Oh, you bastard, you are shameless, nasty! “The blue-eyed beauty broke down.

Chuck has already pulled out her top, and he has no pity for her!

How can this be done?

“Won’t you let me go? I’ll ask you again!” Chuck said coldly.

“I won’t let you go, I won’t let you go!!” the blue-eyed beauty said annoyed.

This is a huge insult!

Chuck grabbed her clothes, “Will you let me go?”

“No, I’ll let you go, I’ll let you go!” The blue-eyed beauty was terrified. If she was seen by her own men, she would be ashamed!

“Counting you are acquainted, let you take it and throw me the gun,” Chuck said.

“Throw the gun!” the blue-eyed beauty screamed.

She was actually threatened by Chuck, she was angry!

He threw the gun, Chuck grabbed her, this was his hostage, and he had to send himself out by this blue-eyed beauty.

Chuck hijacked her and came out of the building. Many of the men of blue-eyed beauty chased her out. If the blue-eyed beauty had an accident, they would definitely not survive!

“Let me go, what do you want?” the blue-eyed beauty screamed!

“Let your men retreat!” Chuck pinched her neck!

“Cough, back, back.” The blue-eyed beauty coughed violently.

Under these hands, they looked at each other and could only move back, because Chuck didn’t have pity for their young lady, and he pinched her neck vigorously. The blue-eyed beauty was about to die.

“Let me go, or you will regret it!” Blue-eyed beauty threatened.

“No, I’ll say about it after I’m safe.” Chuck hijacked her and walked into the deep forest of the Amazon. He went in with the blue-eyed beauty and stared at the chasing people outside, “One step closer and I will kill her! “

“Let our lady go if she has even a little damage then your whole family is going to die!”

“Hurry up!”

These men were angry!

“If I’m safe then I will let her go,” Chuck was cold.

Not in a hurry, Chuck remembered this woman.

“Back! As long as I find you are following, I will strangle her!” Chuck said coldly.

The fingers are already hard!

“Cough!!” The blue-eyed beauty rolled her eyes asphyxiated.

How dare these subordinates follow? They immediately backed away.

“Don’t hurt Miss!” someone scolded!

“If you don’t follow me, I will let her go,” Chuck grabbed the blue-eyed beauty and backed away, slowly disappearing into the deep forest.

All the hands looked at each other!

“What to do! What to do! If something happens to Miss, all of us will not be able to survive!” Someone panicked.

“Follow, we must follow!”

“But, If we were discovered by that person. What if he jumps the wall in a hurry and kills the lady?”

These subordinates immediately found a way. After considering them, they decided that they must follow, let the best sniper follow, follow Chuck, and find a chance to shoot him!

Someone will prepare!

Otherwise, these subordinates can’t stand it.

But at this time, a person ran over in a panic, “It’s not good, someone broke in!”

“What?! How could someone break-in? Kill that person!”

The leader was angry, but a bullet came.


The leader was shot and it was headshot!!

The people at the scene were shocked!



When the bullet was shot, dozens of people at the scene were killed, and the marksmanship was too accurate.

Yes, Karen Lee and the others are here.

How could these men be the opponents of the four of them?

“Ah, forgive us, forgive us!”

The rest are afraid to beg for mercy!

Karen Lee came over indifferently. She, Yvette and the others had looked around inside just now, but they didn’t find Chuck.

They are a little flustered, are they looking in the wrong place?

“Say, is there a young Chinese man locked up here by you?” Karen Lee said coldly.

“Yes, yes.” Someone nodded hurriedly.

They didn’t see a person as terrifying as Karen Lee, her whole body full of murderous intent like an ice cube, this kind of fear made them fear in the bottom of their hearts.

“Where is that person?” Yvette was anxious.

“Escape, just caught our young lady and escaped.”

The four of them looked at each other. Escaped?

But we just came here!

Chuck escaped by himself?

“Where did he flee?” Logan asked eagerly.


Someone gave directions.

All four of them looked at Black Rose and then looked each other, Black Rose shot and killed everyone here.

Everyone here should die!

“I’ll go after it.”

Logan can’t bear it anymore. This is the Amazon forest. There are too many unknown dangers in it. Chuck has no experience in survival in the wild. This will cause big problems!

“I’ll go too!” Yvette was anxious.

“I’ll go too,” said Black Rose, now they are all here, and they missed Chuck.

Karen Lee looked at Chuck’s escape direction, and she suddenly smiled.

Yvette was stunned, Logan and Black Rose were stunned.

“My son has grown up. It seems that I underestimated my son. He actually escaped by himself.”

Karen Lee was happy. She has been worried to the extreme during this time. When she heard the news just now, she was astonished at first and then became happy.

This is a growth process. Now it seems that Chuck has grasped this matter. She should be happy when he is growing up.

This is an experience for Chuck. As a mother, knowing that Chuck is safe is enough. Didn’t she do this before?

“But this forest is too dangerous.” Logan was absolutely uneasy.

Inside, there are all kinds of poisonous snakes and spiders. Chuck doesn’t recognize them. What if he gets bitten?

“Well, you can find him,” Karen Lee agreed.

Logan, Yvette, and Black Rose ran into the deep forest immediately.

They wanted to see him soon.

An hour later, a helicopter flew over in the sky, and it was Betty who had brought people over.

Betty was surprised to see so many corpses at the scene, but she did not see Chuck either!

“Master Lee, this…” Betty got off the plane and all the people inside came out.

They are all well-trained people.

“Chuck was here, but Chuck escaped by himself,” Karen Lee said with a smile.

“Young Master escaped by himself?” Betty was shocked, how did he do it?

This place is heavily guarded!

“Yes, Logan, Yvette, Black Rose has already gone to look for it,” Karen Lee was relieved. The three of them looked separately, and one of them could find Chuck.

Betty breathed a sigh of relief, “Master is really amazing.”

Karen Lee smiled slightly, then her smile disappeared until it was cold, “Betty, who owns this place? Have you checked it out?”

“I found out, it belongs to the Luofu family,” Betty said.

“The Luofu family?” Karen Lee frowned. This is one of the four major families, but she doesn’t seem to have a conflict with them. Why do they do this? Karen Lee couldn’t figure it out a bit. If they wanted to deal with herself, then why didn’t they call her?

It’s so strange, what is going on!

“Yes, President Lee, what should we do with the Luofu family now?”

“Wait for Chuck to deal with it after he comes back!” Karen Lee wanted to ask Chuck’s opinion.

“Yes!” Betty nodded.

This really depends on what Chuck meant, and Karen Lee would absolutely agree to what Chuck said.

“Then we now?” Betty asked.

“Go back,” Karen Lee turned around.

“Can’t we wait for the young master?” Betty was worried.

“Wait, wait for him at home, my son has grown up, I should be happy.” Karen Lee smiled slightly. She went from worry to happiness. This process is really indescribable. Fortunately, Chuck has grown up and learned that he is saving himself. That was a good thing.

Betty breathed a sigh of relief and got on the plane with Karen Lee, and some people stayed to deal with this place.

In the forest, Yvette, Logan, and Black Rose have chased them a long distance.

But they didn’t catch it. Chuck probably didn’t stop at all in order to avoid the chase of those people.

“This won’t work, we must find them separately!” Logan suggested.

No one else is chasing it anymore. The only danger is from the Amazon forest. Then you can find them separately!

“Well, I agree.”

“I agree.”

Yvette, Black Rose has no opinion, and the chances of finding them separately are still much higher.

“Then everyone, be careful,”



“I’m going in this direction,”

“I’ll go over there.”

Yvette and Black Rose left, Logan was looking in another direction. She had to find Chuck to be able to feel at ease. Otherwise, she would be very flustered.

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