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Chapter 564: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 564 Planning the Wedding (1)

“Yeah, it’s better to start antenatal training now, sooner the better for the baby. Are you ready to see your friends now?”


“I’ll take them in then, Chuxue has been worried about you.”

“Why?” Anna was confused.

“That you may get burnt out a bit from planning the wedding.”

“Well…” Smiled Anna.

“She thinks big and a lot, see? So don’t be the same like her, just smile to them.” Said Yiyao as she opened up the door, where there were Qiqi and Chuxue waiting, who walked inside the room excitedly.

“Anna!” Exclaimed Chuxue.

“Don’t be that loud, Chuxue!” Uttered Qiqi.

“Oh…” Chuxue let out a smile of apology,”Finally, here we are again, Anna.”

“Yiyao talked me out of all the nonsense I had my mind trapped in, just…I’m sorry, Chuxue.”


“I promised you that I’ll plan out the wedding, but here I am brought down by illness.”

“It’s not a big deal!” Said Chuxue as she waved her hands,”It’s all fine, Anna, I can take care of this, all by myself.”

That kinda surprised the whole room.

“Are you sure, girl?”

“Yeah! Come on, sisters, I’m Chuxue Ye!”

“Finally, there’s some maturity in you.” Smiled Anna.

“Just take your time relaxing, Anna, baby is always before everything.”

“I’ll do my best.”

It was at that moment Anna realized the happiness of the companion of friends again. People dispersed a while alter when Anna needed to take a nap, Qiqi and Chuxu headed to the parking ground together.

“Didn’t see it coming that you would take care of the wedding by yourself, Chuxue.” Said Qiqi.”

“Everyone’s been telling me that I don’t really have anything to do with Anna’s business, but…” Sighed Chuxue,”Probably everything could’ve gone smoothly if it weren’t for me. Anyway, I’ve decided to plan out the wedding, it’s always better for me to take care of my own thing.”

“My plate is empty these days, I can help you out with it.” Smiled Qiqi, she was glad to see the change in Chuxue.

“If only your dear husband would set you free!” Smiled Chuxue as she pinched on Qiqi’s cheek,”I don’t think he would ever live a second without you being around him.”

“So be it!” Qiqi blushed,”I won’t just spend every minute with him.”



“Alright, then!” Chuxue threw her arm around Qiqi’s neck,”Let’s hit the jewelry shop together tomorrow, I’ve got the clothes done.”

“Shopping? Hooray!”

“I’ll cal you tomorrow!”

As they reached the parking ground, Zhao was there waiting.

“Let’s get Qiqi back to school first.” Said Chuxue as she hopped on the car.

“Isn’t Yuqi with you today?” Asked Zhao.

“He doesn’t know I’m here.”

“Wow, no wonder!”

“Just drive, okay?” Qiqi blushed again.

“Be nice on her!” Smiled Chuxue,”I’ll do some shopping with her tomorrow, so consider it a day off for you.”

“But I don’t need a day off!” Zhao was quite upset,”I can help you girls with your bags!”

“It’s not that we’re going for a Black Friday, come on!”

“Here I am ditched again.” Sighed Zhao.

“You’ve got things to handle, don’t you?” Sneered Chuxue.

“Whatever you say, boss.”

By the time they got to the hospital, they noticed a crowd gathering up at the entrance.

“Cameras…are these guys journalists?” Asked Zhao.

“Paparazzi.” Frowned Chuxue,”Why the hell are they still here?”

“Cause Anna’s worth their time.”

“Jesus, this is hospital…stop here, Zhao, I’ll show them how to spell manner!”

“Wait, Chuxue!”

But the paparazzi all dispersed even before Chuxue got off the car.

“What?” Chuxue was confused,”Did they…feel me?”

“It must be Yulin.” Smiled Zhao,”It’s now the most stupid timing for anyone to disturb him.”

“Troubles never come along.” Sighed Qiqi as she laid her eyes on the street where there were few people walking. She headed straight to the canteen after she got back to school, but just before she started enjoying the food, Yuqi made a call to her.

“What are you doing, honey?” Asked Yuqi, soft as streams in the forest.

“Having lunch.”

“At this time of day?”

“I just got back from hospital, got some things to handle this morning.”

“Hospital? Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“Really? I head to hospital everyday for Anna, didn’t you know that already?” Sighed Qiqi.

“No, I don’t…anyway, I just miss you, Qiqi. Can’t you spend more time on me?”

“Didn’t we meet yesterday?”

“It’s yesterday! Do you have time for dinner with me tonight?”

“The school has a meeting for us, so no.”

“Fine…guess I’ll just have to wait for the next day.”

“That still depends.”

“Why?” Uttered Yuqi, trying his best not to shout.

“Chuxue and I are going to do some shopping tomorrow.”

“So you’ll just leave me alone?”

“You know you sound like a lost puppy, right? Probably I’ll have some time left for you after the shopping’s done.”



“Sure, I’ll be waiting in the company, and don’t you stand me up!”

“Or?” Smiled Qiqi.

“You’ll fine me crying at the gate of your school!”

“Come on!” Laughed Qiqi,”Is this all you got?”

“It’s you that took all the toughness away from me, come on!”

“So it’s my responsibility?”

“Of course it is! And you’re going to take your whole life to fulfill it!”

“Cur the crap, my lunch is getting cold!”

Qiqi hanged up the phone and got down to her, well, business. She headed for supermarkets for snacks, at which time she got a call again, an unknown number.


“Is Qiqi speaking?”


“Your food just arrived.”


Qiqi walked down the dorm, and was quite surprised as she laid her eyes on a pizza box in a delivery guy’s hands. It was quite of a expensive pizza.

“Greetings, this is the seafood pizza set you ordered.”

“But I didn’t…could it be that you got the wrong number or something?”

“Well…I checked the number, the name and the address, all correct.”

“Who made the order any way?”

“Here’s the number.”

Qiqi patted on her head as she saw the number, it was Yuqi, he knew that the food in canteen was never enough for Qiqi.


Qiqi headed back to her room and asked her roommates to join her for pizza.

“Wow! I’ve always wanted to try their pizzas! Thanks, Qiqi!”

“You’re boyfriend bought this for you, right?”

“Yeah, so don’t let his money go wasted, come on, take some!” Smiled Qiqi.

Girls snacks party is always full of gossips and laughter, though the incoming graduation brought a slight tinge of sorrow of departure into the room.

Qiqi sat aside and checked her phone, and there was a text from Yuqi.

“How does it taste?”

Qiqi smiled and texted back an emoji of drooling.

“It may be too much for you, I guess.”

Qiqi just took a picture of girls and the pizza and sent it to Yuqi, the pizza was almost gone. On the other side, Yuqi let out a big smile as he saw the picture as his secretary walked inside his office.

“The meetings is about to begin, sir.”

Yuqi took a few second to put his merchant-face back up, tightened up his suits and straightened up his mind. Even the picky customers seemed to be easy to be dealt with as he thought that he would see Qiqi again the next day.

Chapter 564 Planning the Wedding (2)

Bags, bags and bags, Chuxue and Qiqi almost ran out of hands to take all the things they bought.

“Jesus, should’ve had Zhao with us today.” Said Chuxue Ye, panting.

“Let’s just take a break.”

“How about the pizza shop over there?”

“Uh, no, I had pizza yesterday.”

“What would you like to have then?”

“Let’s have some coffee, I don’t have time for a meal, have to head over to Yuqi after this.”

“I knew it!” Laughed Chuxue.

“Drinks on me, let’s go!”

Bags dropped on the ground, Chuxue finally caught a moment of relax as she sat down in the coffee shop, surrounded by cool air and soothing music.

“Which base are you two in now?” Asked Chuxue.


“You know, first base, second base or third base?” Smiled Chuxue as she winked at Qiqi.

“Chuxue!” Qiqi blushed, again.

“Zero base then.” Laughed Chuxue,”Damn, is this guy just stupid or he’s just way too patient?”

“Will you just stop?”

“Sorry, my bad!”

Qiqi kept her head down and played with her dessert, but as she looked up again, she was met with Chuxue’s eyes which was filled with a look of complicated feelings: confusion, sympathy, gloating and everything.

“What are you looking at?”

“Okay, okay! I’ll get Zhao over here, since I’m not even allowed to look at you.” Smiled Chuxue.

“You better do, I don’t think you can take everything back just by yourself.”

“Yeah, he can shop with me in the afternoon.” Said Chuxue, knowing that Qiqi was in no mood of joking.

“Afternoon? I thought you’re already too tired to do that.”

“Never had I got tired shopping, girl…what are you looking at?” Said Chuxue, noticed that Qiqi was staring at something.

“That pumpkin pie looks quite good, I’ll get one for Yuqi.”

“Wow, the lovers, you two!” Laughed Chuxue,”Always have each other in mind!”

“I…he just bought me pizza yesterday, this is returning the favor to him!”

“Oh, he bought the pizza.” Uttered Chuxue,”See? Usually lovers give each other gifts like rings and necklaces, and you two? Food!”

“Are we done here?” Said Qiqi, pretended to be annoyed.

“Look at you, girl! I’m just joking.” Laughed Chuxue,”Okay then, I’ll free you for the rest of this day, I’ll just stay here waiting for Zhao.”

“I’m not in a hurry to see Yuqi!” Said Qiqi,”It’s just…desserts like pie tastes the best when it’s just out of the fridge.”

“I know, it’s not that you miss him. Off you go!” Smiled Chuxue.


“Naive girl.” Sighed Chuxue, as Chuxue left the coffee shop,”Quite jealous of you that you still don’t know what missing someone feels like.”

Qiqi and Yuqi had know each other for a lone time, but it was Qiqi’s first time to Yuqi’s company. It surprised her as she arrived though she had heard about how powerful and wealthy Yuqi’s company was. She dropped into a feeling of powerless standing there staring at the sky scrapper, which reminded her of the gap between her and Yuqi which seemed to be impossible to be bridged.

She thought about turning around and running away, but soon kick it out of her mind since she’s determined.

“Greetings, are you Qiqi?” Said a lady as Qiqi walked inside and got lost reading the departments guide in the ground floor.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Mr Mu is still in a meeting, he’ll be here soon. You can wait in the parlor.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

Qiqi was led to a room and stayed there waiting. She caught sight of the lady’s employee ID card and found out that she’s probably Yuqi’s secretary. She couldn’t help but start worrying since this lady, Linda, is quite gorgeous, what if Yuqi…

“Jesus, just stop it, Qiqi!”

She shook her head and cleared those thoughts out of her mind, after which Linda walked inside with snacks and desserts.

“Mr Mu prepared these for you, Qiqi. There are some more in this little fridge here.”

“Oh, thank you, Linda.”

Being surrounded by snacks and sweets, Qiqi felt like she just became a little girl again. She turned herself loose and indulged into the carnival of snacks, and soon she found herself quite full since everything there in the parlor was prepared by Yuqi, the man who knows what she likes the most.

She sat back down on the couch and stared at the pumpkin pie, worried that Yuqi may not like it since all the snacks she just ate seemed to be far more tasty than it. As she thought of eating the pie herself, she felt her teeth aching. She tried to get some water by only found juices and sugared soda.

She could only grabbed a cup and walked out of the room and head for the drinking room of the employee since she couldn’t found Linda. And just as she arrived outside of the drinking room, she picked up a conversation among Linda and a few other girls who were right there in the room:”You see the girl that just walked in? She’s the one that Mr Mu takes a shine to. Quite a surprise, isn’t it? She’s just, I mean, ordinary. Not gorgeous, not sexy, I just don’t understand why Mr Mu likes her.”

“Probably Mr Mu’s just tired of the beautiful ones.”

“Yeah, it would be a shame if I lose this competition to her.”

“How long do you think it will take for this girl to be ditched?”

“A month, tops.”

“Maybe just two weeks, and I’m telling you, this girl would be crying, begging Mr Mu not to let her go.”

The gossip kept on going, but Linda stayed silent.

“Hey, Linda, how do you feel about this girl?” Asked a girl, who considered Linda as one of her opponents in the company, but she was quite annoyed since Linda still seemed to be stern when chance for them to be on the same side popped up.

“I won’t lay any judgement on her, and this is really stupid of you to gossip about Mr Mu’s girlfriend here.”

“Stop playing acting like a saint, okay? We’re just chatting!”

“Chatting like this may cost you your jobs.”

“Isn’t is truth we’re talking about?”

“Truth? The truth is that this is the only one that Mr Mu invited to the company and had desserts and snacks prepared for her. Do you have any idea what it means?”

“What dose it mean then?”

“Mr Mu cares about her, a lot! And if she ever picked up conversation like this, for just once, all of you will be fired.” Said Linda as she looked to the entrance of the drinking room,”What do you think, Qiqi?”

Qiqi, and the other girls, were both surprised. Well, she could only walked inside and pointed at the cup in her hand.

“I…just came to get some water.”

Embarrassed, one of the girl pointed at the water fountain at the corner of the room, another girl just walked up and took the cup in her hands.

“I’ll do it for you, and…we were just, joking.”

“Yeah, we hope you don’t mind, it was really just some jokes.”

Though being gossiped about doesn’t feel good, Qiqi didn’t really care since she had nothing to do with all these girls.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind it.”

She headed back to the parlor, and Yuqi arrived there as well about half an hour later.

“Wow, look at this!” Smiled Yuqi as he saw all the snacks Qiqi devoured,”Looks a some burglars just threw a party here.”

“You’re late!” Said Qiqi as she burped,”What else am I supposed to do when I was waiting?”

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