In the face of Karen Lee’s ridicule, the coldness in Karen Lee’s eyes was so full that Chuck Cannon was her heir, and now, these people are laughing!


The anger breeds in Karen Lee’s heart, as if being ignited, it is beyond control!

“My son can’t die!”

Karen Lee walked up step by step. Overlord Lee’s brows frowned, and they all gathered around. They were ready to do it themselves!!

As a former member of the Lee family, Karen Lee was kicked out, and even if she didn’t work as a tortoise, she actually hit the Lee family!

This is absolutely intolerable!

“Can’t die? So what did you come here for? Hehe, the one who killed your son did a good thing!”

“That’s it, your son died when he has to die, and you come to our Lee family to run wild?”

Several people sneered and sneered. Suddenly, Karen Lee appeared in front of a middle-aged man as if she were moving. She hit a punch weighing several hundred pounds!!


This is an astonishing speed and an astonishing power. This middle-aged man with ridicule on his face, his eyes widened, his face was shocked, painful, and fearful for an instant!

In a scream, he flew out like garbage!


Smashed on the table and chair, embarrassed.


There was no sound in this room.

Overlord Lee was astonished, but all those in the outfield were master fighters. They were beaten by Karen Lee with one punch? Don’t they have strength to fight back?

Overlord Lee can’t do this!

It’s amazing, what kind of strength is Karen Lee?

“Karen Lee, I’m your brother, you are so frustrated with me, you…” The middle-aged man got up, he felt that he was fainting, and the power of Karen Lee’s punch was amazing!

“Do you still know that you are my brother? But starting today, you are not!”

Karen Lee’s footsteps are moving, this speed is too fast, the middle-aged man hasn’t reacted yet, Karen Lee’s fist has hit his chest!


This is a heartbreaking scream!

In Karen Lee’s anger, trash fell to the ground, vomiting blood, dying.

With two punches, a master of fighting has become like this. This is something Overlord Lee did not expect!

The last time Karen Lee drove out, Karen Lee had taken a shot, but it hadn’t reached the point where it is today. Did Karen Lee still have reservations at that time?

In the room, Patriarch Lee, who was watching the surveillance screen, was shocked!

He himself is a master of fighting, but he couldn’t do this when he was young, Karen Lee actually did it.

How strong is your own biological daughter?


Trembling, regret spread in the heart of the Lee family. If they didn’t drive her out, if they hadn’t been so strict with her since she was a child, then…

“Karen Lee, you are looking for death!” Overlord Lee was angry!

“No, you are the one looking for death!!”

Karen Lee was dispatched and came directly to Overlord Lee!

With this punch, amazing power appeared!

“Shoot together and besiege her!” Overlord Lee was furious!

Everyone shot, a few masters shot, the formation is amazing!

But Karen Lee spotted Overlord Lee, and his fist passed!

“Court death!”

Overlord Lee sneered. Men and women are different, and their bones are different. No matter how powerful you are, your skeleton is not as big as that of a man. You are destined to be less powerful than Overlord Lee but she was more powerful than his fist, and his hand was destroyed!

I will make you a waste!

Karen Lee ignored everything and smashed her two fists!

But to everyone’s expectations, Overlord Lee’s arm trembled, and he felt that he had hit an iron fist, it was too hard!

His fist was deformed and it was bleeding.

The pain made him suddenly realize!

“Karen Lee, you.?”

Overlord Lee backed in shock, but Karen Lee smashed his seemingly petite fist!

The speed is reaching the limit of mankind!


A piece of trash flew out, vomiting blood, embarrassed! !

Overlord Lee got up in shock, and squatted on the ground again as if his body fell apart, and his heart was astonished as overwhelming.
Is he himself so weak today?

How can that be?

Overlord Lee couldn’t believe it!

The other people were stunned, their jaws were almost astonished. They just used all their strength to besiege, but they were easily evaded by Karen Lee. In a second, the strongest Overlord Lee was blown away. , Same as garbage.


They can’t be described in shock.

Suddenly, the figure rushed over, and Overlord Lee backed away, but there was no chance at all, she was there to grab his neck with one hand!

The suffocation attacked Overlord Lee, and the fear of death came, and Overlord Lee was panicked, “You, you…”

Is this a dream? Is he so vulnerable today?

“You are the one who is dying! You did not tie my son, but I am going to kill you so that the person who tied my son will know what the end is!”

Karen Lee has never had a murderous intent before!

Overlord Lee was terrified, “No, I am your brother, I even hugged you when you were young, I still…”

“If not, I would have assassinated you!” Karen Lee’s hands were tightening, and her five fingers were already amazingly powerful. It is not difficult to squeeze a person’s neck!

At this moment, Overlord Lee had already regretted it, what did he do?

It turned out that he was so vulnerable in front of Karen Lee.

It turns out that Karen Lee could kill himself long ago!

He had been playing with fire, and he caught fire today!

In the room, the other people were stunned long ago, and everyone did not expect this scene.

“Karen, stop! He is your brother!!”

At this time, an old voice came out.

Patriarch Lee walked out tremblingly. What he saw on the surveillance screen, his heart was trembling, Karen Lee, a child who had been hiding her true strength, finally revealed it today.

Such a stormy sea!

“Dad,” Overlord Lee cried out in fear and pain.

Karen Lee turned to look, “He is not, I have always been an outsider in Lee’s house!”

The few people in the room were speechless!

This gap between the sky and the earth made them sober and still awake in a dreaming state!

It turned out that Karen Lee was not so good at calculating!

It turns out that Karen Lee’s strength has surpassed the Lee family!

Originally they are who were at loss……

Too much, so many people’s minds popped up at this moment, and they shattered their arrogant city wall!

“Oh, Karen, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t be that way to you, let your brother go, he is your brother!” Lee family Patriarch sighed.

He has no confidence? What’s the confidence? His daughter was kicked out. He always thought that he was kicking out a dispensable person, but today Karen Lee proved that this dispensable person is so powerful!

“No! His son wants to kill my son. He wants to kill my son. This is what a brother does?” Karen Lee refused. Her fingers were hard. Overlord Lee suffocated, and fear came again, so clear that it made Overlord Lee drowned in fear.

“Karen, you still have the surname Lee after all! I was wrong, let your brother go! Do you want my Lee family to die?! I’ll kneel down for you!” Patriarch Lee knelt down!

Several people in the room suddenly realized!

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“How can she bear it? You kneel down, get up, get up quickly!”

“Don’t kneel!”

Several people gathered around to help the old man up, but he refused and stared at Karen Lee with regret, “Karen, let your brother go, I have already kneeled for you, what else do you want? Do I kowtow to you?!”

“Karen Lee, how did you become a daughter? Dad kneeled for you, what do you want? Are you still human? Are you human?” Someone was angry.

“You are not qualified to talk to me, if am not a human then all of you are going to die today!!” Karen Lee’s cold voice echoed in the room!

Several people were speechless, yes, if Karen Lee is really not a person, then no one in the Lee family can survive today!

They felt Karen Lee’s anger!

No one rebutted, no confidence, no idea how to rebut, Karen Lee was so kind to the Lee family, and now she was kicked out, he still wanted to shame her, but also to annex her, as if she was not a human, and did not take care of family affection!

“Karen, let your brother go, I’ll kowtow to you!” Patriarch Lee’s voice is hoarse, and he kowtows.

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