Chapter 573 – 574: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 573: Thanks for the Treasure, Gourd Ancestor

Primal spirit is Yang, and Divine Spiritual Power is Yin.

Yin and Yang complement each other and become the God of Yang.

However, Kris still didn’t have the same feeling as he did when going through the judgment. That is to say, there is still room for the Divine Spiritual Power and the primary spirit to be improved.

Or maybe it’s because the newly fulfilled eighty-three Taoist strengths had not reached the fulfilled period. Anyway, it’s a long way to go!

Seventeen years had passed inside the closing door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), and more than a year had passed in the outer world.

For more than a year, it was entirely the division of Kris who was in charge of the sect.

Now the Purple Fire Sect had completely completed the reform and was on the right path.

The treatment of the disciples in the sect went up again and again, and all the orthodoxies became aggressive and competitive. On the whole, the sect’s strength had become stronger.

Half of the disciples of the true God Tao had stepped into the accumulated spirit stage, and only those with less talent were still stuck in the primal spirit stage.

His elder fellow apprentice sister Crane Spirit also became a super fighter of the Later Period of the accumulated spirit. And more than half a year earlier, she had successfully challenged the Orthodoxies that ranked below 500.

Now that she became so well-known that Even Nanli Fire City knew that there was a fighting goddess in the Purple Fire Sect.

Kris specially opened a special channel in the challenge arena to play the fighting process of Crane Spirit.

And it’s not for free. the video had brought tens of billions of spiritual stones to the True God Tao in a few hundred battles.

It sounded like a lot, but considering that Nanli Fire city had ten times the population of Northern Luzhou, it’s not that much actually.

At the moment the True God Tao had completely left the support of the sect and completed the self-sufficiency. With the support and help of Kris, many Taoists Orthodoxies had completed the mode of self-sufficiency.

It’s better to let the Orthodoxies achieve self-sufficiency than to distribute resources uniformly. In this way, it could help Purple Fire Sect relieve the pressure and improve the per capita wealth, which was a win-win situation!

Although some people said that the Purple Fire Sect was full of the stink of spiritual stones, most people were very satisfied with the change of sect.

Kris also became the most authoritative Sovereign Lord since the Founding Master.

Purple Fire sect was also secretly growing among the ten Great Saints!

Based on the Gengu No.1 sect system and the development mode of northern Luzhou, Purple Fire Sect had become a unique protector of peace.

At the same time, they could maintain the stability of the area and gain a lot of reputation. At the same time, they could earn some spiritual stones. It’s a good thing to kill three birds with one arrow. Who wouldn’t want it?

Although the loss rate of the disciples had been high in the past two years, it’s also good to promote survival of the fittest.

The Gengu No.1 sect relied on projectors, magic computers, magic mirror world.

And it had become the 11th Great Saint.

Over the past year, Chen Ye, Nan Chen and Zi Chen had also helped a lot.

Relying on the huge system of Gengu No.1 sect, their strength had increased rapidly in two years.

Chen, for example, had reached the fifth step of his cultivation. His body was dozens of times stronger than before, and he had successfully opened up 54000 acupoints.

With the smelting method, Chen’s current mana capacity should be comparable to 100 practitioners of the same level.

Half a year ago, he took two of his disciples to the place where the ancient demons were extinct, which attracted the practitioners of the accumulated spirit and got into a fight. He had singled out more than 20 accumulated spirits and three of them had been actualized spirits.

Although Nan and Zi were in the early stage of accumulated spirit, their fighting power was comparable to that of later period of accumulated spirit, and they could protect themselves.

Finally, Chen killed one actualized spirit and eight accumulated spirits, and scared away the other practitioners.

Since then, the reputation of demon king Chen Ye had been heard throughout the practicing world.

The three found many good things in the place where the ancient demons died out. Chen obtained the magic shuttle of the ancient demon God to protect the Divine Spiritual Power. Although the damage was severe, it was also the top Spirit Weapon of the Spirit Weapon Rules at the peak.

In this way, it also made up for the weakness of Chen’s primal spirit.

Zi also gained a lot of magic skills and a Spirit Weapon level defense treasure suit.

As for Nan, he was lucky enough to harvest the inheritance of ancient demons.

In this inheritance, with great magic power, the spirit of evil spirit even reunited Mr. bone for Nan, and it was the most precious one, hundreds of times more precious than the one taken away by his uncle.

“Master, I feel very good now. Mr. bone can increase the limit of human body by 100 times!”

“Brother, what does that mean?”

Nan touched her head and explained, “There are limits in every stage of a practitioner, that is to say, I can break the limit a hundred times that of the human body. If you can give out 100 grams in primal spirit, I can give out a million grams! “

Zi was stunned, “Are you invincible?”

“How can it be so easy?”

Chen said with a smile, “Although Mr. bone is good, there must be many limitations and difficulties. It is very difficult to break the limit of human body by one time, and it is even more difficult to break it a hundred times.”

“Master, your are so wise!”

Nan nodded, “A hundred times limit means that I need to work a hundred times harder than ordinary people, and also need a hundred times more resources than ordinary people. The most important thing is the physical endurance.”

“When the devil was the strongest, he just broke his own limit of 50 times. Even so, he was the best of his era.”

“It’s OK. I’ll help you. And there will be your master uncle and the whole sect that can help you!”

Chen said with a smile, “let’s go, go back and say goodbye to your master uncle. We should also start our journey.”

“Yes, master!”

The two nodded. This time the harvest was too big. They had to digest it in the battle.

“By the way, master, I want to make a copy of the demon’s inheritance and give it to the sect!”

Nan suddenly stopped and said.

“Yes, but leave the core part for yourself.” Chen said.

“It doesn’t matter, the most important thing in the inheritance of the demon God is Mr. bone. Without Mr. bone, even if the core is given, it is useless.” Nan said, “In fact, the ancient law is not necessarily better than the modern law, and even most of the inheritance is not as strong as that of the sect.”

Chen nodded. The world is progressing, and the magic arts are also improving. In ancient times, the environment of heaven and earth was different. What used to be suitable is not necessarily suitable now!

“Well, it’s up to you! I will respect your choice!” Chen was very happy. At least his disciple was a person who knew to pay back the kindness, which showed that he had chosen the right people.

He really regarded Gengu No.1 sect as his home and his disciples as his family members.

Just like Kris, who gave him the magic skill without hesitation, how many people in the world could do it?

Then a deep sigh came from Old Gu in the storing ring- what a group of simple minded monsters!

Old Gu envied Chen, because he had a group of good partners who were united and friendly and could protect each other and treat each other sincerely.

He also envied Nan that he was lucky enough to have met Chen, who could ensure his safety, spread his magic power, and teach him the truth of life.

“Why can’t I be so lucky?”

The Old Gu muttered.

When the three returned to the residence of Gengu No.1 Sect, Nan copied the inheritance of the demon God. There was no Mr. bone, so the inheritance value was not very great.

Of course, this was only what Nan thought.

For Demon Kris, this heritage could be of great use!

And what was Mr. Bone? Since it could be made by human force, why couldn’t he?

Demon Kris, who was far away in the middle part of Leizhou City received the news from Kris’s division body. He quickly asked Kris to deduce Mr. bone.

After repeatedly calculating all the magic skills passed down by the demon God, he finally understood what the so-called Mr. bone is!

That’s how rules are condensed to the limit.

It’s like an old computer with a new operating system, which could make you run faster, even better than the new one. That’s what it means.

It’s a bit like a high-level program, but the rules are more advanced than the program.

It’s really not difficult for Kris, who had ninety-nine Taoist strengths, to deduce it!

It took a few months for Kris to figure out how many rules Mr. bone contained, and it’s a total of 49 rules!

However, the core of Mr. bone is the power of law!

Above the rules is the law, which is the power that only the Holy Realm can control.

Forty nine rules are simple and he could handle it by himself, but the Holy Realm… He only knew Gourd Ancestor there!

Let the Gourd Ancestor help him condense a law. Should it be fine?

Kris came to the inner world of Dongtian (cave) with the best spirit wine and found the Gourd Ancestor lying in the rocking chair.

“Gourd Ancestor, I’ve come to see you!”

Kris stepped forward and came to the Gourd Ancestor.

Gourd Ancestor opened his eyes slightly and looked at Kris. “What are you doing here kid?”

“I want to drink with you!”

Kris took out a small wooden table, put a glass on it, and filled it for Gourd Ancestor. “Try it. This is the spirit wine I made with the Back-to-Heaven Spiritual Fire.”

It’s more like small flames dancing in the glass than a glass of wine.

“It’s interesting!”

The Gourd Ancestor was lying in the rocking chair, sipping the wine out of thin air, and the wine in the glass was soon gone.

Kris was amazed. This was awesome. He could twist the space when drinking wine!

“This wine is good, but its time is too short. If it is kept for thousands of years, it will surely be upgraded to a higher level.”

This level of spirit wine was of no use to him, but drinking it was a fun thing to do.

He had been in space all the year round. His soul was often out of the body, but could not get away from it. Unless he became stronger, then it would be alright even if his soul should leave his body totally.

The innate-power stage had deep spiritual roots, but it was also a shackle. However, it didn’t matter to the Gourd Ancestor. Since he was enlightened by the old master of purple fire sect, it had been impossible for him to leave.

Because he was still waiting for the old master of purple fire sect to return and take him out of here.

“Come on, tell me, what are you doing here?”

The Gourd Ancestor still recognized the achievements made by Kris in the past two years.

“Ancestor, I want you to help me condense the power of a hundred laws!”

The Gourd Ancestor frowned, “You haven’t even passed the judgment of the actualized spirit. What do you want the power of law for?”

“I’ve been addicted to refining tools recently. I want to see if I can put the power of the law into it.”

“That’s it?”

The Gourd Ancestor said, “bring the embryo over and I’ll refine it for you.”

“How can I bother you with such a little thing?” Kris said quickly.

“You have something evil in your mind.”

Kris laughed bitterly, “You can see through me!”

“Well, it’s just the power of the hundred laws. I’ll just give it to you.”

The Gourd Ancestor waved, and a red gourd fell from the vine far away. “Although this gourd does not have the inborn power stage root, it is a very rare treasure. There are hundreds of rules in it. Practice hard and strive for the actualized spirit!”

After taking the red gourd, Kris bowed and said, “thank you very much, Gourd Ancestor!”

Chapter 574: Buhui Yuan

The gourd originally grew from the Gourd Ancestor and was influenced by the power of law. The lower vine was a Spirit Weapon, and could be a top-grade Spirit Weapon when refined.

Now he owed the Gourd Ancestor big.

“Off you go!”

The Gourd Ancestor swung his sleeve, and Kris Chen felt a soft force pushing himself out, and the next second he appeared outside the Dongtian (cave) world. “Is this the Holy Realm?”

Kris was shocked and had no power to resist at all.

There’s a gap from the Taoist Strength to the rules, then another gap from the rules to laws.

It a quality gap. Unless his Dongtian(cave) could continue to expand, the gap might be closed!

Back in the cave, Kris thought for a long time. He had now reached the actualized spirit in his spirit, body and magic. But he defeated Lord Huayu who’s in the Middle period of the actualized spirit.

He was strong himself, but the 54000 Dongtian (cave) smoothed the gap between the accumulated spirit and the actualized spirit.

The real strength of a low-grade Dongtian (cave) is comparable to the middle period of the actualized spirit. Naturally, a middle-grade Dongtian (cave) should be comparable to the Fulfilled Period of the actualized spirit. And the Holy realm of a top-grade Dongtian (cave), Divine Dongtian (cave)), can they step into the Real Saint Realm?

If he guessed right, does that mean he could overtake in a corner?

Kris, who can’t wait to try, had hoarded countless resources in several big states for more than a year.

There were various kinds of heaven and earth treasures, divine pills, and Taoist Strength Stones.

“Good, these resources are enough for me to deduce the world of acupoints to the top-grade Dongtian (cave)!”

But before that, he decided to condense Mr. Bone for demon Kris. As for Yuan Kris, he was the divine spiritual stone, which was more powerful than Mr. Bone.

Yuan Kris had also succeeded in the actualized spirit. Although he was just in the early stage, his combat ability was comparable to that of the later period of the actualized spirit. This was the advantage of information sharing. Any Taoist Strength developed by Kris could be directly used by without understanding.

Knowing that Kris had refined Mr. Bone, Demon Kris himself came from central Leizhou City in person.

With the fusion of Mr. Bone, demon Kris opened his eyes and said, “Yes, the integration of Mr. Bone and the Demon body went smoothly. At present, I can break ten times the level of myself. The residual power of the true devil’s heart can nourish Mr. Bone. This is good news!”

“I’ve decided to take the path of Strength,” Demon Kris said, “The path of the world is not for me.”

Kris nodded, “As long as you feel good, you can choose any path!”

“If the power is strong to the limit, can we break the universe’s barrier?”

Demon Kris’s obsession with going home was no weaker than that of Kris.

He needed to try all kinds of methods that why he created different divisions.

Yuan Kris, for example, took the path of magic.

If Kris failed, Demon Kris still had a chance. If demon Kris failed, Yuan Kris may succeed.

They were all working for the same goal.

“We have collected a large number of ancient mythological records in several mainland states. The source of Magic Practicer is the great heaven of Tao, and the origin of the Spirit Practitioner is the original great heaven, and the origin of the body refining practitioner is the great heaven God of heaven!”

“If you say that these three have nothing to do with the three on earth, I won’t believe it!”

Demon Kris laughed. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe this big dipper is our big dipper on earth.”

“When we finish laying out the whole Devil Land, it’s time for us to leave!”

Kris also laughed.

After Demon Kris left, Kris began to deduce Dongtian (cave).

Taoist Strength of gold, Taoist Strength of wood, Taoist Strength of yin and Yang, and Taoist Strength circulating in Dongtian (cave) of ancestral acupoint constructed a complete five-element cycle and Yin-Yang interaction environment.

At that moment, the Dongtian (cave) roared and vibrated and continued to expand!

In fact, the evolution of the Dongtian (cave) world is the birth of the simulation world, just like building a house, first laying the foundation, then pouring reinforced concrete.

One billion high-quality stones were directly put into Dongtian (cave) of ancestral acupoint.

When Dongtian (cave) finally had its form, it had the function of storage. Of course, it’s not yet able to maintain life at present.

One thousand and two hundred feet, one thousand and five hundred feet, one thousand and eight hundred feet…

More Aura would be needed, and one billion spiritual stones were put into it.

Two thousand feet, two thousand and five hundred feet, three thousand feet…

After putting in five billion spiritual stones, the space of the ancestral acupoint to ten thousand feet, and reached it’s limit.

Kris was speechless. It took him five billion to open one Dongtian(cave), and to open up all the existing acupoints, he needed more than 200 trillion spiritual stones.

“Plunder, I must ruthlessly plunder and not let go of even a bit of resources!”

Kris gritted his teeth hard.

Mr. Bone needs a hundred times the resources of ordinary people, and what Kris needed was ten thousand times, even a hundred thousand times, or a million times!

It couldn’t be compared at all!

After opening the Dongtian (cave) of the ancient acupoint, Kris did the same and began to open up other Dongtian (cave). if he expanded 50 acupoints per day, Kris needed to close door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) for at least three years inside, that is, four months!

Oh it’s just three years, plus the previous 17 years, it’s just 20 years!

Kris gritted his teeth and focused on opening Dongtian (cave).

This time, he really emptied all his spiritual stones, even tens of millions of spiritual stones were exhausted, and all those precious medicines, divine pills were also consumed!

Three years passed quietly, and Kris was inflated by the power of the rising world again.

After spending another three months in the sword world, Kris finally adapted to the soaring power.

“I thought it could be expanded infinitely. It turns out that the world is also related to the strength of my own physical body and primal spirit. So if I want to continue to expand the Dongtian (cave) world, I must break through the actualized spirit, right?”

“But I don’t feel like I’ve been through the judgment yet. Is it because the ninety-nine Taoist Strengths have not reached the Fulfilled Period?”

“Yes, it must be for that reason.”

At present, the ninety-nine Taoist Strengths of Kris had already partly reached the Fulfilled Period. If Kris wanted to build a perfect Dongtian (cave), he must add more Taoist Strength to the five-element Yin and Yang.

Fortunately, Kris had enough Taoist Strength stones!

He never worried about this. If he needed to close door to practice again, he would do it!

At the same time, Buhui Yuan, a kid in a nameless town in northern Luzhou City, just turned three years old!

This child was supernatural. He could walk in March and speak in April. When he was less than one year old, he could talk like an adult!

By the time he turned four, he would have read all the books in Yuan’s Family.

“Buhui, it’s time to eat!”

Xuefei Yuan, dressed in a plain dress, stood at the bottom of the attic and called Buhui’s name.

Over the past four years, Xuefei had been living in seclusion, and she’s thinner than before. Her eyebrows that looked aggressive at the moment were also full of softness.

“Mother, I’m coming!”

A little boy’s cute head stuck out of the attic, and then he leaped down. His body fell rapidly and it almost frightened Xuefei’s soul out of her body, “Buhui…”

When the boy’s body was about to hit the ground, he stopped abruptly, “Mother, I’m okay!”

Xuefei pulled him over as soon as the he finished saying the words. She raised her hand and spanked Buhui’s ass heavily.

The boy was not weaker than Xuefei, but he was still crying and pretending to be in pain.

At this time, a sob came into Buhui’s ears, and he immediately stopped crying.

He was young and smart. He quickly went down from his mother’s laps and looked at her tearful mother. He was immediately flustered, “Mother, don’t cry. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been naughty!”

Buhui quickly stretched out his little cute hand to wipe Xuefei’s tears.

Holding her son, Xuefei’s heart was extremely painful, “I don’t want you to go!”

Hearing this, Buhui seemed to understand something. He also firmly held Xuefei and cried out, “mother, I’m not leaving you. I will be good and won’t make you angry!”

“My lady, young master!”

Yujie also covered her mouth to keep herself from crying.


Tiangang Yuan sighed, “Don’t blame me. I’m also doing this for the good of the Yuan Family. This son has excellent talent. If we keep him in the Yuan Family, we can only raise shallow water snakes. If we send him to the sect, he can surely fly into the sky.”

“At that time, the mother depends on the son, and we Yuan Family will be able to rise with the tide!”

Butler Mei came over with a walking stick and said, “Sir, young master is too young now. Shall we wait for another two years?”

“And our Sir Kris… How would he feel if he knew about it?”

In fact, Butler Mei wanted to say that it’s best to find Sir Kris and let him teach young master.

“Don’t mention him!”

Tiangang looked cold, “If he really has his wife and son in his heart, he should have come back already.”


Butler Mei shook his head and shut up. If Kris had helped them, how could Yuan Family be reduced to the present situation.

In fact, Tiangang was also slightly unwilling to send Buhui away. However, since Xuefei gave birth to Buhui, there had been a lot of complains inside Yuan Family.

If he had not insisted, the child would have been drowned the day he was born.

Renjie Yuan was a new talent of the Yuan Family. In his early thirties, he broke through the Pill Formation Stage. Although Tiangang also broke through the Pill Formation Stage, Renjie was still younger and more energetic, more resolute and more courageous.

Now some people in the Yuan Family had proposed to let Tiangang abdicate.

If it had not been for Tu Yan’s help, they would have already succeeded in usurping the position.

So Tiangang put his hope on the young Buhui.

The boy was born with supernatural powers. He was a top cultivation genius. Tiangang spent a lot of money contacting an outside elder of a second class sect, the earth sect. Then he got the qualification.

With the cultivation of sect, Buhui will surely grow up quickly.

Thinking of this, Tiangang put out the little slice of unwillingness.

He just walked quickly to them and forcibly pulled Buhui away from his mother.



“Tu, stop her!”

Tiangang held Buhui but this boy was born with divine power. He couldn’t suppress him for a moment!

“Be good!”

Tiangang took great efforts to seal his acupoints.

“Uncle Yan, I beg you! Let me go! Don’t let me leave with my son!”

“Xuefei, it’s all for the sake of Buhui. If he leaves, you can also consider your happiness for the rest of your life.”

Tu advised.

“No, I just want my son!”

Tiangang hinted Tu and Tu directly knocked Xuefei unconscious, “Yujie, take your Lady back to the room!”


There were snot and tears all over Buhui’s face. Tiangang galloped in the air with his flying sword. “Stop crying! You should blame yourself for being too weak to protect your mother. It’s no use staring at me!”

Tiangang said with hatred, “Go to find that man if you can. All the sufferings that you and your mother are having now was brought by him. Hate him if you like!”

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