The blue-eyed beauty was shocked!!

How is this possible? How could he catch herself suddenly?


Chuck Cannon grabbed the blue-eyed beauty by the neck and blocked the infrared ray with the blue-eyed beauty’s body. The blue-eyed beauty felt suffocated!

“You!!! Did you pretend just now? You?!” The blue-eyed beauty was furious, now it’s obvious that defeating Chuck Cannon by herself just now was fake!

“Otherwise, do you think you can beat me in more than ten days?” Chuck Cannon said ironically.

How is this possible?

This blue-eyed beauty is talented, but not so high yet.

“Asshole! Let me go, shoot, shoot!” The blue-eyed beauty was exasperated.

Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to pity at all, and pinched her neck as if to choke her to death.

“Miss, we can’t hit him, your body stopped the rays,” someone said, full of anxiety.

This man with the gun was also helpless. Chuck Cannon seized the opportunity just now and suddenly shot, the speed is amazing!

He was shocked, and when he reacted, he could no longer target Chuck Cannon.

He was also anxious, if something happened to the blue-eyed beauty, he would definitely die miserably.

“Let me go! You bastard!” The blue-eyed beauty choked.

Chuck Cannon pinched her neck too hard, she was particularly uncomfortable.

“Take me out!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“No, no! I was going to let you go, but you attacked me, I won’t let you go!!” The blue-eyed beauty became stubborn.

The self-confidence in her heart was hit again, and she felt that she was greatly insulted.

Full of confidence, she thought she could defeat Chuck Cannon, but what happened? Chuck Cannon has actually fooled her and even Chuck Cannon can subdue her with one move!

She was furious!

“Won’t you let me go?” Chuck Cannon hummed.

“I won’t let you go! You bastard, you didn’t teach me anything real, you bastard!” the blue-eyed beauty screamed!

“Of course, I won’t teach you anymore, it’s just you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“You! Just wait, I won’t let you go, no!!” The blue-eyed beauty gave it up, Chuck Cannon still dare to kill her?

She wants to spend the end with Chuck Cannon! No compromise!

She was originally stubborn, but now she knows that Chuck Cannon has been playing tricks. She is so angry that she let Chuck Cannon go?


“Really?” Chuck Cannon said in the ear of the blue-eyed beauty.

Pinching her neck forcefully, the blue-eyed beauty coughed and pained, “Kill me, my people will make you dead! Also, kill your family, everyone you know will die! Do you dare to kill me ?”

Yes, this is the confidence of the blue-eyed beauty. She is one of the four big families. Who dares to kill herself! ?

“You are amazing.” Chuck Cannon used her body to protect himself.

“If you let me go, I can give you another chance, and I can let you go!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.

“No, I don’t like being passive, I like being active, won’t you let me go out?” Chuck Cannon lowered his head. At this moment, he was leaning on the back of a beautiful blue-eyed woman.

Use her body to block the infrared rays of the sniper rifle!!

“Yes, you die of this heart, I am absolutely not threatened, You will beg me like a dog!”

The blue-eyed beauty was proud, she felt that the hand on her neck had loosened a lot, which meant Chuck Cannon had compromised.

Really playing by me? What are you playing with?

“You are in good shape.” Chuck Cannon was expressionless.

“What do you want to do? Bastard, what do you want to do?” The blue-eyed beauty was startled? In this tone what does he want to do?

“Aren’t you aloof? Aren’t you great? You shouldn’t mind your body being looked at by your men?” Chuck Cannon is indifferent.

“You, no! What do you want to do? Ah!!!” The blue-eyed beauty was furious because Chuck Cannon grabbed the clothes on her shoulder with one hand…


Logan and Karen Lee saw a building in the depths of the forest, which was especially hidden, and there were people patrolling!

“Chuck is in this?” Logan’s beautiful eyes flickered!

Intuition told her that Chuck Cannon was locked in.

She and Karen Lee had been searching in this forest day and night for three days, and finally saw this hidden building, with some handles, then it might be.

“Yes.” Karen Lee stared at the front.

“Then let’s attack directly!” Logan couldn’t bear it anymore.

She can’t wait to save Chuck Cannon.

“Wait, Yvette doesn’t know where she is going,” Karen Lee was thinking about this. Yvette and Black Rose had already entered the Amazon.

Are you behind us?

Or did Yvette find other places on the black rose side?

“Maybe Yvette is already nearby, she may be thinking of how to attack it,” Logan said, this is no ordinary building, it is full of high-tech, just like the towers, easy to defend and difficult to attack!

“Maybe, I’ll use the satellite phone to contact Black Rose,” Karen Lee took out her mobile phone and called Black Rose.

It took a long time for Black Rose to answer. Karen Lee said immediately, “Logan and I went to Amazon and saw a building inside, you…what? Did you see it too? Have been squatting for a long time? Where are you? I will find you! Okay, Logan and I will wait here.”

Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief, and Black Rose told her that she was in a nearby place. Because the building was extremely tightly guarded, Black Rose and Yvette were trying to attack.

After all, there are infrared rays on the walls of the building. If you are not careful, continuous bullets will come over.

After waiting for more than ten minutes, there was a rustle nearby, Yvette and the black rose lurking creeping over, Karen Lee breathed a sigh of relief.

Black Rose saw Logan.

Logan saw her, and the two looked at each other. Logan already knew that Black Rose was protecting Chuck Cannon.

The two people looked at each other for a few seconds, the previous grievances disappeared, and the two nodded silently.

“I observed here with Black Rose, it is easy to defend and difficult to attack, so…” Yvette said.

The days of Amazon have made Yvette very haggard, but there is no way, she wants to see Chuck Cannon.

“En,” Karen Lee nodded, “In this way, I will go in now and fix the gun outside the wall, and you will come in again.”

“I’ll go with you!” Yvette said.

“No, only I will go, Logan, Black Rose, Yvette, the three of you see the right time!” Karen Lee is the strongest among the four, and of course, she will lead the battle.

She crawled forward and quickly disappeared from the sight of the three people.

All three of them were silent.

“Long time didn’t see you,” Yvette said. Logan was in China, and she came here in person for Chuck Cannon.

“Well, it’s been a long time,” Logan said.

Black Rose didn’t speak, how should she say, she has been inseparable from Yvette during the recent period, she thinks, Yvette has changed her mind a little.

She didn’t think she would treat others better, but this time, she felt that she should be better to Yvette.

And Logan is the same.

Originally, Black Rose and Logan had so little sympathy, so being silent is the best.

The three of them were waiting. At this time, Karen Lee was already close to the building. Her body was like the wind, perfectly avoiding infrared scanning, she was against the wall!

Seeing a person on patrol, she ran over silently, clicked, there was no other sound, she solved one person, and then slowly went in.

Entering the interior, she started looking for the control room and found this, then Yvette, Logan, Black Rose and others could come in.

Entering, it means that Chuck Cannon can be saved. She has to be extremely cautious when it comes to the life and death of her son.

With rich experience, Karen Lee quickly solved the people in the control room. During this process, there was no abnormal sound. She turned off the infrared rays outside.

The three Yvette and the others saw it outside. This was a signal. The three of them immediately crawled forward, and they all entered the building at the fastest speed.

Yvette was nervous. “Husband, I am here”, she said in her heart

Logan’s beautiful eyes flashed, and her heart was suddenly nervous. It’s been a long time since she saw Chuck Cannon, it’s been a long time, she missed Chuck Cannon…

As for Black Rose, she was also nervous. After all, she didn’t protect Chuck Cannon. The three of them came in and immediately joined Karen Lee.

“Start!” Karen Lee said coldly!

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