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Chapter 560: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 560 Let’s Be Together (1)

Hearing about Yuqi’s fantasy, Qiqi showed a light smile, “It’s a wonderful illusion!”

“It’s not an illusion! It’s our future life! We can forget who we are and experience different lives. We can live for ourselves! We are equal to each other. No one is nobler than the other.

After saying this, Yuqi was waiting for Qiqi respond. But Qiqi showed no reaction. He asked, “Why aren’t you talking?”

“Because I am a bit impressed.”

“Wow! Then it’s a deal! Let’s…”

“I am not impressed by your plan. I am impressed by what you’ve done for me.”

Qiqi’s word got Yuqi dumbfounded. He looked up and watched Qiqi. A unique feeling arose from his heart.

“This whole time, it is you who’s been chasing after me. We were actually not equal. I thought we were unequal in our status, but I was wrong. We were unequal in terms of givings and takings in this relationship. I do have feelings for yo but I dared not face my heart. Compared to me, you are much braver. You dare to love and hate. You can be so free because you have a lot of things, but I have nothing to lose because I have nothing!”

Yuqi seemed to have understood what Qiqi meant but he was not sure about it.

He blinked his eyes and asked, “So you mean…”

Qiqi took a deep breath and looked at Yuqi, “I would very much like to see elephants and giraffes, kangaroos and building.”

“You are saying…”

“Yes, let’s be together!”

Qiqi’s words made Yuqi laugh so happily. His smile was so big that his mouth corners were about to reach his ears!

“Qiqi, am I dreaming? Do you really…really…”

“Yes, I meant what I said.”

Yuqi ran up to her and hugged her tightly in his arms, as if he was about to squeeze her into his arms.

“Qiqi! I finally got you!”

Being hugged by yuqi, Qiqi felt dizzier.

She leaned her head against Yuqi’s shoulder and said, “You are hugging me too tight! I can hardly breathe!”

“Okay then, I’ll let go!”

Then Yuqi let go of Qiqi.

Qiqi could finally breathe. But she felt something warm on her lips and she was surprised.

Yuqi’s kiss was loving and overbearing. It was like the soft seawater, surrounding Qiqi tightly and making wanna sink into it.

Well, since she’s in love of this feeling, then sink!

Qiqi closed her eyes lightly and wrapped her arms around Yuqi.

The next day…

It began to rain at midnight. But it stopped in the morning. The sun came out.

The air was humid because of the rain. A smell of the fragrant flowers and trees was floating in the air.

Qiqi felt so comfortable to wake up in such a beautiful morning.

She sat up from the bed and stretched her body, feeling refreshed.

She stood up and drew the curtain. Out of the window, the beautiful scenery of the mountain was hiding behind the white fog. It was so pleasant for the eyes to watch.

While Qiqi was enjoying the beautiful view, someone downstairs started to yell, “Time for breakfast!”

“Okay! I’m coming down!”

Qiqi cleaned herself up and went downstairs.

The breakfast were available to the guests, but few guests would like to get so early. Normally, the staff had breakfast first.

Yuqi came to the canteen earlier than Qiqi. He sat by the table and was filling his bowl with porridge.

As soon as he saw Qiqi, Yuqi hurriedly waved at her. He said smilingly, “Come, Qiqi, it’s your favorite fried rice cake!”

Seeing Yuqi, Qiqi suddenly thought of something and her face blushed.

She sat on the other side of the table feeling awkward. She kept her head lowered.

But Yuqi came to her and sat beside her. He even touched her shoulder on purpose.

Qiqi felt uneasy, “Why are you so close to me?”

Seeing that Qiqi was like a different person, Yuqi stared his eyes round right away, “are you pretending that you’ve lost your memory?”

“What memory?”

“You said yes to me! You agreed to be my girlfriend last night! Qiqi, if you dare to regret, I’ll bite your neck!”

The Yuqi gritted his teeth.

Oh God! It’s real!

Qiqi thought it was a dream, a sweet and beautiful dream. She didn’t even want to wake up from it.

Seeing Qiqi was absent in mind, Yuqi stood up suddenly and showed an evil look.

Qiqi hurriedly stopped him from coming to bite her, “Don’t be impulsive! I won’t regret. But it did feel like a dream! I drank too much!”

“Well, I’m telling you, it’s not a dream. Wake up, you!”

“Okay, okay. Are you questioning a suspect or chatting with your girlfriend? Be nice!”

Qiqi frowned and Yuqi immediately turned mild. He smiled, “I am just afraid you might run away again. Qiqi, I wanna hug you now.”

Qiqi took a while to calm down but on hearing Yuqi’s words, her face blushed again.

Moving his body uneasily, Qiqi said, “We are eating. Don’t get too close to me.”

Qiqi got further, so Yuqi followed. He laughed, “Come on! There’s no one else! Let me kiss you! Just one kiss!”

Then Yuqi leaned his mouth closer.

Before he was able to kiss his lover, some unpleasant voice came.

“Hay! What a decay world! Look at these young people1 look at what they’ve become. Control yourselves!”

His good business getting ruined, Yuqi showed a bad face.

“Yes, next time I see Zhao Nangong, I will tell him to control his desires. Because Chuxue doesn’t like it.”

Chuxue crossed his arms and said smilingly, “Hey, we are talking about you! Do not target me!”

“I don’t need you to remind me of my business!”

“What an ungrateful rat! We were helping you yesterday! Now you no longer need us, so you dumped us. Hay! What a cold world!”

“Chuxue, quit talking nonsense! Come and eat breakfast!” Qiqi pulled Chuxue and Anna Xie and said, “why are you up so early? Why not get more sleep?”

“The early worm gets to see the show!”

Chuxue’s joking words got Qiqi speechless.

Anna pushed Chuxue, “Come on, it seems they are finally together. Let’s not tease them!”

Chuxue was happier than anyone else. She joked because she was too happy.

After a while, guests started to come down for breakfast. Chuxue stopped joking and started to eat quietly.

After breakfast, Chuxue asked, “Qiqi, we are going back today. Will you go with us?”

“You only stayed for one day?”

“Yes, we came for an aim. Now that the mission was completed, we surely can go.”

Hearing this, Qiqi felt so warm in her heart.

She then turned to Anna and said, “By the way, Anna, I need a favor from you.”

“What is it?”

“Leave a picture of you with your signature on it. My boss is a big fan of yours!”

Anna said generously, “Tell him to come over, I can take a picture with him!”

“Let me go and find him!”

Qiqi got up and was about to find the boss.

But all of a sudden, the boss showed up and startled Qiqi.

“Boss, when did you come?”

“I was passing by. Have you had your breakfast?”

“Ah, yes.”

Looking at the boss up and down, Qiqi lowered her head and laughed.

He was just passing by? Dressed up so formally?

Seeing Qiqi giggling over there, the boss pushed her and urged, “Hurry, Qiqi, take a picture for us!”

“Okay, okay!”

Qiqi took away her smile and took over the camera, then she took a picture for her boss and Anna.

Standing beside Anna, the boss looked nervous, but his smile was really bright and his eyes were squinted.

After this, the boss held the phone in his hand like holding a precious, then he left happily.

Hmm, the boss actually showed a crazy and cute side! He was not that type of serious like he used to be!

Qiqi smiled, then she realized Chuxue was looking at her.


“you haven’t answered my question!”


Yuqi immediately interrupted Qiqi and answered, “We won’t go back this time.”


“No. We will stay and enjoy our country life.”

Hearing this, Chuxue looked helpless.

“Yuqi! How long are you going to sneak around? You’ve got the heart of your loved one. It’s time to go back and work!”

“I’m serious! We…”

“Yuqi, let’s go back.”

Qiqi interrupted Yuqi and Yuqi was shocked.

“What did you say? Qiqi?”

Qiqi repeated calmly, “I said, let’s go back.”

“But you don’t like living in the city!”

“Well, I have chosen you, so I will accept everything about you, good or bad. It’s no use hiding. Besides, I need to grow. I can’t always depend on you.”

When she said this, she was smiling.

Seeing her smile, Yuqi raised the corner of his mouth too.

Seeing the two getting along well, Anna and Chuxue smiled in relief.

Anna put her hand on Qiqi’s shoulder and smiled, “That’s right. Qiqi is going to be my manager in future. She’ll make a good manager. You’ll have to make a reservation if you want to see her.”

Yuqi smiled and said, “You are right. Okay, let’s all go back. But Qiqi, I’ll announce our relationship to the public. You can’t hide any more!”

“I’ve promised you. So I won’t regret.”

“Hay! Don’t talk like you had never regretted.”

“What are you saying?”

Yuqi hurriedly shook his head and smiled, “Nothing. Let’s hurry and pack up. We need to go before noon. The sun is too hot!”

Seeing Yuqi smiling so happily, Chuxue sighed, “Hmm, it seems only Qiqi can save you. Finally, you are normal!”

“Yes, Qiqi is my cure. I’ll be alright as long as she’s with me.”

The romantic words made Chuxue tremble.

She crossed her arms and pouted her mouth, “I have a feeling, that they’ll not stop showing their affections to each other in future!”

Anna laughed, “It’s so much better than being a dead man. Hope they can be happy.”

Hearing that Qiqi was about to leave, the boss cried his eyes red. He kept telling her to come back often. He also warned Yuqi not to bully Qiqi.

Yuqi was unsatisfied with this. He had helped work in the hotel too. Why did the boss only care about Qiqi? He did not say thanks at all, and even considered Yuqi a bad guy who always bullied Qiqi. “Am I really that bad?” Yuqi thought.

Yuqi looked annoyed but Qiqi was very impressed.

It might be a misunderstanding for Qiqi to stay in this hotel, but she felt so lucky to haven known the boss.

She had learnt a lot here and met many new friends. The most important of all, she found her confidence and got the courage to be true to her heart. And, she found her true love.

This hotel held so many memories and she’ll always remember this place.

After saying goodbye to the boss, they went off the mountain.

Qiqi went back to school first. Yuqi was forced by Anna and Chuxue to go back to the Mu Family to handle family business.

Qiqi waved his hands to Qiqi, not wanting to leave her.

Chapter 560 Let’s Be Together (2)

Qiqi was quite direct. She just waved her hand, turned around and left.

Watching Qiqi leave, Yuqi Mu was both upset and angry, yet he could do nothing about it.

“This ungrateful little brat!”

“Come on, let’s go! Now you’d better think of a good excuse. You’ll have to explain yourself to my uncle and aunt in-law.”

Yuqi shrugged and said carelessly, “There’s nothing worth explaining. I’ll tell them honestly that I found a daughter in-law for them.”

“Huh? You talk as if Qiqi would marry you.”

Yuqi frowned and looked at Chuxue Ye, “Chuxue, why are you saying these discouraging words all the time? Can’t you give us some damn blessings?”

“I need to remind you not to be too proud.”

“I am proud now. I’ve got a girlfriend. Isn’t it worth being happy for?”

Seeing Yuqi’s smug look, Chuxue and Anna Xie felt so helpless about how to deal with him.

At the same time, when Qiqi got back to school, she greeted the teachers and fellow students warmly.

But several students still tried to avoid her. They either turned their heads away or left directly. Qiqi, which made Qiqi confused.

When it’s time for dinner, Qiqi went to the dining hall alone.

She finished dinner soon and went back to her dorm, feeling discouraged.

Right at this time, Qiqi’s phone rang. She checked it and saw it’s from Yuqi.

Yuqi asked Qiqi to come down. He sounded excited.

But Qiqi was in a low spirit. She only answered him word by word.

Yuqi felt strange. But thinking that they would meet soon, he did not ask her about it.

At the school gate, Yuqi was standing by his race car, with a lot of girls giving her admiring looks.

But Yuqi did not care about them at all. He just kept his neck stretched and atared at the school gate.

Finally, his beloved girl came out. He smiled right away.

“Qiqi! I’m here!”

Hearing Yuqi’s voice, Qiqi nodded and walked to him.

“Get in, I’ll take you our for some night snacks.”


“We’ll see while driving.”

As soon as they got in the car, Yuqi started to become a chatterbox.

“Qiqi, as your boyfriend, I’m really smart. I handled my parents with without any effort. They did not punish me, what’s more, they even invited you for lunch!”

Qiqi was surprised. She looked a bit awkward, “It’s too soon!”

“No it’s not! I think it’s about too late!” Yuqi still wanted to say something but when he turned to Qiqi, he found that Qiqi was in a bad mood. He remembered Qiqi did sound blue in the phone, so he asked, “Why the long face?”

Qiqi frowned and said, “It’s so strange! Everyone was avoiding me, as if i were a ghost. I did not mess with them. Why are they treating me like this again?”

“Did you do something to offend them?”

“I was away from school for a long time. How is it possible that I did something to offend them?”

“You are right,” Yuqi turned his eyes and said, “Hmm, I think I know why.”


“They still don’t know you and I are in a relationship.”

Qiqi was expecting a serious answer, but Yuqi was teasing her again. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Stop feeling good about yourself! It has nothing to do with you!”

“Yes it has! What would people do, knowing you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“Eh…introduce me a boyfriend?” Qiqi said.

This answered shocked Yuqi and he almost hit the car in front of him. He turned his head to Qiqi, gritted his teeth and said, “What the hell are you thinking about! The first thing people would do, is worried that you might ask them for your watch!”

Qiqi was stunned, then she understood it too.

“That makes sense. I did that before, so they are scared of me. But do they really have to avoid me because of this?”

“Silly girl1 as long as you let them know that you are my girlfriend, you’ll not have to worry about it any more.”

Yuqi then hit the brake of the car.

Qiqi’s body was moved and she looked out of the window, “Are we here?”

“no. We are going back to school now.”

“Why? You want to eat hotpot?”

Yuqi was so helpless. He said, “All you want is eating. No, we are going back to school and tell everyone about our relationship.”

“We do…do it now?”

“Yes! Or when do you want to let them know? I want to tell the whole world that you are Yuqi Mu’s girl and other men should stay away from you!”

Yuqi did not realize that when he said this, he was actually gritting his teeth.

Yuqi is a successful businessman, but he still gets nervous in front of Qiqi.

The reason why he’s not confident was his age.

When he was a student, he never cherished his school years. He was so eager to grow up and live as an adult, thinking that adults could do whatever they could.

Nut when he really grew into an adult, he realized how naive he was. There’s no such thing as “invincible”. it’s all bullshit.

Now, Yuqi admired the boy students in the school. They were about the same age with Qiqi. They were so young and energetic.

But look at him, he’s got nothing but money.

Of course Yuqi kept the feeling to himself. He would never let Qiqi know how he felt about himself. He had to look strong and charming in front of her.

But Qiqi did not notice what he was thinking. At this time, she was only concerned about what she would face when people should know about their relationship.

She could handle the rumors inside the school, but she was worried about what the medias would say.

She was wondering if she was well prepared enough to handle those evil rumors and intentions.

While she was sunk in thought, Yuqi pinched her hand lightly.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Qiqi shook her head, “Nothing.”

“You were absent in mind! Are you nervous?”

Qiqi did not answer him, which meant yes.

“Leave it to me. Don’t think too much.”

Then Yuqi held Qiqi’s hand and walked into the school.

The two of course caused a lot of attention.

People even turned around to look at them and talk about them.

Qiqi’s classmates stared their eyes round, not knowing what to say.

Qiqi had never experienced this. Her face blushed immediately.

Yuqi was quite calm. He even put up a big smile.

It looked as if he was about to give people candies if he had some.

The captain of the tourist team saw them and got surprised.

Yuqi knew him and waved at him smilingly.

The captain was confused. He asked, “Qiqi, are you in relationship with Mr Mu?”

Qiqi was not accustomed to being asked this question. She nodded rigidly.

Though Qiqi admitted it, Yuqi was not pleased.

It’s a good thing, why did Qiqi have to act like someone was forcing her?

Yuqi was unhappy. So he wrapped his arm around Qiqi’s shoulder and said, “Yes, we are in love. Give us your blessings!”

“Ah, you are together. You two finally admit it. Good for you!”

“Thank you!”

“Then, the watch…”

Yuqi waved his hand, “It’s a gift. We won’t take it back. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, the captain smiled in relief.

“How generous Mr Mu is! Then wish you have kids soon!”

“Haha! I like this kind of blessings!”

“I shall leave you alone. See you around!”

The captain left happily but Qiqi was angry.


“Bullshit? Those are nice words!”

Qiqi stared her eyes and Yuqi immediately got soft.

“Don’t worry, the captain knows it, the whole school will know it. Tomorrow no one will avoid you. No more worries!”


“Of course! I guarantee!”

Qiqi licked her lips and said, “Fine, I’ll believe you this time.”

“Actually, it’s nothing big deal. The real big deal is about you.”

Yuqi suddenly got serious, which got Qiqi’s heart to her throat.

“What big deal about me?”

“Your parents.”

Hmm, it’s really a big deal.

Qiqi frowned again, “Why does it have to be so troublesome?

Look at the other lovers, they are having fun eating and drinking, watching movies or going shopping, how romantic!

Qiqi just couldn’t figure out why it’s different when it comes to her.

Seeing Qiqi’s face, Yuqi held her arm and asked nervously, “Qiqi, did you regret?”


“Let me telling you, now you are my girl and everyone knows it. You can’t just dump me!”

Qiqi was speechless.

But Qiqi’s silent got Yuqi worry again. He started to nag around Qiqi.

Finally, Qiqi saw her dorm. She interrupted Yuqi and said, “I’m so tired. I wanna go back and rest. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Qiqi was about to leave but Yuqi pulled her back. He said, “Give me a goodbye kiss!”

Seeing so many people passing by, Qiqi punched Yuqi and said, “Stop it! They are watching!”

“Don’t worry! We are in love and we don’t have to care about what others say. Come on, kiss me!”

Then Yuqi leaned his mouth closer.

Feeling hard to get rid of him without giving him a kiss, Qiqi closed her eyes and wanted to do it simply.

But she seemed to have forgotten who Yuqi was. He gave her a french kiss directly! That kiss lasted for a long time!”

Seeing them kiss, the passers-by could feel their romance.

Qiqi felt her lips were swollen. They looked red and sexy.

Yuqi really wish that they were not in public. He really wanted to swallow her!

“Eh…it’s getting late. Go back and have a good rest.”

Yuqi was still lost in the feeling, “I want to stay longer with you.”

“But I want to rest. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. Bye.”

Then Qqi turned around and escaped.

Watching Qiqi leave, Yuqi licked her lips like a wild beast.

I’ll let you go fist, I’ll swallow you some other day!

Because Yuiq was too crazy that day, Qiqi was a bit scared. She hadn’t met him since that day.

But Yuqi did not know what to do. He panicked. Finally he had to ask Anna for help, letting her figure out wqi was thinking.

He was really scared. He’s worried that Qiqi might regret.

Anna found Qiqi soon.

At first, Qiqi was too shy to tell what had happened the other day.

Then Anna tricked her to tell the truth. Hearing the truth, Anna laughed for quite a while.

Seeing Anna laughing like that, Qiqi was annoyed, “Come on, how can you still laugh!”

Anna wiped the tears by her eyes and said, “I thought you are brave! You fear no gods or demons, but look at you now, a man scared you! Isn’t it funny?”

“No, not at all!” Qiqi llooked at Anna seriously, “Don’t you think Yuqi has crossed the line? Doing that in front of so many students? I was so embarrassed!”

“But it’s normal between lovers!”

“Can’t we just hold hands?”

Anna was helpless, “If Yuqi only wants to hold your hand, then you should really cry.”


“It means she has a problem!”

Qiqi almost broke down, “Do not be so direct, you married woman!”

“Hey, unmarried girl, you asked me a question and I answered your question.”

Qiqi hummed, “You are a team! You are helping him!”

Anna shrugged and said, “You are so ungrateful!I turned my work today, helping you feel better. How can you accuse me?”

“Then tell me something useful! Do not laugh at me!”

Anna leaned forward, “My experience is, Yuqi is right. You should open your mind. You have a boyfriend. Do not act like an old person.”

Qiqi was quite unsatisfied about her advice, “What experience is that? You are pushing me to the darkness.”

“It’s normal between friends. What, you wanna keep a distance with him after you get married? Then how can you have kids?”

Qiqi touched her forehead and said, “You are getting too far.”

“In my opinion, you are not ready yet while Yuqi was in a hurry. You are not of the same pace, that’s why you always gide yourself like a snail.”

Hmm, it sounded better. Qiqi nodded and agreed.

“As for how to handle it, either Yuqi put down his desire to wait for you, or you suddenly understand the things between lovers and throw yourself at him.”

Qiqi patted the table right away, “How can I throw myself at him!”

“Then Yuqi had to slow down and wait for you. Alright, now that I know what you are thinking about, I shall go back and tell Yuqi about it.”

Qiqi suddenly got soft. She asked in a low voice, “Will he get angry?”

“He won’t. but he will get upset. No man will be happy when turned down by his girlfriend.”

Qiqi lowered her head and looked discouraged, “It’s not really a good thing for a new couple to be like this.”

Anna patted Qiqi on the shoulder and said, “The sooner the problems are revealed, the better. Don’t let the problems accumulate until it’s too late. Leave it to me. Don’t worry any more. I’ll keep you informed about Yuqi. It’s not a big deal at all! Take away your bitter look!”

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