Chapter 567 – 568: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 567: The Great Lord of Supreme Morals

“Isn’t it the limit?”

Kris was both happy and painful. He once again took out 600 million spiritual stones for cultivation!

This time it took a full day to digest. It could be seen that Kris’ ancestral acupoint was a thousand feet long and a thousand feet wide, and the sky was hundreds of feet high from the ground.

The thickness of the ground is more than dozens of feet, and below is a gray space! It took a billion spiritual stones to successfully open up the ancestral acupoint!

At the moment, Kris could no longer suppress the mana when the ancestral acupoint was completed.

Boom! The sound of celestial thunder spread into the sword world!

Kris dare not go through the God’s test in the sword world!

Outside the sword world, the disciples of True Divine Tao all looked at each other, and a huge cloud gathered above their heads! The Purple Fire Sect is also not suitable, so he came to an uninhabited area 100,000 miles away, which was also the boundary of the Sect.

Deploy an array in the surrounding mountains to resist the celestial thunder.

Accumulated spirit test is mainly aimed at primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power​!

The physical body is second.

This time, the scope of the test was also very large with dark clouds rolling in all directions!

The disciples also followed.

“Protect Master!” Crane Spirit made a decisive decision, and the disciples scattered around.

“Stay away from me, retreat five hundred miles away.”

According to the past experience of the test, this wave of thunder would only be stronger!

The aftermath of celestial thunder was able to shake them to death.

At the same time, Demon Kris became the famous Master of Devil in the Hell Demon Sect, enjoying a chic and comfortable life, immersing in the magic tactics of heretical sect.

But on this day, the Demon Fetus in his body was restless, he instantly understood what was going on.

“Damn, the real Kris’ test have influence on avatars!”

The Demon Fetus has reached primal spirit, while his body is in the middle period of actualized spirit.

If he wants to give full play to his strength, he must have a strong core.

With the perfection of the magical powers of the heretical sect, Demon Kris has also realized the importance of demon fetus!

“But this movement is a bit big!”

Looking up at the black clouds in the sky, Demon Kris gave a wry smile and flew directly out of the hall.

At this time, the disciples outside also raised their heads curiously, “Another elder of the sect will go through the God’s test with test clouds covering ten thousand miles. Is this the actualized spirit test?”

Qiandao Demon Lord was also taken aback, looking at Demon Kris, “Don’t go through the God’s test within the sect.”

Such a huge momentum, if it were in the lower level of the Demon Sect, half of the sect would be destroyed.

Demon Kris nodded, this time he went straight out of the sky!

He wanted to see, what was the difference between in the Heaven and outside the Heaven!

At the same time, Kris set up a great array and sat in the air, primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power​ went out of the body.

“Boom!” The celestial thunder bombarded, the powerful array hampered most of the power, and the remaining bombarded on the miniature guy of the Divine Spiritual Power and Sword Energy God.

At this moment, almost all avatars felt pain!

“Fuck, real Kris, cut off connection!” Demon Kris had a splitting headache. It was too torturous.

Kris quickly cut off the connection with the avatars and concentrated on the thunder.

In fact, the practice of the magic is based on the way of the Yang Spirit, and the divine spirit is integrated into the primal spirit.

One thought could make ten thousand rules born or vanish, one thought could make the world perish or prosper!

This is the power of Yang Spirit Tao.

Primal spirit jumps out of the three realms, not in the five elements, the world will extinct but it will be immortal!

But Kris’ Sword Energy God is more similar to a magic weapon, which can transformed into a sword, with the Divine Spiritual Power control it. Facing the second celestial thunder, he proactively greeted it!

Others will anxiously dodge, but Kris can’t wait to immerse himself in the thunder.

Certainly it is painful, while each time the harvest is also huge.

It is a transition from primal spirit to accumulated spirit, which prepares for the transformation of primal spirit into Yang spirit.

“It hurts!”

“Extremely painful!”

Kris began to understand the meaning of extreme pain through pain!

His Taoist Strength of extreme pain will be fulfilled!

He was looking forward to the strength of its Fulfilled period.

The third celestial thunder, the fourth sky thunder, the fifth sky came…

While his primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power was growing rapidly, and the meaning of extreme pain was also growing rapidly, 60%, 70%, 80%…

Celestial thunder seemed to be infinitely powerful, but for Kris who has realized the Five Thunders and has Taoist Strength of thunderbolt, it was nothing!

In just half an hour, Kris survived the thunder test!

The power of primal spirit has skyrocketed, and it is more in harmony with the heavens and earth. In addition, Divine Spiritual Power is extremely clear. 480 million Divine Spiritual Power is crystal clear as jade .

The Divine Spiritual Power extended, and he even could see the starry sky hundreds of millions of miles away where a giant was going through the God’s test!

That is… Demon Kris!

His Divine Spiritual Power has already reached the Fulfilled period accumulated spirit, and even the Half-step actualized spirit.

This time, even though he did not break through that threshold, his Divine Spiritual Power was completely promoted to the actualized spirit. As long as he went further, he will become the actualized spirit.!

However, this was just the heaven and earth Qi did not dissipate during the breakthrough, it did not mean that Kris’ Divine Spiritual Power could really see hundreds of millions of miles away.

Even a true actualized spirit can’t do it!

Kris stood up, this may be the easiest God’s test he has ever experienced.

“Congratulations, Master, you successfully went through the God’s test!” Crane Spirit flew over with his disciples and bowed down.

“Get up!”

“Let’s go back!”

Kris was in a good mood and flew into the Purple Fire Sect with a bunch of disciples.

Now that the body is stronger, the core of the driver is also stronger, and the strength has skyrocketed. It is definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two!

As for Demon Kris on the other side, Kris Chen was not worried.

If the Middle period actualized spirit fails to survive the test of an accumulated spirit, it would be too nonsense. Kris was even not worried about Demon Fetus’ actualized spirit test.

An hour later, Demon Kris succeeded in the test, and Demon Fetus had become the size of a seven-year-old child, whose devilish energy is overwhelming.

“In addition to Break Boundaries, there is one more magical power to devour, isn’t it?”

Demon Kris nodded, “Unfortunately,we cannot share magical powers!”


After successful test, Kris was in a good mood, naturally giving a lot of money to his disciples for celebration!

The higher the cultivation level of Kris, the higher their status as disciples.

In the spiritual world, after all, the strong is respected.

Back to the sword world, Kris began to concentrate on opening up acupuncture points. This is a huge project and requires a lot of resources!

Fortunately, these days of Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), a large wave of materials have been sent from below, which is enough to support him to open up a large number of acupuncture points.

He condensed Fruit of Taoist Practice, and comprehended his own path. From accumulated spirit to actualized spirit, the journey was smooth with no obstacle of stage.

The most important thing is that he has now gathered ten Taoist Strength. From the initial stage of accumulated spirit to the Fulfilled period of accumulated spirit, only nine Taoist Strength is needed.

His path has gone completely deviated, or he is now taking his own path.

Calming down, Kris concentrated on opening up the acupuncture points.

One year, two years, three years..he spent 36 months in the sword world opening up acupuncture points to fulfilled period , with the number of fifty-four thousand acupuncture points.

He’s now reached accumulated spirit fulfilled period of the flesh, Divine Spiritual Power half-step actualized spirit, magic power accumulated spirit fulfilled period, and no further progress can be made.

In order to open up these acupuncture points, he spent hundreds of billions of spiritual stones. It can be said that they are purely piled up with spiritual stones and massive resources.

Fifty-four thousand acupuncture points are fifty-four thousand Dongtian (cave), which is amazing!

The establishment of ancestral acupoint cost fifty trillion super spiritual stones!

But there is a middle-class Dongtian above the lower-grade Dongtian, and also a upper-grade one above.

It was terrifying!

The promotion of Dongtian to middle class is fine, as long as the spirit Qi is sufficient, but the promotion to upper class is terrible, which needs Taoist Strength stones!

Just thinking about it, Kris Chen felt helpless.

Isn’t it good to copy other people’s way of cultivation?

Why does he have to be different and deduced the acupuncture world? It just put himself in a dilemma.

It is urgent to expand his commercial development and influence!

North Luzhou and Nanli Fire City have confined development. But Middle Thunder Land, West Shazhou, Great Huangzhou… and dozens of other lands are excellent places for expansion.

Collect all resources for his own use!

As for the biggest Dongsheng Divine Land, Kris decided to take his time. There are too many seclusive sects and even True God families. The strength there is much stronger than Nanli Fire City.

Demon Kris was practicing with great concentration at this time, and was also pulled out by Kris.

The real Kris was developed a brand-new orthodoxy, which required huge and rare resources in the world.

His strongest avatar naturally has to play the greatest role.

So Demon Kris decided to go to the Middle Thunder Land since the situation of Nanli Fire City gradually stabilized, and signed friendly cooperation agreements with major sects.

The five element avatars only needs to leave three.

Jianyang and Jinyang followed Demon Kris to the Middle Thunder Land.

After Kris went out the sword world, this time Muyang personally came to the Purple Fire Sect and sent a spiritual stone of God Fetus to Kris Chen!

As mentioned earlier, God Fetus can fully reproduce the strength of the real one.

“Good stuff!” Kris was overjoyed!

With the spiritual stone of God Fetus, the development process can be accelerated.

Now the more avatars, the better!

“Taoist Strength stones must be prepared. The more, the better, I will continue to comprehend more Taoist Strength in the future.” said Kris.

“Yes!” Muyang nodded. They are of the same mind and different bodies. They will prosper or perish synchronously. Only when Kris is stronger can they live better.

“Oh, by the way, Jianyang found an ancient book in a cemetery of the monster race.” Muyang thought for a while and took out the ancient books.

“Why doesn’t Jianyang share information with me?”

“My real one, have you forgotten that before you go through the god’s test, you cut off contact with all of us!”

Kris patted his head, “Oh, yes, I forgot!”The isolated connection was connected again, and at that moment, a huge amount of information rushed in.

Kris rubbed his head and knew what had happened these days.

Three months ago, Jianyang received a report from the disciples that a cemetery for the ancient monster race was about to open. It is said to be the tomb of the ancient true monster and was opened once in a thousand years.

But as the number of openings increased, the space of the True Demon Tomb became extremely unstable.

Some speculated that this should be the last time for its opening. After this time, the Tomb of the True Demon will be destroyed in the endless turbulence of the void.

It is in this this true demon cemetery, Jianyang has discovered a connection with the earth!

This ancient book records that in the ancient era, the Great Lord of Supreme Morals was enlightened, and he preached at the center of the universe three times, once for three thousand years!

During this period, countless uncivilized creatures of intelligence were enlightened, that is to say, this preaching completely perfected the cultivation way of magic power!

What excited Kris most is that the Great Lord of Supreme Morals is riding a black ox!

Chapter 568: Initiate the Challenge

Is this Great Lord of Supreme Morals the same person as the Lord of Supreme Morals on the earth?

They all ride a black ox!

Kris did not known, but it was the first time that the connection between the Devil Land and the earth has been discovered, which made Kris excited.

They searched for so long in North Luzhou and Nanli Fire City before they could find this ancient book. “Continue to search for information about this Great Lord of Supreme Morals.”

Kris Chen thought it should be a breakthrough.

Muyang nodded and used magical powers to leave.

“It’s been almost five years since I came into this world in the blink of an eye, and there is not much time left for him!”

Kris has a strong sense of urgency in his heart because he was worried about his family on the earth. This is also the main reason why Kris cultivates hard. Take out the spiritual stone of God Fetus, which is born with 54,000 acupoints. The God Fetus of great practitioner can be born as the actualized spirit.

But it was a pity that now it can only be refined into an avatar by Kris!

Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire gushed out, Kris used tactics to start refining the God Fetus.

Spiritual stone of God Fetus is a treasure of heaven and earth, born and raised by nature. On the day of refining, the wind and clouds moved, and the sword world trembled.

God fetus opened and closed eyes, divine light soared into the sky.

The speed of absorbing vital energy was more than ten times that of Kris Chen, even whose acupuncture points surpass divine-grade acupuncture points.

“From then on, you are Yuanyang!”

“Yes, my real one!”

Once born, he is the fulfilled period accumulated spirit with super strong physical power, and his strength is no weaker than Kris.

“Demon Kris went to the Middle Thunder Land, you go to the West Shazhou, try your best to plunder all the treasures. As for all the materials that can be cultivated, give priority to supplying your own cultivation!”

Yuanyang and Kris are the same origin. What he thinks, Yuanyang understands!

“Don’t push yourself too hard, you will always find a way back.” Yuanyang comforted before leaving.

Kris gave a wry smile, “Do I comfort myself?”

However, the problem has solved and he can continue to upgrade.

Other people’s cultivation upgrades are often accompanied by killing monsters, but Kris directly skipped this step.

This is the benefit of creating power by oneself.

At this time, the ancestral acupoint Dongtian has been completely stabilized, he decided to open up a new one!

With the experience of ancestral acupoint, Kris only needs to duplicate.

It would be a very long journey of development for fifty-four thousand acupuncture points.

Demon Kris took Jianyang and Jinyang to the Middle Thunder Land.

No time wasted, he started from the small sect.

In this regard, Demon Kris is more domineering than Kris.

This is also true of Yuanyang. Although half of the land in West Shazhou is desert, it is rich in spiritual stones and various Taoist Strength stones.

Kris now desperately needs the spiritual stone and Taoist Strength stones.

The most prosperous industry here is gambling on stones!

The bet is on the divine source stone, which often produces strange treasures.

Yuanyang is the God Fetus of spiritual stone, and it is extremely sensitive to the mineral veins of the original stone and spiritual stone.

When he came to the West Shazhou, he found a sect that controlled dozens of inferior mineral veins and convinced people with virtue, easily becoming the Supreme Elder of the sect.

Then Yuanyang began his expansion.

Without knowing the time, Kris has been Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for fifteen years!

In these fifteen years, Kris has consumed countless spiritual stones, in addition to a large number of precious medicines and holy medicines.

When the fifty-four thousand acupuncture points were completely formed, all the acupoints and Dongtian were linked together to form the big world of Dongtian by one thought!

A powerful force overflew instantly, and even the sword world wailed under this force.

Damn it! It was too exaggerated!

Kris quickly got in touch with the strength. Is this the power of the world of Dongtian (cave)?

He squeezed his fist casually, and hundreds of miles of space collapsed directly.

After a sneeze, a hurricane blew up in the sword world.

Kris was dumbfounded, this…was too scary!

The consequences of the power surge are difficult to control.

Coming out of the sword world, Kris came to the square that can test his power in the Purple Fire Sect.

“Tao Master Beiyang!” When the two men saw Kris, they quickly bowed to the ground.

In the past, the two despised him, but now he has become the first master of the Purple Fire Sect! The two were frightened.

“You two are still watching the door!” said Kris, walking to the thickest stone pillar in the square.

There are a thousand strength-testing stones on the stone pillar. He couldn’t help thinking that when he first stepped into the Purple Fire Sect, he called it as stone bag, which was funny.

Lighting up a strength-testing stone represents one hundred strength. Thousands are one hundred thousand powers.

Kris flicked a punch lightly, all the strength-testing stones were lit up instantly, and the extremely dazzling brilliance rose to the sky, almost illuminating the entire small worlds.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The Strength-testing stone could not withstand the power, breaking instantly! The stone pillars were also full of cracks with the same destiny.

God, this was pure physical power!

The two guards were frightened.

Kris frowned, it shouldn’t be like that, he didn’t use much strength at all!

This was the power of Dongtian world?

How strong is his current strength?

Flying out of the Purple Fire Sect, Kris flew to the Gang Wind layer, Heaven Fire layer, and saw the fetal membrane of heaven and earth.

Plunged into it, although he felt the force of squeezing out, it was pulled away by him.

Breaking through the fetal membranes, Kris saw the extremely gorgeous starry sky!

Is this the universe?

Countless celestial bodies and galaxies operate according to specific rules, which made him immersed in shock.

Countless cosmic rays circulated around him, many of which were dangerous to low-level Practitioner, but these cosmic rays were all isolated by the fetal membrane of heaven and earth.

“What stage am I now?”

Kris asked himself, from the perspective of magical powers, it definitely surpasses the accumulated spirit.

Is it an actualized spirit?

But even the actualized spirit may not have such a strong mana.

The primal spirit is still a half-step actualized spirit, and the body is still an accumulated spirit fulfilled period.

“Why not ask the Sovereign Lord to fight?” Kris touched his chin and found it available!

Rushing into the fetal membranes of heaven and earth and returning to the Purple Fire Sect, the disciples of the Purple Fire Sect were all alarmed by the movement just now and gathered on the square.

The two were also distressed, looking at the high-level officers of sect, “Yes, Tao Master Beiyang was standing there at the time, punching lightly, and then the strength-testing stone pillar collapsed.”

“How could it be possible? It is absolutely impossible for anyone under the actualized spirit to break it, even the half-step actualized spirit!”

Every stage of the Practitioner has its limits.

For example, the limit of accumulated spirit is one hundred thousand Tao strength. It is almost impossible to exceed this limit. Even if you use magical powers, the strength-testing stone can detect and distinguish it, and it will not even light up.

Unless Kris has already been an actualized spirit.

But was it possible?

Kris only went through God’s test of accumulated spirit a year ago. A year later, he went through the actualized spirit test?

How is this possible!

“It’s true, Law Enforcement Elder, we are not lying!”

Just when the they argued, a streamer shot out, it was Kris.

“Well, they didn’t lie, I broke the strength-testing pillar!”

When the law enforcement elder saw Kris, he became respectful, “Since it was broken by Tao Master Beiyang, then I understand.”

“Ok!” Kris nodded. Although the law enforcement elder is very powerful, he still can’t administrate Kris because in terms of status, Kris is much higher than him.

Even it was Kris’ fault, do they dare to blame him?

Even the magic body of the Sovereign Lord was beheaded by him.

Just as the law enforcement elder was about to retreat, Kris shouted, “Sovereign Lord, I want to challenge you!”

The voice spread throughout the entire Purple Fire Sect in an instant, which shocked everyone!

“Is it true? Tao Master Beiyang want to challenge the Sovereign Lord?”

“Usurped the role of Sovereign Lord?”

“Gosh, is the Purple Fire Sect going to change the ruler?”

The law enforcement elder was also startled, “Tao Master Beiyang, Sovereign Lord is a super power in the middle period of the actualized spirit!”

Kris asked “So what?”

“Do you know the convention?” said the law enforcement elder with a complicated expression, “In the Purple Fire Sect, whoever wants to be the Sovereign Lord can initiate the challenge. As long as the challenge is successful, he will become the Sovereign Lord!”

Kris was stunned, “The Sovereign Lord of the Purple Fire Sect is so willful? So casual?”

The law enforcement elder answered confusedly, ” Willful? No, all the Sovereign Lords of the Purple Fire Sect succeeded this way.”

The Purple Fire Sect has thousands of Taoist orthodoxies, and it is quite difficult to recommend a Sovereign Lord.

In addition to fighting, the original arena was also the place for the Sovereign Lord selection.

However, it has become a professional arena in the past two years.

With the popularity of projectors, the Purple Fire arena has become completely popular.

Kris even opened up competition channel for the sect, which makes a lot of money every day. Along with lottery tickets, Kris was affluent.

When it comes to earning money, Kris is definitely number one in the world, even the Seven-treasures House and Wanbao Pavilion have to stand aside.

Now his influence in Nanli Fire City and North Luzhou is absolutely crushing the two forces.

Kris retracted his thoughts and looked at the law enforcement elder, “Then if I win, is it possible not to be the Sovereign Lord?”

Law enforcement elder thought: Do you think you are humorous?

Two guards: Do you really think you can defeat the Sovereign Lord?

Disciple next to him: God, Tao Master Beiyang is crazy again!

At that moment, the huge square fell into silence.

“Want to challenge me? Certainly!” a majestic voice sounded

It was no one else but Taoist Lord Huayu!

At this time, his heart was surging, fifty thousand years, fifty thousand years!

Since winning the Sovereign Lord fifty thousand years ago, he has been in this position for fifty thousand years.

Boring, boring, and helpless, this is how he feels most since he became the Sovereign Lord.

If time could be turned back, he would never be the Sovereign Lord!

Isn’t it good to be a carefree sect elder? The Sovereign Lord was a trap made by himself.

But today, someone finally came to challenge him!

“Dongtian gourd, strengthen the projection space to the greatest extent!”

The red light shone in the projection space, Huayu even threw his Spirit Weapon out to freeze the projection space!

“Come on, I am waiting for you here!”

Not knowing if it was an illusion, Kris actually heard a hint of excitement in the voice of Huayu.

So excited to be challenged?

Kris touched his nose and flew on the arena.

At this moment, all the disciples of the sect flew out.

“Fat Cat, hurry up, your Taoist master is crazy, he dares to challenge the Sovereign Lord!”

“Elder Sister Crane Spirit, Tao Master Beiyang initiated the Sovereign Lord challenge. Go ahead!”

At that instant, all the True Divine Tao disciples were coming.

Millions of disciples have wrapped the projection space layer by layer!

Lord Dashi held the red dragon, “What an amazing young man, less than two years after joining the sect, he has begun to challenge the Sovereign Lord!”

“You said he is looking for death, or is he looking for death?”

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