Chapter 565: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 565 The End Part 1

“Come on, let me see if you have put on some more weight.” Smiled Yuqi Mu as he was about to hug Qiqi.

“Yuqi!” Said Qiqi as she stepped aside,”Your people will gossip again!”



“You’re upset.” Said Yuqi as the smile on his face was gone,”Because of the gossip, I heard.”

“You heard?”

“There’s no secret in this place to me.” Said Yuqi, head held up high.

“Of course, Mr Mu.” Smiled Qiqi.

“Don’t worry, Qiqi, never will you see them again here.”

“What? Did you just fire them?”

“I did, and they would never ever be hired in anywhere else in this city, for they talked behind my girl’s back.”

Qiqi was quite shocked since she knew how hard it was to be admitted into Yuqi’s company, but it was not the girls that Qiqi was worried about, it was Yuqi.

“Is it okay to just…fire them?”

“It’s all fine. I’ve promoted Linda to take care of things like this for me, and there will always be new guys here to fill in the blanks.”


“Yeah, the lady that brought you snacks and everything.”

Qiqi suddenly realized why Linda chose to stay silent back in the drinking room. It was not that she sided with Qiqi because of her integrity, it was that she was using Qiqi as her stepping stone. As for Yuqi, he smiled as he saw the look on Qiqi’s face and landed a kiss on her cheek.

“What…what did you do?”

“You seemed lost.” Smiled Yuqi,”And I just summoned you back.”

“Fine.” Said Qiqi, she handed the pumpkin pie over to Yuqi and said:”I brought you snacks, too, just don’t know if you like it or not.”

“As long as it’s from you.” Said Yuqi as he took a bite on the pie and had Qiqi’s fingers in his mouth, smiling.

“Ewww!” Exclaimed Qiqi as she took her hand back,”Anyway, just take it as the appetizer.”

“What’s the entree then?”


“Wait, is this all you have?”

“So what?” Smiled Qiqi as she blinked her eyes.

“You silly girl.” Laughed Yuqi,”Come on, let’s go for the entree.”

“Where to?”

“The canteen.”


It was a surprise to Qiqi since she thought that people like Yuqi would never eat in a canteen.

“Yeah, canteen, but don’t forget it’s a canteen in our company. Whatever you want to eat, just name it.”


“Yeah, we have Michelin Stars chefs here, quite many of them!”

“Wow…lead the way!”

“Didn’t you just had a ton of snacks?”

“Like I said, appetizers!”

Yuqi burst into laughter and took Qiqi to the canteen. The staffs were there relaxing and chatting, but everyone stopped and stayed silent as they noticed Yuqi walked inside. Qiqi was quite embarrassed but Yuqi seemed like he didn’t care.

“Here we are, Qiqi, pick whatever you like.”

But Qiqi just picked some sushi, which quite confused Yuqi it didn’t seemed like the Qiqi he knew.

“Really? That’s all?”

“Well…” Said Qiqi as she stood upright,”I think I should…behave myself here.”

Yuqi burst into laughter again, which was quite a scene to the staffs there since they’ve never seen Yuqi laughing so hard.

“Hey, Yuqi! What do you mean?”

“It’s just…” Said Yuqi, eyes squinted from laughing,”You’re so adorable!”

“That doesn’t sound like a compliment.”

“It is a compliment! So lucky of me to have you here with me!”


Qiqi sat down and enjoyed the food. It did taste good, and she was quite confused that none of the staffs there seemed to be fat though the food here in the canteen were stunningly delicious.

“Knock knock!” Smiled Yuqi as he handed some steak over to Qiqi,”Give it a try, Qiqi, I just don’t understand why you always, say, zone out when you have me around you. I mean, I’s quite handsome, right?”

The scene! Mr Mu cutting steak for a girl! The staffs all fixed their eyes on Qiqi and Yuqi while Qiqi had already got used to it.


“Told ya!”

“Okay, I think I’m…” Said Qiqi, trying her best not to burp,”I’m full. I guess you don’t really eat here, do you?”


“That’s why they look at you like you’re a panda in the zoo.”

“It’s for their own good, you see what they’re like when I’m here.”

“That…makes sense. So why chose here today?”

“Showing you our family business, by family I mean…you will be one of us soon.”

Qiqi immediately started coughing, she was drinking water when Yuqi’s words surprised her. Yuqi reached over to pat on her back.

“Cut…cut the crap! It’s not that I would own this place like you!”

“Well, you love the snacks and sweets here, right?”


“And the food.”


“And me.”


“Yes or no?”


“Deal!” Smiled Yuqi as he leaned back on the chair.


“Yeah, deal. Come on. I’ll show you around this place.”

“Can I just…go? I want to head back to school now.” Uttered Qiqi, feeling like it was a mistake to have come.

“Why? You got some emergencies?”


“Then stay.”


“Don’t you like being with me? Does this feel like a shame to you?” Asked Yuqi, sternly.

“What? No!”

“Then why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“It’s just…I don’t feel comfy here.”


“People here…they look at me like I’m a freak.”

“No, Qiqi, they’re just curious. They know who you are, and I’m just showing them the queen.”

“Don’t you think it’s too early to do this?” Said Qiqi, frowned.

“What is this about? Are you going to break up with me or what?”


“What is this then?”

“It’s just…I don’t want them to feel like that it’s your money that I’m after.”

“I’ll be glad if you are! If only money makes you feel better about me.”

“Don’t…be like this, Yuqi, it’s not that I’m privileged to you.”

“But you’re always like it, right now you don’t even want to stay a bit longer with me.” Said Yuqi, looking a bit upset.

The scene again! Mr Mu seemed to be bordering upon crying because of a girl!

“Okay…” Sighed Qiqi, knowing that they way people looked at her turned a bit spiteful,”Let’s go for a walk here.”



“Yeah!” Yuqi smiled up again, and Qiqi let out a sigh because of Yuqi’s fickleness. They set off for a short tour in the company, Yuqi showed Qiqi quite many details of the company though Qiqi wasn’t really focused on it.

“Greetings, Mr Mu, and Qiqi.” Said some staffs as they met Qiqi and Yuqi, which quite surprised Qiqi.

“They know my name?” Asked Qiqi.

“It’s about manners, they must know how to behave themselves when the queen is around.”

“Just…don’t call me like that.”

“As you wish, your majesty.”


Chapter 565 The End Part 2

“No…” Murmured Qiqi, hands placed on her head,”This…this is just a dream…”

She lied back down and buried her head under the pillow. Yuqi just smiled, rolled over and kissed her on her shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Qiqi was shocked again.

“You said it’s a dream, well, then I’ll just do whatever I want.”

The touch of Yuqi told that this is not a dream, Qiqi tried her best to push Yuqi away and turned around, nearly crying.

“Hon, look at you! You enjoyed it last night, don’t you remember?”

“Jesus…” Qiqi could barely made herself heard because of embarrassment,”Then you must take on the responsibility!”

“Huh?” Yuqi seemed to be quite confused,”Shouldn’t you be the one to do this?”

“What? It’s you that started everything!” Qiqi put one her clothes, decided that she would just act like she couldn’t remember anything.

“So you just dine-and-dash on me.” Uttered Yuqi,”I’ll tell everyone about this.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Shouted Qiqi as Yuqi reached for the phone.

“Cause it seems like you want to ditch me after everything.”

“Jesus, I’m the victim, okay?”

“So you still remember everything, huh?”

“Just…stop it. I’m quite lost now, I want to head back to school.”

“Then take your time to recall what happened last night.” Smiled Yuqi,”I can give you some hints of it.”

Yuqi got up from the bed and headed for shower, naked.


Qiqi nearly passed out, she still couldn’t believe what happened last night. She checked her phone and found a few unanswered calls from Chuxue, and she called it back.

“Qiqi? Where were you last night?”

“I was quite busy, anything you need to tell me?”

“Doctors told us that they will discharge Anna soon since she doesn’t need to stay in hospital for recovery!”

“That’s great!”

“If you wanna see her just head to her house, she still have to stay there for a long time.”

“Well, I need to see her tomorrow.” Smiled Qiqi,”I got some files of graduation from the school that needs her to sign on it.”

Phone hanged up, Qiqi quickly dressed up and headed to Anna’s house. She tried her best to calm herself down and decide she needed someone to straighten out her mind, but she was surprised as she saw the crowd in Anna’s house.

“Wow, you guys are all here.” Uttered Qiqi.

“You don’t sound like you’re happy to see us.” Smiled Chuxue.

“No, I just…didn’t see this coming.”

Well, what was worse was that Yuqi was also there. Qiqi could only look away from him and put the files down on the desk. Anna noticed the awkwardness on Qiqi’s face, then she murmured to Chuxue and told her to gave Qiqi a cup of tea.

“Did you two had fun last night on the ocean?” Asked Chuxue.

And Qiqi immediately coughed out the tea and got choked by it.

“Jesus, girl!” Said Chuxue, patting on her back,”What happened? Did you catch a cold?”

“She’s fine, and we had a wonderful night together.” Said Yuqi with a look on his face which seemed like he was implying something. Qiqi quickly tuned around and glared at Yuqi, which caught everyone’s attention.

“So Qiqi didn’t answer the phone last night?” Asked Anna.

“Yeah.” Said Chuxue.

“What about you?” Said Anna to Yuqi.


“Hey, you dropped your denture!” Murmured Qiqi to Yuqi as she quickly grabbed him to the corner of the room.


“You’d better watch your mouth, or you’ll be in need of denture soon!”

“Oh.” Yuqi nodded, then he turned around and made an announcement:”Guys, Qiqi wasn’t with me last night and we didn’t had a slept over together on a yacht!”

Noticed the look on Qiqi’s face, Yiyao grabbed her hand and asked all the men in the room to leave for a while, it’s time for some girl’s talks. Yuqi wanted to stay, but Yulin just patted on his shoulder and took him outside.

“Okay, girls, it was…not what you guys are thinking about.” Said Qiqi sternly, though she knew that probably none would believe it. Well, there went her reputation, thanks to Yuqi.

“What we think about it doesn’t matter, dear.” Smiled Anna,”As long as you don’t find it annoying or upsetting. So, Qiqi, do you find yourself in happiness?”


Qiqi thought about it for a while: She has close friends, a boy she really takes a shine to, parents are both healthy, everything seemed great to her if what happened last night doesn’t count.


“Then just accept it and grab the chance when you still can.”

“But…it takes time to make decisions.” Stuttered Qiqi.

“Come on, Qiqi!” Laughed Chuxue as she winked at Qiqi,”Be brave and, maybe be wild as well! You have all of us here for you! If Yuqi ever wrong you, I’ll beat the crap out of him!”

“We’re are experts of romantic relationship, but at least we’ve experienced it before you did, you can always come for help.”

That cleared all the hesitations away from Qiqi’s mind. She burst into a big warm smile and realized that it would be only a waste of time thinking about what would eventually happen, she just needed to accept it.

“And off all the people in the room, I guess I’m the one that is in some real trouble.” Sighed Chuxue,”The wedding is coming in just a month, and there’s still quite many things left undone.”

“I thought you nearly got everything set.”

“Basically everything, but I’m just nervous and couldn’t think of anything else but the wedding. I can’t even sleep well these days.”

“That happens.” Smiled Yiyao,”But everything will be great after that!”

“That’s how I said to myself.”

“But why are you nervous?” Qiqi was confused,”It sounds like that wedding is a burden to you.”

“You will feel the same when you have to deal with your own wedding.” Smiled Anna.

“Whatever.” Said Chuxue,”Qiqi, do stay at my back, I’ll throw the bouquet to you.”


In Qiqi’s mind, wedding is always full of romance and happiness, but is it so?

Soon the wedding day came, quite many Mr Big in the city were invited since it was a marriage between the Ye’s and the Nanong’s family. Chuxue’s nervousness peaked and it quite exhausted Qiqi since she tired her best to cal, Chuxue down.

The whole ceremony came to an end quickly. Looking at Chuxue in fancy white wedding dress, Qiqi was a bit teary, she’s happy that Chuxue found her true love. Soon it came to the time for girls to fight for the bouquet.

Chuxue left a tacit glance at Qiqi and raised the bouquet.

“Three, two, one!”

She threw the bouquet to where Qiqi’s was at, and Qiqi kept her hands up and waiting for the bouquet, or to say, the happiness to landed on her. But there came a fat girl who came out of nowhere, she bumped into Qiqi and stayed there, waiting for the bouquet to come.

“It’s mine!”

But she tripped her self on someone and fell down on the ground, and the bouquet just dropped on the ground as well and picked up by Yuqi, who was there only because that he was worried that Qiqi may fall down and gurt herself.

“Well…thanks, Chuxue.”

People started cheering up for Yuqi, the one who picked the bouquet is believe to be the one that would be married soon.

Chuxue didn’t see it coming as well, but it doesn’t really matter since he’s already Qiqi’s man.

“Congrats, Yuqi! So when will you round up your wedding?”

“That’s…up to Qiqi.”

Yuqi thought about it for a while, he walked to Qiqi, bouquet put down on the ground and took a ring out of his pocket and knelt down on his knee.

“Will you marry me, Qiqi?”


None of the people there saw it coming, not even Yuqi himself since he just improvised. He was quite nervous as well since he knew what Qiqi’s like, she may probably poured wine down on his head out of shock and confusion.


Qiqi’s voice broke the silence, and it was Yuqi’s turn to feel like dreaming.

“E…excuse me?”

“I said, Yes!” Qiqi was nearly shouting, and smiling in the same time.

“And don’t you regret!”

“Never will I regret this!” Said Qiqi as she took the ring and put it on. She was also nervous, but she had made up her mind that she would embrace whatever that is destined to come.

“Thank you for this bouquet, Chuxue!” Yuqi was laughing like a kid, “Tell me how you planned your wedding out, I need to learn something!”

“Come on, it’s not like we’re getting married soon.” Smiled Qiqi.

“The sooner the better, isn’t it?”

“Hey.” Qiqi grabbed him by his hand,”I’m still a student, okay?”

“But…Anna got married when she was still a student.”

“It’s different, and I just don’t want to get married to soon, I need time to grow and learn more things before I take on the responsibility of being a wife of a wealthy family.”

“Well…” Yuqi was quite reluctant, but he had to agreed,”Okay then, tow and a half year for postgraduate, right? I’ll be waiting.”

“It maybe longer.” Smiled Qiqi,”Maybe I’ll continue until doctorate.”


Qiqi just turned around and joined the talks of the girls, and all the boys came near Yuqi and congratulated.

“Just be patient, dude, a watched pot never boils!”

“Qiqi!” Shouted Yuqi,”You will marry me in a year, I promise!”

He was met with no answer. Qiqi didn’t turn around, but the smiled on her face told everything, everything about her love, her passion, and her life of happiness.

(This is the end of the whole story, thank you for reading!)

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