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Chapter 563: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 563 Anna Is Pregnant (1)

Zhao Nangong was frightened at Chuxue Ye’s smile. He asked cautiously, “What is your good idea?”

“I can’t say it yet, you will definitely be surprised when you know it!”

Zhao said, “Chuxue, calm down! My psychological endurance is very weak. We can’t stand a very strong stimulation.”

“I’m so calm, as calm as still water.”

Well, indeed, Chuxue’s facial expression at the moment was very calm, so calm, that made people gruesome.


“The tea here tastes very good. Enjoy the tea please. After a while, let’s go shopping. I want to buy a new necklace. The necklace you gave me fell into the swimming pool last time. I plan to buy a new one. “

Chuxue made a cup of tea for Zhao.

He knew that Chuxue didn’t want to continue this topic, and no matter how much he asked, there would be no answer.

With a weak sigh, Zhao had to accept the reality and said in a light tone: “Okay, so long as you are happy.”

“Also, my trick against my brother, you have to tell him.”

Zhao was about to drink tea. He was stunned after hearing what Chuxue said, then he turned to look at her and asked: “Are you sure, why don’t you tell him?”

Chuxue said slowly: “I just wanted you to tell my brother.”

Zhao was confused and said, “This…I can’t understand it…”

“My brother is a very arrogant and conceited person. Let him know what I think, he will only laugh at my whimsical thinking, and will not take this matter to heart. “

Chuxue was clear and organized, and she knew immediately that she was really ready to go on her plan. Once she made a decision, she really couldn’t be persuaded by others.

“Okay, let’s stop talking about this matter, Zhao, during this period, I’m sorry to make you feel embarrassed.”

Chuxue’s attitude changed quickly. After a moment, Zhao Nangong stretched out hand and rubbed Chuxue’s head, saying: “As long as you are happy, these are nothing to me.”

Chuxue felt a little embarrassed when she thought of her unreasonable troubles made to Zhao.

“Zhao, only you can tolerate my bad temper. Would you feel embarrassed?”

“Is your temper very bad? Why I don’t think so. In my eyes, you are a little princess, and occasionally lose your temper. It’s also because I didn’t understand your thoughts and I didn’t do well.”

Zhao’s gentleness made Chuxue moved and ashamed, and she took the initiative to plunge into Zhao’s arms. Chuxue surrounded him with a happy smile.

“Nangong, you will really spoil me like this.”

Holding Chuxue tightly, Zhaomo touched the top of her hair and said, “Then let me spoil you forever.”

Looking up at Nangong, Chuxue’s eyes were gentle as water. Seeing Zhao’s heart moved, he leaned over and kissed Chuxue.

When the two of them were in the room, Qiqi was worried.

Sitting next to Anna, Qiqi frowned and asked, “Anna, you said the two of them won’t quarrel?”

Anna said while driving the car, “Don’t worry, Chuxue will not be angry with Nangong. I guess the two of them are enjoying sweet hours now.”


“Of course, don’t worry about them. Let’s relax and eat something delicious.”

“Still eating? Anna, your recent appetite is really scary. Would you like to see a doctor?”

“If you have a bad appetite, you need to see a doctor. If you have a good appetite, you also need to see the doctor, right? You think too much.” She looked at her face from the reversing mirror, Anna noticed that and said, “However, I need to lose weight. Yes, I feel I’m getting fat now.”

“If you eat like this, you’re bound to get fat.”

Qiqi unintentionally complained, making Anna serious and asked: “Why, do you think I’m getting fat? Then I really want to lose weight, otherwise I won’t look good.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong recently. I always feel very tired. I can’t get enough energy when I want to eat or do anything. Since my condition is not good, I just take a rest for a while and make adjustment for the body.”

Anna’s words made Qiqi more worried, she frowned slightly and said, “I think you still have to see the doctor. You worked so hard before, and it is very likely that you have damaged your body. It’s better to adjust it as soon as possible.”

But Anna didn’t take it seriously, and said perfunctorily: “I know, I know, I’ll see a doctor when I have time.”

“Go now. I know an old Chinese doctor is very famous and he is very accurate in diagnosis. I will take you to see him.”

“Now? I’m still a little hungry.”

“Oh, seeing the doctor is very important over hunger. Turn right at the next intersection and drive for twenty minutes.”

Qiqi insisted, Anna was helpless, so she had to say: “Okay. Let’s go to see a doctor.”

Anna turned around and was about to cross the intersection when an electric bike suddenly came out.

“Anna, be careful!!”

Anna stepped on the brakes immediately, and the tires made a harsh sound. The car glided for some distance before it came to a stop.

At the same time, a heavy object landed, and a woman immediately fell on the ground.

The two girls in the car were scared. After a while, Anna murmured: “Qiqi, I…I hit someone?”

“Don’t move, I’ll get off and take a look.”

Qiqi was also very scared, but Anna is a famous star and it is not suitable for her showing up.

At this moment, an elderly woman was lying on the ground with a painful look on her face. Seeing Qiqi, she immediately started howling.

“Ouch, you young people, how do you drive a car? Are you road killers?!”

Qiqi leaned down and asked, “Sorry, are you okay?”

The old lady didn’t answer Qiqi’s question, she clutched her waist, and hummed: “Drive a good car and smash poor people, do you have a heart!”

There were more and more people watching the scene around, and they began to point to Qiqi, and some of them said something cynical.

It’s no way to drag it down like this. Qiqi stepped forward trying to help the old lady up, and said, “We didn’t mean that. Let’s go to the hospital.”

But the old lady shook off Qiqi’s hand and said, “I don’t want to talk to you little girl, let the driver come down, I want to talk to him!”

The old woman stared and said, “What is this, do you want to avoid responsibility!? I tell you, people around here have seen you hit me, you can not deny the fact!”

Hearing the old lady’s remarks, Qiqi whispered: “I think you are in good health, and you don’t look like being injured.”

“What did you say?”

Looking up, the the old lady saw a decent woman standing in front of her wearing a hat and sunglasses, with an unrelenting manner and demeanor.

Well, she looks like a rich woman!

Old lady’s eyes lit up and she hummed: “Oh, you finally dared to show up? I thought you were going to hide in the car forever.”

The shock just now made Anna feel a little uncomfortable and her face turned pale.

But the oversized sunglasses cover most of her face, and while hiding her face, it also covered her pale face.

With a dizzy head, Anna barely supported her body and asked: “Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

The old lady hummed and said, “I have back pain, leg pain, and head pain. It may be a concussion. It would cost a lot of money to go to the hospital.”

“Then we go to the hospital.”

“Oh, in fact, you just need to give me some money, and it’s fine.”

The old lady’s tone changed suddenly, her expression was still very impatient, as if Anna and Qiqi didn’t know what to do.

Qiqi has just been observing the old lady, and found that her body seemed to be fine, her mental state was very good, and she was clearly very good.

Leaning to Anna’s side, Qiqi whispered: “Anna, I think she is trying to blackmail us.”

Anna snorted coldly and said, “Huh, I’ve seen her trick through.”

“Or, let’s give her some money and leave here, it won’t be good to have unnecessary trouble.”

“Why should I waste money on liars? No!”

Anna became stubborn, raised her chin slightly, and asked: “Old lady, tell me how much you want.”

The old lady looked at the car logo, then stretched out a finger and said, “Only 10,000 yuan.”

Anna snorted coldly, and said, “Ten thousand yuan? You really are a big lion. Your broken bike is not even worth ten thousand yuan.”

“It’s not just my car, but also my body. I’m too old to withstand such collision. You have to pay me the damages.”

But Anna didn’t want to be fooled, she said, “But I see you’re pretty good. The voice is loud and you don’t seem to be get injured. As for your bike, it’s already in dilapidated condition. So, I can only give you two hundred yuan at most, which is regarded as the fee for everyone around here to watch your lively performance.”

These words made the old lady’s face changed, and she scolded: “What did you say!?”

“Not enough? Then let’s go through the procedures and call the police.”

Seeing Anna’s insistence, the old lady was puzzled and angry, and said: “You drive a luxury car anyway, why are you so stingy?!”

“I am rich, but I just don’t want to give my money to deceivers.”

“You… well, you want to call the police, then you go ahead!”

Although The old lady refused to admit defeat, it was obvious that her momentum had already weakened, and her eyes were still peeping from left to right.

Soon, the police came here.

Seeing the old lady on the ground, the police showed a helpless look.

“Old lady, it’s you again?”

Hearing this, the old lady must be a habitual offender of the law.

The old lady said, “I’m old and they hit me down.”

Turning to look at Anna, the police prepared to take notes from Anna.

But her sunglasses was so tight that she covered her face.

This behavior was a bit strange. The police frowned slightly and said, “Take off your sunglasses, please, please cooperate with our investigation.”

Anna sighed slightly, and then took off her sunglasses.

Seeing Anna’s face, the police were stunned.

People watching the scene around also recognized Anna, and exclaimed: “Hey, isn’t she… that big star?”

“Yes, yes, that’s the one who acted in the movie, and won the prize.”

“It’s so lucky to be able to meet her here!”

The old lady lying on the ground was also dumbfounded. She didn’t expect to meet the celebrity.

The police took down the notes and the old lady was still by her side, murmured unwillingly: “Don’t the celebrities make a lot of money? When the gossip reporter comes, isn’t it you who is the suffer trouble?”

Anna heard the grumble of the old lady, turned her head, righteously said: “What’s wrong with my being a celebrity, will the celebrity bow to liars!”

The surrounding crowd applauded for Anna’s reply, and some raised their mobile phones to take pictures of Anna.

Anna wore no makeup today and was not suitable for being taken pictures.

But Anna didn’t care about these things. At this moment, she felt a bit dizzy, and her whole state was very bad.

She never felt this way before. Anna felt that she really should see a doctor.

Anna asked the police: “Do I need to sign my name on your notes?”

“Sign here, and then the car will be temporarily detained. You just need to wait for a few days.”

“Fine.” After signing her name, Anna left with Qiqi.

Chapter 563 Anna Is Pregnant (2)

Qiqi found that there was something abnormal in Anna’s condition so she held her hand.

After touching the hands, Qiqi realized Anna’s hands felt very cold.

Being shocked by this, Qiqi looked up at Anna and found that her eyeballs seemed to have lost focus.

Such a scene made Qiqi very uneasy, and she turned around to take Anna and left here.

“Excuse me.”

But instead of giving way to her, more and more people crowed here to witness the demeanor of the superstar.

Anna was taken aback when the incident happened so suddenly. Her heart grew a little uncomfortable seeing so many people coming toward her.

There were more and more people now, and some were rushing forward. Although Qiqi tried to protect Anna, such little effort would help.

With cold sweat on her forehead, Anna felt that she seemed to be unable to hold it.

Qiqi said, “I think we should call Yulin and let them pick us up.”

“If we wait for his arrival, the paparazzi will also arrive. By then, the scene will be more chaotic.”

“Then what shall we do?”

Anna looked in the direction of the police and said, “I have an idea, go…”

Qiqi was waiting for Anna’s answer, but Anna fainted and lost consciousness.

This situation caused Qiqi to panic first, and then seemed to think of something.

Could this be Anna’s trick?

Calling an ambulance is indeed faster than Yulin’s speed.

It’s just that, such a waste of resources, some with no ethics.

Qiqi was a little bit conflicted in heart, but still cooperated with Anna and bent over to hug her.

“Anna, Anna!? You guys, don’t gather here!”

Qiqi yelled, she was about to get her cell phone.

But at the corner of his eyes, Qiqi found a touch of redness.

Turning head to look over, she saw blood flowing out between Anna’s legs.

Her pupils shrank, Qiqi’s limbs turned cold, and she roared bitterly, “Anna!”

The police saw this scene and hurriedly said: “I will take you to the hospital first!”

Qiqi was confused and her head turned blank, so she couldn’t help but get into the police car together and rushed to the hospital.

Nobody don’t know how long it passed, Anna opened her eyes slightly.

She looked around in confusion, and then met her gaze with a haggard face.


Qiqi looked at Anna with sadness and joy on face, and said hurriedly: “Anna, you finally woke up!”

“Where am I now?”

“You are in the hospital.”


Anna thought for a while, and the scene before she fainted came into her mind.

Grinning her pale lips, Anna said: “You girl, you are quite smart, knowing that I asked you to call the police.”

After hearing Anna’s words, Qiqi moved her lips, but said nothing.

On the contrary, Anna herself noticed something wrong.

“No, why did the police send me to the hospital? What happened later. Why don’t I remember?”

Qiqi looked a little hesitant, considered it for a moment, and said: “You… are sick, fainted, and were sent to the hospital.”

“I’m sick? What’s wrong?”

“Yes, it’s nothing serious.”

Anna’s heart suddenly rose, and she asked nervously, “I’m sick, why isn’t Yulin not here? Does he still know?”

“He knows, he’s talking to the doctor about your condition.”

This time, Anna was sure that she must have a problem.

Anna looked serious and asked, “Qiqi, you can honestly tell me, did I have any terminal illness?”

Qiqi waved hands again and again and said, “No, there is no danger to your life, you can rest assured.”

“Then why does Yulin talk to the doctor alone? Also, why are you hesitating, what can’t you tell me about the fact?” With that being said, Anna took a deep breath. “Actually, things are not as bad as you thought. Some people have encountered this kind of situation, and there are still many people. In the end, they all turned from danger to peace.”

“Oh, just say it, what’s the matter with me!”

Anna was pressed so hard that Qiqi had no choice but to tell the truth.

“First, you are pregnant.”

“I am pregnant!?”

This news shocked Anna.

She thought she was seriously ill, but she didn’t expect that she would receive good news.

Lowering her head and stroking her belly, Anna felt that at this moment, she suddenly had a very strange feeling.

Her movements softened involuntarily, and it was obvious that she already had the glory of motherhood.

Looking at Anna like this, Qiqi felt very happy.

“Yes, because you are pregnant, you have a surprisingly good appetite recently. At the same time, you will feel tired and lethargic.”

“No wonder…” The corners of her mouth turned up uncontrollably, Anna said with a smile: “I actually have a baby, Yulin must know it, he must be happy.”

“Well, of course he is very happy.”

But what followed made her frown.

Think of what Qiqi just said. Anna asked, “You just told me the first thing, then what is the second thing?”

“Secondly, it is the reason you were hospitalized.” Qiqi said, “This baby is in danger of miscarriage.”


Obviously, she was still so happy just now, and Anna fell into the abyss in the next instant.

She hasn’t had time to carefully taste the feeling of motherhood, is she going to lose this baby?

No, she can’t stand the harsh fact!

Seeing Anna’s disillusioned look, Qiqi said hurriedly: “It’s just that there is danger, and the doctor also said there is stll great hope. Don’t be too anxious.”

Not in a hurry? How is that possible.

Anna pretended to be calm, and said, “Go and call Yulin.”

Qiqi wanted to say something, but in the end she just sighed deeply, then turned around and walked out of the ward.

After a while, Yulin pushed the door and walked in.

Originally, there was a heavy facial expression on his face. But after seeing Anna, he became as if nothing had happened.

Sitting next to Anna, Yulin shook his hand and asked softly: “Anna, do you still feel dizzy now?”

Anna sat there blankly and said, “Tell me what the doctor said.”

As soon as Yulin was about to say something, Anna said: “Since there are some things that I have to know sooner or later, it is better to let me know early.” With a weak sigh, Yulin said, “Okay, I said. You have inherited hyperglycemia, so the risk of pregnancy will be higher. Because you didn’t pay enough attention before, you ate too much high-sugar and high-fat foods. , Make your blood pressure unstable, plus a little irritation, there is a risk of miscarriage.”

After hearing Yulin’s words, Anna felt that she was really useless.

The baby is coming, she doesn’t know. Originally, she should protect her baby from wind and rain, but because of her negligence, the baby was in danger.

Gently closing her eyes, covering the pain in Anna’s eyes, she asked gently, “Then what should I do now?”

“The doctor will closely observe Anna’s pain, and Yulin is very worried about her. The big palm gently touched the top of Anna’s hair, Yulin comforted, “Don’t put too much pressure on your heart, if this child has fate with us, he will stay.”

Turning around and leaning on Yulin’s shoulder, Anna said in a tired tone: “I was too careless and failed to discover the existence of the fetus earlier. If I can be more careful, these things won’t happen anymore. I am really not a qualified mother.”

“It’s not like that. You can’t control your physical condition by yourself. Don’t demand yourself too much. I know you’re sad, so am I. But we have to believe in the baby. He is working hard to take root in your body. We have to work hard. Be optimistic and set a role model for your baby.”

Tears flowed down involuntarily, Anna murmured: “But I am really not optimistic now. I feel that all my strength has been exhausted, and there is no way to be strong anymore.”

“This is only temporary. You can’t accept this fact a bit, and you will get better. Moreover. With me, with you, I will accompany you to face the difficulties and problems. Now, close your eyes and rest for a while.”

Anna was very obedient. She lay down again, closed her eyes, and murmured softly: “I really hope, all this is just a dream.”

Her words cut Yulin’s heart like a knife.

Upon receiving the call, Yulin rushed to the hospital, panicked. But the doctor’s words completely lost his sense of measure.

Seeing that Jingyan Ye and Yiyao were okay to buy the supplies the baby needed, and the two were still discussing the baby’s name, Yulin was very envious.

He also hoped that he and Anna could also have a child of their own.

Now, the dream has come true, but in this way, which is really sad and happy news.

Soon, Anna’s relatives and friends learned of the news, and they came to the hospital to visit Anna, hoping that she would get better soon.

However, Anna always uses the excuse of taking a break and does not want to see anyone.

Her state is very bad, but she can do nothing.

But among the friends, there was one person who can still walk into Anna’s world.

At this time, Yiyao’s belly was already very big, and her movement was still a bit inconvenient.

But her mental state is very good, her face is red, and she is full of happiness.

It stands to reason that such Yiyao is not suitable to appear in front of Anna, for fear that she will get hurt. But Yiyao came anyway, and came with an open mind.

At this time, Qiqi had just walked out of the room, with food in hand.

Yiyao saw this and asked: “How is Anna?”

Qiqi shook his head and sighed, “I’m very depressed.”

“I’ll go in and talk to her.”

Walking in with flowers in her hand, Yiyao saw Anna lying quietly on the hospital bed with empty eyes.

Hearing the footsteps, Anna looked over lazily, and saw that it was Yiyao, she curled her lips.

Yiyao brought a vase over, put the bouquet in the vase, and said with a smile: “I have also been hospitalized, knowing that being hospitalized is really a monotonous and boring thing. I can only look at the wall in a daze all day, and I can feel sick even if I am not sick . So, I brought you a bouquet, with fresh air, and a change of mood.”

“Thank you.” Turning to sit on the opposite side of Anna, Yiyao found Anna staring at her belly, with a painful look across her eyes.

Leaning over and holding Anna’s hand, Yiyao said softly: “Anna, in fact, I am the person who understands you best, because we have had a similar experience. The mood at that time was really difficult.”

Yiyao’s words made Anna almost shed tears.

After taking a deep breath, Anna’s voice was obstructed and said: “Fortunately, you came through that period.”

“Yeah, finally I got it through. The same to you, you can do it too.”

Anna kept shaking her head, her tears couldn’t stop, she cried and said, “How do I go through it? I really blame myself. I think it’s because of me that things have become so worse today.”

“Regardless of whether this matter has anything to do with you, it doesn’t make any sense now. What you have to do is to cooperate with the doctor as much as possible and take care of the baby. Originally, the baby still has a 50% chance of survival. But it is because of you, it may only have a 30% chance of survival. Maybe the baby is okay, it is because of your worries that it becomes dangerous.”

Yiyao’s words made Anna even more embarrassed, but at the same time, she also realized that she could no longer escape the challenge.

Looking up at Yiyao, Anna stopped her tears and asked, “What can I do to make me stronger?”

“Believe in your baby and yourself. Others can doubt it, but you must have confidence. Also, talk to him more. Trust me, he will hear you.”

Looking down at her flat belly, Yiyao nodded and said, “Just try it.”

Raising her hand to stroke her belly, Anna said softly: “Baby, have you heard your mother speak to you? Mom will always be with you.”

Looking at Anna’s appearance, Yiyao smiled and said: “Anna, there are some things that others can’t help you, so you can only move forward by yourself.”

Anna smiled and said, “Yes.”

“That’s right, smile more, don’t always frown, let your baby actively infect your baby. Now you have to stay in bed and wait for a while. You can stroll around, It will not be as boring as it is now, always thinking about it.”

“I don’t think about it, I want to tell my baby a story.”

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