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Chuck Cannon has been detained for ten days. The injury on his head has healed and the pain is gone, but it feels a little strange.

He don’t seem to remember exactly what happened, Chuck Cannon tried hard to use it.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to. For the past ten days, the blue-eyed beauties came to study every afternoon, and Chuck Cannon taught her except for some necessary sk!lls.

Chuck Cannon was forced to do so.

Let the blue-eyed beauty see her improvement, she will be confident and challenge himself as much as possible!

When challenged, This will be the time when Chuck Cannon can leave!

Chuck Cannon is almost recovered.

In addition to exercising for ten days, he also observed the environment as much as possible. Chuck Cannon had a headache. Chuck Cannon thought there was some desert nearby, but it wasn’t. Chuck Cannon saw the deep forest. This is the depths of the v!rgin forest.

Chuck Cannon has no experience in surviving in the wild. After escaping, how to survive in the perilous forest is also a question that has to be considered.

Chuck Cannon knows the dangers of such places.

But what about the danger? Chuck Cannon must leave here!!

“Hurry up, what are you doing!?” Outside the glass, the blue-eyed beauty urged.

Chuck Cannon came over and continued to teach blue-eyed beauties. He kept suggesting that blue-eyed beauties could challenge himself. This has been the case these days, constantly increasing the confidence of blue-eyed beauties…

Seeing the smug sneer on her face, Chuck Cannon knew that in these three days, she would definitely challenge him!

“Why do I think you are getting more and more rubbish?” The blue-eyed beauty mocked.

She has benefited a lot in these ten days!

She already knows Chuck Cannon’s attack. It’s nothing. With so many attacking sk!lls, she has already sat down.

Chuck Cannon was able to defeat herself last time by a sneak attack. Without a sneak attack, he was nothing.

He is stronger than him. Now that she has learned his flexibility, she can challenge him!

Chuck Cannon was silent, but there was deliberate anger on his face.

The blue-eyed beauty was happy, and said proudly, “Trash, you are so trash and I don’t want to learn anymore. Prepare yourself. I will challenge you tomorrow and defeat you!”

“Challenge me tomorrow? Are you so impatient before you finish studying?” Chuck Cannon deliberately agitated her.

“I’ve seen you through, you didn’t have anything in the first place, I’ve finished learning now, what else can you teach me? I won’t learn from rubbish! Are you scared?” The blue-eyed beauty mocked. She was teasing.

“I know your routine, are you afraid of being defeated by me? You are really rubbish, you know? Chinese men are like you, tomorrow, I will defeat you!” The blue-eyed beauty left proudly.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes are cold, do you think you can defeat me?

I taught you the essence of fighting. Can you beat me?

Chuck Cannon lay down and rested because he can go out tomorrow!

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He has to prepare thoroughly. If he goes out tomorrow, he will face bigger problems.

“Miss, after you defeat him tomorrow, you really want to let him go?”

The subordinate asked, what if Chuck Cannon retaliated?

“Why don’t I let it go? Th at kind of trash, raising him is a waste of money,” the blue-eyed beauty said with disdain.

“However, after he goes out, he may retaliate.”

“Retaliation? He dares to retaliate against me? Is he tired of life? If I told him, who I am, he would scare piss, and dare to retaliate against me? I will k!ll his family!” the blue-eyed beauty said angrily.

“Yes Yes,”

“After defeating him tomorrow, I will seriously hurt him, and I will give him the money, but this is Amazon. Let’s talk about it if he can go out alive by himself!” said the blue-eyed beauty.

The men immediately didn’t dare to talk too much.

The next day arrived.

Chuck Cannon was energized, waiting for her to come over to challenge. After lunch, Chuck Cannon took a rest, and the blue-eyed beauty came over.

“You want to fight me like this?”

Chuck Cannon saw that the glass in front of him hadn’t opened yet, so he spoke.

If the glass doesn’t open, he will never have a chance to catch her, let alone leave here.

“Of course not, come here, open the glass in front of him!” the blue-eyed beauty ordered.


The glass between the two people rose, and Chuck Cannon indeed saw the improvement of this blue-eyed beauty. For more than ten days, her exposed arms had obvious muscles.

Chuck Cannon will not underestimate the enemy, after all, this is a perverted mad woman.

Chuck Cannon moved his body, but when he found something, he frowned, “Why is there a gun at me?”

Yes, Chuck Cannon found an infrared to lock himself.

“Just in case.” The blue-eyed beauty laughed, she was not stupid.

What if the one who hurriedly jumped over the wall would die with herself?

She is the offspring of the four major families, how could she be dragged to death by this nameless trash?

Chuck Cannon is not worthy!!

“What if I win it?” Chuck Cannon sarcastically.

“No, to prevent you from turning into a mad dog and biting me! Be smart, and fight me obediently! I won’t treat you badly!” The blue-eyed beauty came over.

She is excited! !

Chuck Cannon didn’t panic. In this case, the plan must be changed.

“Start!” The blue-eyed beauty quickly attacked.

The long legs kicked out, extremely fast!

Chuck Cannon was surprised. She still has a lot of talent. In order to defeat him, she has really worked hard during this time.

Chuck Cannon dodged and slapped him over.

“Want to hit me? Is it possible? Go to hell!” She sneered triumphantly.

She already knows Chuck Cannon’s routine, and she has prevented it a long time ago. How could she still be beaten by Chuck Cannon?

Two people are fighting!

Chuck Cannon’s heart sank, because no matter how fast he moves, her infrared rays can keep up with his own rhythm and lock himself in.

This is difficult.

If you are a little abnormal, you must have a bullet.

What should he do?

Chuck Cannon is thinking hard!

“Trash, go to hell!” The blue-eyed beauty became more and more proud. She saw the time and kicked Chuck Cannon with her long legs.

Chuck Cannon fell to the ground like a bag, coughing violently.

“Haha, you are so rubbish.” The blue-eyed beauty was laughing at his face.

She saw that Chuck Cannon was just rubbish!

How had she lost to him before? The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t figure it out by herself, she thought it was ridiculous.


The blue-eyed beauty flew him over, and Chuck Cannon couldn’t dodge in time. Chuck Cannon vomited bitter water on one knee and coughed violently while holding his c.hest.

“Cough, cough…”

Chuck Cannon was in a panic!

“It really disappoints me, I look up to you,” the blue-eyed beauty shook her head contemptuously, so disappointed, Chuck Cannon had only this strength.

She actually wasted so much time on him.

Quickly solve him!


The blue-eyed beauty rushed over like the wind, Chuck Cannon stared at her, smashed his fist, the blue-eyed beauty laughed, it was too rubbish, such an attack, full of loopholes! !


The blue-eyed beauty slapped Chuck Cannon on the face. Chuck Cannon’s fist was not close to her, so she was intercepted by her slap.

Chuck Cannon staggered.

“Does it hurt? I ask if it hurts? Don’t you remember? That’s how you beat me back then, don’t you remember? It’s okay, I will help you remember it!” The blue-eyed beauty was all excited.

The slap print on Chuck Cannon’s face was made by her. With all her strength, Chuck Cannon’s mouth was broken.

Chuck Cannon attacked, and the blue-eyed beauty first slapped Chuck Cannon’s face with a second slap!


Extremely crisp!

Chuck Cannon was beaten back and leaned against the wall, embarrassed!

“This is the second slap, so you can’t bear it anymore? Why are you rubbish to this point? It’s not over yet, you hit me a few times, I will hit you a few times!!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered and shot out the first three slaps.


Chuck Cannon was hit and his face was red and swollen!

Leaning against the wall in embarrassment, the blue-eyed beauty ridiculed and attacked again! ? She was so happy that she was hurt by Chuck Cannon’s self-esteem last time, and she can get it back today.

Today, she wants to wash away her shame! She was excited and felt that this was right this time, and the shame was to be washed away with shame!

Chuck Cannon’s eyes fl!ckered, enough, he waited enough for the opportunity, the blue-eyed beauty finally blocked the infrared rays, this is the opportunity!

Chuck Cannon grabbed it out, “You’re over!!”

He wanted to escape by himself, Chuck Cannon grabbed it like wind, and suddenly grabbed the blue-eyed beauty’s hand, his other big hand grabbed the blue-eyed beauty’s neck, you’re done!

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