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Chapter 57 – 58: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 57: How to Punish You

Kerry Ye stared at her straight, seeing that her clear eyes had no emotion at all. The blue ice eyes exude a fiercely incisive light. He icily asked, “Venus Mu, where are your good manners? How dare you go upstairs without greeting me? “

Venus resisted the impulse to roll her eyes. She really wanted to retort loudly: “Kerry Ye, you are such a narcissistic jerk! Who do you think you are? Everyone on earth should salute you when they see you?”

Of course, these words could only rot in her stomach. She could see how narrow-minded this man was. If she aggravated him, she would suffer again tonight.

Without waiting for her reply, he heard Yiyao Mu beside him, adding fuel to the fire, “Kerry, you don’t know my cousin. She has always been arrogant and never thinks high of anyone! By the way, except for one person. “

Kerry looked at her and asked bitterly, “Who?”

Hearing his inquiry, Yiyao showed a bright smile and looked at Venus gloatingly. She said slowly on purpose, “Of course, it’s her favorite ex-boyfriend Zihang Lu.”

“Yiyao, cut the bullshit and stop messing up the relationship between me and your brother-in-law!” Venus bit her teeth and defended herself out of rage.

She knew that Zihang’s name was like a timing bomb. No matter who said it and when said it, it would make Kerry blow up. She didn’t want to bear the consequences of his anger in bed like again.

Unexpectedly, Kerry did not respond at all. He sat quietly on the sofa. In addition to his darkened face, he didn’t seem to have any sign of anger. This made Venus’s heart ease a little.

“Kerry, aren’t you bothered? I mean, in my cousin’s heart, you are never as good as Zihang…” Seeing that he didn’t respond, Yiyao continued to perfect the story. She remembered clearly what happened to the three of them that night in the Mu’s home.

“Shut up!” Kerry was successfully angered this time, but not at Venus but at Yiyao. His cold blue eyes were deadly frightening now.

Venus’s face showed a little surprised, not knowing clearly why Kerry was like this.

“Kerry, you scared me…”

Kerry sneered, but ignored her pretended delicacy, and stood up straight. His cold ice eyes looked down at her, and talked with full disdain, “Yiyao Mu, do you think you are very smart? I only warn you once. I don’t want to hear the name of Zihang Lu from you in the future. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude! I’m not a fool. Don’t try to manipulate me! Now, you should leave. John, see off the guests!”

Kerry then turned his eyes and ignored Yiyao’s reaction. He went straight up the revolving stairs and grabbed Venus’s wrist as he passed by.

Venus was forced to follow him upstairs. She looked back and saw Yiyao, who was shocked with complete disappointment and resentfulness. She felt a trace of pleasure in her heart.

As soon as the couple came to the study room, Kerry let go of her hand. He walked over to the desk and sat down, spreading out the documents in front of him and starting to focus on them. He no longer paid attention to Venus in the room.

“You didn’t get angry with me just now. Why?” Venus stunned for a while, staring at his perfect silhouette, can’t help asking curiously.

Kerry raised his head and glanced at her. He said faintly, “Why? Do you want me to punish you?”

Of course Venus knew the meaning of his so-called punishment. A tide of shame and indignation appeared on her face. She said grumpily, “No. I was just curious to know why!”

Kerry slowly put down his pen and said, “Do you really want to know?”


“Please me, then I’ll tell you.” Kerry grinned evilly again. His eyes fell on her charming body and his voices sounded hoarse.

Chapter 58: Author of Design Sketch Is Found

“You shameless rascal!” Venus glared at him fiercely and scolded angrily.

She felt that she couldn’t communicate with him. Kerry was a breeding pig that can be oestrus at any time, thinking about doing that every day. He was a pervert.

“Wait for me in bed at night if you want, and I’ll try my best to satisfy you.” Kerry said evilly, and then his eyes went back to the document, “Now you go out, I need to work, remember to close the door for me.”

Kerry has made an order for her to leave. Venus must have left as fast as she should, but now she hesitated. It suddenly occurred to her that her uncle had mentioned a million yuan. This matter concerned the life and death of her brother, which she could never let it go. But with Kerry’s character, it was not likely to lend her money. How should she speak?

Noticing that she was still standing still, Kerry’s face raised a touch of sarcasm, “I’ve forgotten the slut side of yours. Why you stand there not moving, do you want me to satisfy you now?”

Kerry’s words interrupted her thoughts. Dissatisfied with his bad tone, Venus said coldly, “You wish! Thinking about such things all day long, you are a sick person! “

Kerry stared at her back, the blue ice pupils looking more and more obvious.

Venus slammed the door and sit powerless on the ground. She was anxious and helpless. Kerry was not a kind-hearted. She would only insult herself by borrowing money from him. It seemed that she could only find another way.

After taking a bath, she lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. Her mind was full of this one million matter. Just then, the mobile phone rang suddenly.


“Veve, are you awake?”

On the other end of the phone came Xinyou Qiao’s voice. Venus turned over and said in a calm tone, “Not yet, Xinyou. Calling me so late, what’s up?”

“Tomorrow is the weekend, and the school has a day off. I was thinking that since I have nothing to do anyway, can I go to Ye’s villa to visit you? Are free tomorrow?”

Venus listened to her, a light smile showing on her face. She said happily, “Great, I’m suffocating here. You can come to me tomorrow.”

Hearing her consent, Xinyou raised a gloomy smile on her face and said calmly, “That’s settled. Wait for me at home tomorrow.”


Xinyou’s was in such a good mood. She applied a mask on her face and hummed a song. At the thought of seeing Kerry’s charming and handsome face, she could not wait for dawn. All she could think now was what to wear tomorrow. It must make her look beautiful and leave a good impression in Kerry’s heart.

Hang up, Venus’s mood suddenly relaxed a lot thinking of Xinyou coming here to accompany her tomorrow. She wrapped up in the quilt and soon fell asleep.


Next day.

“Master Nangong.”

A man in a black suit walked calmly to Hao and said respectfully.

“What’s the matter?”

At the moment, Hao was sitting lazily on the sofa, with a crystal cup in his hands. He shook it carelessly, which made him look more evil and enchanting. He glanced at the visitor and said lightly.

“I have found out who is the author of the design drawing, and I’ve come to report to you.”

Hearing his words, Hao swept away his carelessness. With a touch of nervousness inside, he looked dignified and stared at him, “What’s her name?”

“Xinyou Qiao.”

Hao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, then a bright smile rose from the corner of his mouth. He said relaxed, “I got it. You get my car for me right now. I’m going to Ye’s villa.”


Knowing that it was not Venus, Hao’s heart was completely relieved. He remembered Kerry’s care for that woman. He couldn’t help thinking. As long as he told Kerry the name of the woman, Kerry would probably divorce Venus for her. Then, Venus would be his woman. Even God was helping him. It seemed that Venus was destined to be his woman!

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