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Chapter 562: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 562 I Already Have a Plan (1)

Chuxue became more excited as she spoke, and was already on the verge of freaking out.

Holding Chuxue’s hand hurriedly, Qiqi said: “No one wants such a thing happen. Now that it has happened, let’s face it together. Why should we give up the wedding? Just because of your little emotions, you will leave Nangong alone? He will be sad for this.”

“I don’t care about ceremony. We are going to travel and get married. We will go out to play when we get the certificate. As for the ceremony, whoever loves, let him arrange it!”

Jingyan Ye asked faintly beside him: “Do parents know about this?”

“They do not know yet.”

With a soft snort, Jingyan said, “I guess so too, otherwise they would have called me for this.”

Chuxue clenched her fist and said, “Even if you get me back home this time, I won’t change my mind. I want to control my own destiny!”

Everyone glanced at each other, and there was some helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“Well, since you are so firm, I won’t object you, as long as you don’t regret it.”

“I’m going to be free soon, how can I regret it, and it’s too late to be happy. None of you can stop me!”

“Well, nobody will stop you, you decide it for yourself. You must be hungry, let’s eat something first.”

Seeing everyone had changed the subject so quickly, it seemed to they had accepted Chuxue’s crazy decision.

This made Chuxue a little uncomfortable.

“You guys, don’t you want say anything anymore?” Chuxue said.

Anna shrugged and said, “Why do we say so much? Anyway, you won’t listen. so why waste time?”

“Then, I will eat quick have some soft drinks.”

“It’s all high-calorie things, don’t you want lose weight?”

“Anyway, I don’t need to wear a wedding dress anymore. Why do I have to lose weight. Today I want to eat a lot and eat whatever I like.”

Anna patted the table and said, “You can eat whatever you like. I want marble cheese and mocha, oh, and a piece of Black Forest.” With that, Anna’s eyes were shining.

Qiqi often met Anna these past two days. Every time she saw her, she was always eating, which made Qiqi feel a little strange.

“Anna, you seem to have a good appetite these days.”

“I’m hungry. I didn’t dare to eat in order to stay in shape. Hey, being an artist is really hard.”

“Then why do you eat so much now?”

“Life is short, and I can eat whatever I like. A person’s life span is only a few decades, and we need to make the best of it.”

After Yulin Xiao heard this, he smiled with bitterness and said: “Haha, what you said makes sense, you’re right, come to my side and I will give you a big hug.”

“No thank you sir. What I need now is good food, not handsome man.”

Just like this, Yulin felt slightly injured in heart. But he still wanted to please Anna, and asked: “So how about get some boiled fish?”

Fish? A weird feeling came from her stomach, Anna immediately shook her head in disgust, and said, “No, don’t mention fish before me!”

Seeing Anna looking uncomfortable, Yulin said hurriedly: “Are you sick in your stomach again? Hey, sooner or later, your stomach will have problems.”

“Okay, don’t be fussy!” Anna was a bit irritable and scolded him calmly.

Looking at the people on the table, Qiqi tilted her head and whispered to Yuqi, “What happened today? It feels like everyone is a little weird.”

“Don’t talk too much, just watch the scene, maybe there will be an answer in a while.”

Qiqi still wanted to talk, but Yiyao over there began to ask questions.

“When are you going to leave?”

These words made Chuxue stunned and asked, “Go? Where?”

“You said that if you want to travel and get married, you are going to travel somewhere.”

“Ah, oh, I… haven’t determined the places yet.” Chuxue turned to look at Nangong and asked, “Nangong, do you have any good ideas?”

“Then go somewhere nearby, how about Thailand?”

Chuxue’s eyes rounded and said, “This is a honeymoon trip. I want to have a good time. Let’s go a little farther place.”

“Then where do you want to go?”

“I’m going to Northern Europe and stay there for two or three months.”

When Yulin heard this, he laughed and said, “You want to play for so long time?”

Raising her eyebrows, Chuxue said, “You have played longer time than me during your last vacation!”

“Umm, haha, sorry.” Yulin replied.

Then the snacks were served, Chuxue turned bad mood into good appetite and began eating.

Jingyan opened his mouth suddenly and asked, “Then when do you plan to tell parents about your decision?”

Chuxue kept her mouth open, and said vaguely: “When I book a ticket and leave the capital.” “Otherwise, they will definitely not agree with me to go. I can only leave the capital and be out of their control to do what I want to do.”

Jingyan snorted coldly and said, “Humm, if Dad knows that he will definitely break your legs.”

“Then let them know later, then I will carry a baby in my belly and come back to see how they are going to beat me.”

As soon as she said this, everyone around bitterly laughed.

Jingyan strongly disagreed with Chuxue’s idea, frowning and saying: “You can’t do this.”

“OK, but you cann’t stop me either.” replied Chuxue.

With that being said, Chuxue made a face to Jingyan.

Jingyan didn’t want to talk to her any more. He turned around to take good care of Yiyao next to him.

Qiqi watched the whole scene. She found that Anna had eaten up all the desserts in front of her, faster than Chuxue.

Looking at Yulin, Qiqi asked, “Did you steal her snacks?”

Yulin smiled and said, “No, how could I have that opportunity? See, she is enjoying her food right now.”

Qiqi knows about Anna’s appetite, she can’t eat so much in ordinary times. But Anna seemed hadn’t eaten enough snacks.

Qiqi tilted her head and looked at Anna, puzzled.

And Yiyao who was sitting next to her also niticed this, and asked, “Oh, I think Anna seems to get pre…”

Yiyao stopped saying the word pregnant, but Qiqi didn’t get it.

Looking sideways at Yiyao, Qiqi asked, “What is it?”

Yiyao smiled and said, “Oh, Let’s wait for Anna’s good news.”

What was it? why Yiao kept it mysterious?

Qiqi had an inexplicable look, didn’t understand what Yiyao wanted to say, but Yiyao had already chatted with other person about other things and did not intend to explain more to Qiqi.

After chatting for a while, Jingyan Ye helped Yiyao and said, “Now time is almost up, Yiyao, you go back to rest, you guys stay here and keep having fun.”

Anna also stood up and asked, “Yiyao, are you full?”

“I’m full, how about you, are you full?”

“Anyway, it’s just some snacks, not a regular meal, just so so.”

What? Anna wanted to eat more? ! Qiqi showed an incredible expression.

Since they entered the dessert shop, Anna kept eating.

Cakes, biscuits, milk tea, etc.

Under Qiqi’s shocked gaze, Yiyao said: “Next time, we will make an appointment to have dinner together. You can order what to eat.”

“Okay, as long as it’s not boiled fish, I’m fine.”


Yiyao’s smile was filled with expectation and meaning.

Sitting in the car with Jingyan, Yiyao leaned her head on Jingyan’s shoulder.

“Darling, you feel tired?”

Yiyao shook her head and asked, “Do you really agree to let Chuxue cancel the wedding ceremony?”

“How could it be possible!”

“Then what are you going to do, why don’t you keep reasoning with her?”

“I won’t do this kind of nerve-wracking thing. Some people will do it.”

Yiyao smiled and said: “Who would want to do such an offensive thing.”

“Of course, Nangong will be very positive to do that.”

Yiyao couldn’t figure it out, and asked: “Nangong should be on Chuxue’s side. How could it be possible for himself to create problems for himself?”

“It’s very simple. If Chuxue doesn’t agree to hold the wedding, and the Ye family will not agree to her marrying. Then, Nangong will definitely rack his brains to find a way to persuade Chuxue to attend the wedding.”

After hearing Jingyan’s explanation, Yiyao showed a dazed expression.

“Honey, your trick is really…”

“It’s wonderful, right?”

“No, very cunning.”

“Haha, that’s easy. Are you going to give me a pretty baby girl?”

Looking up at Jingyan, Yiyao smiled and asked: “I haven’t done the check-up it yet, how do you know I’m going to give birth to a girl?”

“I like girls, and I will definitely have a daughter this time.”

“What if it’s a boy?”

“Then continue having a baby girl next time.”

These words made Yiyao sigh: “Huh, it’s really easy to say, anyway, it’s not that you get pregnant!”

Jingyan’s chin rubbed against Yiyao’s hair, and said in a deep voice: “How hard you give birth to a baby, in the same way, I will work hard to treat you well in the future. It is the luckiest thing for me to have you in this life.”

Leaning in Jingyan’s warm and generous embrace, Yiyao felt very happy.

The corner of her mouth slightly raised, and Yiyao said: “I am also very lucky to stay by your side.”

“It’s a pity that Chuxue doesn’t cherish the happiness coming up for her. She and Nangong are the ones who are so self-willed and they will suffer a loss for not hold a wedding.”

“Then, about Chuxue’s decision, when do you plan to tell your parents?”

“I didn’t plan to tell them.”


Looking down at Yiyao’s surprised eyes, Jingyan kissed her on the cheek, and said softly: “The wedding will proceed as usual, no one will be absent.”

“You are so confident? Will Nangong solve it successfully?”

“If he doesn’t have this ability, he won’t be our Ye family’s son-in-law.”

“You are really overbearing.”

Although he was making complaints, Yiyao still had a smile on her face.

Because her mental state was not very good recently, Anna did not want to work for longer hours, and she just wanted to get more rest. As a workaholic, she had been working for a long time.

She has a close friend Qiqi, so she came to Qiqi to have tea and do nails and shopping.

But while drinking tea. Anna suddenly received a call from Chuxue and who hurriedly asked where she was.

Anna gave Chuxue the location. Before she ask more, Chuxue hung up the phone.

“What’s happening?” asked her friend.

Anna shrugged and said, “I don’t know, wait a while and let me talk to Chuxue later.”

About half an hour later, Chuxue opened the door and walked into the cafe, looking around in a hurry.

Anna and Qiqi were both confused. Be fore she could ask anything, Chuxue hid in the bathroom.

Qiqi walked to the door, knocked on the door, and asked, “Churxue, what’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t ask, if you see Nangong, just say you didn’t see me.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Oh, don’t worry, just say as I told you!”

Chuxue’s tone grew impatient. Anna and Qiqi were anxious, but they couldn’t ask anything.

“Anna, are we really going to lie to Nangong?”

Anna shrugged and said, “Chuxue is inside. If you don’t follow her arrangement, she will definitely go crazy.”

“But, is this really good?”

“Who knows what happened between them, but I guess it’s definitely not a good thing, otherwise Chuxue’s face won’t show those panicked facial expressions, let’s wait and see what will happen next.”

Chapter 562 I Already Have a Plan (2)

Just when Qiqi was hesitating what to do, she heard footsteps sound outside the door. She turned around and saw Zhao Nangong walking in quickly.

“Is Chuxue here?” asked Zhao anxiously.

“She said she wasn’t here.” Anna said. But her words made Qiqi couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

As soon as he heard Anna’s words, Zhao immediately knew that Chuxue was definitely here. He was so anxious that he went around the room. “Chuxue, I can explain it to you.” he shouted.

Soon he found someone in the bathroom and he was about to rush over. But Anna stopped him. “Didn’t you hear what I said? She’s not here.”

“I really need to talk to Chuxue.” said Zhao.

“If she wanted to hear your explanation, she wouldn’t have run away. No matter what you say now, she won’t listen.” Anna paused, and then she continued. “Now it is not a good chance for you to explain to her. You go back first. We’ll talk to her.”

Zhao Nangong was hesitant. He wanted to explain to Chuxue himself. But he also knew that Anna was right. Chuxue was angry with him now. When she saw him, she would still fight with him.

Zhao took a deep breath and shouted in the direction of the bathroom. “Chuxue, no matter what, I always love you.”

His deafening voice disturbed the peace of the place, which made Anna and Qiqi want to stop him.

“Don’t you know this is a tea club? It’s very quiet here. Your voice can travel from the first floor to the top floor clearly.”

Zhao could not care about that. At this moment he only wanted to find Chuxue. However, Chuxue did not want to see him now.

He turned back with every step he took. It took him a lot of time to get out of the room.

While waiting for him to go out, Anna walked to the door of the bathroom. She knocked on the door and then said, “He’s gone. You can come out now.”

After a while, Chuxue came out and there seemed to be tears on her face.

Anna held her hand. They walked over to the table and sat down. “What’s going on?” She asked.

Speaking of Zhao, Chuxue’s eyes moistened again. She wiped her cheeks and said hatefully. “Zhao betrayed my confidence. I don’t like him anymore!”

But Qiqi did not believe her words. “Really? Zhao could abandon everything for you. I don’t believe he would betray you.”

“It’s true. I’m not lying.”

“Then tell me, who is that mistress? Does she have a good body? Is she more beautiful than you?”

Anna’s words were so strange that neither Qiqi nor Chuxue reacted to what she was talking about.

“Anna, what are you saying?” Qiqi asked

“Did you guys really not understand or are you pretending not to understand? Isn’t it that Zhao has the other woman?”

“Things aren’t what you think they are. It has nothing to do with women.” Chuxue hurriedly explained.

“Then it’s got something to do with men. God, Zhao is gay.” Anna jested.

However, Chuxue was really speechless. She was not as angry as she was earlier.

“Anna, what are you thinking? Can you be normal?”

“Then you tell me what the hell is going on?” Anna asked.

Sitting on the chair, Chuxue looked despondent. “Originally, Zhao agreed that we wouldn’t hold a wedding and then we traveled to Northern Europe. But I find that he is still secretly preparing for the wedding. Obviously he doesn’t want to go out with me. He wants to have a wedding. Is this not betrayal?

Anna and Qiqi looked at each other, puzzled. “Then why did he do that?”

“It’s definitely for his family’s reputation. But I just don’t want to have a wedding. If he wants to hold it, then he just get married alone.”’

“If he does this for his family, then why is he with you against his father’s wishes?”

Chuxue’s eyes moistened. “Maybe he has a sudden impulse to be with me. But he regrets it now.”

“Do you believe this reason yourself?” Anna said.

Chuxue came to find Anna and Qiqi to complain about Zhao, but she didn’t expect them to speak for him, which made her angry. “Shouldn’t you guys join me in blaming Zhao?”

Anna shrugged her shoulders. “If he did something wrong, for example, he found a mistress, then I would definitely go after him. But he didn’t do anything wrong, he just thought a lot about you and worried that you would regret it later.”

“I don’t want to have a wedding, so how can I possibly regret it?”

“You really won’t regret it? What about your parents? You will make your family the laughing stock of everyone. Do you know that?”

Facing Anna’s questioning, Chuxue hesitated. “But I can’t force myself to do what I don’t like.”

“Aren’t you happy to be the bride in the limelight? And don’t you want everyone to witness your happiness?” Qiqi said.

“But it’s so complicated to prepare for a wedding. I really don’t want to go through this.” said Chuxue.

“It’s just the wedding setup. We can help you.” Anna said.

Chuxue froze and looked up at Anna. “You guys help me?”.

“Yes, we are your friends. We can help you prepare the wedding as long as you trust us.”

“But that kind of thing is so boring, I don’t even want to deal with it, so how can I bring it to bother you guys.” said Chuxue.

“We won’t find it boring. Qiqi has not worn a wedding dress yet. I’m sure she will definitely be happy to pick the color and style. Qiqi, what do you think?”

Hearing this, QiqI nodded happily.

“As for me, I have no problem with wedding etiquette, and I may even come up with better ideas.”

Hearing Anna’s words, Chuxue fell silent. She no longer resisted talking about this issue of the wedding.

“Look, things are settled like this. It’s not a difficult problem either. There’s no need to fight with Zhou because of this.” Anna said.

“Yes, why didn’t I think of asking you guys to help me?”

Seeing Chuxue calm down, Anna sat next to her and poured a cup of tea for her. “It would have been easy to solve this matter. It’s not that complex.”

Holding the cup of tea, Chuxue regained her composure. The problem that was giving her a headache was really solved.

“Since there is a solution, why didn’t you guys tell me earlier? I can’t eat or sleep well these two days, I’ve lost weight.” said Chuxue.

“Before we didn’t know your problem, but now we know it, of course we have to help you.”

Chuxue had no reasons to retort. “Well, what you said makes sense.”

“Then do you agree?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Then since your problem is solved. I’ll call Zhao first.”

Anna went to make the call, and Qiqi talked to Chuxue from the side. “I guess now everyone in this tea club knows there’s a girl named Chuxue here.”

Thinking of Zhao just shouting in the tea club, Chuxue was a little uncomfortable. “Zhao is such a reckless guy.”

Soon Zhao returned to the room. Chuxue didn’t expect to see him so soon. “How did you …… get back so quickly?”

Zhaoge looked very tired. “I didn’t leave. I’m waiting downstairs.”

“Why didn’t you leave? Aren’t you worried that I’ll still yell at you?”

Zhao took Chuxue into his arms and said fondly. “Yes, I’m worried that when you’re angry, you won’t be able to find anyone to vent your ange. If you keep your anger inside, you’ll hurt yourself.”

Anna and Qiqi saw them reunite, and they hurriedly left the room.

Then Zhao bowed his head and looked deeply at Chuxue. “Chuxue, you’re not angry anymore?”

“No, I’m still angry.” She immediately pushed Zhao away, and then said seriously. “I want to know why you secretly prepared the wedding behind my back.”

Zhao reached out and stroked Chuxue’s hair. “We are not children anymore. We have to learn responsibility. I understand that you don’t like to prepare for the wedding, but after we leave, our families won’t necessarily understand why we leave.” He said softly.

“Then why didn’t you say these to me?”

“You’re in the rage. You wouldn’t listen to me. I know you’re understanding and will figure this out someday. Since you don’t like planning the wedding, I’ll do this. You just need to get ready to be the most beautiful bride.”

Chuxue was moved. At the same time, she felt guilty for her own capriciousness. When she was unhappy, she would always be angry with Zhao, and Zhao had no complaints and always thought of everything for her.

Chuxue inwardly despised herself.

“This doesn’t need you to worry about it, just leave it to Anna and Qqi. I just discussed it with them already. They will help me.”

Zhao froze for a moment. “You …… no longer reject having a wedding?”

“Yes, I’m not that unreasonable. I was just a little angry.”

Zhao was very happy. He didn’t expect Chuxue would agree to hold the wedding so quickly. Then he excitedly hugged her again.

“Zhao, let go of me, I can’t breathe.”

After releasing Chuxue, Zhao narrowed his eyes with a smile. “You’re so nice. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to Jingyan, otherwise ……” Zhao paused. He suddenly realized that he had said something he shouldn’t have said.

“You talked to my brother? What did he say?” Chuxue asked curiously.

“No, nothing.” Zhao said, and then he habitually scratched his hair with his hand. Every time he did this. It was an indication that he might have something on his mind.

Chuxue stared at Zhao’s eyes as she pursued the question. “You must have something to hide from me, you better tell me.”

“Nothing, it’s just that he gave me some advice to keep you.” Zhao said gently. He didn’t want to tell Chuxue about the advice her brother had given him earlier about how to get her back. After all, the advice wasn’t very friendly.

“From what I know about my brother, He can’t simply give you a suggestion.” Chuxue held Zhao’s hand. “Did he threaten to keep me from marrying you if you couldn’t convince me to agree to have a wedding?”

Now if Zhao did not tell Chuxue what her brother had said to him, then she may think that he and her brother were hiding secrets together. But if he told her, it might trigger a conflict between them.

Zhao hesitated for a long time, and then said. “He is also doing it for our own good. Don’t take his words seriously.”

Chuxue’s face darkened. “Don’t speak for him. My brother likes to control everything.”

“No matter what, his intentions are good.”

“I don’t know if he’s really doing it for my own good. Maybe he just likes to control everything. I have to do something about it.” said Chxhue. She had got so much on her mind at the moment.

“Then can you tell me what you want to do?”

Chuxue suddenly showed a wicked smile. “I already have a plan. My brother will definitely always remember the lesson I taught him,I guess.”

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