Logan took her company’s Director Zhang to the United States overnight. At the airport, Betty Bernard drove over to pick him up and went directly to Karen Lee’s technology company.

Director Zhang immediately put into repair work.

“How many days has Chuck been missing?” Logan didn’t sleep on the plane, mainly because she couldn’t sleep.

She was so worried about Chuck Cannon. The gunshot wound on her body is almost healed, but recently Chuck Cannon came to the United States and didn’t call her. She was a little bit lost in her heart, but it was all right.

Chuck Cannon is safe, happiness is the most important thing, and others… not so important.

Just press the feeling in your heart to the bottom of your heart.

“It’s the fourth day now.” Karen Lee was haggard.

Having not slept for four days, this is not something that ordinary people can resist, and it is also because of Karen Lee’s super physique.

Changed to other people, and entered the hospital long ago.

“It’s been so long, are there no other clues?” Logan’s voice trembled.

Four days later, she didn’t dare to think about what it meant.

Because as soon as a person disappears, it becomes more and more dangerous!

Four days, maybe…

Logan’s heartbeat will stop!

How could this be?

“No, the scene has been processed, and it is more professional. Now I can only rely on this monitoring to find clues.” For the first time, Karen Lee felt that there was no way.

Her own protection for Chuck Cannon is still too little. Recently, she shouldn’t agree to let him out.

“En, Aunt Karen, go to sleep for a while,” Logan was worried, but Karen Lee was exhausted before Chuck Cannon found it.

“No, I…”

“Go, let me watch, Betty Bernard, you also go take a rest.”

Logan said to Betty Bernard, she was too haggard!

Karen Lee looked at Betty Bernard and found that she was haggard. By the way, she had forgotten her. Karen Lee took Betty Bernard to rest. Here is Logan and she can rest assured.

“Director Zhang, the trouble is speeding up. This person is very important to me,” Logan couldn’t help suppressing the anxiety in her heart. Yes, Chuck Cannon is her most important person right now.

“Relax,” Director Zhang earnestly.

He was dug by Logan, but he had never seen Logan like this before!

This process continued. One day later, the results came out. The waiting process was like a year!!

For Logan, she was anxious every minute and every second, but it was useless to be anxious, she could only wait.

She can only keep praying to heaven so that Chuck Cannon can live.

When the results came out, Logan almost burst into tears of joy, and Karen Lee, who was resting, came over.

“Three people, this monitoring is too badly damaged. At this stage, only one-third of it can be repaired, which is already the limit.” After a day of hard work, Director Zhang was also haggard to the extreme, but he was better off with little results.

Director Zhang began to play the repaired monitoring screen.

Karen Lee, Logan, and Betty Bernard are all watching closely, there is no sound here!

Puff, puff!

The surveillance started to play, but after a long period of blurring, they couldn’t see what was there at all. Karen Lee was nervous, and the picture appeared soon!!

After a long period of time, the picture finally appeared, but the picture is still fuzzy. You can see Chuck Cannon fighting with a few people. They are very brave. Faced with the siege of a few people, there is no wind at all, and there is a degree of relaxation. Busy to break one by one.

“There is no reason. Chuck should have no problem dealing with these people. How could he be arrested?” Karen Lee’s eyes were cold and there was doubt.

“Yes, Chuck’s fighting has improved very quickly. These few look down on their faces, but in terms of body size, they are absolutely mercenaries. Chuck has no problem hitting them. How can they…ah, hide, hide!!”

Logan was talking and suddenly saw a vague woman carrying a steel pipe in a sneak attack and hit Chuck Cannon on the head. Chuck Cannon was lying softly on the ground with a lot of blood flowing out of her head.

Karen Lee’s murderous intent is pervasive!

“It is so!” Karen Lee was cold and heartbroken to see her son being attacked!

In the next picture, several people carried Chuck Cannon into the car and then dealt with the scene.

Logan was heartbroken. Chuck Cannon was actually taken away like this. That woman’s stick beat Chuck Cannon like that. It must be painful!!

“Director Zhang, please fix the picture, I want to see what the person who kidnapped Chuck looks like!” Logan said coldly.

Director Zhang nodded and started to repair as much as possible.

However, this process is also a long process. The memory card is seriously damaged and it is difficult to repair. In the end, Director Zhang and several people from Karen Lee Technology Company worked together to repair some pictures.

People can’t see the picture of the car, especially the woman, it’s useless to repair it, she can’t see it at all!!

“We tried our best. This picture shows that we tried our best.” Director Zhang said tiredly.

“Betty Bernard, immediately compare the monitoring of other areas to me and find out where a few cars ended up!” Karen Lee’s voice was cold.

Betty Bernard immediately dealt with it.

It was another long wait. One day later, Betty Bernard came over tiredly. Karen Lee and Logan were nervous and said in unison, “How?”

“They went abroad.” Betty Bernard said tiredly.

In the past few days, Karen Lee has sent people to search in the United States, but they have not been found.

“Where did they go?” Logan asked.

“Still investigating, one day, give me another day, absolutely.” Betty Bernard knows, Chuck Cannon has been missing for a week, too long, it means that the chance of survival is too small.

She is also worried.

“Okay, you go.” Karen Lee agreed.

Betty Bernard went to continue the investigation. At this moment, Karen Lee’s cell phone rang suddenly. She took it out to see that it was from Black Rose and her eyes were bright!

Black Rose and Yvette didn’t call for a week. At that time, they drove to chase according to their feelings.

Is this a result now?

“Hey, Black Rose!”

“Yvette and I have chased the Amazon side. We drove non-stop day and night for a week. I think Chuck Cannon should be somewhere in the Amazon.” Black Rose said tiredly.

She had seen those cars and chased them all the way. They both relied on feelings and thought about where they would take Chuck Cannon and said it to her.

They considered that Huangtian finally paid off, and finally let Black Rose and Yvette discover the clues, and asked someone who saw a plane entering the Amazon!

Calculated according to time, it should be.

“Amazon?” Karen Lee was astonished. Why did he tie Chuck Cannon to Amazon?

Why is this?

“Yes, you can let someone come over, Yvette and I are ready to go in.”

“Okay, I’ll come right away.” Karen Lee hung up the phone.

“Aunt Karen, how is it?” Logan was about to stop, too nervous.

“Amazon.” Karen Lee’s eyes flashed.

“Amazon? Why did they take him to Amazon?” Logan and Betty were surprised.

“Betty Bernard, what do you think?” Karen Lee asked.

“I think, going abroad, according to the route, I also thought of where it is, but I haven’t determined yet.”

“Enough, Logan and I are going to Amazon now, and you will bring several people over there later!” Karen Lee said.

The Amazon is too big, and it is still a primeval forest. This must be searched for in all aspects.

“Okay!” Betty Bernard nodded. It’s definitely not enough for a few people, so you must bring several people with you over there.

“It’s best to check first if there are any hidden buildings in Amazon, maybe Chuck is in one of these buildings,” Logan was careful.

“Well, I will do it.”

Karen Lee, Logan couldn’t bear to go out, but Betty Bernard asked, “The Ouke family…”

“No matter, my son is the most important thing.” Karen Lee didn’t think about it. As long as the Ouke family dares, then she will find Chuck Cannon and make the Ouke family bath in blood!!

Karen Lee drove to the airport with Logan.

She called the people on Amazon. She also has a base in Amazon, but it is not in it, but it can provide her with the equipment to enter Amazon. It is too dangerous.

In less than a day, Karen Lee drove the plane to the vicinity of Amazon. The equipment she had asked for was already ready, a super off-road vehicle, guns, daggers, and various things for survival in the wild.

Logan and Karen Lee haven’t changed clothes for too long, they are all anxious!!

Logan stared at the deep forest in the distance, Chuck, don’t be afraid, we are here to save you!

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