Chapter 565 – 566: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 565: Taoist Lord Huayu

“I’ve told you the method, it’s up to you to learn it or not!” Kris Chen smiled, went to Viewing Divine Tao, and emptied all the classics in sect.

His fame had also spread completely abroad from the Purple Fire Sect.

In the age of the projector, information spread so fast that half of Nanli Fire City received it within an hour. The battle between Purple Fire Sect’s masters changed the colour of heaven and earth for half a million miles.

It was an incidental advertisement for the Purple Fire Sect.

Of course, Kris didn’t care about this at all, what he really cared about was what he gained from it.

When the Lord of Shenbai invited Gods into his body, his magic power, Divine Spiritual Power, and strength had all reached the level of a half-step actualized spirit.

If it wasn’t for the Sinking into Pain to be too strong, and touched the edge of the rules, it would be hard to say who would win! This was also his most difficult battle in more than a year, almost exhausting his whole body.

When Kris went back to the True Divine Tao, all the disciples cheered and jumped for joy.

“Winner, my master!”

“Bravo, my master!”

Four hundred and ninety-nine consecutive victories, this was definitely a miracle since the opening of the Purple Fire Sect.

The Crane Spirit had already challenged the 900th Taoist and brought Kris a huge amount of classics.

Although the strengths of these Taoist were not too high, each had some advantages.

Together with the martial skills and magic powers collected from the outside world, Kris felt that the ninth revolution was about to be perfected.

After a month of dedicated training in the Sword Realm, he had already understood all of the classics of Viewing Divine Tao and had almost perfected the Dongtian evolution of the small worlds, but he always felt that he still needed a little more, just a little more!

After sitting for two days without getting a clue, Kris walked out of the sword world!

Today, he decided to challenge the first-ranked Star Tao.

It is said that hundreds of millions of years ago, when the Devil Land first opened, there was a race of people on the land called the Ancient God!

The size of an ancient god was as large as a hundred feet for a newborn, and hundreds of thousands of feet for an adult.

It had been joked that the sky in Devil Land was held up by these ancient gods.

The Ancient Gods absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon and, especially the power of the stars.

They imitated the ways of the universe and opened up the stars within their bodies!

There were as many sands of the Ganges River as stars in the universe.

The adult Ancient Gods were true gods, they walked the universe with their bare hands, and it was a piece of cake for them to grab the moon and the sun.

The power of a punch was the power of a star!

The Stars Tao evolved from the Way of the Ancient Gods, which opened up the space of stars in the body.

This was what Kris really coveted.

This had a great deal to do with the fact that Acupuncture Points were turned into Dongtian and Dongtian into world.

He had an intuition that by enlightening the Stars Tao, his Tao of world would be completely mended, and even if they were not, the most crucial link would be completed.

Kris arrived alone at the gates of the Stars Tao, which was the oldest Taoist in the world, with a depth of heritage that was incomparable to others.

This generation’s Master of the Stars Tao was Taoist Lord Huayu!

Yes, you’re right, he’s a Taoist Lord, not a Lord!

He stood there as if he were a world that could suck the heart and soul out of a person.

How scary!

At first glance, Kris’s back was drenched in sweat!

It was truly terrifying of evolving Stars Tao.

However, Kris was also surprised that according to the rules of the Purple Fire Sect, both the Taoist Lord and the Elder, as long as they haD successfully transformed into an actualized spirit, they was not part of the Taoists, but directly became senior elders or Vice Sovereign Lord of the sects, or even the Sovereign Lord!

What Kris didn’t expect, however, was that Taoist Lord Huayu was the Sovereign Lord of the Purple Fire Sect!

He’s not a Sovereign Lord like Dashi, but a real Sovereign Lord!

“You’re no match for me!”

Taoist Lord Huayu looked at Kris and said, “You fight with my magic body, lest people say I’m bullying you!”

Saying so, Taoist Lord Huayu plucked out one of his own hairs and transformed into a middle-aged man who resembled him by 70-80 percent!

“If you win, you will be given all the classics of Stars Tao. If you don’t win, give back all the books you scavenged before.”

Kris was confused. Isn’t the magic body of the actualized spirit also the actualized spirit?

“Isn’t this bullying!”

What do you mean by pulling out a hair for? Is it insulting?

Kris felt offended!

“Shit, if Demon Kris was here, he could have blown you away with one punch!”

This was what Kris had in mind.

“What? Don’t dare fight my magic body?”

Seeing that Kris was silent, Taoist Lord Huayu said, “Don’t you have that special forbidden magical power that can temporarily exert the power of the actualized spirit? This magic body is only a tenth of my strength, so it should be an even match for you!

A tenth of your strength?

Kris felt offended for the second time!

Previously, no matter who he was fighting, Kris had a sense of pride in his heart and was not afraid of anyone or that he would lose.

But now facing Taoist Lord Huayu, he was a little apprehensive, not because he was afraid of losing, but afraid that he would not get the Stars Tao’s classics.

Because all this time, he had not used his true big move, the Sword Art, and with his current physical strength, he could easily gather over 100,000 Taoist Sword Energy, plus Fulfilled Period Sword Intent and Taoist Strength, the truly kill power even more power than his physical strength.

Was he going to use the Sword Art?

“Fuck you, you’re an actualized spirit who could come down and fight me, and you won’t even allow me to use my sword? Anyway, I’ll be able to hit the sword out with magic power, so it shouldn’t be a foul, right?”

At that thought, Kris looked up and said, “OK, let’s fight!”

Taoist Lord Huayu looked at Kris with a touch of appreciation in his eyes.

This kid came and stirred up the Purple Fire Sect, and in a way, revitalized the deadly Purple Fire Sect.

And he was also a triple cultivator of the soul, body and magic. It was remarkable.

Naturally, Kris’s cultivation cannot be concealed from Taoist Lord Huayu, and even the moment he was accepted by Nanyang, he was already in Huayu’s sight.

He also sent the Lord of Dashi to observe Kris.

Furthermore, he felt a similarity wit Kris, different from the Star Tao, but very similar indeed.

Kris turned and flew into the ring, followed by the magic body of Taoist Lord Huayu.

“Here they are, the Lord of Beiyang has even gone to the Stars Tao to challenge, I wonder which elder will come out!”

“Do you think it will be the Sovereign Lord?”

“How is this possible? The Sovereign Lord is an actualized spirit, how would he follow to the ring?

“What if the Sovereign Lord does come down to the ring? Who knows”

The Skin Tao disciple said, “If the Sovereign Lord does come down to the ring, I’ll call you Daddy!”

A disciple of the Flesh and Blood Sect pointed to the ring, “Look at the person opposite the Beiyang, is it the Sovereign Lord? Now you can call me father!”

The crowd looked in the direction he was pointing.


The crowd was in an uproar!

The Sovereign Lord actually got out there and fought Kris.

“No, that’s not the real Sovereign Lord, that’s just a magic body of him!”

An attentive disciple said.

“Even if it’s a magic body, it’s no different from Sovereign Lord!”

Another people said, “You know, the Sovereign Lord is a superpower in the middle period of the actualized spirit!

“So, are you supposed to call me…? Wait, where is he…”


Kris was still a little nervous in the face of Huayu’ magic body.

So, do it first.

Shaking Divine Fist!

With a single punch, thousands of kilograms of Taoist power exerted. Wait, won’t this shatter the projection space?

As soon as Kris remembered this, his fist was already punched out.

However, the scene he imagined did not occur, and the projection space was fine without a motion!

“It’s quite powerful!”

When confronted with Kris’s fist, Huayu even had time to comment. Seeing the fist approaching, Huayu also threw a punch, an ordinary and natural punch.

This punch instantly offset Kris’s attack.

Well, undoubtedly, it’s the crushing of stage, even if it’s just a magic power. As far as the understanding of magic power, Taoist Lord Huayu was far better than Kris.

“Next, try my fist.”

“Likewise, Shaking Divine Fist!”

With a single punch, tens of thousands of shadows condescend at one point, yes, one point!

It flew out like a nail.

“Damn, you bastard!”

Kris was furious, isn’t this cheating?

Although it hurt to hit a person with a fist, a nail could penetrate the body.

In fact, the Shaking Divine Fist was a very common power, which was gathered and compressed by swinging the fist at high speed, except that Huayu did it more thoroughly than he did.

Kris was also not weaker, and the surface of his fist showed both Yin and Yang.

Tai Chi (a conception related to Chinese Kung Fu) Power!

Blossom in a Moment!

In an instant, Kris turned the attacking of Taoist Lord Huayu directly into his own.

“Back to you!”


Combining the powers of Taoist Lord Huayu, Kris’ power skyrocketed!

“You’re quite a rogue too.”

Huayu smiled, but his look became solemn.

The boy’s basis was so deep.

He was able to use his supernatural powers in such a flexible way, It was no wonder that he could win 499 games in a row. It’s a way that allowed him to retain his strength to the greatest extent possible.

“It’s called returning the favour with the other!”

One Strike of Dongtian!

Tai Chi Power!

The two moves touched and offset each other again.

“Shit, a scoundrel, eh?”

Kris grunted, and directly magnified his move, “Blossom in a Moment, Sinking into Pain!”

“Interesting, the stage of limit are really interesting!”

Nodding his head, Taoist Lord Huayu said, “Below the actualized spirit, I would call you the strongest!”

Kris’s state of extreme pain had affected his magic body.

The fact that he fought Kris with his magic body would had given him an advantage, as the magic body could also use the power of rules.

“Why the fuck do you talk so much?”

Kris was very annoyed, if Demon Kris were here, I would have fought you as well, not to mention your magic body!

Kris had not felt this way for a long time.


Shouted it, and then he said silently in his heart, “Magic Power of Sword!”

With 200,000 strokes of sword light converged, each with the full force of the primal spirit in Fulfilled Period; with 200,000 strokes converged, a quantitative change led to a qualitative change!

This extreme sword lights were hidden beneath the magic power.

The moment the magic power was applied, Taoist Lord Huayu felt a palpitation of the heart.

Danger Removal skill!

This move by Kris directly forced Taoist Lord Huayu to use his magic power.

Danger Removal skill, a transfer ability that evolved from the stars in the body, not only allowed instantaneous movement, but also catapulted attacks!

After hitting the Danger Removal skill, the All-embracing was bounced off in an instant and in almost a ten-thousandth of a second, an explosion occurred a hundred miles away and the solid space trembled again!

However, the sense of crisis of Taoist Lord Huayu had not yet been dispelled.

At that very moment, a light that was almost with the speed of light struck!

“Break it!”

It was at this point that Taoist Lord Huayu heard Kris’s voice.

“No, I can’t resist it!”

Chapter 566: Open up the World of Dongtian

How terrifying was Kris’ sword light by combing dozens of sword intent, sword intent of fulfilled period five elements, sword intent of fulfilled period thunderbolt, 70% of Yin and Yang sword intent, sword intent of slaughter, extreme pain, blocking and so on.

Layers of sword intent integrated, suddenly cutting off the Danger Removal skill.

No matter what kind of magical powers, there are upper limits. For example, Kris’ sword magical powers have greatly exceeded the upper limit of magical powers.

The hidden magical power of the sword slashed away the magic body of Taoist Lord Huayu easily, without a trace of resistance. A strand of hair fell to the ground lightly, and everyone at present was dumbfounded.

Then there was a shocking cry!

“How is this possible!”

“The Tao Master Beiyang actually cut away the Sovereign Lords’s magic Body!”

“What kind of magical power is that, it’s too powerful!” Taoist Lord Huayu was also slightly surprised, “I didn’t expect you to be a sword cultivator?”

Cultivation of four Taoist ways: soul, magic, body and sword, which is striking!

What a freak!

Everyone looked at Kris Chen admiringly, who had won five hundred orthodoxies in a row and reached the top!

He was definitely the first person to make this history.

From the penultimate to the positive number one, it’s really awesome!

“Master, are we now the first rank of the Purple Fire Sect?” Fat Cat jumped out with a look of excitement, even happier than he had made millions fortune.

The same was true for other disciples. The spiritual stone is only to maintain the cultivation of the disciples under the sect. Compared with the glory of the mountain gate, other stuffs are not important at all.

What envied by other orthodoxies and Tao masters is that all the disciples of the True Divine Tao are united. And their cultivation strength was just like blowing a balloon with explosive growth.

“Right.” Kris nodded, “You must remember not to be proud, remain true to our original aspiration and charge forward.”

“Yes, Master!” All the disciples of the True Divine Tao shouted in unison.

Looking at them, Kris was also very pleased.

The True Divine Tao grew out of nothing, and its glory today was the result of everyone’s efforts.

These disciples were also very upbeat. According to Sect’s rule of three years, they all reached the standard in half the time, and exceeded it by a large margin.

Facing with Taoist Lord Huayu, Kris showed his reverence “Thank you Sovereign Lord for your mercy.”

Kris knew his identity from the gossiping of others when he stepped out of the ring.

It was no surprise that Kris didn’t know who he is for he took no interested in other things about the Purple Fire Sect except for practicing.

As a result, he didn’t even know the Taoist name of the Sovereign Lord since he had been in the sect for so long.

“Are you a sword cultivator?” Huayu looked at him with excitement in the eyes.

Kris was taken aback, then nodded.

“If it were not me, you would not use a sword move?”

“Sovereign Lord, your cultivation base is superb, I have to go all out to resist a little!”

Huayu did not believe it at all. He knew that this kid’s trump card were stronger than he thought.

Everyone has a secret. What Kris said had saved his face a lot.

“I admit defeat for bet.” Huayu gave a storage ring to Kris, “This is all the sect classics of the Star Tao! By the way, you have a promising future!” Then Huayu drifted away.

Looking at the ring in his hand, Kris smiled, “Actually I believe in myself!”

Back to the True Divine Tao, Kris immediately announced Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), and the True Divine Tao disciples became accustomed to it.

Deducing avatar has been still comprehending other Taoist magical powers, Kris had no choice but to personally take out the classics of Star Tao and read it intently.

One day, two days, three days…After reading for half a month, Kris finished reading all the classics.

Then came the months-long deduction!

This comprehension took half a year.

This day Kris had made it, and his avatars opened eyes at the same time.

The Nine-Step Iron Figure was finally perfected, and Kris’ way of evolving the world was also completely completed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Kris’ body collapsed, turned into a pool of flesh and blood, and then gradually formed into a human.

After repeating this nine times, Kris left a mark on every cell in his body, and he can reborn from a drop of blood!

This is the ultimate stage of martial arts.

Then he began to re-practice the full version of the Nine-Step Iron Figure!

The first step, the second step and the third step totally took him three months, while the fourth took three months, the fifth, half a year. As two years passed in the blink of an eye, the outside world just have passed two months!

Kris got stuck to the seventh step, which means the physical body has reached to the accumulated spirit fulfilled period without any omission of essence.

A hair can cut mountains and rivers, and a drop of blood can evolve into the sea.

The physical perfection has reached its limit.

Gently squeezed a fist, as if squeezing a qualitative space in his hand, this is a manifestation of the extreme strength of the flesh.

Compared to two years ago, Kris’ physical strength has at least tripled.

At this time, if he fights against the magic body of Huayu again, he will not need to use a sword move, but just by the flesh.

With his physical strength, he is absolutely invincible in the same stage.

The Red Blood Sword has been silent all these years. But half a year ago, it showed signs of recovery!

Exercising all the strength, he severely cut at the hand.

The sword blade was cut in the hands of Kris, making a sound of cutting on the gold.

“Yes, my physical body can match to the Spirit Weapon at this moment!”

Putting the red blood into the body, Kris saw the little guy in his heart acupoint!

“Little guy, did you grow sixteen wings in the blink of an eye?”

Xiaogu(deadly poisonous insect) heard Kris’ words and flew out, flapping his wings, “Kris, I have broken through the Monster Emperor, a superior one!” It said braggingly.

“You are relaxed, you just need to sleep and suck blood as practicing.”

Kris gave a wry smile. It was enviable that someone can cultivated easily without arduous endeavors, just like Xiaogu , who eats, drinks, sleeps every day, without worrying about anything, and he has risen to the high-level Monster Emperor!

“Hey…Thanks to owner’s infinite supply!”

“Do you know how much you can eat?”

Kris smiled. He didn’t think that Xiaogu was a lazy trash, because he knew that if his life was in danger, Xiaogu would try his best to help him through.

“You are also a high-level Monster Emperor now. It’s not suitable to stay in my heart acupoint!”

Kris touched his chin, “Can you transform into a human now?”

“Yes!” Xiaogu nodded, and immediately transformed into a young man in his early twenties.

At first glance, it looks like Kris, as if a twin brother.

“So this is what it feels like to be a human!” Xiaogu took a deep breath and ran across the sword world nakedly!

In an instant, he disappeared from Kris’ sight. But Kris was not worried about his safety for

Everything in the sword world was under the control.

Two minutes later, Xiaogu returned, “Master, I’m back!”

Kris shook his head and rendered him vestment of Tao weapon, “I want you to go back to North Luzhou and guard the Gengu No .1 Sect, what do you think?”

Xiaogu thought for a while, “I will do what the master asks me to do!”

He is the King of Deadliest insect, fought for success among countless counterparts, except for the loyalty to Kris, the rest is not important to him.

“Well, this is your identity token. From now on, you will be the number one protector of Gengu No.1 Sect!”

“This is a storage ring. There are a lot of magic weapons in it. Bring it with you. The journey is far away. Be careful!”

Xiaogu has been with him for so many years, and has not experienced any fights, so he must steel himself.

Only fighting can make him strong.

“Yes, master!”

“Just go, contact me anytime if you have trouble, you can contact all of my avatars!”

Kris was like a chattering elder, watching his children walk out of the house, it sounds like that.

Because the two people are connected, and Xiaogu naturally felt Kris’ reluctance.

He is a cold-blooded insect. But at this moment, under the care of Kris, he really felt warmth.

“Master, take care, I will take good care of the gate and wait for you to go home!”

After repeated advise, he sent Xiaogu away .

In fact, this world is similar to raise Xiaogu(deadly poisonous insect).

Kris smiled, not worried about his safety. He is a leader among his kind, a natural killer, and the law of jungle was branded in his soul.

“Well, now I can concentrate on cultivation!”

With sudden enlightenment, Kris placed a large amount of spiritual stone resources beside him.

The rich spirit Qi filled the entire sword world.

To open up the world of Dongtian (cave), Kris decided to start with the most difficult ancestral acupoint!

Earth, wind, water and fire are foundations of everything in the world.

For this day, he has deduced hundreds of millions of times.

Sword Energy God sensed the will of Kris and jumped directly from the ancestral acupoint to the Mud Pill Palace.

Either primal spirit or Divine Spiritual Power has the same root.

The sword crystals in the ancestral acupoint space shattered, and the remaining 10,799 acupoints trembled.

This is the most dangerous step. If you make a mistake, you will lose everything.

The ancestral acupoint began to become nothingness, if it weren’t for the support of Sword Energy, it would have already collapsed.

At this moment, the gray mist derived from the nothingness and filled the whole void.

Wind blew out from the dark space, Sword Energy swang, and ancestral acupoint may collapse at any time.

At this time, a bright light illuminated the void space, it was…fire!

Fire brought hope to mankind. It is the beginning of all civilizations. Then the world has light, darkness, cold and heat!

The fire was like a seed, firmly rooted in the gray mist.

No matter how the wind blows, it won’t move!

“Flew off!” water flew, blue water vapor emerged from the soil, and the flame grew stronger!

It started to absorb Sword Energy.

Kris crushed a 100 million spiritual stones!

The rich spirit Qi was swallowed by Kris, sinking into the ancestral acupoint.

“Boom!” That group of spiritual Qi completely ignited the small flame.

The earth derived, the fire and water merge, the turbid Qi sank, and the clear Qi rose. The cave world that could barely be maintained by relying on Sword Energy was firmly fixed.

Then, as the clear Qi increased and gradually expanded, this was the first time that space had taken shape in the acupoint world.

One foot, two feet, three feet, four feet!

The spirit Qi decreased at a visible rate !

Kris had been mentally prepared in advance, but he did not expect to consume so much that beyond his imagination!

When expanded ten feet, the spirit Qi was exhausted!

Another 300 million spiritual stones was crushed!

This time, Kris even swallowed the spiritual powder, making the earth solidify.

Eleven feet, twelve feet… has expanded to several hundred feet, the more it goes up, the more spirit Qi will be consumed.

Because every ten feet of expansion, the overall space will increase in a circle!

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