Chapter 57 – 58: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 57: She is in my hands!

Kevin Reed nodded and smiled, “You’re right! I’m useless, very useless!”

“Get out of here!”

Colin Ward kicked him. He stumbled and fell to the ground.

He got and up immediately ran to the end of the alley. Kevin Reed acted tough and turned around, “Colin! Wait for me, asshole! I will end you!”

Kevin Reed saw Gerd Ward moving. He was startled and ran away.

Colin Ward sneered. He didn’t care, but he was really envious of Gerd Ward’s kung fu, “Are you accepting students?”

“Do you want to learn?” asked Gerd Ward.

“Do you need to ask? Look at me. People come looking for me every three or five days. If I have no self-defense, what do you think will happen to me?”

“You will be dead.” Gerd Ward stared at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward laughed, “One can never be too careful.”

Gerd Ward snorted, “Fine. You can learn if you want to.”

“Really?” Colin Ward’s eyes lit up.

“Listen, your physical fitness is too poor. You can try running for five kilometers every morning and evening for three months. After that, you’ll be ready for training.”

“… I think it’s right for you not to accept students.” Said Colin Ward.


After lunch break, Lily Jones went back to work. Kevin Reed and his men walked into the elevator with body full of bandages.

Lily Jones was stunned.

Didn’t Kevin Reed and his men beat Colin Ward? How was it that they were the ones beaten?

At noon, she saw with her own eyes that Colin Ward was a coward. She was sure that the person who saved her last night was not him. But, what happened now?

These men were beaten by Colin Ward, weren’t they?

When the elevator’s door were closed, Kevin Reed saw Lily Jones outside. He held the door and came out. His men followed.

Kevin Reed asked angrily, “Where is Colin?”

“I don’t know! Is he not with you?” Lily Jones shook her head.

“Damn it!” he gritted his teeth.

When he was about to turn around, his eyes flickered. He looked at Lily Jones and said coldly, “It’s okay if you don’t know. I will find out myself!”

“What do you mean?” Lily Jones saw the strange look in his face. She retreated back.

Kevin Reed blinked at his men, “Catch her for me. I can’t believe I haven’t won you yet.”

He had a crush on Lily Jones. He wanted her, but she didn’t seem to know, so don’t blame him for doing this.

“Ah!” Lily Jones struggled, but they covered her mouth, and dragged her straight into the elevator.


Xinxi Group’s building had twenty floors. It was not high, not low.

This time, a group of men gathered in the rooftop. Expect for four or five people guarding Lily Jones, the other stood with Kevin Reed near the entrance.

Next to Kevin Reed were a number of men with big and muscular built and fierce face.

The tan-skinned man asked, “Why hasn’t he come yet? Is he not coming?”

“Wolf, you can rest assured. He will definitely come.” said Kevin Reed.

Wolf stood there quietly.

After a while, Kevin Reed became uneasy. He asked, “Wolf, don’t you need to call a few more people? He—”

“Are you looking down on me?” Wolf stared at Kevin Reed.

“No, Wolf, it’s not like that. I just think that it’s safer to have a few more people around.”

“There is no need for that!” Wolf snorted.

“Wolf is a provincial taekwondo champion. There are only a few people in Tianbei City who can beat Wolf. A person will not be able to harm him. You know, his kick is fatal.” said the man next to him.

Kevin Reed looked at Wolf and smiled, “I should be relieved.”

However, in fact, he was still nervous. Colin Ward’s man was too frightening!

Wolf was a taekwondo champion. He established taekwondo gymnasiums in Tianbei City and recruited apprentices. Over the years, he had gained a considerable reputation.

He promised to fight for Kevin Reed this time because he gave him 200,000 Yuan. It was an easy money for him.

After a while, the Wolf became impatient, “Is he coming or not?”

Kevil Reed urged his pawn to call Colin Ward.

Colin Ward answered some calls in the afternoon.

The first one was from Nina White.

“Chairman, Webb Lee of Lishi Company is here. They say that they agree to give up 60% of the shares as long as we agree to let them suppress Xinxi Group.”

Colin Ward frowned after listening to it. Giving up 60% of the shares equaled giving the company away.

If there was no beef between Lishi Company and Xinxi Group, they wouldn’t have come this point. Great Grandfather Lee had always cherish Lishi Company. If this time he was willing to give those shares away, it showed that they were willing to fight Xinxi Group to death. They were giving Xinxi Group a hard time. Xinxi Group might as well give them the same thing.

Colin Ward thought for a while and ordered, “Let him in. I will deal with him later.”

He hung up the phone and picked up Flora Lewis’ call.

“Have you explained it to Cher?”

Colin Ward suddenly had a headache, “I haven’t seen her. I tried to call her, but she rejected it. I sent her a message though. As long as she saw it, she would understand.”

“Oh…” Flora Lewis responded, “Well, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Hm?” Colin Ward was confused. What were they going to talk about later?

She hung up the phone.

When he was about to return to the company, he received another call.

“Lily Jones?”

Colin Ward answered the phone, “Hello?’

“Colin! Finally, you answer the phone!” Kevin Reed said with an angry voice.

“Kevin?” Colin Ward frowned.

“Colin, Lily is in my hands now. If you don’t want anything happen to her, you better come to the rooftop at once. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee whether you will see her again later.” Kevil Reed said coldly, “Also, if you call the police, I will throw her off the roof.”

Before Colin Ward could answer, Kevin Reed hung up the phone.


Colin Ward rushed out with his phone.

Lily Jones almost had nothing to do with him. He could just leave her alone. But, if it wasn’t for him, Lily Jones wouldn’t have suffered so much. In his final analysis, it still had something to do with him.

Moreover, Lily Jones was a woman and she didn’t do anything. She was caught and threatened for no reason. He was a man with common sense. He couldn’t just walk away.

Colin Ward called Gerd Ward while rushing, “Xinxi Group, rooftop.”

On the rooftop.

“What do you want?!” Lily Jones looked at Kevin Reed approaching her in fear.

Kevin Reed approached her while looking at her beautiful face. She knew what the look meant.

Her voice trembled. She cried, “Kevin! If you touch me, you will forever be nobody!”

Kevin Reed finally put his hand down. He had a crush on her. If she said this, he was afraid that Lily Jones wouldn’t open her heart for him in the future.

Chapter 58: He was her prince

“Do you like Colin Ward so much? What’s so good about him?” Kevin Reed said unwillingly, “His position in the company and his background are not as good as me. He cannot give you anything!”

Lily Jones stared at Kevin Reed in fear. She dared not answer his question.

“Did Colin beat your men?” asked Lily Jones.

At noon, in the canteen, Colin Ward disappointed her. She was not sure that it was him last night, so she really wanted to know whether it was Colin Ward.

Lily Jones’s question sounded like mockery in h is ear. Kevin Reed was angry.

“I will show Colin Ward and you, you take a good look, how I teach him a lesson!” he pinched her chin tightly and snorted coldly.

He threw Lily Jones aside and walked with Wolf.

Wolf eyed Lily Jones and said to Kevin Reed, “This little lady is quite beautiful.”

Kevin Reed flinched and smiled, “That’s a good joke, Wolf. She’s nothing special. I don’t think she matches your taste.”

Wolf sneered, “You have a good eye, but I do thinks she suits my liking.”

Kevin Reed’s face changed, “Wolf, if you like a woman like her, I can ask someone to look for one for you, but this woman is my girlfriend. I’m afraid I can’t give her to you.”

“Girlfriend?” Wolf asked scornfully, “She doesn’t look like she’s your girlfriend.”

Kevin Reed’s face hardened, but he dared not show it, so he just laughed it off awkwardly.

Wolf didn’t say much. He thought after he finished his task and took the money, he could do whatever he wanted. What could this scumbag, Kevin Reed do?

“Why hasn’t he here yet? Are we going to fight or what?” Wolf changed the subject.

When Kevin Reed heard this, he frowned and looked at the entrance of the rooftop. Half an hour had passed since he called Colin Ward. He hadn’t come yet. He dared not come, did he?

At that moment, there was Colin Ward’s voice at the door.

“I’m coming. I’m coming. Don’t worry!”

When they heard he noise, a man with casual outfit and a man, one meter nine tall came in.

They came and walked like it was a garden. They didn’t show fear or panic, but there was a trace of arrogance.

Lily Jones looked at Colin Ward’s imposing manner. Her heart pounded. She forgot that she was still tied up, she cried out for help.

Kevin Reed grabbed Lily Jones to the front.

“Colin, what are you going to do, boy? You’re just a piece of shit in front of Wolf! I want to see what you’re going to do after the beating.” Kevin Reed shouted loudly.

“Let her go.” Colin Ward stared at him coldly.

“Let her go my ass!” Kevin Reed said arrogantly, “First, I need to teach you a lesson. After I’m satisfied, I will let her go.”

Wolf looked at Kevin Reed. He laughed and turned to look at Colin Ward, “Are you Colin?”

Colin Ward looked up at Wolf. His built was almost the same as Gerd Ward, but still, there was a slight difference. He asked with a straight face, “Are you the fool?”

He came up with Gerd Ward. Gerd Ward didn’t look like an employee in this company. But, who was Colin Ward again?

Wolf’s face changed as he grabbed Colin Ward by the collar, “Did you just insult me? How dare you insult me?! Do you who I am?”

Colin Ward’s face remained unchanged, “Let go.”

Wolf was a provincial taekwondo champion. Of course, he thought that Colin Ward was nothing to him. His face hardened, “How dare you talk to me like that? You have balls!”

At this moment, Kevin Reed shouted, “Colin, Wolf is a taekwondo champion! If you look down on him, you’ll be dead!”

Kevin Reed was pitting Wolf against Colin Ward. He wanted Wolf to give this man a bad beating.

“Kevin is right. I’m a taekwondo champion. If you provoke me, you won’t be able to see the sun tomorrow!” Wolf said savagely.

Colin Ward’s face remained unchanged, he repeated, “Let go.”

“I won’t. What are you going to do, big boy?” said Wolf.

Colin Ward sneered and said to Gerd Ward, “Make him let go of me.”

Gerd Ward didn’t answer. He charged in almost immediately.

Wolf was about to turn to see who Gerd Ward was, but he suddenly screamed, “Ah!”

Everyone saw Gerd Ward stepped forward and garbed Wolf by the wrist with one hand. Wolf cried in pain and loosened his grip.

Wolf felt that his bone was crushed because he clearly heard the sound of broken bones. He was furious, “Damn it! I—”

Wolf lifted his foot trying to kick Gerd Ward.

When Gerd Ward saw his, he hummed disdainfully and launched a counterattack. When Wolf’s foot were half lifted, Gerd Ward kicked him first.

Wolf flew back like a rolling stone to the farthest balcony in the rooftop. He almost fell down.

Wolf, just after he landed, gave an ugly look and fainted.

Everyone was stunned.

This man was the beast.

He even managed to kick a taekwondo champion far, far away.

Kevin Reed gulped. His arrogance was gone.

He never expected that he would spend 200,000 Yuan for nothing but a lethal kick. How wicked was this man?

Kevin Reed was scared and nervous at the same time. When people were nervous, they would subconsciously look for security. Kevin Reed took a folded knife and placed it on Lily Jones’s neck, “Colin, if you dare to move again, I will kill her now!”

Colin Ward stared at Kevin Reed coldly, “Let her go.”

“I won’t! You wait for me!” Kevin Reed said to his man, “Watch her for me.”

That man came to his senses after a shock and quickly grabbed Lily Jones’s neck, “Be good. Don’t move.”

Lily Jones was too scared to move. She was afraid that the knife might cut her. She kept looking at Colin Ward.

Coin Ward couldn’t act recklessly. If that coward, Kevin Reed really hurt Lily Jones, everything would be a sin. After all, Lily Jones was innocent.

Gerd Ward stood behind Colin Ward. If Colin Ward didn’t say a word, he wouldn’t move.

Kevin Reed released Lily Jones and took his phone out. Knowing that he was threatened by Colin Ward, he called Scar, “Scar, it’s me Kevin…”

“I will give you 200,000 Yuan.” said Kevin Reed.

Soon, after he hung up the phone, Kevin Reed turned arrogant again, “You should wait for Scar to come. I want to see what’s going to happen with that smug face of yours.’

Colin Ward and that scumbag man of his were a great duo. However, Kevin Reed didn’t believe that that man wouldn’t be able to be defeated by a large group of people.

Colin Ward raised his eyebrow.

Scar? Was it Scar he knew?

Colin Ward didn’t speak. He would see him for himself when the man came.

He found a stone stool and sat down calmly.

Gerd Ward was still standing behind him like a stone statue.

Time passed by. Lily Jones’s fearful and nervous mood was gone. It was replaced by an indescribable emotion.

After listening to Kevin Reed’s threat, Colin Ward still managed to be calm. He showed no fear at all.

At this moment, Lily Jones saw Colin Ward like a prince who appeared when she was in danger to save her.

Twenty minutes later, they came to the rooftop.

More and more people came and packed the rooftop.

All of these people were fierce, some even had tattoos covering their arms. They looked dangerous.

They were led by a man in black with sunglasses. The man had a knife scar on half of his face.

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