Chuck Cannon’s family is rich, of course, Bryant knows, but it’s not enough to live in that kind of place, which started with a net worth of 50 billion US dollars.

Chuck Cannon’s family is unlikely to have so much money. The reason why Chuck Cannon said so was that he didn’t want to let herself go to her.

Bryant lost.

“Well, I remembered,” Bryant smiled.

“Then I’m leaving,” Chuck Cannon went to the parking place.

Bryant was disappointed, was she so unattractive?

She sighed, went to the car and left by herself.

“What are you doing here again?” Black Rose said coldly.

This allows others to see, how can I protect you secretly?

“Here you are,” Chuck Cannon gave her the packed snacks.

Black Rose was shocked, her big blue eyes were cold, “Who wants your things? Go back to your car.”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “Don’t want my stuff? What about the mung bean cake for you at noon?”

“Lost,” Black Rose lied. She ate it and wanted to eat a piece, which was very delicious.

“You, what a waste.” Chuck Cannon collapsed.

“Who asked you to give it to me? Not in the car yet? Let others see, I won’t protect you anymore,” Black Rose said coldly.

Chuck Cannon felt kindly to be…Forget it.

Chuck Cannon got into the car by herself. Black Rose saw Chuck Cannon driving away. Black Rose smelled the fragrance, and she was hungry. She couldn’t help but open the box. It was not the pastry for lunch. What is this?

She took a bite and found it delicious.

These Huaxia dim sums are really good, but he only brought one piece. Why not bring one more for such a delicious thing?

Black Rose was thinking that Chuck Cannon might be stingy, and if she took seven or eight yuan, she would be able to finish it by herself.

Black Rose drove along with Chuck Cannon and ate while driving. After eating, she put the box away so that Chuck Cannon could not see it, otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

But she was suddenly alert because a car suddenly followed, she immediately called Chuck Cannon.


“See, there is a car following you, you speed up and throw them away!” Black Rose said coldly.

“It is good.”

Chuck Cannon in the front speeded up, and in the cars that followed, a beautiful girl sneered. Yes, she was a beautiful blue-eyed woman.

How could she leave so easily? She was so angry that Chuck Cannon ran out and called someone.

How could Chuck Cannon run away so easily? She must make Chuck Cannon obediently agree to teach herself, and then she would defeat him!

It must be done!!

“Chase him!” said the blue-eyed beauty.

“Yes!” The strong man driving the car obeyed her orders.

Increase the throttle and chase directly!

Black Rose, who was just about to catch up, was annoyed because a large truck just blocked her! She suddenly couldn’t see Chuck Cannon’s car!

Chuck Cannon looked in the rearview mirror and saw three cars chasing him. He frowned. He has been driving for a while, and his car skills are fine. He slammed on the accelerator and the engine roared!

His car is galloping on the road, it’s nothing, I can’t do it, don’t you still have Black Rose?

What’s more, Chuck Cannon wants to solve this kind of thing by himself, and he himself has convinced him to keep Black Rose under the protection. There is always one day to face it, so he must start from now and try his best to solve it.

Chuck Cannon drove amazingly fast.

The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed, “What are you driving??”

“Miss Hui, he drove fast…” The strong man was cautious.

The performance of Chuck Cannon’s car is so good that Karen Lee has modified it, so ordinary cars can’t catch up.

“Let me drive!” the blue-eyed beauty was angry.

It was changed immediately, and the blue-eyed beauty suddenly stepped on the accelerator, and the speed was equally amazing.

She chased up excitedly, boom!!

After hitting the rear of Chuck Cannon’s car, Chuck Cannon saw her in the rearview mirror. Chuck Cannon frowned, and the blue-eyed beauty drove over, side by side with Chuck Cannon.

“Park, you promise to teach me, then I won’t hit you.” The blue-eyed beauty said proudly.

This has already given Chuck Cannon a lot of faces. In the past, she had crashed Chuck Cannon’s car.

Chuck Cannon had cold eyes and drove away. The blue-eyed beauty was angry and continued to chase. She has too much experience in chasing cars. She is not his opponent to fight, but he was not as good as her when driving. She knocked him over.

The blue-eyed beauty is at the right time!


Rumble, Chuck Cannon’s car was knocked over. Chuck Cannon responded very well and controlled it. He was hit and felt very painful.

After waiting for the car to stop, Chuck Cannon opened the seat belt and climbed out of the car, staring coldly at the blue-eyed beauty who got out of the car with a cold smile.

Others, there are seven or eight strong men with tall horses.

Usually blue-eyed beauty, she doesn’t make people at all, but when she enters, she is trembling with anger and people must be called!

“Miss, do you want us to beat him?” a strong man asked cautiously.


The blue-eyed beauty slapped it out and hit the brawny man’s face. The brawny man didn’t dare to move or squeak.

“If only you have a fight, will I come out? Use your brain!” the blue-eyed beauty said angrily.

“Yes, yes.” The strong man lowered his head and dared not talk back.

The background of this blue-eyed beauty is too big.

If he dared to talk back, he wouldn’t know how he died.

The blue-eyed beauty walked over with a sneer, and several brawny men looked at Chuck Cannon!

“Chuck Cannon, you are more acquainted, teach me obediently, when I defeat you, I will give you a sum of money that you will never use in your life,” the blue-eyed beauty said sarcastically.

Of course, Chuck Cannon has no fear at all. Black Rose is hiding in the dark to protect himself, so we will have a good fight today, just to see what strength she is.

You can also exercise yourself!

“No, let them come.” Chuck Cannon said.

These brawny men should be strong mercenaries, but Chuck Cannon has been learning fighting for so long, and fighting these few should not be a big problem.

“Chuck Cannon, you are too ignorant of good and bad, I said, I will give you money, will it be enough for you to give you 100 million dollars? I said no two, said to you, I must give it to you, if you don’t believe it, I can give it to you now. But you have to teach me!” The blue-eyed beauty is angry!

“I won’t teach.” Chuck Cannon refused, “there is one hundred million? What is it?”

My mom wins tens of billions of money, and 100 million dollars is really nothing.

“Chuck Cannon, are you still pretending? One hundred million dollars is nothing? Hahaha!!” The blue-eyed beauty is angry and disdainful, 100 million dollars is nothing? ?

In this case, the world can only speak of their four big families, right? Other people have this qualification?

“You forced me, but don’t worry, I’ll still give you the money, 100 million dollars, you’re only worth that much! Take him to me, remember, don’t hurt him, I want him to finish teaching me completely, and then I will beat him upright!” The blue-eyed beauty ordered!

Several strong men gathered around.

Chuck Cannon was expressionless, a few strong men caught him, and Chuck Cannon immediately attacked!!

The fighting reaction caused Chuck Cannon to dodge and punch out!

This punch is amazing!

It hit a strong man’s stomach, the muscles on his face were twitching, he felt something to spit out, he fell to the ground with a look of shock.

Such a fast speed, the attacking moves were not prevented by himself!

This is a master of fighting!!

Yes, because of the short training time, Chuck Cannon’s strength is not up to Betty Bernard’s level, let alone Logan, Karen Lee’s level, but Chuck Cannon has acquired Logan’s fighting skills, as well as his mother’s love. Granted, Chuck Cannon knows the attacking skills, and he is not afraid to fight.

Skills make up for the lack of strength.

Several brawny men were angry, but the blue-eyed beauty ordered to fight again, not to hurt Chuck Cannon, they could only catch Chuck Cannon.

The blue-eyed beauty was shocked. She knew that her few people had no problems with hitting more than a dozen, but Chuck Cannon knocked them to the ground with a punch. This technique is really powerful!!

The blue-eyed beauty wanted to be embarrassed to teach her this technique, and then defeated Chuck Cannon with a tooth for a tooth!


Chuck Cannon fists like the wind, and dodge like the wind. Several big guys catch Chuck Cannon, but they can’t catch it at all. Chuck Cannon’s speed is so fast that it is not the way to stay in such a stalemate.

A big guy ran over and asked, “Miss, he is too fast. If we don’t hurt him, it won’t be easy to catch him!”

“You are trash! Seven or eight people can’t catch him? Huh, okay, just hurt him a little, a little bit,” the blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck Cannon, her eyes spitting fire, today you are finished!

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