of more than thirty people.

Their eyes were like eagles, which gave out a kind of deterrence.

The facial expression of these dozens of people brought by Damian suddenly changed. Some of them were trembling, and fear appeared on their faces. They leaned against each other like frightened wild dogs, they didn’t dare to take a single move. In an instant, the situation changed dramatically!

“Wow, there are so many people, but all of them are wearing the same clothes.

Are they mercenaries?”

“Absolutely. Richard called Damian over. But there are only a few dozen of them. I didn’t expect this young man to have brought so many mercenaries here. This is really terrifying!”

They were talking about it, and there was no longer a single trace of sarcasm in their tone, they were rather shocked.

Their strong oppression made Damian widen his eyes. “l am Damian Wills. Who are you?”


The woman in the suit raised her hand and slapped him hard, which made his face red and swollen.

“Kneel!” She ordered. Her tone did not change at all.

“Who are you? I am Damian….” He was furious. Who in this city didn’t know him? How dare someone even tries to hit him?


The woman in the suit slapped him again, and he spat out blood and became even angrier. “Don’t you f*cking know me?”

However, before he could finish his words, his anger disappeared in an instant.

In fact, he was shocked!

The woman in the suit raised her hand and snapped her fingers.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of people attacked at once. They stuck out their well-trained sts at the same time, which rained down like steel. Damian’s men were all too terrified to resist.

“No!” One of Damian’s men wailed.

“Don’t beat us! Don’t!” Another man joined him.

“We know we were wrong. Please don’t, we’ll die…” One more man begged.

They screamed, and the cries of agony and the cries for mercy were heard. They tried to resist, but they couldn’t. They were no match for the mercenaries at all. A hundred people versus around 30 people. In less than a minute, they all fell to the ground one by one like garbage, whining constantly.

This scene made all the people present to open their eyes wide. The people brought by Damian were defeated, and they looked miserable!

It happened so fast that they hadn’t returned to their senses yet.

Harold’s eyes widened. He could not believe it. Were these people called over by Logan?

Zelda’s eyes went blank. The people he had summoned….. “Chuck, who exactly are you?” Zelda is a little terrified.

Yolanda couldn’t speak anymore. It all happened too fast. She thought that Chuck would be defeated, but he didn’t….

“You…..” Damian was speechless.

Damian was shocked. He was the one who had the most followers in the city. He could summon more than one hundred people at once, but it was useless. These men in suits were too strong. They were just like mercenaries. Each of them was able to take out seven or eight of Damian’s men. Even if he called all his men here, they would probably still be defeated.

These people were too horrifying!


The woman in the suit slapped him again, and her voice was still cold. “Kneel!”

Damian was shocked and hurriedly did as she commanded. ”Bang, bang, bang,”

He bowed and slammed his head into the ground towards Chuck over and over again!

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded. Did Damian, the biggest baddie in the city, just admit to defeat like that?

“Spare my life, spare my life!” Damian pleaded!

Chuck glanced at him and ignored him. Damian stopped, but the eyes of the woman in the suit turned cold. She hit Damian on the back with the iron stick in her hand. He screamed and continued like a pug. He did not dare to stop.

Chuck locked his sight at one person, that is William.

William was so shocked that his mouth was wide open.

The shock in his heart rose within these three minutes and could not be described with words. He thought that if Damian was called here, Chuck would definitely be finished today. But he didn’t expect that Chuck would call in so many people. The appearance of these people overturned William’s view of strength!

“Get over here!” The woman in the suit said in a cold tone.

William’s legs were shaking as he collapsed to the ground. The woman in the suit snapped her fingers, and more than a hundred people walked up to him. The pressure made William’s face pale, and his whole body trembled. “What are you doing? What are you doing? My father is Richard Yuri. Don’t you dare to touch me!”

“You wait. I will call my dad. You are all finished, finished!” William took out his mobile phone. None of the people around him stopped him, they were just looking at him silently.

The phone was connected.

“Dad, call someone over quickly, dad!” William shouted, but suddenly he was stunned because he heard a van outside. He got up and looked at it, and immediately he was surprised. ”Haha, my dad is here! Dad, I’m here! Dad!”

William ran over, but he was stunned. It was because his father, Richard, had come alone, and he looked flustered. “What had happened to dad?” He wanted to know why.

Chapter: 60

Richard walked in. He came in alone.

Just now, when he was outside, he asked Damian to bring some people over first. He would arrive soon as he wanted to see who had the guts to hit his son!

When he came, he brought along plenty of people here. But just as he was about to depart, someone suddenly called him. He had never received this call before because the number was very strange to him. He didn’t want to answer it at first, but when he saw this rare number, he answered it in confusion. There was a woman’s voice on the phone, and she first said her surname was Logan….

Richard thought about it over and over again. Who else could have such a rare number? There seemed to be no one else other than that so-called Logan.

He was suddenly shocked and hurriedly asked her what she wanted courteously. The coldness and calmness from the phone were ones he would never forget in his life ever.

“Richard, you’ve offended my friend’s precious son. Let’s see what you’re going to do about that!” She said. With a simple sentence, the phone ended.

Richard was so frightened that he almost dropped his phone on the ground. When did he offend someone’s precious son? He thought for a while and finally thought of what he was going to do. He was going to see who hit his son!

Could it be that the man who beat his son was a friend of Logan? He drove over at once. He was nervous throughout the journey. He kept telling himself that it couldn’t be so coincidental. But when he saw Damian’s car was whacked at the door, he knew something was wrong. It was really his son who had caused trouble.

Logan could not be messed with no matter what! If one did, he could disappear at any time. His heart sank!

The entire hall was silent because he had entered. Everyone in the hall looked at Richard. Many people knew him, and some were already prepared to watch the show to begin.

“Haha, I don’t know how Richard is going to deal with this matter!” Someone muttered.

“There’s no way to deal with it. This young man’s background is obviously not ordinary, but is sure pale in comparison to Richard’s!” Another gossipped.

“I personally think highly of Richard. He knows every gangsters’ club in the city, and that’s beyond counting. You can see that Richard has come here alone since he has guts and confidence!” A person laughed.

“I think so too. No matter what, Richard is a real estate tycoon. He is rich and has a strong background. No one present here is comparable to him. We have seen all kinds of situations before. If he dares to come alone, then the result is already decided,” a random person said.

“Yeah! I don’t know who this young man is. I’ve never seen him before. I’m really curious about how he called so many well-trained people over for a phone call. But the real contest is not about the number of people. After all, the older, the wiser!”

Everyone present knew Richard Yuri. Who had never heard of this name? Most of the people present were shocked by his arrival alone. They all thought that Richard would be able to resolve this matter in a few words.

After all, he had a reputation.

Harold knew Richard as well, but he could tell that something was wrong from his expression. “It was as if he had received a call from Logan. Did he receive the phone call?” Harold wondered.

Harold was then shocked by the action of Richard.

“Dad!” William ran over in surprise.

“Dad, he’s the man who hit me. He even called so many people over. Hmph, he is threatening the name of our family. Dad, call everyone now and let this kid see what the real meaning of strength and background is! We’ll make a phone call and call ten trucks of people to come!” William sneered proudly.

He was really a little scared when he was surrounded by so many people just now, but now he was not afraid anymore because his father had arrived.

He stared at the hundreds of people who surrounded him just now and sneered. “Do y’all regret it now? Who told y’all to force me to make this call? Now that my dad is here. Are you ready to kneel down and beg for your lives?” He thought.

But…. William was puzzled, “Dad, why are you not looking well? Is it….”


Richard glanced at his son. The anger in his stomach finally erupted. He raised his large hand and flung it out.

The sound of slapping could be heard clearly throughout the main hall!

What happened?

The onlookers in the grand hall were stunned. What’s wrong? Did Richard actually hit his own son in public?

“Dad, why did you hit me?” After being shocked, William touched his cheek with the grievance.

“Hell, how many times did I tell you? Be a good boy, and don’t fucking cause trouble for me all day long!”

Richard kicked him, causing him to fall to the ground with a cry of pain. He found it had to believe that his father had actually hit him.

Everyone present was dumbfounded. Was he admitting defeat?

Didn’t Richard come here to negotiate with the young man? “Why has he admitted defeat before a fight?” They were confused and focused their eyes on Richard again.

What exactly is the background of this young man?

Zelda’s face was full of shock. She thought that if Richard came, things would only become more complicated. But she was wrong. After Richard came, things only became more simple….

Yolanda was already shocked to the core. She clearly knew how powerful Richard’s background was. If he came in person, it meant that there would be a bloody scene here. But she had never thought that Richard would deal with it like this. Her eyes turned to Chuck. She wondered what her boss’s background was?

“Oh, dad, don’t hit me, don’t!” William screamed on the ground.

The whole hall was filled with the sound of him begging for mercy.

Chuck touched his nose, and the woman in the suit came over. “Your mother wanted you to make the decision!”

“Me?” Chuck was surprised.

The woman in the suit nodded. ”Yes, by the way, your mother thought that he should be taught a lesson, so your mother suggested that he should take a vacation in the hospital….”

Chuck thought for a moment and nodded. William really made Chuck very angry and uncomfortable today.

“Then let’s do it according to my mother’s wishes!” Chuck said.

“Alright! Just a moment.” She said. The woman in the suit nodded and turned around. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. The hundreds of people she brought over immediately surrounded Richard and his son. The suppression immediately shrouded the scene again.

William was shocked. He got up in horror and hid behind his father. “Dad, save me!”

The muscles on Richard’s face twitched. “My son already knew that he was wrong. Please…”

“What did you say?” The woman in the suit said in a low voice.

“I said, my son already knew that he was wrong….” Richard took a deep breath.

There were so many people surrounding him, and their gazes were so cold that they made him feel an oppressive pressure that he had never felt before. His heart began to beat faster.

“Say it again!” The voice of the suited woman was still faint as if a real estate tycoon in the city was not worth mentioning in her eyes.

“I….” Richard’s face was as pale as death. The words that he was about to speak were unable to utter at the moment.

“Dad, you have to save me, you have to save me!” William screamed in horror, but his father sighed and remained the same. Everyone present was completely shocked!

Richard hit his own son when he came in. This was enough to shock them.

Now, he still wanted to send his son to be beaten without saying a word. This…..

The whole place was as silent as a graveyard! Because no one had expected this!

“Dad, do something. Dad, I am your son. There’s too many of them. I will certainly be beaten to death. Ah….” William looked at Chuck in honor. He crawled over with all his hands and feet. With a plop, William knelt down. He knelt to Chuck Cannon!

William was frightened by the amount of people. If he was beaten up like this, he would definitely die. He still wanted to live.

He begged for mercy. “I know I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again!”

Chuck looked down at him calmly, which made William even more frightened, “Who have I offended!”


The woman in the suit raised her hand and snapped her fingers. “Don’t dirty this place, drag him out!”

Out of over one hundred people, ten of them came out and dragged him out.

William struggled and shouted, “No, I’m Richard Yuri’s son. Please don’t…..”


The woman in the suit frowned and kicked him in the face. William passed out with a scream, and his face was still full of fear.

“Take this outside!” said the woman in the suit.

Ten people dragged the unconscious William out of the hall. The sound of violent beating came from outside, and the hall was dead silent!

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