Seeing Karen Lee’s mobile phone dropped to the ground, Betty Bernard was shocked and squatted down to pick it up.

But Karen Lee came back to her senses, and picked up the phone all of a sudden, her hands trembled a little, “Black Rose, what are you talking about? What are you saying about my son?”

What happened to Master?

Betty Bernard was shocked, because she had been with Karen Lee for so many years, and had never seen Karen Lee so gaffe, so now the only person who can make Karen Lee look like this is Chuck Cannon.

“I came back with Chuck Cannon just now. When halfway there, there was a car following, so I let Chuck Cannon leave, and I continued to follow, but a big truck stopped me. After I managed to catch up, I saw…”

“What did you see?” Karen Lee’s voice trembled.

“I saw the car driven by Chuck Cannon caught fire…” Black Rose said here.

“Me, my son is in? In the car?” Karen Lee’s eyes turned red all of a sudden.

“No, but there is a pool of blood at the scene.”

“No, then he must be alive, where, Where are you?”

“I’m thirty kilometers away from your home…”

“I am coming over now.”

Karen Lee hung up the phone, her eyes were red, and Betty Bernard asked carefully, “Master Lee, Master Lee…”

“Something happened, something happened to my son,” Karen Lee ran outside, of course, Betty Bernard followed.

When she ran out, Yvette Jordan, who had just finished work, came out to drink water exhaustedly. She was astonished when she saw Karen Lee and Betty Bernard in such anxiousness. What’s wrong?

Yvette Jordan was particularly hesitant, but there was a strange tension in her heart.

“Ah…Karen Lee, what’s wrong with you? What happened?” Yvette Jordan ran over, and she felt something was wrong.

Why is such a calm woman Karen Lee so anxious?

It is absolutely no small matter to make Karen Lee look like this.

“Something happened to Chuck,” Karen Lee said back.


Yvette Jordan was stunned. She felt her heart was emptied. Her eyes were blurred and she asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Chuck was being followed, and when Black Rose rushed over, Chuck’s car burned up and people were gone,” Karen Lee said quickly.

Yvette Jordan’s eyes flushed anxiously, “Then I will go with you,”


The three people came out of the villa, Karen Lee drove, the engine roared amazingly, and the car quickly drove out of the villa.

“How could this be?” Yvette Jordan called Chuck Cannon but it was turned off unexpectedly.

Yvette Jordan’s heart was beating.

“Don’t panic, let’s talk in the past,” Karen Lee remained calm.

“En.” Yvette Jordan wiped away anxious tears.

In less than five minutes, the car arrived and three people got off.

At this time, Black Rose squatted and looked at the blood on the ground, almost solidified.

Black Rose saw Karen Lee coming.

She stood up.

“Betty Bernard, immediately check the surveillance within 30 miles.” Karen Lee said.

“Yes,” Betty Bernard did it right away.

Yvette Jordan saw the car that had been burned to ruins, and her tears flowed silently. How could this be?

She plans to come back today, and she will chat with Chuck Cannon before going to bed.

But can’t Chuck Cannon come back?

Karen Lee remained calm. Black Rose came over without confidence for the first time. She couldn’t face Karen Lee, but she still had to say, “I’m sorry, I…”

“I know you did your best, Black Rose, tell me the most detailed situation, what car is chasing my son…”

“Well,” Black Rose said in detail.

Karen Lee looked for clues in Black Rose’s words.

She was silent all the time, did not interrupt Black Rose’s words, and did not let go of a word Black Rose said.

Until Black Rose is finished.

“Who do you think is following my son?” Karen Lee asked after listening.

“This, but it’s from your Lee family, or who would take him away?” Black Rose analyzed this while waiting.

All of the opponent’s cars are new, without license plates, and Black Rose hasn’t seen them.

If it were ordinary revenge, then Chuck Cannon would definitely die tragically, but if Chuck Cannon was arrested, this would not be normal.

Karen Lee was meditating. At this time, Betty Bernard had finished inquiring, “Master Lee, all the monitoring here has been disturbed and cannot be found.”

Karen Lee had already thought that the way the scene was handled was professional, so it meant that this place would not leave any clues.

“Master Lee, could it be…” Betty Bernard said.

“Could it be done by the person who monitored Chuck Cannon the last two times?” Black Rose also thought of going with Betty Bernard.

“No, it shouldn’t be. If it were him, he would not handle it like this,” Karen Lee had thought of, but this method was not the first two treatments at all.

So Karen Lee thought it was not him.

This is someone else.

The most recent situation is the Ouke family and the Lee family.

There should be only these two families.

Betty Bernard didn’t say anything, Black Rose was thinking about it.

“I want to use the car,” Yvette Jordan came over with blood red eyes.

“What do you want to do?” Karen Lee asked.

This time is not a time to panic, but a time to calmly consider.

“The car that tied Chuck Cannon must go in this direction. I will see if I can catch it or find other clues.” Yvette Jordan must rescue Chuck Cannon.

She couldn’t wait for a second.

Waiting for him to die soon.

“Don’t panic,” Karen Lee sighed.

“I didn’t, really didn’t. Give me the car and I’ll go and see,” Yvette Jordan explained, but the tears in her eyes flowed out.

“En,” Karen Lee gave Yvette Jordan the car key.

Yvette Jordan got into the car after taking the car key. Karen Lee said, “If its there any clue, tell me that. This is not that simple!!”

It should be the Lee family and the Ouke family.

This is not something Yvette Jordan can handle alone.

“I will,” Yvette Jordan started the car, and Karen Lee spoke again, “Wait,”

Yvette Jordan stepped on the brake and listened to Karen Lee.

Karen Lee looked at Black Rose, “Black Rose, you and Yvette Jordan are well together, and both of you have good analytical abilities. See if you can find anything along the way.”

“Okay,” Black Rose obeyed.

Karen Lee mainly felt that she was worried about letting Yvette Jordan go alone. In case Chuck Cannon was rescued and Yvette Jordan had an accident again, she didn’t know how to explain to Chuck Cannon.

“Yvette Jordan, Black Rose is with you, don’t panic, don’t be impulsive, tell me if you have a clue, I will go to Lee’s house now!” Karen Lee said.

“Well, I will listen to you this time.”

Regarding Chuck Cannon’s life and death, Yvette Jordan will definitely be obedient, after all, Karen Lee has much more experience than her.

Black Rose got into the car.

Yvette Jordan drove away with Black Rose.

Karen Lee was silent for a few seconds before Betty Bernard said, “I think we should go to Lee’s house immediately!!”

Karen Lee didn’t answer. She walked to the car that had burned a little and a half. She crawled in and took out the dagger to search for something in it.

She dug out a hidden camera from a steel bar, but it was burnt out. This was some safety action Karen Lee had done before, in case something happened, so it was easy to find.

She made a total of three pretends, and she found all three, but they were all burned out to varying degrees. She crawled out with three cameras.

She needs to know, after Chuck Cannon drove out of the car, until the accident, she had to know all the specific people he encountered, and then analyze the matter.

“Let the technology company repair it,” Karen Lee said.

“This, it should take three or four days,” Betty Bernard has experience, because this burned too badly, and the probability of repairing it is low.

“Two days, two days as much as possible, I can’t wait too long.” Karen Lee was anxious, and she was also a little flustered, because Chuck Cannon was her only son. If something went wrong, she didn’t have the energy to survive.

Because everything she has now is prepared for Chuck Cannon, and if Chuck Cannon can’t inherit it, who will she give it to?

“Well, I will have someone repair it right away.” Betty Bernard has already started calling, but not too long. Two cars came by, a professional team from Karen Lee Technology Company.

The next few people are all technological geniuses.

Betty Bernard confessed solemnly, and several people immediately went to the headquarters of the technology company to deal with it, leaving a car behind.

After they left, Karen Lee was silent, Betty Bernard couldn’t wait, “Master Lee, this repair will take a few days, then let’s go now…”

“Go to Lee’s house first, whether he did it or not, I will tell the person who arrested my son what it was like to arrest my son!” Karen Lee’s voice was particularly cold!!

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