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Chapter 575 – 576: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 575: Taoist Strength At the Highest Level

Tiangang Yuan arrived at Earth Spirit Sect and waited for a very long time, but the Elder didn’t show up. He didn’t dare to complain. So he just stayed there and waited.

Finally, an Elder dressed in a robe walked out. The elder complained: “Just leave him here and go!”

“It’s good to see you. Elder Chixiao!” Tiangang said.

Chixiao wore a displeased expression. He said: “Have you brought the man here?” “yes.”

Tiangang then asked Buhui to kowtow to the Elder. He said: “Buhui! This is Chixiao Elder! Kowtow to him!”

Buhui is still a young man, but he is a very proud man. He reads a lot of books and he thinks kowtow is undignified. He clenched his teeth and he didn’t say anything.

Tiangang then said in a hurry: “This kid is still too young! Please forgive him.”

Chixiao waved his hand and said: “Forget it. Leave him here. And you can go now. You can only visit him once every two years. Don’t come to this place if you have nothing urgent to deal with.” “Yes.” Tiangang then produced a jade box. He said: “Chixia Elder, this is a Dragon-Blood Ginseng. It has existed for five hundred years. Please take it as a gift.”

Dragon-Blood Ginseng is a very rare medicine, and it can help him to reach Primal Spirit more quickly.

Chixia put on a fake smile and took the box. He said: “Sure. Don’t worry. Just go. I’ll take care of the kid.” Chixia is a greedy person. But people wouldn’t mind his greed as long as he could help people with their things.

“Thank you! Elder!”

“Go back now.”

Then Chixia took Buhui away. The gate was shut again. Tiangang felt relieved. He said: “Now, your future is in your hands. Don’t let me down!”


Thanks to these numerous Taoist Strength Stones, Kris can improve his Taoist Strength much faster than the other people. Soon, his Taoist strength would reach the highest level, and he felt the mana in his body was building up, and he knew it is a sign of God’s test’s coming. He managed to bring the mana in his body under control, and he wouldn’t go through God’s test until all his ninety-nine Taoist strengths reach the highest level.

Another half a year passed. His Taoist strength finally reached the highest level, and he could no longer control the mana.

The mana finally escaped his body and a huge amount of energy was sent out. Thunders roared. It was time for Kris to go through God’s test!

Kris left Sword Realm and called out to all the people in the Purple Fire Sect: “All my brothers! Listen up! Help me to go through the trail!”

Since Kris is now the Sovereign Lord of Purple Fire Sect, and the most popular Lord they have ever had, these lords responded to Kris’s call immediately. They all flew to the sky and looked at Kris.

The Gourd Ancestor nodded and said: “Now Kris is fulfilled in every way. His spirit, his body and his power are all in the highest level. If he can go through this test successfully, he will be the most powerful man among all the people who are at his stage. It’s indeed a miracle. Purple Fire Sect is making history.”

The old master of Purple Fire Sect has lived for thousands of years, but he has never met anyone who is as powerful as Kris. He exclaimed: “The young man is indeed exceptional!”

Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong came to Kris. They said: “We have never seen anything which contains more power than these thunders! This actualized spirit thunder trail is so powerful! We have goose bumps all over our arms.”

Kris knew this test or trail would be very chaotic. So they needed to go to a place which is uninhabited.

“Leave five hundred people to guard the sect. The other people come with me.” Kris said. He the flew to a quiet place, and there was not one single person within ten thousand miles. It was a good place to go through the test.

Five hundred lords surrounded Kris to protect him, and Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong created a huge shield to protect Kris.

Everyone looked expectant. If Kris succeeds, there will be another Actualized Spirit in Purple Fire Sect. Taoist Lord Huayu knows he will be no match for Kris when Kris reaches actualized spirit.

These five hundred lords who surrounded Kris also created a huge shield to protect Kris. And now Kris was protected by many layers of shields, and he was very satisfied.

The thunders cracked. Dark clouds gathered above Kerry’s head. Not a ray of sunshine could penetrate the clouds. Kris looked up, and suddenly, a lightning struck the shields created by the five hundred lords. And many layers were broken.

Soon, the shield created by Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong was exposed. And the power of the lightning was gradually reduced.

“Little Man!” Kris shouted.

And then, little man of Divine Spiritual Power and little man of Primal Spirit appeared to protect Kris from the thunders. Kris’s body was illuminated by the lightnings.

Everyone gasped when they saw the little man of Divine Spiritual Power. They didn’t know Kris is a practiser of spirit, magic and body. Disbelief was written all over their faces.

Little man of Divine Spiritual Power and little man of Primal Spirit charged towards the thunders. And Kris exposed these two little men to the thunders because he wanted to learn the rules of the thunders so that he could absorb the power of the thunders. It is so dangerous and no spirit practiser and magical practiser had guts to do so before. But Kris is greedy. He wants to get the power of the thunders because it is the purest power in the world. Besides, he really wants to expand his Dongtian(cave) with a new kind of power.

The first thunder finally disappeared. But less than thirty seconds later, another thunder appeared. Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong frowned. “How can it be so fast? It is so strange” They thought.

Both Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong went through the thunder trail before, and they remembered the second thunder will only appear long after the first thunder disappeared. But now, the thunders were appearing so quickly and they didn’t have any time to repair the shields.

But Kris wasn’t afraid. He knew the God wouldn’t push him into a hopeless situation. No matter what happens, there is always a chance of survival.

The second thunder was slightly stronger than the first one. Kris successfully absorbed the power of this thunder through his primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power. Of course, he also put his Taoist Strength and sword intent into good use. The little man of Divine Spiritual Power was now among the thunders, and it had ninety-nine Taoist Strengths to protect it.

And then, the third lightning struck, and then the fourth, the fifth……and within half an hour, nine lightning struck! However, the dark clouds were still massing, and it was getting thicker and thicker.

“What is happening?” Taoist Lord Shenglong was so confused. “Why are there more than nine lightnings? No one has even been struck by more than nine lightnings!”

Taoist Lord Huayu wore a serious expression. He nodded and said: “I heard in the ancient times, a master once got many Taoist Strengths, and the God used as many lightnings as his Taoist Strengths to test him!”

“You mean our Sovereign Lord has got many Taoist Strengths? But how is that even possible? It is now so much more difficult than before to get Taoist Strength because the rules of the Taoist Strengths are getting more and more ambiguous! It is impossible to get more than nice Taoist Strengths in our era!”

People from the ancient times are not necessarily stronger and more powerful than people in modern times. The laws from the ancient times are now pretty much grasped by modern people, and modern people have created more rules according to the laws from the ancient times. And millions years ago, there was abundant energy in the world, and the rules to get Taoist Strength were very obvious and at that time, it would be much easier to get Taoist Strength.

Taoist Lord Huayu didn’t explain anything. He said: “Just keep watching. Sovereign Lord is very talented.”

And by that time, Kris had already went through twelve thunder trails! Kris also realized something was wrong. He could feel there were all kinds of Taoist Strengths in the thunders, just like the last time when he went through trails in the Infinite Sea!

Kris felt nervous. And the thunders kept on coming. They were more powerful and destructive than before. So Kris started practising the eighth step of the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill. Because he knows each trail or test is not only a test, it is also a chance for him to become stronger and more powerful. Kris has learned how to turn a crisis into a good opportunity. The more risks there are, the more chances there are. He has to be brave, because he needs to go back home.

At that time, Demon Kris, who was in Middle Thunder Land, and Yuan Kris, who was in the Western Desert Land, also felt what was going on. They were truly amazed by Kris’s power, because Kris was at that moment going through the actualized spirit trail.

Demon Kris and Yuan Kris flew up to the sky and observed. They said to themselves: “Kris will must survive this!!”

Crane spirit, Fat Cat, and Lean Monkey were also watching. They all felt nervous for Kris.

The lightning kept striking Kris, and Kris felt his whole body was burning. He shook his body, and lots of dead skin cells were shaken off and these cells then turned into lots of giants. These giants then charged towards the dark clouds to protect Kris.

The eighth step of the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, which usually takes twenty years to complete, was completed by Kris within a very short period of time, thanks to the power of thunders.

“This is the 56th thunder. I guess.”

“No, it is already 57th.”

Taoist Lord Huayu’s mouth twitched. He said: “How is that even possible? Even the masters in ancient times can’t survive so many hits. How many Taoist Strengths does he have?”

He suddenly remembered the Ground Ancestor once told him that Kris is less than a hundred years old. He couldn’t believe Kris could get actualized spirit at such a young age. And what was even more unbelievable was that Kris was a practiser of spirit, body and magic! They felt so useless when compared to Kris.

Chapter 576: Back to North Luzhou

After two hours, the 99th heaven thunder fell down, Kris has successfully cultivated the eighth turn of Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill.

His physical body reached the actualized spirit, and strength he has now is stronger than thousands of slashes!

His primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power expanded into holy light.

Primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power integrated into Yang spirit! At that second, Kris has seen the time flow like a river, has seen the boundaries in space, and threads of cause and effect.

Those threads as thick as arms stretched to his body and vanished in the boundless universe.

He saw the Demon Kris and Yuan Kris that were go through the God’s test in heaven.

He even saw the star field in billions of miles away.

He looked back, and turned to cultivate the 99th Taoist Strength in accordance with rules, and it required a long period of time. When Kris was enveloped by Chaotic Spiritual Air, a celestial stair appeared in front of Kris, and a voice said that if he climbed the stairs, he could reach the the Other Realm.

He could reach the Other Realm once he climbed up the celestial stairs?

At what time the Other Realm has been so easy?

There’s Holy Realm above the actualized spirit, and higher realms above the Holy Realm, he once asked the Gourd Ancestor, is Holy Realm the Other Realm?

Ancestor answered him, Holy Realm is just the beginning, he’s still struggling in bitterness!

“If I guessed right, the celestial stairs must be the so-called Heart-Honing Road.”

After Divine Spiritual Power and primal power turned into God, Kris’s brain now spun hundred times faster than before!

He also became more rational.

“Whatever, if everyone needs to climb celestial stairs, then I’ll do it.”

At the first stage, Kris saw his parents, wives and children, also Tianba Li.

As he walked, he heard someone said to his ears vaguely, “Cut all your threads, achieve your dreams, wait for a success!”

This voice was so enticing, yet Kris’s heart was firm and steady.

“It’s my parents, my wives and children, my brothers that support me until now, they are my motivation.”

“What if they all died after you come back?”

Kris stopped, “Then I’ll cultivated with all my efforts, I’ll save them even if I need to step into heaven and hell!”

“What if you can’t do?”

“Then I’ll create a world with them!”

As Kris climbed the stairs, many doubts surged in his heart.

This voice must be his own voice, and the biggest doubt in his mind.

He was afraid that when he found earth, his relatives, loved ones and children all died.

He was afraid of things that have changed.

All fears come from unawareness.

But Kris knew that fear’s good for nothing.

He couldn’t hesitate for a second, nor could he fear a second, once he retreated, the celestial stairs would collapse and his road for cultivation would end now.

This is the road to ask for one’s inner thought, and the road for cultivation.

The so-called actualized spirit celestial stairs might be hard for other people, but it’s nothing for Kris.

He has been fooled by the Kekkai Immortal in Kekkai world, and he almost died, after that, he saw himself clear and saw his Tao clear.

His Tao is Tao with relationships, Tao with protection, the sword in his hand is for protecting others and beauty in his life.

The higher he climbed, the clearer his heart was, and those threads of cause and effect were getting more obvious.

“This is my father, this is my mother, this is Mary, and this is Quan…”

Feeling the familiar sense that spread from those threads of cause and effect, Kris smiled, he knew that they were alive when threads were still here.

Also he didn’t have the capability to trace back and find the origin, but he felt much relieved when he knew they’re still safe.

The Tao of Cause and Effect? Interesting!

He can develop toward this direction in the future.

“Wait… Whose thread is it? It’s so thick.”

“And this one, it feels so strange!”

Those two threads didn’t vanish in the air, but stretched towards north.

Which meant… these two people are in the north?

It’s not Lord of Vipers, not Sha Mo, not Chen Ye, not Wuji Sword Sect or so.

He felt completely strange senses.

Kris thought many things at that moment.

Was he plotted by someone?

Or someone conducted shentong to connect cause and effect?

The higher one’s cultivation is, the more he values cause and effect, it would bring heavy risk if one connects cause and effect for no reason.

“I must find them!”

Kris murmured.

Kris has no way to find those threads of cause and effect that twined around him and to find his way back home if he didn’t realize Taoist Strength of cause and effect.

God’s test has gone, the celestial stair has collapse, the next day morning.

Yang spirit has come back to his position, and turned in to primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power.

“Thanks for your protection when I was cultivating.”

Kris bowed to Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong, then he said to the crowd, “Thanks everyone for being my guardian!”

“Sovereign Lord, don’t say that, it’s what we should do.”

“That’s right, Sovereign Lord, that’s our duty!”

They echoed.

It’s a good thing for everyone that Kris’s strength has improved.

“Congratulations, master!”

Crane Spirit came with two prentices, and went down on bend knee.

“Get up!”

Kris laughed, “Let’s go, they should be waiting us!”

He waved his hand and brought three prentices back to his sect.

At this time, the sect has already received the message that Kris has been through the God’s test, and it set off celebrations in the sect and beyond!

Kris was generous, he spread spiritual stone to everyone including the dustmen. The whole Purple Fire Sect has been jubilant and joyful.

After he went through God’s test, Kris went to Gourd Space and went to Spiritual Fire Space.

The Gourd Ancestor encouraged Kris and gave him another gourd, this time it’s a yellow gourd, and it’s said to contain three attacks from the Gourd Ancestor and it could be used as the ace card in danger.

The old master of Purple Fire Sect has nothing for Kris except for fire. Kris has been treated extremely well after he came into office, he has an ocean of resources to help him reach the Holy Realm.

Now he’s at the top of the actualized spirit, and that’s a tipping point in breakthrough, so the split self of the old master of Purple Fire Sect said, “I have nothing good for you, so wait me send you a big one after I get out.”

Kris nodded his head and expressed his expectation for the big present from the old master of Purple Fire Sect.

He flashed back to the Sword Realm, and he started to open acupuncture points. This time, he will open up 129,600 acupuncture points to the Fulfilled period, and then use the power as heavy as a bolt of thunder that was sealed in the 54,000 Dongtian world to open Dongtian!

It was a long, long process.

It took Kris ten years to successfully open up the remaining 70,000 or so acupuncture points, spending hundreds of billions of spiritual stones.

Now, Kris’s strength has reached the Fulfilled period, and he has reached the Fulfilled period of the actualized spirit, the Divine Spiritual Power and primal spirit was improving slowly. Kris needed more Divine Spiritual Power and Yang spirit related techniques, and he needed to deduct the techniques that are directly related to the Taoist of Yang spirit!

As for the physical body, it has not grown much over the years and is still in the early stage of the actualized spirit.

But it’s enough for now.

After leaving the Sword Realm, Kris decided it was time to go out for a walk.

He was already a hundred years old, to be exact.

He’s one hundred years old, but he looked like he was in his early twenties, this’s the charm of cultivation.

His lifespan also skyrocketed to three million years!

In all likelihood, he will look like this for the next three million years.

After talking to the Gourd Ancestor and explaining some things to Taoist Lord Huayu and Taoist Lord Shenglong, Kris then refined the first class treasure, the Three Life Embryo, from the treasury of the Purple Fire Sect.

The successive Sovereign Lords were allowed to choose a first class treasure from the treasure trove, and Kris chose the Three Life Embryo, and no one said anything!

Although it’s not as good as the spiritual stone, but they’re quite similar. Although it’s not the perfect choice for a perfect incarnation, it’s still able to use Kris’s full power.

The only difference is that the foundation is not as strong as the holy embryo of spiritual stone and the Demon Body.

But Kris was already satisfied.

“From now on, you will be Beiyang, protecting the Purple Fire Sect!”

Kris placed the vest on his head on the Three Life Embryo.


Beiyang nodded, “I’m in charge of the Purple Fire Sect, so just go ahead and do it!”

Kris was so satisfied that he stepped out and left the Purple Fire Sect.

Four or five years had passed in a blink of an eye, and the image of him climbing up the mountain and climbing the million steps flashed in his mind.

Every step he took was planned and then acted; if not, he would not be where he was today.

When he arrived at the branch of Gengu No.1 Sect of the Nanli Fire Sect, he saw Muyang and others.

Over the past few years, the three of them had harvested no less than seven types of spirit fire and more than a dozen types of Strange Fire!

Kris wanted to absorb all the fires, but after thinking about it, he did not do so.

He simply allowed Yan Yang to devour and fuse these seeds of fire to complete his root.

Yan Yang improved a lot after absorbed spirit fire. Originally, the actualized spirit was his limit, but now, with the increase in his root and reserve, Yan Yang felt that he could even cultivate to a higher stage like Demon Kris, Yuan Kris and the others.

Kris was shocked by this discovery.

In ancient times, there was a God of Fire, whose body was just ordinary magma fire, but he devoured the fire of the earth’s core in accident, and finally went on the path of devouring fire. According to mythological records, the God of Fire devoured tens of thousands of kinds of spiritual fire.

Ten thousand years ago, the God of Fire and the God of Water caught on a fight and both fell, the scattered spirit fire created the present Nanli Fire City, and the God of Water to evolved into the vast Infinite Sea.

These may have been true in hundreds of millions of years ago, but after hundreds of millions of years, they have become legends.

It might be possible to put Yan Yang on the path of the ancient Fire God.

There are also Sword Yang, Wood Yang, Water Yang, and Golden Yang, all of which could follow this path.

Devouring five elements. Isn’t it true that Demon Kris has awakened the gift of devouring the five elements?

“Let Demon Kris go to deduct the Tao.”

Whatever kind of Tao it was, Kris wanted to try it, one couldn’t put all his eggs in the same basket.

After spending two days in the Gengu No.1 Sect and collecting many resources, Kris continued northward.

During the day, he traveled, and at night, he entered the Closing Door to open up the Dongtian world.

The sealed energy is so abundant that would be enough for him to open up all the remaining Dongtian into the lower Dongtian.

Kris simply threw all the spiritual stones into the acupuncture Dongtian, which not only nourished the acupuncture Dongtian, but also cut the need to shatter the spiritual stones.

Whether it was an Inferior Spiritual Stone or a Medium Spiritual Stone, Kris all accepted.

Half a month later, Kris arrived at the border of Nanli Fire City.

Although the Nanli Fire City teleportation array was gradually becoming more and more popular, Kris still preferred to measure it with his feet.

Now he was able to cross ten thousand miles in one step, and he used Shrink into Inches to the extreme.

Looking at the sea covered by gray mist, Kris saw countless rules and laws moving through it.

No wonder they said that even the actualized spirit could not pass through, not to mention the actualized spirit, even the Holy Realm was not capable!

Kris smiled, he stepped into the teleportation array, Kris entered the North Luzhou territory again after a feeling of weightlessness!

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