After receiving instructions from the blue-eyed beauty, this brawny man is showing insidiousness and now he can hurt him, so there is no need to be frightened.

Several brawny men shot together!

Siege Chuck Cannon! !

Chuck Cannon stared at the blue-eyed beauty. He rushed over and kicked the blue-eyed beauty with one kick. The blue-eyed beauty fell to the ground, crying in pain.

“You, you don’t know good or bad!” The blue-eyed beauty got up.

“Do you dare to beat our young lady? Seeking death!” Several strong men were furious!

If this were to let the blue-eyed beauty’s parents know, then today they are done.

A few people besieged, punched and kicked, Chuck Cannon was not afraid, on the contrary, the more he fought, the more courageous he became. It was nothing. At this time, he was afraid that it would be useless only to fight!

Chuck Cannon knows his strength, and his strength has increased crazily during this time.

This is a good thing. Chuck Cannon decided to fight and celebrate, knock down these people, and then teach this woman a lesson! !


“He is a master of fighting, grab him!” a strong man roared.

Several other strong men fisted and kicked around Chuck Cannon. They had never seen such a tenacious person like Chuck Cannon, too tenacious in combat.

In this way of fighting, if the power comes up, they will definitely lie down within a minute.

Chuck Cannon was fearless. The more he fought, the more courageous he was. He punched out with a fist, combined the punches, and a strong man screamed and wailed on the ground.

“No, use all your strength, he’s going to run, run, hurry!!”

There are still a few big men in a mess, and Chuck Cannon can break them one by one. If this goes on, everyone will lie down. The only difference is who lie down first.

Seeing Chuck Cannon is too good. These few people are not enough to fight. The blue-eyed beauty is anxious and annoyed. She definitely can’t let Chuck Cannon run away. She must catch him today!

Just now, Chuck Cannon kicked herself. In the afternoon, he slapped herself in the face, angry, anxious, and eager to get revenge. The blue-eyed beauty took out a steel pipe from the car and ran over to face Chuck Cannon. Head smashed!

Sneak attack! !


The blood red in the eyes of the blue-eyed beauty disappeared and she was shocked, because Chuck Cannon’s head was bleeding, and he turned his head, “You…”

With a thump, Chuck Cannon lay motionless on the ground.

“Ah, I killed him, killed him.” The blue-eyed beauty shook the steel pipe in her hand anxiously.

There is still blood on the head of this steel pipe.

A strong man squatted down to check, “It’s okay, he just passed out, and don’t worry, miss you, this kind of person will die if he dies, isn’t he a Chinese person? It doesn’t matter…”

Snapped! !

The blue-eyed beauty slapped angrily.

“I never thought about killing him, I just want to beat him and take back the humiliation he gave me!!” The blue-eyed beauty was angry, and she calmed down.

The brawny man didn’t dare to talk back at all, but he said, “Miss, what do you mean…”

The blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck Cannon and suddenly sneered. “Let you not know how to praise, take him away, and immediately find me the best doctor to treat him, I think he is still ignorant this time!”


Several strong men immediately lifted Chuck Cannon, who was not moving, and put them in the car. Someone stopped Chuck Cannon from bleeding.

“Three of you, handle the scene, burn all traces, interfere with all nearby monitoring equipment, and you must have a radius of ten kilometers!” a strong man ordered.

“Yes!” Someone immediately did it.

The blue-eyed beauty got into the car. She looked at Chuck Cannon who was unconscious with her eyes closed. She was proud, “I said, you can’t run, and there is nothing I can’t do…Is it done?”

“All right..”

“Let’s go!”

The blue-eyed beauty drove, and the others got in the car and left.

Ten minutes later, Black Rose, who was blocked by a large truck, drove over. She saw Chuck Cannon’s car overturned and it was on fire. She was shocked.

The accelerator stepped heavily.

When she stopped, she ran down with a strong fire extinguisher to put out the car. She watched the car nervously, there was no one, and she was temporarily relieved.

She started calling Chuck Cannon, but phone was turned off!

She started looking around, but didn’t see it. She found a pool of blood on the ground. Is this? ?

Black Rose took a breath.

She eagerly took out the phone and called Karen Lee. She had no confidence and didn’t even know how to speak. Her mission failed. But there was no way. Chuck Cannon had an accident. She had to tell Karen Lee.

“What to do?” The two girls who owed money came back.

“Woo, I regret that I shouldn’t treat him that way, what should I do now?”

The two girls were crying, they figured out a way, they didn’t dare to tell the family, but each one has seven hundred to eight hundred thousand dollars!

They are just students, where to find?

“Are we really going to sell it?” A girl was desperate.

“Hmph, I understand his thoughts, he is forcing the two of us to accompany him,” the other girl stopped crying, annoyed!


“Yes, do you see his virtue? He was rich, but let us pay it back. Didn’t we just say a few words about him? As for that? Do you remember that he explicitly said that we should sell it? His meaning is too obvious , He forced us to pay back the money just to make us compromise with him!”

“Huh? I don’t want it. I want to find a boyfriend from the United States. I don’t want to accompany him.”

“But what should I do if he doesn’t follow his will? We can’t get the money at all.”

“But, it’s disgusting, a person like him…”

“Hey, there is no way, just treat it as a grievance for one night. When the time is up, the two of us will go with him.”

“Well, that can only be done, but he is so disgusting that he threatens us so much,”

The two girls made an angry decision, didn’t he just force themselves?

Well, see how long you can be proud of!

Karen Lee is dealing with the matter, and the Oak family has started to deal with Karen Lee.

And the momentum is strong.

Karen Lee was considering how to fight back.

Boom, boom!

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Betty Bernard came in with a supper, “Master Lee, it’s late, something to eat.”

Karen Lee put down the things in her hands, smiled and prepared to eat, she asked, “Has Chuck come back?”

“The young master hasn’t come back yet, but in the afternoon, I called Black Rose. She said that the young master was having a wedding wine with his classmates,” Betty Bernard said.

“Well, you can relax, but the Ouke family members may take some countermeasures. You can let Black Rose pay attention to it. Forget it, wait for a moment to come over. I will tell him not to go out recently and stay at home.”

Karen Lee felt that the Ouke family was dealing with him, the Overlord Lee of the Lee family was also secretly making troubles, and the recent affairs of Chuck Cannon’s father Joseph Cannon, Karen Lee was a little helpless.

This has to be dealt with properly.

“Well, I think this is the best way,” Betty Bernard agreed. There are everything in this place. Chuck Cannon can stay here and it is safe.

“By the way, what happened to Yvette Jordan?”

“She has been dealing with the matter of taking over recently, and it is almost done. When I came here just now, I saw that she was still dealing with it, and she was probably waiting for the young master to come back.” Betty Bernard saw Yvette Jordan’s exhausted handling of the matter.

Yes, Yvette Jordan has been almost day and night recently. She wants to take over as soon as possible, and then let these get on track, so that she has time to continue to do chasing. After all, her goal is to surpass Karen Lee and then fight Karen Lee. !!

This is Yvette Jordan’s idea not to hide.

“That’s not bad,” Karen Lee was satisfied.

“But, if this continues, will Yvette Jordan…” Betty Bernard worried.

“It’s okay, what she does is her business, and her promotion is also her business,” Karen Lee smiled and shook his head.

“Well, the Ouke family fought back a lot, and several companies were affected,” Betty Bernard was rather angry.

Karen Lee didn’t choose to fight back immediately, she was watching.

“Ouke family, look first, I will first lead Overlord Lee to deal with him, then I will deal with the Ouke family,”

“Yes, Overlord Lee has always wanted to kill Young Master and solve him, then Young Master will be much safer,”

“Yes, I think so too. Chuck’s safety is my most important thing. Other things that are not worth mentioning, let’s eat together,” Karen Lee ate supper.

Betty Bernard also sat down.

However, Karen Lee’s mobile phone on the table rang, Betty Bernard went to get it, and saw that it was a Black Rose. She asked Karen Lee in doubt, “It’s Black Rose.”

Karen Lee slide to answer, “What’s the matter with Chuck?”

She asked habitually.

“Sorry, something happened to Chuck Cannon.” Black Rose’s voice was heard in the phone, and Karen Lee was astonished. The phone in his hand fell to the ground…

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