Karen Lee is definitely not a hard-hearted person. She actually felt softened when her father knelt down.

Yeah, she still surnamed Lee after all!

What’s more, this man who knelt down and kowtow is very old, with gray hair!

“Karen Lee, you are not human, you are not as good as pigs and dogs, and beasts are not as good as beasts. Dad kowtows to you. What do you want?” A person was heartbroken.

“Yes, Karen Lee, you are a beast, and beasts are not as good as you. Dad kneels and kowtow to you. No matter how big things are, you should let go. How can you do this?”

This is the curse from several of Karen Lee’s brothers.

“Shut up!!” Patriarch Lee scolded!


“We are not as good as beasts! We are so to Karen, the matter is not on yourselves, you are not qualified to talk about her!” Lee family Patriarch said hoarsely, full of regret.


Several cursing people were speechless again! !

“Karen, let your brother go, our Lee family will never do that again.” The Lee family Patriarch asked hoarsely.

If Overlord Lee dies, the situation of the Lee family will continue to deteriorate, because Karen Lee, who was originally the pillar, has been driven out, and now the pillar is dead, then the Lee family will not go downhill, but fall straight!

Then the Lee family will end badly, because the Lee family is fat, many families want to seize this opportunity to annex!!

Karen Lee turned to stare at the Overlord Lee, who had rolled her eyes. She was silent for a second and let him go, but her fist smashed out!


Overlord Lee screamed, it was rubbish that flew out. He lay on the ground and didn’t move. Overlord Lee, who was seriously injured and fainted, still had fear on his face.

“From today, don’t mess with me! I have nothing to do with the Lee family anymore!!” Karen Lee went out!

“Karen, I am your father, did you forget?” Patriarch Lee’s heartache.

Karen Lee saw this old man, she shook her head, “Do you have the confidence to say this yourself?”

The Patriarch Lee was speechless! Yeah, he couldn’t say it himself.

Regarding Karen Lee’s various things, is he still a father?

“I don’t have a dad! I don’t have a brother, from today!!” Karen Lee walked out.

Here, the silence is at its extreme, only breathing!

Finally, Patriarch Lee looked at the ruined house, and he sighed…

“Dad, Karen Lee…”

“Go and ask someone to take the two of them to the hospital. Starting today, don’t mess with Karen anymore.” Patriarch Lee said with a sigh.

“Dad, Karen Lee knows how to hide, her fighting is so fierce, she is a scheming bitch!” Someone was heartbroken.

Patriarch Lee walked over, slapped, he slapped! !

“Shut up, she is your sister!” Patriarch Lee scolded!

“Dad, she doesn’t recognize me anymore.” This person felt wronged and touched his cheek. Where did he dare to show a little anger?

“It’s not that she doesn’t recognize us, we don’t let her recognize it,”

The Lee family Patriarch is very worried. He has a feeling that starting from today, the Lee family will begin to decline. Without Karen Lee, his Lee family will fall to this point, and the Patriarch Lee regrets…

“What are you talking about? The Lee family was besieged? Is this possible? Who did it?”

The people in the Ouke family were shocked!

The news came out all of a sudden!

“It’s true, it was made by Karen Lee! The family guard of the Lee family was just as paperless, it was easily broken by Karen Lee,”

“What? She actually has this strength?! Why she did this? Why did she suddenly turn her face?”

The people in the family are unimaginable!

The Lee family is also the four major families, why is it so vulnerable to Karen Lee?

“I heard that Karen Lee’s son disappeared. She went to the Lee family for her son.”

“Karen Lee still has a son?”

“Yes, it seems that he come to the United States recently. Karen Lee did this to kill the chicken and the monkey, telling the person who tied her son to be careful!”

“Who did this?”

“Who knows this? It was not made by our family anyway,” several people were discussing.

“If someone brings the people from the laboratory over, Karen Lee may call our house!” The Patriarch of the Ouke family said coldly.

Karen Lee suddenly shot, this is not a good signal!

“She dares to bite our house like a mad dog, and I will let her die!”

“That is, the people in our laboratory don’t feel pain. Ten can kill Karen Lee, she dare to come over?”

The family members began to disdain.

What if Karen Lee can play again? In the current high-tech era, it cannot be solved by fighting and killing.

“Let those people come over!”


Someone starts to prepare!

“Also, stop attacking Karen Lee for the time being. The Lee family was attacked by Karen Lee night, and a few people must have died. From now on, give me my full strength to attack the Lee family. I want to eat the fat of the Lee family!!” The Patriarch of the Ouke family showed a little excitement!

After eating the Lee family, which is also the four major families, then his Ouke family is enough to dominate the world!

This opportunity was given by you Karen Lee. If you don’t seize it, wouldn’t you be sorry Karen Lee?

“Dad, I wanted to do this a long time ago, and I’ll prepare now!”

The Ouke family members were excited.

At the same time.

The Luofu family, one of the four major families!

After receiving this news, the Lee family was attacked!

“Karen Lee’s son was arrested? Who did it? Those from the Ouke family did it?” A charming young woman muttered to herself.

This young woman, if Bryant would have been here, she must know her, because isn’t this young woman who looks like a beautiful blue-eyed beauty?

That’s right, this is the mother of the blue-eyed beauty Emily!

“Maybe, otherwise who would do such a boring thing?”

Another person also spoke. The room was filled with American beauties, and the Ross family were mostly women.

“Yes, if you catch Karen Lee’s son, don’t do this. It’s no joke that Karen Lee has been in the U.S. for so many years,” the charming young woman said.

“Well, isn’t she just a woman who was driven out by the Lee family? Nothing, she can only be angry with the Lee family, can dare to be angry with other families? Recently, the Ouke family dealt with her, she didn’t even dare to let go. She was as afraid of resisting as a tortoise with a shrunken head. I think she could hit the Lee family this time. It was nothing more than she was from the Lee family and was familiar with the Lee family, so she was caught off guard. You think she wants to hit us. Home, can she come in?” A young woman in jeans shook her head with a look of disdain.

Yes, they knew that Karen Lee was kicked out, what is the strength of a bereaved dog?

“Forget it, don’t mention her, where is your daughter Emily?”

The young woman Alice shook her head, “I don’t know, she hasn’t come back today, it’s so late.”

“Isn’t she going to date with someone?”

“No, I know my child Emily, she doesn’t like ordinary men at all.” The charming young lady was more satisfied.
Her daughter is clean and self-conscious, which is still very good.

“Yes, who is eligible to be seen by Emily?” The young lady said, Alice smiled slightly, “Forget it, don’t say anything, we don’t have to do anything about Karen Lee, it’s not our family’s doing…”

“What if it is? She Karen Lee dare to call over?” The young woman in jeans sneered.

The Luofu family is an arms family, does Karen Lee dare to come over? A bomb will kill her!!

“Yes, even if our family tied up his son, there is nothing to worry about.” Another blonde woman said.

The charming young woman nodded, yes, why is she worried about this?

She took out her mobile phone to call her daughter.

“Hello, Mom.”

“You won’t come home so late?” The charming young woman pretended to be angry, and she must be drinking somewhere in the bar again. She didn’t even say anything. Women don’t go to such places. Even though Emily goes to the bar, she also goes to her own home. It’s open.

“Mom, I’m going abroad in a few days.”

“What are you doing, going abroad?”

“Play, I found a funny thing, I think I will be very happy!”

Young Alice can’t help her daughter, “Come back early.”

“Got it, hanging up.”

The charming young woman smiled slightly.

“What is Emily doing?”

“She said, she found a funny thing, and she was playing.” The young lady of Alice couldn’t laugh or cry. What kind of funny thing is this?

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