Chapter 569 – 570: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 569: Who Is the Winner

There were more than one thousand of elders in the sect, none of whom, however, got prepared for the unexpected fight between Kris and the incumbent Sovereign Lord. If Kris could be the winner, he would take place of the Lord of Huayu as the new Sovereign Lord. And all the elders came to the spot to witness the fight.

“My Sovereign Lord, I don’t expect so many audiences here.” Said Kris in the arena.

”Boy, come on, I have confidence in you, show what you have learned these days!” replied the Lord of Huayuan. Despite his solemn look, he still hoped Kris could defeat him and be a good leader of the whole sect.

“Alright, my Sovereign Lord, the fight for me is a good opportunity to check my training result these days when I practiced Taoist magic art alone, so I hope both of us can try our full strength. ” “Then go ahead!”

“Watch out, my first stroke is coming.” Cried Kris and waved a powerful blow, which was so heavy that space energy was overwhelmed. The Lord of Huayu was shocked by the explosive power since he never expected such an aggressive attack in the first round.

After a deep breath, the Lord of Huayu poured out the energy gathered from stars into his fists and cried, “Try my stroke-Ascend the immortal!”


The huge explosion caused by the collision between them smashed the whole space in an instant. But for the defensive divine-level spirit weapon, the site of Purple Fire Sect would have been razed to the ground. “You did make a big progress these days, did you reach the stage of actualized spirit?” asked the Lord of Huayu with a surprised look.

“I guess not. This is one of the strokes I learned these days, and all I want is to check whether it works or not.” Replied Kris.

The Lord of Huayu grunted about Kris’s answer and said in a joking tone, “Oh, that’s awesome, indeed! Then come with me, we will fight in the Universe Space.” Kris nodded since he knew the space here couldn’t endure the destructive energy from the fight between masters in actualized spirit stage.

“And my fellows-the Lord of Shenglong, the Lord of Qianyuan, and the Lord of Dashi, I need you to record the fight for me! Anyone who is interested in the fight can follow us, too.” Said the Lord of Huayu and then he soared into the sky.

When the Lord of Huayu went away, Kris turned to his fellows and said, “Crane Spirit, Fat Cat, Lean Monkey, come with me, the rest stay home.” Then he took the three ones across Fetal membrance of heaven and earth and came into the Universe Space.

“Wow, how beautiful the universe is! ” exclaimed Crane spirit.

Beautiful as it was, the universe space was full of dangers. To make sure the safety of his fellows, Kris said, “Stay here and watch out, I will come back soon.”

“Yes, master!”

As for the fight, the Lord of Huayu now made his mind to try his best towards his young challenger. His expressions turned serious and said, ”Let’s begin.”

Concentrating all his strength in a blow, Kris rushed ahead and waved out a threatening stroke, which was so powerful that it overspread the whole universe.

“Try my Shaking Fist.” Cried Kris.

“Come on, good boy.” Said the Lord of Huayu and went straightly towards the stroke.

Within a blink, the two exchanged several hundred strokes, the energy from which rocked the whole universe and smashed the planets a million of kilometer around. Kris’s practition stage was much lower than the Lord of Huayu, however, thanks to his physical strength and the Dongtian(cave) Space energy, he was still a good match of the Sovereign Lord.

“All-Embracing Fist!” cried Kris. He now gathered energy from twenty thousand Dongtian(cave) Space and sent out a heavy blow. The blow, to the Lord of Huayu, was so heavy that numberless planets were brought upon his head.

“Try my Starry Universe Doom!” Roared the Lord of Huayu.


The power wave carried by their strokes broke the meteorite nearby, which sent out beautiful yet dangerous rays. With the help of Fruit of Taoist Practice, Kris was able to challenge masters in the actualized spirit stage. He doubled his energy in an instant and waved out a blow which was able to shut down a master in the actualized spirit stage. Kris’s unexpectedly powerful stroke shocked the Lord of Huayu. His trump card was the star space inner his body. With numberless stars therein, he could gathered energy as much as he wanted.

At the point when the two kinds of space collided with each other, the horrifying therein rebounded and rushed back to their owner. Both Kris and the Lord of Huayu spitted bloods in this round. To seize the chance, Kris summoned hundreds of golden giants with his bloods and gave the order to charge. Meanwhile, the Lord of Huayu summoned silvery giants through his spells. The scene that the two groups of giants had fierce fights shocked all audience and now , they realized the result of the fight was now a little hard to expect. Obviously, the two were good matches to each other.

As for Kris, all he cared is to make progresses through the fight. Every stroke exchanged would give him inspiration and he had gradually mastered the new fighting style he learned these days. To the situation he was in now, Kris thought aloud: “I am no rival of him in terms of my physical strength and practition level, however, thanks to my fifty four thousand Acupuncture Points, the gap between he and I is much smaller. If he takes a seesaw battle strategy, it is 70% for me to lose this fight. I should make it quick, or I will definitely be defeated by him.”

As an coincidence, the Lord of Huayu was also turning over the fighting strategy over into his mind. He guessed why Kris could endure his stroke was because Kris had a better understanding of the Inner Space Principles than him. Once Kris made a breakthrough into the actualized spirit, even a master like him was not his rival.

After a while of hesitation, the Lord of Huayu said, “Young boy, it will take too much time to finish the fight between us, why don’t we decide who is the winner with our most powerful stroke? ”

“Good idea.” Replied Kris, then he poured out the whole energy from his fifty four thousand Acupuncture Points into a blow. At the same time, the lord of Huayu also gathered all his strength.

“Try this stroke-the Miserable World.”

“And my stroke- Instant Brilliance of Starry Universe.”

The two horrifying energy exploded when they met each other and drove the whole universe space into a mess. The audiences screamed and ran for safety as fast as they could. Universe Space is a magical place which can endure all damage and gets recovered by itself. When the audiences opened their eyes, Kris came to their sight and said, ”It is my honor to have a fight with our Sovereign Lord, he should be the winner and I want to quit it now.”

“Wait, what do you mean he should be the winner? you are a good match of me, why do you quit it? ” cried the Lord of Huayu in a discontent tone, “no one is allowed to quit the fight, we should decide who is the winner through a fair fight.”

Chapter 570: Before the Succession

It was a draw just now, and neither of them was able defeat each other.

“My fellows, call all sect leaders here quickly!” said the Lord of Huayu. With a wry smile, Kris Chen said, ” Sovereign lord, please let me go. All I want is to check my strength. I don’t want to be a sovereign lord.”

“Do you take the Sovereign lord Challenge Contest as a joke?” asked the Lord of Huayu, who gave out a grunt and continued, ”now I have another way to decide who is the winner, come with me.”

Wasn’t the contest a joke? Kris reluctantly followed him, only to find his another way was Rock Paper Scissors. That was an awesome trick, indeed. Within several rounds, he easily defeated the Lord of Huayu and was pushed upon the throne of sovereign lord. After that, the Lord of Huayu gave Kris a big smile. All in all, he could free himself from the bothering sect affairs and engaged on his personal practition. Then he threw a ring to Kris and said, ”This is the token for the sovereign lord. With it, your order should be obeyed in the Pure Fire Sect. Since now, you are the new sovereign lord of our sect. ” Then he took a glance at all the top leaders of the sect. Despite being silent, they didn’t show any sign to reject the proposal. Besides their respect to the decision of the Lord of Huayu. they held it in mind that a young and strong sovereign lord would bring the whole sect a new life.

“If you don’t have any dissent, we shall go back to the sect and commence a succession ceremony for our new sovereign lord. ” said the Lord of Huayu. He carried Kris’s hands in an intimate way when they went back the Purple Fire Sect.

The news that Kris would be the new sovereign lord shocked all disciples. They gathered on a square as ordered and fixed their eyes on the new sovereign lord. In the suit of sovereign lord and with the beautiful ring around his finger , Kris now looked much more respectable than ever before.

“Listen up! Kris have defeated me through the Sovereign lord Challenge Contest, so he will be the 30th sovereign lord for you according to our sect rules. ” said the Lord of Huayu. The disciples of True Divine Tao kneeled down to show their respect to their master, and one by one, all the disciples from other Taoist systems did so to Kris, too. Leaders like the Lord of Shenglong bowed for their congratulations on Kris’s succession. Perhaps it was the unbelievable strength of him and his disciples that convinced them.

As one of the greatest leaders of Nahai Sect, Kris was confident enough to take over the management of the Purple Fire Sect. “Lady and gentleman, my dear friends, the Lord of Huayu, it’s my great honor to be here. Being your new sovereign lord, I promise you that the whole strength of our sect will be doubled, and the treatment of all disciples will be doubled…”

Disciples wondered would the new sovereign lord keep his word or not? Fifty thousand years ago, the Lord of Huayu had promised them that he would turned their sect into the NO.1 sect in the whole land, but he failed to put it into practice. Despite their respect to Kris, they were still skeptical about any promise from their leader.

After the succession speech, the Lord of Huayu took Kris to another one succession step.

“See, we are in the inner space of Dongtian(cave) Gourd, this is the Gourd ancestor. The Gourd ancestor boasts an innate-power stage and now he is a super master in the middle period of Holy Realm stage. Thanks to his efforts, our sect can enjoy a name as one of the holy sect.” said the Lord of Huayu in respectfully.

“Is the young kid the new sovereign lord for our sect? ” asked the Gourd ancestor.

“Yes, my ancestor. We are here to ask a blessing from you.” Replied the Lord of Huayu. The first priority for a new sovereign lord was to ask a blessing from the Gourd ancestor, Kris was no exception. He came ahead and said respectfully with a bow, ”My great pleasure to see you, my ancestor, my name is Kris Chen.”

After a good look at him, the Gourd ancestor thumbed up and said, ”I can tell you are no more than one hundred years old, with such an achievement in immortal practice, you must be extremely talented in it. Perhaps that’s why you could defeat excellent fighters of five hundred Taoist system. Now I blessed you a good sovereign of the Purple Fire Sect.”

“Thank you so much, my ancestor!” said Kris gratefully. In fact, the excellent judgment of the Gourd ancestor impressed him most since he had kept his age as a secret. He was at his 40s when he traveled from the earth to the Sword Realm. After four decades here, now he was about eighty years old. In a planet where longevity was common thing to see, he still had numberless days as his lifespan.

After the blessing, the Gourd ancestor waved his hands and said, “See you, young boys!” In the view of the one who had spent millions of years in this planet, both Kris and the Lord of Huayu were like young boys.

The Lord of Huayu nodded and left with Kris. Then he said, ”Don’t bother the Gourd ancestor if not necessary. ” Then he handed the Kris a jade pendant and continued, ”This is the jade pendant to help you have a basic control of the Dongtian(cave) Space. With this, you can use 1% of its space energy.”

After that, they went to the place where the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire was stored. As one of spiritual fires, the Extremely Purple Heaven Fire had its own intelligence and could rival a master in the Fulfilled period of actualized spirit stage. Then the Lord of Huayu took him to give a greet to its owner- the Purple Fire Ancestor.

“This is the Purple Fire Ancestor, he has been looking for inspiration to make a breakthrough. Once he makes it, he will be the second master in the Holy Realm.” Said the Lord of Huayu.

“Young boy, what bring you here today?” said the incarnation of the Purple Fire Ancestor.

“Sorry, Purple Fire Ancestor, now I get another one to replace me as the new sovereign lord. ” said the Lord of Huayu.

“It’s my great honor to see you, Purple Fire Ancestor, my name is Kris Chen.” Greeted Kris with a bow.

“Good to see you, the new sovereign lord of the Purple Fire Sect, I think we can be good friends and give helps to each other.” Replied the Purple Fire Ancestor with a big smile. Despite its identity as one of the great Saint sects, the Purple Fire Sect’s spiritual stone reserve was very limited since the two Ancestors therein spent a big sum in their practition. As one of the ancestor who in bad need of spiritual stone, the Purple Fire Ancestor had to keep a close relation with the new sovereign lord.

Then the Lord of Huayu led Kris to the Heaven Being Cliff.

“This is the place where senior masters of our sect practice Taoist magic art alone. There are several thousand masters spent their years here, some died and were buried under the cliff. But for an emergency, don’t ever bother them.”

“This is Soul Fire Hall, where the soul mark of the whole disciples are stored.”

“This is the treasure house for our sect, and I give you a key of it. If you want to unlock it, you have get the rest three ones from the three deputy sovereign lords. ”

“This is the Spiritual Fire Pool, you may have a basic control of the energy of spiritual fire.”

“And these are Magic Weapons Pavilion, Magical Pills Pavilion, Spiritual Herb Land respectively. You can get access to them at your will, but be aware, you must have a fair distribution of the resources therein. ”


After a patient explanation of Kris’s responsibilities as the new sovereign lord, the Lord of Huayu said, ”OK, Kris, I ‘d better go the Deep Universe for my immortal practice when you are on power.”

“I wonder what you can find in the Deep Universe.”

“There are numberless planets in it. To make a breakthrough into the Holy Realm period, I have to leave the Devil Land and look for inspirations in the Deep Universe.”

“And is it right that the true God Stage is the more advanced stage than the Holy Realm stage?”

“Yes and no.” replied the Lord of Huayu, ”If you make a breakthrough into the Holy Realm stage, you have to make your choice among the way of God, Fairy or Demon. However, I don’t know any detail about that, I got the information from a chat with the Gourd Ancestor.”

“The questions arose my interest that is there any more advanced stage after the True God Stage and can one in the True God Stage break the protective cover of the Universe Space. ”

The Lord of Huayu was speechless about the endless curiosity of Kris and he replied, ”Sorry, young boy, I can answer your first question, perhaps I can find answers in the Deep Universe. But as for the second one, I’ve heard that a master in the Holy Realm Stage will have a basic use of the space energy. But it is impossible for him to break the protective cover of Universe Space.”

The reply upset Kris, indeed. And he didn’t have much confidence in making a breakthrough into the Holy Realm Stage.

“Please, my friend, the last question.” Cried Kris and raised his head suddenly, ”have you heard the a planet named Earth?”

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