Of course Betty Bernard knew why Karen Lee did this, and told the person who captured Chuck Cannon what this fate was, and let this person retreat from the difficulty, letting Chuck Cannon go, otherwise the end would be the fate of the Lee family!!

Karen Lee got into the car and Betty Bernard followed, “Master Lee, want to call someone?”

“Call! I want to surround the Lee family!”

Karen Lee’s eyes were cold, this was a cold look!

Karen Lee was completely angry. Chuck Cannon, her precious son, was actually touched today. She would make a mess at all costs and let the people who arrested Chuck Cannon know that Chuck Cannon should never be arrested.

This will give people a sense of deterrence. As a mother, Karen Lee first wants to be deterred by others, so they doesn’t dare to kill Chuck Cannon. She must first find a way to save Chuck Cannon’s life!

This is the most direct way!

The engine was roaring, Karen Lee drove, Betty Bernard sat on it, and headed towards Lee’s house! !

Betty Bernard called, “Start the first-class family guard!”

This guard was trained for Chuck Cannon. At this time, Chuck Cannon had an accident and they must be dispatched.

The car was galloping on the road with no one. In less than three minutes, a consistent engine sound came from behind. Thirty armored off-road vehicles appeared and followed Karen Lee’s car.

This is a spectacular scene! !

Thirty huge armored off-road vehicles, like beasts, full of brutality!

Ignore all rampage!

This is Chuck Cannon’s guard team! Came out today!

It’s amazing, what kind of financial resources can this be able to gather so many people!

Galloping along the way, at an amazing speed, this goal is the Lee family, one of the four big families!!

Lee family!

The Lee family Patriarch, the Overlord Lee, and several other members of the Lee family were talking about something.

Overlord Lee was very satisfied with this plan. The Ouke family had already started to seize this opportunity to deal with Karen Lee. When he learned that Karen Lee’s several companies had been greatly affected, he couldn’t sleep happily.

“But Karen Lee hasn’t resisted yet. What is she planning to do?” Overlord Lee was not satisfied with this.

He wanted to directly see Karen Lee and the Ouke family battling each other, so both lose, and he will come out after to clean up the mess!!

What a wonderful thing this is?

“Karen Lee’s character is like that. If he doesn’t make a move, she won’t make a move. Once he makes a move, she will kill him. For up to a week, Karen Lee will definitely break into the Ouke family! At that time, Karen Lee may die inside!”. Yes, he is also Karen Lee’s brother.

He hated Karen Lee, because Karen Lee was so good that he didn’t have any sense of presence in Lee family. He spends time in drinks every day, but he has no sense of presence.

The head of the Lee family is silent.

He didn’t say a word.

“Dad, don’t worry, when we swallow all of Karen Lee’s, our Lee family will be the world’s first family by then, and no one can compare to our Lee family!!” Overlord Lee made a promise.

Full of excitement!

He is the eldest son, so the next Patriarch will let him be the Patriarch Lee, then he is the Patriarch of the world’s first family, how prestigious!!

“I think Karen is not as simple as you said,” Patriarch Lee was worried.

He felt that this shouldn’t be done last time, and now he finds more and more that Karen Lee is not that simple anymore. This is what it feels like to be a father.

Karen Lee’s departure caused the Lee family to be hit hard. This fact made him have to think so. He had to admit that he didn’t want to admit. It turned out that Karen Lee was so important to the Lee family.

“Dad, you worry too much.” Overlord Lee shook his head.

“Yeah, Dad, you don’t want to think about how capable her Karen Lee can be? It was our Lee family that made her fortune. When her wings were hard, she wanted to fly. In fact, her leaving our Lee family had a greater impact on her, but She has been shamelessly not admitting it,” a middle-aged man said with disdain.

Originally, how many years did Karen Lee develop?

It was the Lee family’s connections that had everything she has today. Last time, Karen Lee didn’t admit it, and even said that she was relying on herself and relying on herself.

If its not the Lee family, Karen Lee is nothing.

When the wings are hard, they will be broken one day.

The Patriarch of the Lee family was silent and sighed. He regretted the situation of the Lee family a bit now, regretting to drive Karen Lee out. If not, then the Lee family would not be like this now.

In order to take care of the overall situation, he had the intention to call Karen Lee personally and ask her to come back, but he couldn’t say that as a father.

“That is, now the Ouke family has turned against Karen Lee. The strength of the Ouke family is more powerful than the total strength of the Lee family. It is not something Karen Lee can resist…” Other people also said their own thoughts.

Everyone believed that Karen Lee’s personal strength was okay, but the overall strength was simply not enough to fight the Ouke family.

What they want is to let Karen Lee use her personal fighting strength to enter the Ouke family and severely damage the core members of the Ouke family. Then, the Ouke family will be in chaos.

The Lee family seized this opportunity to annex again! !

This plan is perfect!

“With quiet intelligence, we must know that we are doing things from it. She may come to our Lee family first!” The Lee family Patriarch said.

His sons laughed and shook their heads.

“Dad, what if she knows it? The Ouke family has dealt with her. She has no time and no time to come to our Lee family. After all, the Ouke family alone gives her a headache. Why does she have the energy to come here? What?”

“I think so, just like the tortoise with a shrunken head, I have not resisted, I must secretly prepare to give the Ouke family a big move! There is no way to do it.”

Several brothers expressed their opinions, Overlord Lee laughed, “Dad, you really think too much, Karen Lee dare to come to our Lee family?”

That is, dare to come?

Lost your face?

Patriarch Lee sighed, “Forget it, I don’t care about this. Anyway, I won’t be able to do this position for long. You still have to deal with everything.”

Overlord Lee is excited, does this mean he wants to be the master of the house!!

Overlord Lee can’t wait.

“Don’t worry, Dad, I will do it beautifully. Karen Lee was kicked out by us, and she can only be a tool. I guess she must be burnt at this time. After all, the Ouke family is not kidding, she must be anxious and worried now that she can’t sleep,” Overlord Lee smiled.

“Haha, for sure!”

The brothers laughed, full of mockery.

They are all ready to put on a celebration banquet now. Overlord Lee is insidious, Karen Lee, you still have to fall into my hands after all!!

When you die, I will kill your son and avenge my son!!

Karen Lee, Karen Lee, blame you for being too bad, killing my son is the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life! ?

There was laughter in the room.

But suddenly, someone knocked on the door and Overlord Lee frowned, “Come in!”

A man ran in, a little panicked.

“Not good.” The man was anxious.

Overlord Lee stopped smiling, and Patriarch Lee opened his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Overlord Lee asked coldly.

What can be wrong in the middle of the night? ?

All the fuss!

“There are a lot of cars coming towards us.” The man said anxiously.

Overlord Lee and the other brothers looked at each other.

“What’s going on? I will mobilize the monitoring to see!” Overlord Lee became cold.

“Yes!” The man immediately started to operate, and a screen lit up in the room.

“She, who rushed to our Lee’s house so boldly at night? Looking for death!!”


“Well, could someone from the Ouke family come over? It was discovered that we asked someone to kill his family?” One person was a little worried.

After all, the strength of the Lee family has been reduced now, the Ouke family knows it, so deal with it, this is still a bit troublesome!!

A lot of pictures appeared on the screen, they were all pictures of a hundred miles around Lee’s house!

A long line of convoys divided into many directions and began to encircle the Lee family.

These teams are well-trained, armored off-road vehicles, but not ordinary people can get.

“Enlarge the front car!!” Overlord Lee ordered.

Someone did it and zoomed in on the monitor. In the front car, they could clearly see that it was a woman driving Karen Lee!!

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