Chapter 561 – 562: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 561: Search for Spiritual Fire

He changed into the Demon Body again, and at that instant, the power in his body exploded tenfold!

Looking at the Heaven Demon Phantom, no, it’s not right… Now it can’t be said to be the Heaven Demon Phantom.

With three heads and six arms, holding various magic weapons, and three expressions on his face, crying or laughing or angry.

“Boom! Boom!Boom!” Kris could even hear his heart.

He was quite sure that the real Demon Luobo was completely dead, and his heart could not have residual consciousness.

Moreover, he could completely control his condensed Demon Body, and could clearly feel that he had no self-awareness.

There was no self-consciousness, and the heart was still beating, which was a bit like a vegetative man. But this Demon Body was cultivated by him, and it felt like separate from his body.

Kris’s mind moved and divided into parts of consciousness. Then the Demon Body moved!

Kris looked at the Demon Body, and the Demon Body was also looking at the Kris, and then Kris burst into laughter.

With one heart and two bodies, he could completely control the Demon Body.

So strong power!

Kris squeezed his fist, and he didn’t even dare to punch. He was afraid that one punch would blow the sword world!

This power definitely exceeded the accumulated spirit, and even was the power of the actualized spirit.

Moreover, Kris also found that his Demon Fetus was agitated, with an impulse to get out of it!

He was shocked!

“What? Is it possible to cultivate the Demon Body into an external incarnation?”

Kris thought for a long time, and finally decided not to suppress the Demon Fetus.

The Demon Fetus crawled out of Kris’s belly and got into the Demon Body.

At the moment when it entered the Demon Body, Kris suddenly understood everything!

He condensed the Demon Fetus with the human body, which was not consistent with common sense, so the so-called World Suppression before was wrong.

He just couldn’t drive the Demon Fetus.

It’s like you pour diesel into a gasoline engine, how could this work!

And without the Demon Fetus, Kris didn’t have any loss.

Moreover, when the Demon Fetus was integrated into the Demon Body, he suddenly felt a sense of the same root.

He also understood the real strength of the Demon Body!

Actualized spirit in Middle period!

In other words, Kris obtained an incarnation of the actualized spirit in the middle period, which was still self-cultivation, and much stronger than the five Sword Fetus.

Without hesitation, Kris separated a trace of soul and occupied the Magic Pill Palace!

It would take a longer time to fully integrate!

Kris also needed to restore his soul.

This Closing Door lasted half a year!

The outside world had passed half a month!

Kris stood up, and the incarnation of the demon opened his eyes.

“From now on, you are Demon Kris!”

“Yes, master!”

Although Kris was him, he was also Kris, but Kris was still the leader!

“However, the Demon Body has no physical power, and the heretical sect’s supernatural powers are very rusty. It swallows the heart of the Real Demon without leaving a legacy!”

“Why don’t I join the Hell Demon Sect. It is also one of the top ten holy sects. In this way, I can grow quickly.”

Demon Kris said: “The faster I grow, the better it will be for us. Whether it is North Luzhou or Nanli Fire City, our power is developing too fast, and those who are interested must have been focusing on it. If there is no high-end combat power revealed, they will definitely take actions!”

“You are right.”

Kris nodded. Although the incarnation of the demon was powerful, its mana was difficult to activate. Even if he had all the memories of Kris and knew all the magical powers, there were only a few types.

Such as Break Boundaries and Shrink into Inches!

Taoist Strength was condensed in the body of Kris, but he had all the sentiments and it was easy to start from scratch!

He gave Demon Kris a lot of resources, “Let them collect a lot of heretical sect powers, figure out a way to get out of their own way, and try to practice to see if it is effective!”

He talked to himself for a long time, and after finalizing it, Demon Kris directly used the World-breaking Magic Power to leave the Purple Fire Sect!

Even the formation of the Purple Fire Sect cannot stop the Demon Kris in the middle period of the actualized spirit!

“Very well, in this way, I will have the real right in Devil Land!”

A smile appeared on Kris’s face.

In these days of Closing Door, Kris did not show up for a long time, and even did not go to the Divine Refine Tao. Everyone said that his use of the physical forbidden technique that caused great harm to the body.

Instead, the seemingly miserable Dayan came to Kris vigorously the next day. But learned that Kris was Closing Door, he just went back.

“Come on, Crane Spirit, call the Fat Cat and Lean Monkey to come with me!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Coming with the three major disciples, Kris came to the Divine Refine Tao.

As soon as he entered the door, Dayan greeted him, “Beiyang, I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

“Come on, I will take you to the Spiritual Fire Space!”

Then he took Kris ro left.

“Dayan, can my three apprentices go together?”

Kris stopped and smiled, there was a small flash of flame on his fingertips.

“Is this the fire seed of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire?”


After speaking, Kris flicked his finger and the fire seed fell into the palm of Dyan.

Dayan understood this was to seek opportunities for his three apprentices. This Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was what he needed, and he nodded, “Come with me! “

The group of people came to the Spiritual Fire Space. The space was huge, even bigger than the Purple Fire Sect Gate.

There were dozens of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire all over the space, and many kinds of Strange Fire!

“Dayan, why didn’t I see the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire?”

Kris asked curiously.

“That’s the Treasure Fire of the town, how could it be here!”

Dayan said: “I could tell you that Extremely Purple Heaven Fire was a Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire in actualized spirit-level. In addition to its infinite power, it can also suppress energy!”


Kris was a little surprised. He had only heard that magic weapons could suppress energy, but didn’t expect Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire could to do so!

“But the sect is still very kind to us. Tao masters have three chances to observe the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire. If we can be favored by the Fire Ancestors, we may be able to have the fire seed and suppress our own energy!”

“So it means I can also apply to the sect to observe the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire?”


Dayan nodded and led them to the Hollow Spiritual Fire, “Beiyang, you have a seed of fire for Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, so I suggest you try to put all the Spiritual Fire and Strange Fire in the Spiritual Fire Space above the seed of fire!”

Then Dayan flicked his fingers, and the method of spiritual fire planting merged into Kris’s mind.

Two minutes later, Kris came back to his senses and said to Dayan, “Thank you, my brother!”

This method of planting fire seed was very abnormal. It used seed of fire as the soil, planting fire seed, and expanding the fire seed, at the same time, it also allowed the seed of fire to absorb the characteristics of fire seed to form a virtuous circle.

When the fire seeds matured, they could be blended together, or be preserved.

“Never mind, even if I don’t give it to you, you will still find it from the Mountain Gate Classical Sect.”

Dayan laughed.

He was not stupid, he just thought that Kris had extraordinary potential and was a person who could make friends with.

He had won more than 400 games in a row, and had almost beat the entire Purple Fire Sect. Such a person can definitely become an actualized spirit!

Once the actualized spirit was achieved, Kris would become a Lord of Taoist. With this relationship, it was good to have a caring for the day when he achieved Tao!

Anyway, this was not a big deal within his authority.

Why not have a try?

“But as for you three disciples, I suggest they start with the lowest level of Strange Fire, and proceed step by step!”

Dayan had already obtained all the Spiritual Fire in the Spiritual Fire Space. Except for what he thought were useful, all the others were blended.

“It makes sense.”

Kris looked at the three of them, “You three, look for opportunities on your own, and remember not to be greedy!”

This was both their opportunity and challenge. Kris would not intervene. If they could not get the opportunity placed in front of them, it just meant they were too useless.

“Yes, my Lord!”

They three suppressed their excitement, did not act separately, but prepared to fight together!

As for Kris, he started directly from the highest level Hollow Spiritual Fire!

The process of condensing fire seed was not difficult. After all, Kris had a seed of fire of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. It was just quite time-consuming!

First was Hollow Spiritual Fire, then Nine-Day Spiritual Fire, Liuding Spiritual Fire and the Extreme Cold Fire.

The condensed fire seed was planted by Kris on the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. The pure power instantly made the fire seed germinate!

Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire had also begun to absorb the characteristics of these flames and develop itself!

After all this last night, Kris directly took out the tens of thousands of spiritual stones, shattered them, and the rich spiritual energy melted in the Spiritual Fire Space.

After all, fire seed was also very energy-consuming, so this was considered as Kris’s payment.

At this time, the three including Crane Spirits also collected fire seed.

When the group left the Spiritual Fire Space, Kris still took away all the collections of the Divine Refine Tao.

Though in a good relationship, it was still should to be collected.

Dayan was not angry, and said with a smile: “Beiyang, next time we join hands with the disciples to practice, if I win,you have to return the classics to me!”

“I hope so!”

If you know that you were no match for another one, you still wanted to challenge him, that was what a fool would do.

Although Kris was tough, his disciples were not strong necessarily. In this way, he could enhance his disciple’s strength and regain the classics. Why not try it?

After another conversation, Kris left.

Back to the mountain gate, Kris entered the Sword World again and threw the Divine Refine Tao classics to the deduction clone. He took out various resources and started to cultivate fire seeds!

Actually, it was a process of resource accumulation.

Kris had enough magical pills and spiritual stones, thanks to the tenfold and massive resources, the fire seeds planted have grown. Kris did not fuse these fire seeds, but threw them into the cave of the True Divine Tao and created a small Spiritual Fire Space by himself!

He directly put a lot of spiritual stones and portrayed a large Spirit-gathering Formation.

He just needed to access to the sect intelligent management system, plus uploaded the projector. All the disciples knew that as long as the task was completed, they could enter the Spiritual Fire Space and merge the fire seed!

After all this last night, Kris swallowed the low-level Spiritual Fire and Strange Fire, leaving only the Hollow Spiritual Fire!

After he just moved a mind, all the clones and actualized spirits of Nanli Fire City understood what he meant, and began to collect Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fire on a large scale. .

At this time, the deduction clone was deducing the World-transformation of Dongtian, and Taoist classics of the Divine Refine Tao played a very important role.

After receiving the feedback, Kris nodded secretly, “In other words, if Dongtian wants to be transformed into a world, does it need more things? For example, Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, Peaceful Soil, or Ground Energy.”

Thinking of this, Kris had a sudden headache. In this way, could he really gather all the resources he needed?

Never mind, just search for them now. Otherwise, let Demon Kris wander in the universe!

Kris had invested a huge amount of resources, and it was definitely a feasible way to evolve the World-transformation of Acupuncture Points. This feasibility had been confirmed by hundreds of Taoist traditions of the Purple Fire Sect .

“To be honest, there are too few clones, and the resources in hand still have to be used. With so many treasures, there must be something suitable for myself!”

Chapter 562: Master of the Devil

At the same time, the Demon Kris used the technique of Shrink Into Inches, so one step he took was equivalent to ten thousand miles. This was the benefit of increased strength. He took more than twenty steps in a row and arrived at the Hell Demon Sect. This sect was said to be a branch of the Ancient Demon Sect, and was the largest demon sect in the Nanli Fire City.

Unlike Earth, there was no absolute evil here. Whether it was demon or monster, they were all just a part of the cultivation system.

However, demons were more extreme in their practices, which was why they were hated by Practitioners.

It was said that the Hell Demon Sect would be frightening, but it seemed that it was not the case in reality. It looked glorious, and ten thousand glowing lights enveloped the Hell Demon Sect. The disciples guarding the gate were also kind, not seeing the slightest murderous aura at all. Demon Kris felt as if he had come to the wrong place. However, by the time Demon Kris landed on the ground, the scene in front of him had completely changed.

The place was already filled with a dense, indestructible demonic aura. The mountain gate was a huge monster, its teeth still dripping black blood. The disciples guarding the gate were very tall, dressed in black and they were fierce-looking.

The trees in the mountains were infected with magic energy and became strange.

“Who are you?”

“I’m here to visit your Lord.” Demon Kris approached and felt the demonic fetus inside his body cheering. The incessant source of magic energy was inhaled by him. He felt so refreshing as if he was drinking ice water on a hot day.

“Visit our Lord?” One of the disciples looked at Demon Kris, confused.

With a flick of Demon Kris’s finger, a hole instantly appeared in that disciple’s eyebrow, and then his primal spirit was destroyed instantly.

Instead of killing the other disciple, Demon Kris used the technique of Locking Art to control him.

Although he didn’t have the ability to seal Taoist Strength, Demon Kris could also use Sword Intent to prompt the Locking Art with Sword Intent. However, he forgot that this person was just a demonic cultivator of Primal Spirit Field, so the Locking Art was so powerful that it destroyed him instantly.

“I’m sorry I overexerted myself. I didn’t mean to destroy you.” Demon Kris scratched his head and said awkwardly.

He looked at the towering mountain gate, then leapt and punched at it. He had never felt the world so fragile. The square miles of the place where his fist had just struck instantly cracked open. The outer defensive array of the Hell Demon Sect’s formation was directly destroyed, and millions of formations couldn’t withstand the massive force and exploded.

The ten-thousand-foot mountain trembled violently. In that instant, countless rays of light rose into the sky, all of which were disciples of the Hell Demon Sect.

“Who dares to force way into my Hell Demon Sect?”

A majestic voice rang out, followed by hundreds of black lights arriving in front of Demon Kris. A tall man was looking angrily at Demon Kris.

He was the Sovereign Lord of the Hell Demon Sect, Qiandao Demon Lord. The Sovereign was on the same level as the Daoist Lord, representing the Practitioner of the actualized spirit.

Demon Kris could feel the tremendous power contained within him, but he knew he wasn’t as strong as he was.

“Are you Sovereign Lord of the Hell Demon Sect?” said Demon Kris

“Who are you!?” The Qiandao Demon Lord was staring at him. Demon Kris gave him a very dangerous feeling. The first time he saw Demon Kris, his back was wet.

“Me?” Demon Kris laughed, “You’re not qualified to know who I am.”

“How dare you disrespect the Sovereign Lord?” Qiandao Demon Lord’s men snapped loudly.

Demon Kris’s eyes narrowed, and then Qiandao Demon Lord instantly felt as if a sledgehammer had been struck hard on his heart. He even felt his heartbeat stop abruptly.

“Are you here to challenge me?” Qiandao Demon Lord asked.

Demon Kris pulled out his ears, “I heard that the Hell Demon Sect is the number one demon sect in the Nanli Fire City. I don’t believe it, so I came over to pay you a visit.”

“If you came over to visit me, why did you have to break my protective formation?” Qiandao Demon Lord asked.

“I don’t want to explain this.” Demon Kris said. “Let’s just have a duel.”

Qiandao Demon Lord looked coldly at him, “Fine, let’s fight outside the universe.”

Demon Kris nodded and quickly flew up into the sky, then soared up to 100,000 meters above. There were endless strong winds here, and the higher he went, the stronger the winds became. But these were of no use to Demon Kris.

After reaching a million meters, fetal membrane appeared in front of Demon Kris. This was the fetal membrane of heaven and earth.

Demon Kris suddenly thought of the image from the beginning of Chaos. At that time, the divine thunder split the chaos, leaving behind a fetal membrane.

When he used Divine Spiritual Power, Kris, who was billions of miles away, received news from Demon Kris’s. That was the benefit of creating another self to get information quickly.

“I’d better go to the universe for a look.” Kris thought to himself.

Demon Kris rushed through the fetal membrane between earth and sky and instantly arrived in the universe. He stepped out and arrived at a death planet.

They faced each other, but the Qiandao Demon Lord was uneasy in his heart. “From this breath, he’s also a demonic cultivator, but he seems stronger.”

Demon Kris also wanted to test the strength of his fleshly body. His only shortcoming was the power of rules.

Accumulated Spirit mastered Taoist Strength, and Taoist Strengt united the power of rules. He had devoured the Devil’s heart and inherited most of the Devil’s strength, but couldn’t fully use it.

He threw out a punch, and great power was instantly unleashed. Kris could currently only throw a thousand punches, while Demon Kris could throw hundreds of thousands of punches with his superior physical strength.

“This is Devil Cultivation of the Flesh!” Qiandao Demon Lord shouted. His face changed.

Devil Cultivation of the Flesh was as pure a Body Refining Practitioner.

Although he also refined his body, he was not a pure Body Refining Practitioner.

Getting close to getting punched was not good for him, and his opponent’s stage was significantly higher than his.

“The Triple Luosheng Gates attacks him.” Qiandao Demon Lord shouted.

Seeing the triple gates, Demon Kris recalled the Technique Suppression of Dragon-Elephant. “The two seemed to be somehow connected.” Demon Kris thought.

“You still want to suppress me. That’s ridiculous.” Demon Kris took a deep breath and smiled coldly.

An explosion sounded, and the Triple Luosheng Gates was instantly exploded. Massive amounts of demonic energy rolled backwards, and Qiandao Demon Lord had to retreat tens of thousands of steps.

“Demonic Halberd, go.” said Qiandao Demon Lord.

It was said that the ancient demons had a divine halberd. In the war between the gods and demons, the demons used the halberd to nail the king of gods to the Tianzhu Mountain. It was a purely demon weapon of heretical sect.

The huge Demonic Halberd quickly rushed towards Demon Kris. It arrived in front of him almost in the blink of an eye. Demon Kris flexed his finger and black power shot out from his finger.

The Demonic Halberd was instantly stopped. Then Demon Kris squeezed it in his hand and grinned, “Catch it if you can.”

The Demonic Halberd turned around and then attacked Qiandao Demon Lord.

“That’s impossible!”

The Qiandao Demon Lord looked shocked. He couldn’t believe that Demon Kris could actually lock the divine spiritual power for his own use.

“In that case, I’ll take you to my Thousand Demons Realm.” said Qiandao Demon Lord. Then the world turned dark. The planet beneath the Demon Kris’s feet turned into a sea of blood, and so did the sky.

“This is my domain, you can’t leave here alive.” Qiandao Demon Lord said, “From now on, your six senses are locked.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all of Demon Kris’s senses disappeared. He couldn’t see anything.

“Although you lock my six senses, my power is still there!” Demon Kris said.

With a sword in his hand, Demon Kris directly split the Thousand Demons Realm in two with a single stroke, and his six senses instantly recovered.

Qiandao Demon Lord couldn’t believe what he saw, “No… How is this possible?”

He had once fought against Practitioner in the Middle Period of the Actualized Spirit, and it was impossible for him to break his Thousand Demons Realm so easily even though he was very powerful.

Kris held the Demon-Beheading Sword in his hand. At the middle period of his actualized spirit, he could easily use the full power of the Sword. Even though it was just a low-level Spirit Weapon, his sword was comparable to an existence of actualized spirit in the Fulfilled Period.

Of course this attack was actually the most powerful one that Demon Kris could make. His true self—Kris only understood the Taoist Strength, and even if he forced his power up, he could only have this level of power.

“Nothing is impossible!” Demon Kris put away the Demon-Beheading Sword and looked at the Qiandao Demon Lord, “Alright, the battle is over now. I actually came today to join your Hell Demon Sect.”

“Join the Hell Demon Sect?” Qiandao Demon Lord was shocked. “Why don’t you say it early? Why did you have to have a duel with me? If you had told me earlier, I would have raised my hand to welcome you in.”

Demon Kris smiled and didn’t reply.

Although the Hell Demon Sect had hundreds of actualized spirit demons since ancient times, the vast majority of them had died, and the rest were either in practicing Taoist magic art alone or traveling the universe. The only demons currently in the sect were him and his younger brother, Qianmian Demon Lord.

“Don’t you agree?” Demon Kris frowned.

“I’m certainly glad that you join us.” Qiandao Demon Lord took a deep breath, “May I ask what I should call you?”

“Just call me Master of the Devil.” said Demon Kris.

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