Chuck Cannon opened his eyes from the pain. He saw that he was actually in a house. He got up and touched his head. It hurt.

The tingling makes Chuck Cannon’s scalp numb.

What happened?

He shook his head and walked to the door, and found that the door was actually locked. He walked to the window and found that the outside was actually deserted.

Off the beaten track, where is this?

Why I am here?

He was thinking hard, and finally thought of what had happened. He was fighting with the beautiful blue-eyed woman. Suddenly he felt a headache. He turned his head and saw a bloody iron rod in the hand of the blue-eyed beautiful woman.

Then he can’t remember everything.

After coming to think of it, he came to conclusion and was angry. Was he tied here by her?

Chuck Cannon was angry, he kicked the door forcefully, “Come out, come out!!”

It was like an air prison, no one paid him any attention.

Chuck Cannon seemed to be talking to himself.

“Let me out, let me out!”

Chuck Cannon roared, his mobile phone was gone, and he couldn’t reach his mother. How was his mother?

Yvette Jordan?

Black Rose?

How are they? Do you want to be locked here for the rest of your life?

Chuck Cannon was in pain, but he quickly calmed down. He couldn’t panic. In this situation, he could escape, so he wanted to escape!

Absolutely, he can’t give up!

His mother must be looking for himself, how can she give up on himself?

Chuck Cannon was observing calmly. He had a headache, but he still had strength. He didn’t get stupid by a stick, and he still had a chance while he was alive.

“Huh, why didn’t he scream? He pretended to be calm?” The blue-eyed beauty dismissed.

“How is his situation? Isn’t his head okay?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.

“Miss, his head has lost too much blood, but there is no problem, but it may be a bit hidden,” the doctor said cautiously.

When he saw Chuck Cannon, he was also shocked. There was too much blood. The blue-eyed beauty was completely dead!

Chuck Cannon’s ability to survive and wake up so quickly can only be considered lucky.

“Hidden danger? What hidden danger?” the blue-eyed beauty asked. She looked at Chuck Cannon in the house through surveillance!

Want to escape?

Where does this seem to be a hidden danger?

“He hurt his brain, it may affect his memory, maybe some of his memories were lost by the lady’s stick, maybe…” the doctor said.

“Memory? What’s the hidden danger of this? What does it matter to me that he has less memory? I want others to be okay, right?” the blue-eyed beauty said indifferently.

“It’s okay. His physical fitness is very good. It should be counted as the one with the best physical fitness I have seen for so long as a doctor.”

“Best? He is a weak Chinese, and you are a U.S. doctor. You used to treat strong and tall U.S. citizens! Is his physical fitness better than other U.S. citizens?” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head, very questioning .

“Yes, he is not as tall and strong as the Americans, but his physical fitness surpasses them. How else would he wake up so quickly? With this genetic problem, I think his parents may have better physical fitness, otherwise he won’t be born.” In analysis.

“Gene? Alright, go see him!” The blue-eyed beauty is not interested in asking. The only thing she wants to do now is to let Chuck Cannon teach her and then she will defeat Chuck Cannon, then she will be very happy!

The blue-eyed beauty went out, and a few people followed.

One wall of Chuck Cannon’s room suddenly became transparent, and Chuck Cannon saw her!

For an instant, his eyes were so cold!

“Sure enough it is you!”

“Yes, it’s me, who told you to be ignorant? If you don’t want me to give you money, let me use this method. Are you honest now?” The blue-eyed beauty is proud.

Chuck Cannon looked angry inside, she really felt so cool.

“Let me out? Otherwise you will regret it!” Chuck Cannon looked like a sharp sword!

“Regret? I don’t regret anything, I only know that no one can stop what I want to do, including you! You are my toy now, you still don’t know!?”

The blue-eyed beauty was more proud. She thought of Chuck Cannon slapped her so much, and now she gets a little interest back.

“Let me out!”

“Let you go? I will let you go, and I will give you a sum of money, but you have to obey, teach me, and then I beat you! Wash away the shame you gave me!”

Chuck Cannon stared at her!

compromise? He is not willing!

“You don’t know who I am, you will regret it!”

“Hehehe, you don’t know who I am. If I say it, it will scare you to death. The regret you said is not worth mentioning in front of me!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.

She was also angry, why is Chuck Cannon so disobedient?

Chuck Cannon didn’t care anymore. He continued to observe the house and must go out!

“Do you still expect someone to come and find you? Is it possible? No one can find this place unless I let you out.”

Chuck Cannon did not answer!

“Hmph, think about it yourself! Give him food.”

The blue-eyed beauty was angry and left.

The doctor immediately arranged.

Chuck Cannon sat in a closed house, he did not give up, he was still looking for flaws.

He still needs to see his mother, Yvette Jordan, Logan, Kristen, Zelda Maine…

Chuck Cannon has too many people to meet.

He still have ambitions to build his own business empire and become the world’s richest man. There are so many things…

He can never be trapped here!

Opportunity, where is the opportunity to escape? There are virgin forests nearby. How can he escape? This is a big problem!

“Still holding on? How long can you hold on?” The blue-eyed beauty disdained.

One day later, Chuck Cannon sat down calmly. The only thing he could do to escape from the house was to agree to the blue-eyed beauty first.

He would see her first, then he would look for a chance to catch her!

Then he can go out!

Men can bend and stretch!

“Come and see me!” Chuck Cannon roared! !

“How long do I think you will be able to resist? Compromise in less than a day, really disappointed me, forget it, beat you quickly, I’m going to play other things, you are a Chinese, but you are not qualified to let my too much time wasted!” The blue-eyed beauty passed.

But what makes Chuck Cannon cold is that there is still a glass in between.

Chuck Cannon looked at this glass, it is absolutely bulletproof glass!

He was unarmed, how could he break the glass and catch her?

“Is it interesting?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered, “I have said, what I have to do, I will definitely do it, if I haven’t done it yet, don’t you think?”

“Okay, I can teach you, but how to teach?” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

“Yes, do you think I’m stupid? I know what you think, but it’s impossible. I can’t see you alone when I haven’t reached your strength,” the blue-eyed beauty laughed.

Sure, she can’t be a fool again, of course, she knew what Chuck Cannon might be thinking.

“No problem, give me fitness equipment, is this all right?” Chuck Cannon actually still had the special metal rings on his two hands, but they were too small to be of much use.

“No problem, I will not bully you, I will keep you in the best condition, and I will beat you again, but the fitness equipment can’t let you out, you have to be honest…get him fitness equipment!” Blue-eyed beauty Commanded.

Someone immediately prepares.

“Start teaching me now,” the blue-eyed beauty was excited.

She admitted that she has taken a fancy to Chuck Cannon’s fighting style. If she learns it by herself, she will definitely play better than Chuck Cannon, because she is stronger than Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon nodded and said some of the fighting skills. Of course, those who are “masters” will keep a hand. Chuck Cannon said that but he avoids the heavy and the real fighting skills. That is the experience of Karen Lee and Logan for so many years, How can it be said?

But even so, the blue-eyed beauty was very excited to hear it, because it was really useful, she suddenly started!!

“Strength is very important, your strength is not enough.” Chuck Cannon said.

Last time he beat her, Chuck Cannon could see that fighting and skill are important, but strength is also indispensable, and it can even be said to be particularly important.

Chuck Cannon will recover quickly in these few days and then he can build the foundation for his escape.

“Okay, I will listen to you. I will practice day and night now.” The blue-eyed beauty went out excitedly. Today’s class is over, Chuck Cannon looks out the window, Yvette Jordan, I will go out by myself!

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