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Chapter 571 – 572: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 571: Congratulations from Lots of Sects

“Earth? What is that!”

Taoist Lord Huayu asked.

“It seems he doesn’t know either!”

Kris sighed, “It’s a planet that also has Pract!tioners on it, but their the path of cultivation seem to be cut off, with the highest being Pill formation!” Taoist Lord Huayu nodded and then asked, “Are you from that place called Earth?”


Kris nodded and didn’t hide anything. There were countless planetary worlds in the universe, large and small, that they wouldn’t know about even if they were told.

It’s funny to think that he was hiding his true ident!ty before.

After thinking for a moment, Taoist Lord Huayu threw out a scroll, “This is a cosmic star map, it contains the coordinates of all the living planets in hundreds of galaxies, it might be able to help you!” Receiving the scroll, Kris was overjoyed, “Thank you, Sovereign Lord!”

“Don’t call me that from now on, you’re the Sovereign Lord!”

He patted Kris’s shoulder, “The future of the sect is in your hands!”

Then he left directly.

Kris couldn’t hold back his excitement and returned to the Closing Door of the Sword Realm.

Opening the scroll, he saw countless stars shining on it. The scroll was an extremely valuable Magic Room Treasure.

It had recorded Hundreds of millions of stars.

“This is Devil Land, this is the sun, this is the three moons… the Demon Galaxy, the Astrological Galaxy, the Asura Galaxy, the Trident Galaxy…”

Each galaxy was home to millions of living planets, and there was a record of dying planets and black holes to prevent them from falling into danger.

Four hundred and eighty million thoughts were carefully observing the star map.

“Not in this galaxy, not in this galaxy, not in… Still no!”

Just as Kris was about to despair, a galaxy appeared in his sights.

The Big Dipper!

Was the Big Dipper galaxy here the same as the Big Dipper galaxy on Earth?

He looked at the distance, which was probably more than 100 galaxies across, and at Kris’s current speed, it could take millions of years to get there!

This was a desperate distance!

It was necessary to raise his cultivation level, and only when he was in the Holy Realm could he use Space Diversion.

Kris gritted his teeth, he’s going to the Big Dipper anyway!

There was also the Lord of Supreme Morals, and whether there was any connection with the Lord of Supreme Morals on Earth or not, these were the questions on Kris’s mind.

Suppressing the restlessness in his heart, Kris began to Closing Door to improve Taoist Strength.

Extreme Pain Taoist Strength had long been in Fulfilled period, so Kris spent half a year improving Five Elements Taoist Strength, Thunder Taoist Strength, Yin and Yang Taoist Strength and Deduction Taoist Strength!

So far, his ten Taoist Strength had been in Fulfilled period. If fighting with Huayu now, Kris would feel very easy.

It had only been more than half a month from the outside world, and in the rest of the time, Kris began to practice the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll again!

In addition to the massive spiritual stones, there were also the best treasures and holy medicines, which were used to strengthen the body.

The perfect version of the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll was so powerful that Kris’s physical strength increased by 30% after the first successful re-training.

When the second training was successful, Kris released his energy, which was as hot as the sun.

In the third turn, his bl00d rushed like the sea, and every drop of bl00d could evolve into a river or lake!

There’s just enough time left to get to the third cycle!

And the further he went, the longer his training would take, with the fourth turn being a watershed and ten times more difficult!

When Kris came out, the whole Purple Fire Sect was abuzz with joy and happiness.

The news of the new Sovereign Lord of the Purple Fire Sect had spread throughout the entire state, and any sect that had received an invitation, no matter how far away, had arrived with a congratulatory gift.

This was the majesty of the ten Great Saint.

“Sovereign Lord!”

Two men quickly bowed down when saw Kris.

“Thank you!”

Kris smiled and nodded his head. He remembered how he was taunted by those two when he first joined the Purple Fire Sect.

He wasn’t angry, he just felt that this was fate, and suddenly he became the actual highest authority in the Purple Fire Sect!

Hearing Kris’s praise, the two grinned. Being able to talk to Kris, this may be the most glorious moment in their life, enough for them to brag for a lifetime.

“Sovereign Lord!”

The disciples coming and going on the square quickly bowed when saw Kris.

Kris smiled and nodded.

Power was a good thing. Even if Kris was not keen on it, he felt it was so good.

The True Divine Tao had also been moved from hundreds of miles away to next to the main peak, and no one had a problem with it. Now that the True Divine Tao is the first Tao of the Sovereign, and the Sovereign Lord’s mountain gate!

All the disciples were jubilant and everyone was proud of Kris!

It was unprecedented that Kris had joined the sect in just three years and had gone from being a subst!tute lord to the Sovereign Lord of the Purple Fire Sect.

His combat effectiveness was also the best among the Sovereign Lords.

Everyone regarded their master as their goal and idol.

“How many sects have arrived?”

“A total of 67,000, my Lord!”

“So we can receive a lot of gifts!”

Kris nodded, is felt so good to enjoy congratulations from so many sects.


Time flew by, and the next day was the succession ceremony!

All the sect amba.ssadors came one after the other.

Chen Ye also took Nan Chen and Zi Chen to come here, and the three people had travelled for more than a year before coming here.

They had thought their own sect’s power was limited to North Luzhou, but when they arrived in Nanli Fire City, they discovered that the Gengu No.1 Sect had already taken root here, and although it had not yet become the Eleventh Holy Sect, it was not far behind.

Most crucially, all channels were exclusive to Gengu No.1 Sect itself here.

And Gengu No.1 Sect was more powerful than North Luzhou here!

Chen Ye felt honored but also happy for his own sect.

Then he received a message from his elder brother to come to attend the succession ceremony.

“Master, is it true that our master uncle is the Sovereign Lord here?”

Nan Chen was full of doubts, his own master uncle was the Prime Elder of Nahai Sect, the Sovereign Lord of Gengu No.1 Sect, and now the Sovereign Lord of Purple Fire Sect. How many ident!ties does he have?

And these ident!ties were more amazing than one!


Chen Ye touched his nose. He thought he had improved fast enough, but compared with his senior brother, he was really nothing!

Of course, Kris’s ident!ty was kept secret and the others did not know that he was the Sovereign Lord of the Gengu No.1 Sect!

He has also come this time as an emissary of the Gengu No.1 Sect.

With tens of thousands of seats available, Chen Ye ranked in eleventh, which showed how high the Gengu No.1 Sect was in the Nanli Fire City.

In addition, Demon Kris came along with Chen Ye.

“Master uncle!”

Chen Ye looked at Demon Kris and said, “Does senior brother intend to include the Purple Fire Sect in the system of the Gengu No.1 Sect?”

Demon Kris nodded, “Yes, that’s exactly what he meant!”

Demon Kris now plays the role of Prime Elder of Guard of the Gengu No.1 Sect.

His cultivation was actualized spirit in the middle period. At this point the Mr. Gu no longer dared to show up, for Demon Kris was on the same level of power as he was before his fall.

It was also the first time that the Gengu No.1 Sect had shown them high-end combat power!

He was utterly convinced of the fact that Henggu No.1 Sect was a great hidden sect.

“Senior brother is truly powerful!”

Chen Ye exclaimed heartily.

“It’s just a piece of cake.”

Demon Kris pouted, “The Central Thunder State, the Western Desert State, the Wilderness State… Kris has already arranged for people to go over and develop these big states. Not only have they gained a firm foothold, they’ve already started steadily encroaching on the market!”

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Chen Ye was shocked and Mr.Gu was also stunned in the ring!

Is the Gengu No.1 Sect trying to spread its influence over all the landlocked states?

What do they want to do? Dominate the Devil Land?

It’s horrible!

Is this the true strength of the Hidden Sect?

The True Divine Sect? Or is it the Creator’s Sect?

At this moment, Mr.Gu thought a lot.

“If you and your two young apprentices run into any problems, you can approach them directly. No matter where you are, the sect is with you!”

Demon Kris said proudly.

“Yes, master uncle!”

Chen Ye was in high spirits, this was the sect he was so proud of!

Nan Chen and Zi Chen were also fascinated. They were so lucky to join such a sect.

In this way, isn’t it easy to defeat the Chen family?

“The succession ceremony begins, now, fire the salute gun!”

After thirty salutes, nine headed red dragons rushed from the main peak, Kris drove them and flew from the main peak.

“Welcome the Sovereign Lord!”

Taoist Lord Shenglong shouted loudly.

“Sovereign Lord!”

In that instant, millions of disciples of the Purple Fire Sect were on one knee!

Thousands of Taoist masters and elders bowed down and shouted in unison, so loudly that even the clouds in the sky were shaken apart.

“Stand up!”

The majestic voice sounded and Kris fell from the dragon carriage onto the Sovereign Lord’s throne.

Kris was surrounded by a halo of divine light and a ring of light as if stars were moving in the sky, it’s the projection of the Dongtian world inside Kris’s body.

Kris’s eyes were glazed over with a powerful, overwhelming pressure.


This… this aura… he’s definitely a superpower with actualized spirit!

This tyrannical aura made people dare not have the idea of resistance.

The disciples of the Purple Fire Sect were full of excitement in their eyes.

The Taoist elders and masters were also very pleased. Kris’s costume was so attractive.

The Taoist Lord Huayu and Shenglong thought even more deeply.

They understood each other with eye-contact.

“I haven’t seen this kid for a month and he’s even more terrifying than before!”

“He’s not an actualized spirit, but as strong as an actualized spirit!

“Maybe I deliberately let him get away with it before, but if I don’t do that now, I might not be a match for him either!”

“So I can look for opportunities with peace of mind,” said the Taoist Lord Huayu.

“You go first, I will find you after I train a successor!”

They had worked together for tens of thousands of years and had a very good understanding.

The Lord of Qianyuan and Dashi thought it’s okay no matter who would be the Sovereign Lord, as they didn’t care anyway.

“Master uncle, is senior brother an actualized spirit?”

Chen Ye couldn’t help but ask.

Demon Kris said: “He’s not the actualized spirit but better than actualized spirit.”

Chen Ye nodded his head, seeming to understand.

For example, although he was an acc.umulated spirit in early stage, he had k!lled many primal spirits in Fulfilled period, and his fighting power couldn’t be compared to that of the acc.umulated spirit in early stage.

His two apprentices were also extraordinary, and both able to challenge others beyond their level.

Without the Demon Bone, Nan Chen had cultivated Kris’s new Tao, and his acupuncture point mana capacity was even more powerful than Chen Ye’s. Even though he was only in the Later Period of primal spirit. Although he was only a primal spirit at the later period, he could even k!ll an acc.umulated spirit!

Zi Chen looked like an innocent little cutie, but in fact she was a Taoist genius.

No matter how difficult the magic was, she would be able to learn it soon.

His master, on the contrary, was the slowest to progress!

“Master uncle, is there any way to improve my cultivation?”

Demon Kris thought about it and taught him the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll, which was hundreds of times stronger than the weaker version!

Chen Ye’s body may be strong, but it’s full of holes in the eyes of Demon Kris!

“Master uncle, this is…”

“This is the perfect version of your senior brother’s Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll, which can cultivate the ultimate perfection of the flesh! All those rubbish body refining techniques you were practising before can be discarded!”

Demon Kris said with curled l!ps.

Chapter 572: Ninety-nine Taoist Strength

Pa.ssing the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll was not a big deal to Kris, as he totally regarded Chen Ye as his own apprentice.

Besides, Kris’s real Taoist thought does not lie in the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll. Because the Nine-Step Iron Figure Sk!ll is only a method to practice his physical body.

Everyone thought Kris was majoring in the practice of physical body, but actually Kris was at the moment focusing on the Dongtian(cave) and the inner world!

Whether a Physical Practicer, a Magical Practicer, a sword cultivator or a Spirit Practiser is just a supplementary. “Thank you, master uncle!”

Chen was deeply grateful. This isn’t any method you can get anywhere. This is the divine method that leads to the great road of Master.

“Well, watch your fellow apprentice succeed!”

Demon Kris smiled and fixed his eyes on Kris who was sitting on the throne of the Sovereign Lord.

“Thank you everyone for coming to my succession ceremony. In the future, we Purple Fire Sect shall take its responsibility to further the communication of each sect. Together we will build Nanli Fire City!” Chen nodded. His senior fellow apprentice still sounded confident and aggressive.

And he must want to turn Nanli Fire City into his backyard.

“I’ll cut the crap. I’ll have someone negotiate with you. What’s more, we purple Fire Sect has reached a strategic agreement with the Genggu No.1 Sect. What is the strategic agreement? It’s too much to explain right now. In a word, we Purple Fire Sect will march forward together with the Genggu No.1 Sect. Our aim is to seek more resources and wealth for us all!”

A tossed stone raised a thousand ripples. Kris had already arranged someone to demonstrate for them. They were the people from the Genggu No.1 Sect and the apprentices of the True God and the True Divine Tao.

This time, the concept that Kris put forward was to practice the social ecosystems!

There would be different compet!tions between different stages.

Joining the compet!tions would mean gaining massive exposure and resources.

And what’s more, following the magic technologies such as projector and the computer, the VR technology was invented.

You could fight against all kinds of great masters in the VR world. You could also make deductions even simulate opening the acupoints, something like the Magic of breaking into A Dream.

But it’s more convenient than that. You just have to put on a pair of glasses.

The most important thing is, the Magic of breaking into A Dream is also a part of the big magic. Don’t expect the pract!tioners lower than the primal spirit to practice it.

Even if you reach the primal spirit stage, can you afford to the practice the Magic of Breaking into A Dream?

Well, lets’ say you finally acquire the method of that magic. Are you willing to spend a hundred years to practice it?

Now, put on a pair of VR glasses and all your trouble is saved!

Kris also built a grand world system in the VR world in which you can go around freely, the same thing as the super technology in the games and novels.

It maybe sound fancy but it’s not that difficult to do in the magic world.

Especially the rise of the Development Bank of the Pract!tioner strongly promoted the use of digital money. Kris made this big weapon to collect money in the VR world!

Kris also gave it a nice game, Magic Mirror World!

Thus, a succession ceremony became a product experiencing meeting, and it’s quite exciting!

Then followed the auctions, which directly brought a profit of billions of spiritual stones for the Genggu No.1 Sect and the Purple Fire Sect.

Both the higher and lower levels of the Purple Fire Sect were dumbfounded.

And Kris directly doubled their income.

Billions of spiritual stones, that could prosper the whole Purple Fire Sect for decades!

Just a month earlier, Kris made a promise that he would double the income of everyone in Purple Fire Sect and now he really did it!

At the moment, everyone admired him, including the apprentices and all the other masters.

Demon Kris also made a peaceful agreement with Kris with everyone witnessing and they made a vow that they shall never betray each other!

As to the Hell Demon Sect, they were not that powerful enough to find out Demon Kris was actually their master.

After the succession ceremony, Kris was busy for a few days, mainly with the reforms of the Purple Fire Sect.

There were thousands of Taoist Orthodoxies but the ones ranking after 500 were weaker and weaker. Some of them even wanted to give up themselves.

Take his senior fellow apprentice, Lord Nanyang for example; he had been wandering around and didn’t even make it back to attend the succession ceremony. He just delivered a voice message through air and congratulated Kris then disappeared.

To deal with this situation, Kris gathered all the leaders of the Taoist Orthodoxies. It took them two days to finally decide how to reform.

These Orthodoxy are like departments, so Kris set up the Orthodoxy Committee, and elected ten members, each of whom was in charge of 100 Orthodoxies.

There were strong and weak orthodoxies. A big compet!tion would be conducted every three years. The supply of the last three Orthodoxies shall be halved. Not only that, they shall be kicked out of the Orthodoxies of the purple Fire Sect..

Kris also communicated with the Gourd Ancestor and opened up an outer sect, where the aura was ten times less than that of the inner one.

If you want to come back to the inner Orthodoxies , you’ll have to work hard in the three years to defeat the other sects in the compet!tion.

What’s more, the election system was really a pain in the for Kris. He finally decided that the Sovereign Lord be changed every one thousand years and every Orthodoxy is ent!tled to elect and be elected..

To put it bluntly, it is to improve the promotion system, allocate resources reasonably and satisfy most people.

At the same time, there will be a wh!p behind them to speed up their pace of self-improvement.

After dealing with the matters inside the sect, Kris gathered some apprentices who had no gift in magic but were good at strange sk!lls and asked them to build a new city by the foot of the mountain. And it will be the new profit point of the Purple Fire Sect.

Only commerce and trade can gather more wealth.

Double income is nothing. This is just the beginning!

With a series of methods, Kris completely made the whole sect admire him. Even Lord Huayu was willing to bow down in front of him.

After all this, Kris began to close the door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), and he didn’t even have time to meet Chen.

Inside the sword boundary, Kris took out the Demon-Beheading Sword.

The attribute of this sword is opposite to Demon Kris, so it was given back to Kris two days ago.

However, Demon Kris has already understood the Taoist Strength in Demon-Beheading Sword. When sharing information, he also passed on his own understanding to Kris.

Taoist Strength of Bounding, Taoist Strength of Thunder, Taoist Strength of Five Elements, Taoist Strength of Sword, Taoist Strength of Cutting, Taoist Strength of Hollowness, Taoist Strength of Cause and Consequence, Taoist Strength of Disaster, Taoist Strength of Deduction!

Thunder, Five Elements and Deduction, were what Kris had.

With Taoist Strength of Bounding, Kris no longer had to force the sword intention to use the Locking Art!

However, the combination of Taoist Strength of Bounding and sword intent should form a very powerful sword move.

Taoist Strength of Sword can integrate all sword intents, which can form a new combination of sk!lls.

Except for this, the Taoist Strengths of Cutting, Hollowness, cause and Consequence and Disaster are also very strong.

The Taoist Strength Kris had understood became the sixteen great Taoist Strength, but even so, he had not felt the limit!

The most important thing was that the Taoist Strength of Kris had already reached the Fulfilled period, and the feeling of judgment had not appeared.

Taoist Strength of cause and Consequence with Taoist Strength of deduction could make him invincible!

Taoist Strength of Deduction was just easier for him to perform.

Dozens of cause and consequence divisions and dozens of deduction divisions together deduced the Taoist Strength.

Taoist Strength of Misfortune, Taoist Strength of Deadly Poison, Taoist Strength of Light, Taoist Strength of Curse, Taoist Strength of Cruelty, Taoist Strength of Swallowing, Taoist Strength of Diversion, Taoist Strength of Change, Taoist Strength of Reincarnation…

Some of these Taoist Strengths came from the martial arts scripts and some from the Taoist Strength stones collected.

The advantage of extensive reading was reflected at this time.

Kris Division was deducing the Taoist Strength, and Kris’s real body was practicing the Nine-Step Iron Figure Method to refine his physical body.

It took him less than four months to rebuild the first three steps, but it took Kris a year for the fourth step, the fifth took two years, and the sixth took five years.

Turning from the sixth to the seventh step was a watershed, and the time required needed to double, that is to say, it would take at least 10 years.

Kris decided to go out just to make sure that the sect was running according to his previous plan. Then he went back satisfied.

After taking a batch of cultivation resources from the sect, Kris returned to the sword world again.

Ten years had passed since the closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone)!

This time, Kris had stayed there for 17 years!

The seventh step had been successfully practiced.

The weight of the body alone was more than a million grams, and the Demon-Beheading Sword even left no marks when cutting his body.

How strong was the pure physical strength? Kris felt that it should be more than a million Taoist grams.

The limit of acc.umulated spirit is ten thousand Taoist grams, and Kris was ten times more than the limit of human body.

Of course, he only had to fight to know how much it was.

Rebirth through Blood Dripping had also been completely realized. Every cell in the body was branded with Divine Spiritual Power. As long as a cell survived, Kris could be reborn.

Just as he broke through the seventh step, Kris clearly felt his vitality soaring.

A million years?

The highest level of Pill formation is one thousand years, while that of primary ten thousand years. The acc.umulated spirit is no more than ninety-nine thousand years old.and he had risen to one million years in one step?

Did he break the shackles of life?

Kris thought for a moment and knew it should have something to do with his actualized spirit.

Even if it’s only half a step, it is also a qualitative leap!

After all, one step forward was the actualized spirit.

To take this step, Kris only needed to practice the eighth step.

The ninth step would be the Holy Realm. The subsequent deduction required more resources. The magic sk!lls of the Devil Land were no longer applicable.

Half of the actualized spirit should be enough.

The primal spirit and the Divine Spiritual power had reached the actualized spirit.

After looking at the division body that was still deducing, Kris opened his mind and a great deal of understanding flowed over to him.

A total of 83 Taoist Strengths, together with 16 Taoist Strengths of Kris, added up to 99!

It was the same amount as three years ago!

As Kris understood, 99 Taoist Strengths was the limit!

It took Lord Lingyuan three thousand years to fulfill 9 Taoist Strengths. It took only a decade for Kris to fully understand the ninety-nine Taoist Strengths. Although it seemed to be the result of cause and consequence division and the deduction division, there’s a h.uge gap of vision.

Like human, no matter how powerful he is, he could never reach the speed of a super calculator.

But one thing is more important- even if the super calculator is more powerful, it is created by human.

At that moment, Kris felt dizzy, and both his soul and his body felt full.

After a month’s adaptation, the feeling of fullness disappeared, and Kris recovered from lethargy.

He quickly looked inside, and the whole body of Divine Spiritual Power was golden. Every thought was golden and gorgeous.

My goodness! Divine Spiritual Power was like gold. It’s a sign of actualized spirit!

When he looked again, the Sword Energy primal spirit had grown from a teenager to a youth.

The primal spirit had almost become the actualized spirit!

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