Chapter 561: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 561 Yuqi Mu’s Insistence (1)

Anna didn’t think it was a big deal, but Yuqi didn’t think so.

When he listened to what Anna told him, his face looked desperate.

“Why she did not let me touch her? We are a couple, not strangers. How terrible it will be if I can have body contact with her!”

Yulin Xiao expressed sympathy for this, but he could only comfort Yuqi: “You have to give Qiqi some preparation time, she hasn’t grown up yet.”

“But I have grown up.”

“Then you just wait, no, what else can you do?”

Lying weakly on the table, Yuqi murmured, “I’m so desperate…”

Anna didn’t like to see him in such a somber state, so she frowned and said, “Now you’ve got Qiqi as your girlfriend, so don’t be so rash, just give her some time. It’s useless to be anxious for bodily touch.”

“Yes, I also think you are too impatient. Qiqi hasn’t seen your inner charms yet. You have to make her want you.”

“My charms…” Yuqi thought for a while, and immediately shook his head, and said, “No, my charm is just shit in the eyes of Qiqi, she doesn’t like it at all.”

“You are so stupid, just do whatever Qiqi likes, just go for it.”

Yuqi grabbed his hair and said: “But, it would not work, you know, last time I just sang and played the musical instrument before Qiqi, but I scared her away!”

Yulin patted Yuqi and said: “This time is not the other time, Qiqi is now your girl and she can’t run away. I believe that now you can still play and sing for her, and the effect will be absolutely effective, trust me.”

“You have to have confidence in yourself. The most difficult phase has been passed, and the road waiting for you will be a broader and brighter road.”

Looking up at the sky, Yuqi said with emotion: “I think people have a smooth relationship with each other. Why do I have so many twists and turns when I fall in love?”

“Nobody can succeed at his will.”

“If you don’t experience wind and rain, how can you see a rainbow?”

“I have already said what I should say, and it’s up to you to do it.”

“Also, in the future, take care of this little thing by yourself, don’t always disturb Anna. We’re busy with having a baby.”

Anna frowned and beat Yulin, while Yulin was kept smiling, not paying attention to her explicit warning at all.

Hey, look at Yulin and Anna, as a couple they laugh and tease each other, but as for myself, there is still a long way to go. Yuqi sighed deeply and began to think hard about how to break the deadlock between he and Qiqi.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yuqi called Qiqi.

Perhaps because of Anna, Qiqi didn’t refuse to answer Yuqi’s phone calls any more, and the phone rang for a while and then Qiqi answered it.

“Qiqi, shall we meet some time, okay?”

“It’s okay, you… won’t you do strange things again?”

“Anna has conveyed your thoughts to me. I think I need to give you my word, okay?”

“What is the word?”

“In the future, without your permission, I will never do strange things before you. In front of outsiders, I will not be too intimate. If you don’t want me to be near you, I will stand ten feet away.”

Yuqi’s serious attitude made Qiqi couldn’t help laughing.

“You don’t have to be so serious, as long as you don’t always act on me, I won’t be angry.”

Hearing Qiqi’s laughter, Yuqi slowly got eased, his voice was no longer anxious, and his tone turned flat: “I promise you, then you don’t hide from me, okay?”


“If you have anything in the future, let’s communicate face to face, don’t always trouble others. You see Anna and the others are also very busy, so don’t bother them.”

“I know.”

“Then, are we reconciled?”

“We didn’t quarrel in the first place, it’s just that our views are a bit different, just communicate it clearly would be fine.”

Qiqi’s words made Yuqi lightly relaxed.

Sometimes this feels really strange.

The small storm passed finally, Yuqi and Qiqi continued to get together, except that Yuqi accidentally crossed the boundary occasionally and was warned by Qiqi. They are all in plain love and sweet relationship.

On this day, Yuqi took Qiqi for a drive, but the last place he stopped was a private airport.

Looking at the helicopter in front of him, Qiqi was a little dumbfounded.

“Where are we going?”

“Go up and find explore.”

With that said, Yuqi helped Qiqi to get on the helicopter and put on sound-proof headsets for her.

This is Qiqi’s first helicopter flight, and she’s curious about everything.

Especially after the helicopter took off, she looked at the familiar scenery from a height, and found it very strange.

“Ah, that’s our school! Look at it this way, it’s so small.”

“Hey, isn’t this the park. That lake is like a pearl.”

Qiqi grabbed Yuqi’s hand and chatted and discussed, like a happy bird.

And Yuqi always listened to Qiqi’s words with a smile, and replied her from time to time.

After the initial freshness passed, Qiqi felt that the scenery below was similar, and she was getting sleepy.

Yuqi patted her shoulder and said, “If you feel sleepy, just rest on my shoulder for a while.”

Qiqi yawned and asked, “How long will we be there?”

“It’s still a while.”

“All right, I’ll sleep for a while. When it’s time to land, remember to wake me up.”


With Yuqi’s promise, Qiqi began to doze off.

The weight on his shoulders made Yuqi’s heart feel very warm.

The helicopter traversed the vast sea, traversed the majestic Mountains, and finally hovered over a small town.

Lightly patted Qiqi on the cheek, and Yuqi said: “Qiqi, we are almost there, wake up.”

Qiqi rubbed his eyes and looked outside, then tilted her head and muttered strangely: “How do the scenery here look familiar.”

“Familiarity is normal, this is your hometown.”


Qiqi sat up straight, staring outside.

“Yuqi, why are you bringing me here?”

“Take you home.”

“Why go back home at this time?”

“I think it’s better to tell your parents about the news of our being together.”

The corners of his mouth twitched stiffly, and Qiqi said, “Stop it.”

“Why not, don’t you want to accept your parents’ blessing?”

“But what we have to face is not blessings, but violent storms. Think about it, it feels terrifying.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle everything.”

Qiqi snorted coldly, and said, “You ask for your blessings first. Don’t be so optimistic, boy.”

“Girl, don’t be too pessimistic. I am so good and sincere. Your parents will definitely accept me.”

“Hey, don’t be optimistic blindly, or you will definitely die miserably.”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Yuqi insisted, and Qiqi had no other choice but follow him.

And there was one thing that Yuqi was right: The news of their being together will be known to parents sooner or later, which means this storm will be faced sooner or later.

He is a person who can give Qiqi happiness. Even if there is a misunderstanding before, it is enough to solve it. It shouldn’t be a matter that would affect the future happiness of two people.

With such confidence, Yuqi and Qiqi returned home together.

Hearing a knock on the door, Qiqi’s mother came and opened the door.

Because the door was half open, Qiqi’s mother only saw Qiqi, and her face was full of surprises.

“Qiqi, why not tell us in advance for your coming back home? So that Mom and Dad can prepare your favorite dishes.”


“Why are you standing outside, why don’t you come in?”

“Qiqi, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Qiqi being anxious, Yuqi was also anxious, so he squeezed her aside, smiled and said to Qiqi’s mother: “Auntie, hello.”


Yuqi hid so well that Qiqi’s mother never found him. The sudden appearance now shocked Qiqi’s mother.

Qiqi’s mother immediately changed her look and frowned, “Yuqi, why are you here again? Didn’t you have break up with Qiqi…”

Qiqi’s mother’s loud voice had an amplifying effect. It was estimated that all the neighbors had had heard it.

Qiqi couldn’t afford to lose her face again, so she walked in with his mother’s arm, and said, “Mom, let’s go in and talk.”

“You can come in, this guy is not allowed to come in. We have told you everything very clearly, why is he still pestering you!”

“This is a long story.”

After Qiqi wanted to go in, Yuqi spoke slowly.

But Yuqi couldn’t wait and threw a bomb directly.

“Auntie, I’m with Qiqi now and will be with her in the future!”


This news directly shocked Qiqi’s mother.

And Qiqi looked at Yuqi angrily, frowned and said, “Do not be so direct!”

“I just wanting to be direct.”

Qiqi’s mother dragged Qiqi to her side and asked angrily, “Qiqi, is this guy forcibly trying to be with you? Now mother is here. He dare not bully you!”

Such a topic made Qiqi very uncomfortable for she was afraid that the neighbors would hear them.

Qiqi hurriedly dragged her mother back to the room, while Yuqi followed closely behind, for fear of being thrown out of the door.

“Where is Dad?”

“He went downstairs to play chess with neighbors.”

Qiqi’s mother still couldn’t accept this reality. She frowned and stared at Qiqi, and said, “Aren’t you with Jake? So why are you be with this guy?”

Qiqi lowered her head and said with some embarrassment: “Actually, I am not with Jake. That is, he was just pretending to be my boyfriend in order to comfort you.”

“So, you lied to us before?”

Qiqi knew that as long as she admitted, it would cause a disaster.

But this was the end of the matter, and it was useless to avoid this topic. For the present plan, she could only face the fact.

With her eyes closed tightly, Qiqi was ready to be beaten by her mother.

Qiqi is very clear about how much my mother likes Jake. Now that she lied to her, the consequence would be dire.

But when Qiqi thought her mother would lose her temper and beat her, Qiqi’s mother only sighed deeply.

Looking up, Qiqi felt pain in her heart when she saw her mother’s disappointed eyes.


“Looking at how you were with Jake, I guessed that there was a problem with the two of you. But I deceived myself and told myself that I would rather believe it is true…”

Qiqi’s mother shook her head repeatedly and said, “Jake is such a good person, why can’t you accept him? It is more important to live a stable life than anything else.”

Hearing the disgust of Qiqi’s mother, Yuqi was not reconciled and said: “Auntie, I am actually quite good person too.”

Looking up to meet Yuqi’s eyes, Qiqi’s mother said: “Yes, we have always known that you are excellent, but my Qiqi is too poor to be worthy of you.”

“What are you talking about, Qiqi is the best girl in my heart.” Yuqi said softly, “She is kind and cute, and tough. She works very hard and is a very good girl.”

Yuqi’s evaluation made Qiqi’s heart warm. After looking at Yuqi for a while, Qiqi suddenly spoke and asked an irrelevant question.

“In your evaluation of me, why do you not use the word “beautiful”? “

Chapter 561 Yuqi Mu’s Insistence

“Oh, it’s good if you know your weakness. But you don’t need to say it out, haha.”

“You mean, I’m not pretty?”

“It’s fine if I like you, haha.”

“You mean, I’m not pretty! Yuqi, you…”

“Ahem -“

When the two young people were engaged in arguing, Qiqi’s mother reminded her that she was still here.

Yuqi secretly gave a kiss to Qiqi, and when he looked at Qiqi’s mother, his behavior became serious again.

“Sorry, auntie, I am a man who is not worthy of Qiqi’s love. I have been through a lot, and I don’t have the same vigor and vitality as Qiqi. She is lively, but I am lifeless. She is imaginative, I am monotonous. When I am with her, I would always find I am not that confident.”

This was the first time Qiqi heard Yuqi say in this way, and at the same time she was a little bit moved by his words, but meantime, she was at a loss as well.

As for Yuqi, he looked at Qiqi tenderly. There was endless tenderness filled in his eyes.

Looking at the eye contact of these two children, Qiqi’s mother knew that their relationship was very sound and good.

But, that being the case, Qiqi’s mother’s face remained unchanged, her voice remained calm, and she said, “Don’t think that by saying something sweet, I would put my trust in you. You businessmen are the most crafty people.”

“It will take time to gain your trust, but I am not in a hurry. I will use my practical actions to make my you feel relieved to hand over Qiqi to me.” Yuqi spoke without any rashness, but with composure and and calmness.

This act surprised Qiqi. She thought that Yuqi would use all kinds of promises to convince her mother, but he didn’t. Yuqi just used plain words to express his deep affection for her and his unwavering belief.

Looking at Yuqi, Qiqi couldn’t help but showed a glad smile.

Seeing her daughter’s idiot-like smile, Qiqi’s mother could not do anything.

With a light cough again, Qiqi’s mother said to Qiqi: “Come here, I have something to tell you alone.”

On hearing this, Qiqi became very nervous in her heart, and she couldn’t help but looked at Yuqi with anxiety in her eyes.

Seeing Qiqi was in a daze, Qiqi’s mother looked fiercely, and said angrily: “What kind of eyes you have, and I’m not going to eat you, come here!”

Yuqi patted Qiqi on the head and comforted her: “Go ahead, behave well, and try to make your mom happy.”

“Good.” Qiqi reluctantly separated from Yuqi and walked to another room with her mother.

As soon as the door was closed, Qiqi’s mother reached out and poked Qiqi’s forehead, and said angrily: “Is he the one who gave birth to you? I think you are more obedient to him. !”

“Mom, keep your voice down, the room is not soundproof.”

“So what?!”

“If the conversation between you and me can be heard by Yuqi, why did you bring me here to talk alone?”

Qiqi’s mother was speechless by Qiqi, with a depressed expression on her face.

“I want to know, do you really like that man?” Qiqi’s mother asked her.

Hearing this. Qiqi nodded shyly.

“Then do you know what you will face after you are with him?”

The smile was a little frozen, and Qiqi nodded again.

Qiqi’s mother sighed deeply and said, “He is not that excellent in my eyes.”

Why don’t Qiqi know about my mother’s concern?

But being with Yuqi is the result of Qiqi’s careful consideration. She showed a solemn expression and said seriously: “I just like him, it has nothing to do with his identity or money.”

On hearing Qiqi’s reply, Qiqi’s mother was a little anxious and said: “It’s easy to say, but you will have many problems in the future. I’m just worried about your everlasting happiness.”

Qiqi gave her mom a soothing smile and said: “Mom, now I have to grow up and learn to deal with problems by myself. Besides, this time I am not alone, but with Yuqi with me, we will face problems together.”

Qiqi’s mother’s words not only failed Qiqi’s heart, but made her firmer. This made Qiqi’s mother frown and she said, “It seems that you are very determined to be with him.”


Qiqi knew that her mother was a little angry, but she couldn’t live according to her mother’s order, so she lowered her head, and said, “I… still want to get the blessing from you and Dad.”

“But so far, we are very worried about your future.”

“That’s because we haven’t worked hard enough to prove to you and make you believe us. You can rest assured that we will work harder to become excellent.”

Looking at Qiqi’s firm eyes, Qiqi’s mother suddenly felt sorry for her.

Reaching out and stroking Qiqi’s face, Qiqi’s mother said earnestly: “Your idea is good, but the road ahead will be really tough.”

“Isn’t my father always saying that young people are going to make a break? I am willing to take risks. I also look forward to being able to rely on my own efforts to obtain happiness.”

Being rejected by Qiqi again, Qiqi’s mother sighed and said, “You really have grown up and you have your own ideas. Mom can’t control you. I’m old too. I can’t stay with you. For you, you still have to take the road on your own in the future.”

At this moment, Qiqi suddenly felt that her mother was much older. She used to think that her mother was very young. But now, the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes can’t be hidden, and her tired look makes people feel distressed.

Qiqi felt sore in her heart and plunged into my mother’s arms and said coquettishly: “Mom, you believe us, we will work hard together to be happy. No matter what the result is, I will not regret it. “

The girl in her arms really has grown up. Qiqi has his own preferences and opinions, she needed to respect her own choice. With a soft sigh, Qiqi’s mother said: “You have said so, what else can I do?”

Hearing her mother’s tone loosened, Qiqi immediately smiled and asked, “Mom, do you agree?”

“I didn’t say that, I just want to observe. What’s more, even if I agree, you need tyo get your father’s consent too. He has a lot of biases on Yuqi, and it is difficult to persuade him.”

“As long as Mom is on our side, Dad is not a problem. Besides, we will move Dad with our sincerity!”

Qiqi was full of confidence, but the actual result disappointed Qiqi.

When Qiqi’s father heard the news, he coldly slammed the door and returned to the room without saying a word.

Qiqi was a little at a loss, trying to pursue him but was stopped by Yuqi.

“You father is angry, no matter how much you say, he won’t listen.”

Qiqi was very anxious, but she really had nothing to do.

Looking helplessly at his mother, she said, “I won’t leave you for dinner today. Let’s go back.”

“Mom, my dad…”

“What kind of temper is your father, don’t you know? He is really disappointed at you this time.”

Qiqi was very unwilling. She didn’t say anything yet, and her father didn’t understand the situation. Why was he so arbitrary and didn’t even listen to any explanation?

Qiqi stomped dejectedly and said, “Dad is really stubborn.”

Qiqi had no choice but to leave home with Yuqi. Qiqi walked very showly with hard stop along the way at this time, hoping that Dad would walk out of the room and take a look at herself.

But until Qiqi walked out of the residential area, Qiqi’s father did not leave the room.

Qiqi left with disappointment. Qiqi’s mother opened the door and walked behind Qiqi’s father and asked, “Old man, would you really ignore your daughter?”

Qiqi’s father shook the cup, and the tea in the cup was floating up and down. The heat lightly smoked his eyes. It took a long time before he spoke.

“If it’s that easy, just accept it. The kid named Yuqi Mu must look down on us and our daughter, because we are from poor family, and we can only use our own methods to protect Qiqi.”

After hearing Qiqi’s father’s words, Qiqi’s mother fell silent and said nothing more.

The two people sat in the room, feeling a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

Qiqi was also in a bad mood right at the moment.

Although Qiqi is not such a good child, she has never let his parents worry about her since she was a child. But now, she has let his parents down, and she doesn’t know when they will forgive herself. Thinking of this, Qiqi’s eyes turned red.

Yuqi felt distressed and said, “Don’t be sad, honey, we’ll make it.”

Qiqi’s eyes were in a daze, and she nodded and said, “Yeah, good fortune is always ahead for us to get.”

With his arms around Qiqi’s shoulders, Yuqi comforted her: “Since your parents have known us being together, let’s find ways to face it positively. Don’t always complain.”

“Then do you have a good way to stay positive? Then tell me about it.”

“When you have time, let’s go back to your home. I will cook two more dishes for you parents, and drink a little wine with your dad, so that they can understand my sincerity, and slowly they will let go of their grudges and accept us in the end. Today is just the first day. Over time, they can always find my good, and then they will give you to me.”

Yuqi’s words calmed Qiqi’s flustered heart slowly.

“Yes, sounds very nice.”

“I will turn words into actual actions, so don’t worry. Now. Let’s go back and eat some delicious food to soothe the wounded soul, how about it?”

After taking a deep breath, Qiqi sat up straight, turning his grievances into appetite, and said, “I’m going to eat hot pot, I want to order ten plates of lamb slices!”

“Well, let’s order as much as you want. Your boyfriend may be lacking in other aspects, but in respect of eating, you absolutely can rely on me!”

In Chuxue’s dessert shop, there was a gathering.

Everyone arrived, but it took a long time to see Chuxue and Zhao Nangong’s appearance.

Chuxue was habitually late, and everyone didn’t take it to heart. They continued to eat and drink, chatting, and laughing endlessly.

Suddenly, someone opened the door, and then sat among them, with anger on the face. It was Chuxue.

And behind her, followed Zhao Nangong.

Yiyao looked at Chuxue, and then at Zhao Nangong, and asked: “What’s wrong, why is Chuxue so angry?”

Nangong sighed weakly and said, “Hey, don’t mention it, something big happened.”

His words raised everyone’s attention.

“What’s the big deal?”

“Chuxue had a whim, she didn’t want to hold a wedding ceremony!”


Well, this was indeed a big event, everyone was shocked.

But why cancelling the wedding ceremony? Is there a relationship problem between these two people?

Faced with the questioning eyes of everyone, Zhao Nangong hurriedly waved his hand and said: “This matter has nothing to do with me, it is Chuxue’s own idea, she didn’t even discuss it with me.”

It turned out that the problem was Chuxue.

Once the goal was set, everyone began to focus on Chuxue.

“Chuxue, no matter what happens. Let’s discuss things carefully. You are going to be a bride soon. Don’t play a childish temper.”

“That’s it, you and Nangong have finally become a couple. And you should be very happy, why you made such a weird decision!”

“And if you do, it will embarrass your parents.”

Facing everyone’s questioning, Chuxue said with a calm face and without hesitation: “I didn’t play my temper. This is the result of my careful consideration. I’m fed up with endless details of planning for the wedding. I want to be simple!”

After hearing what Chuxue said, everyone was even more confused. Turning to look at Nangong, Yiyao asked again: “Nangong, what is going on?”

“The wedding dress designer’s design manuscript is lost and needs to be re-measured. Because of the delay, the selected materials are out of stock. We can only choose another set of wedding dresses. The wedding dress is changed, and the matching wedding set, tableware, etc. Wait, we must reconsider everything.”

After listening to the explanation, everyone was relieved and felt that this was not a big deal.

Patting Chuxue’s shoulder, Anna said, “Just because of this little thing? Humm, stupid.”

Chuxue looked very angry, and said, “Is that a trivial matter? It’s damn complicated and busy preparing everything for the ceremony.”

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