The audience was shocked! !
Whether it was the onlookers or the guests still playing at the gambling table, they were all stunned by Owen’s punch!
Such a tall person was actually beaten back?
So embarrassed, what happened?
Everyone gathered around.
The two girls were shocked. Was it an illusion just now?
Bryant stared like an egg, is this possible?
With such a big physical gap, Chuck Cannon actually beat back such a strong and tall man with one punch?
Her mind is blank. She was ready to send Chuck Cannon to the hospital immediately, but she doesn’t need it now!
Chuck Cannon said just now that he had learned it too. Could it be that Chuck Cannon also learned kung fu?
She just thought that Chuck Cannon hadn’t learned it? Actually, Chuck Cannon is very good?
Outside the casino, Black Rose saw this scene with binoculars, and she was expressionless, “Is it so fast?”
She was a little surprised, she put down the binoculars, she picked up the mung bean cake that she hadn’t finished eating and continued to eat. How did they do it? Really tasty……
In the casino, there is no sound! !
The most shocking of the audience was Irving who was repulsed and the beauty with blue eyes.
Owen clutched his stomach and stood up straight unbelievably. He was actually beaten back?
After he was shocked, he immediately became angry, and attacked, this bastard actually attacked me?
The blue-eyed beauties are at a loss, what’s the matter? How could this mouse-like man beat Irving?
An illusion, it must be an illusion!
“Owen was actually beaten back by a punch, who is this Chinese man? That’s amazing!”
“It’s amazing, Owen is embarrassed today! Such a big man can’t beat a Chinese man, shame!”
The people onlookers talked a lot. This harsh voice made Owen furious and shameful!
Owen roared and rushed over like a beast.
Chuck Cannon shook his head. He was full of loopholes and flaws, and he suffered a little loss.
Chuck Cannon saw the opportunity and gave another punch. He was wearing a special metal ring weighing ten kilograms. This punch was powerful!
He Hit Owen in the stomach.
Owen screamed and squatted on the ground, clutching his stomach, spit out the contents of his stomach, suddenly. A pungent smell came out.
Silent, the audience is silent again!
If I said that Chuck Cannon’s punch just now was a sneak attack, so what is it to punch Zhong Irving again? This is a spike!!
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned, her mouth could fit eggs.
“How could you!” Irving looked up at Chuck Cannon uncomfortably.
“You’re really rubbish.” Chuck Cannon kicked him.
Owen screamed and lay on the ground, Chuck Cannon smashed his fist, Owen held his head like a mouse, “Don’t fight, I give up!”
Owen got up.
Such a tall man actually begged for mercy and gave up?
The onlookers felt like dreaming.
The two girls were completely sluggish, their jaws falling.
“How come? Why is he so good?”
Bryant was the most surprised and shocked!
Chuck Cannon actually has this strength? You should know that Chuck Cannon was very weak when he was in high school. Why has he become so powerful now?
“Owen, you?!” The blue-eyed beauty glared at him angrily.
“I,” Irving blushed, and the nearby mockery made him faceless. He stared at Chuck Cannon viciously, “Give him a change of chips!”
Owen went in by himself, and he was so embarrassed today that he couldn’t beat a thin Chinese man? Owen was so ashamed that he wanted to die.
What’s more, in front of Bryant, he was even more faceless to stay.
The people in the casino looked at each other!
Someone came over dumbfounded. “Sir, I’ll change it for you!”
“Okay, change everything,” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.
Someone exchanged Chuck Cannon’s chips.
Everyone looked at Chuck Cannon with envy.
“Chuck Cannon, have you really learned it?” Bryant walked over and asked blankly.
I thought Chuck Cannon had only exercised, and her heartbeat accelerated. Why is Chuck Cannon so powerful? His muscles look good.
Bryant has the feeling of seeing Chuck Cannon’s line muscles in the bar that day…
She really wants to strike up a conversation.
After a while, the money came over, and it was in a card, “Sir, the total is two thousand five hundred…”
“Okay,” Chuck Cannon closed, not bad, today’s income.
Chuck Cannon looked at the blue-eyed beauty, “Where is your one million?”
“Come out with me, I’ll give it to you!!” The blue-eyed beauty went to the car. She had so much cash in the car.
Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Go, get out!”
Bryant pulled the two girls out.
The blue-eyed beauty was taking cash. Chuck Cannon looked at the two girls and said, “Lend my money and return it to me.”
“I, Chuck Cannon, don’t be so mean, I don’t have that much money.”
“Neither do I, Chuck Cannon, don’t ask me for it,”
The two girls are scared. Chuck Cannon can beat Owen’s kind of people. This is really amazing!
How dare these two girls laugh at Chuck Cannon!
Bryant could not speak well.
“No?” Chuck Cannon looked at them.
“Yes, really no, where do we have so much money?” The two girls were afraid to look at Chuck Cannon.
“No money? Then go and sell, and you will have money.” Chuck Cannon said.
The two girls were stunned, and Bryant was also stunned.
“Woo, why do you say that? We are only nineteen years old, how can you do this?”
The two girls cried in fright. Chuck Cannon’s words were beyond doubt, they felt the coldness of Chuck Cannon’s words!
Too horrible!
“Chuck Cannon, don’t be like this, we are still studying, don’t be like this.” The two girls begged.
“Didn’t you say I can’t do anything to you?” Chuck Cannon said lightly.
“Woo, I’m scared.”
The two girls cried. Chuck Cannon now has more than 20 million US dollars in his hands. This is the rich man, and the rich man administers herself. Isn’t it simple?
“It’s useless to be afraid, paying back!” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.
“I, woo, Bryant, you speak for us, we were wrong, we really don’t have that much money,”
Faced with the prayers of the two friends, Bryant didn’t know what to say. She was not a saint and felt that the two friends had gone too far along the way and should have received a little lesson.
“It’s useless to ask, pay back the money, don’t pay it back, I have 10,000 ways for you to pay it back!”
This is really a matter of Chuck Cannon, a phone call, these two girls have to pay back.
Repaying debts is justified.
“No, woo!” The two girls wept in fear, begging Chuck Cannon.
“Chuck Cannon, you won so much money, please, are you okay if you don’t want us?”
“What does my winning have to do with your borrowing money?” Chuck Cannon asked.
“I, I, woo…”
The two girls were speechless and cried harder.
“Enough, isn’t it more than one million? I will help them!” The blue-eyed beauty took out one million and smashed it on Chuck Cannon.
There are dollars on the ground.
Chuck Cannon didn’t even look at the dollar, just at her.
“You actually defeated Owen. You surprised me. Do you dare to accept my invitation like a man? Fight with me?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry!
“Emily, what are you doing?” Bryant immediately persuaded.
“What are you doing? He’s just a spicy chicken. He just won by a fluke, just luck. You thought he was so good?” The blue-eyed beauty mocked.
In her opinion, Chuck Cannon is fast enough, and the others are not worth mentioning!
“Fight with me! There is a kind of fight with me.” The blue-eyed beauty defiantly!
“No problem.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.
Bryant sighed, his friend!
“Finally agreed? Don’t be a mouse anymore? Like a man? But it’s useless, I will defeat you! I will defeat you!” The blue-eyed beauty came over.
Chuck Cannon looked at her.
“You said that my moves are full of loopholes, well, I will prove to you that you are a hot chicken!” The blue-eyed beauty quickly attacked!
Her speed is as fast as the wind, she can play seven or eight in school! A Chinese like Chuck Cannon, she can defeat him in a few strokes!
There were no exceptions before, and there will be no today.
She wants Chuck Cannon to know what the price of insulting herself is!
Chuck Cannon looked at her and shook his head, “You are so amateur, you think if you can beat a few people, and you are invincible? In my eyes, you are still full of loopholes!!”
Chuck Cannon has quick eyes and quick hands. He saw the opportunity and slapped it away!
A big hand appeared on the beautiful face of the blue-eyed beauty, and it hit her face hard!

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