Chapter 577 – 578: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 577: Finally Reunion

“As soon as I stepped in here, I saw the karma thread more clearly.”

Although Kris’s Taoist Strength has not yet evolved into a rule of Karma, he can already deduce many things.

The distance between these two karma threads was only ten thousand miles, so Kris decided to go to the nearest place first to have a look.

Of course, Kris is still billion miles away from the nearest place. He walked several steps, and the sceneries around him flashed in seconds.


Kris frowned as he looked at the gate below, the owner of the sturdy karma line was inside the sect.

He hadn’t been here at all; his avatars hadn’t come here either after they exchanged information.

“That’s odd!” Kris pondered and calculated, but the result all shocked him, “The owner of this karma thread is my kin?

“Isn’t this bullshit?”

Kris even wondered if he had made a mistake, but he had made several calculations all showed this result.

“Forget it, let’s find that person first!”


“Come on, if you bark like a dog, I’ll give you food!”

A 14- or 15-years old boy crouched in front of a dog cage, holding a rice ball in his hand to tease the person in the dog cage.

“Yuck, I won’t bark if I were starving to death!”

Buhui Yuan looked at him with hatred in his eyes. That boy’s name is Lin Yang, the first grandson of Redcloud, and his talent is so poor that he can be said to have no roots for cultivation at all.

However, half a year ago, he was suddenly enlightened and became one of the top geniuses in the Earth Spirit Sect.

The reason was simple, Redcloud discovered Buhui Yuan’s extraordinary talent, and finally used a special method to confirm that Buhui Yuan possessed the Five Elements Spiritual Root.

This is recognized as one of the finest roots in the cultivation world.

It is not only close to the five elements of spirit, but also can help the owner cultivates five times faster than normal people, with Five Elements Spiritual Root, you can open divine-grade acupuncture points in a blink of an eye.

Redcloud probed Buhui Yuan’s body with magic power and found that he’s really divine-grade acupuncture points.

After he confirmed Buhui Yuan’s roots, he was so delighted that he felt if Buhui Yuan could be improved well, then he would be a pillar in his sect.

However, even if he’s a real genius, he’s someone else’s son. So he thought of his stupid grandson, Lin Yang!

Tiangang Yuan never expected that he would almost get Buhui Yuan killed after send him to the Earth Spirit Sect!

In the second month after he left, Buhui Yuan’s spiritual roots were dug out.

After his roots were taken away, Redcloud didn’t treat Buhui well, but treated him like animal.

Lin Yang even kept him in a dog cage and teased at him every day.

At that moment, Redcloud came out and saw Lin Yang was teasing Buhui, he was upset immediately, “Ling, what are you doing?”


Lin Yang turned back to see that it was Redcloud, he stood up in a hurry.

“Ha, now that you have Five Element Spiritual Root, but you waste your time teasing animal instead of cultivating properly, do you want me to withdraw the spiritual root?”

What? Take back spiritual roots?

Lin Yang’s face was pale with fear and knelt on the ground, “Grandpa, let me explain, it was him… It was this kid who scolded me first. I brought him food kindly, but he didn’t thank me, he even spat on me.”

He said, pointing to the spittle on his shoes, which was mixed with blood.

Redcloud frowned and looked at Buhui in the cage, who’s eyes were full of hatred.

The look of resentment that appeared on the face of a four- or five-year-old child was very shocking.

He sighed in his heart, “Your family is to blame for sending you here. Since you are so resentful of the pain, I’d better help you out.”

At this point, his face turned cold, and he took out his sword, walking step by step toward the cage, “You deserve to die for disturbing my grandson’s cultivation.”

Lin Yang’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat when he heard the words from Redcloud, but fortunately, he was safe this time.

Buhui laughed miserably, “Mother, don’t miss me…”

Redcloud looked indifferent and was about to swing his sword to kill Buhui, just at this moment, a monstrous momentum fell from the sky.


The long sword in his hand fell to the ground.


Kneeling straight on the ground, he crashed into the stone slab and his knees caught into the rubble, even his kneecaps were shattered!

The immense pressure directly crushed him to the ground, making it difficult for him to even breathe.

Lin Yang wasn’t much better, as it almost shattered his bones all over his body.

“You can die!”

At this moment, a cold voice was heard as if it came from the heaven, or hell.

A young man dressed in a blue robe fell from the sky slowly.

It was Kris!

“You… Who are you, who the hell are you!”

Redcloud tried desperately to raise her head, but he couldn’t.

Kris didn’t say a word, and as he stepped forward, the space was frozen wherever he went.

When he saw the thin child locked in the cage, Kris understood everything, the feeling of blood connection couldn’t be wrong, absolutely couldn’t be wrong!

The eyes of the child in the cage were malevolent, but then he showed a hint of confusion.

He felt the person in front of him was so soft and he wanted to get close to him subconsciously.

“I’m sorry, I’m late!”

The steel cage turned to dust in Kris’s hands as he leaned over and held the thin and bony child in his arms. The hollow-eyed child looked like had been starving and malnourished for a long time.

It was already the middle of winter, and the child only wore a single t-shirt.

At this moment, he felt so warm, the uncle was so warm, and all the coldness have gone.

“Boy, what is your name?”

Kris tried to keep his emotions calm.

“I… Uncle, we… Uncle, we… Do we know each other?”

Buhui didn’t reply, but there was a deep guard in his eyes.

This hint of caution made Kris want to go crazy.

He gently caressed his head, the devouring Taoist Strength was running, and all the vitality of the spirit plants of the Earth Spirit Sect was snatched away by him.

Then it was transformed into a gentle life force, and it nourished Buhui’s body bit by bit, which looked like it could be extinguished at any time.

Buhui’s acupuncture points all collapsed, the roots for cultivation were dug up, his energy and blood decayed, and even his veins dried up.

“Good, good, good!”

Kris couldn’t hold back his anger any longer, his desire to kill revealed instantly, and the entire Earth Spirit Sect was enveloped in his horror energy.

Inside the Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone) of the Earth Spirit Sect, Sovereign Lord, Lord of Yuqian suddenly opened his eyes, and he came to the courtyard where Redcloud was in a second.

He was accompanied by dozens of sovereign elders, even those predecessors in Closing Door have also been disturbed and came out.

Dozens of lords, hundreds of primal spirits, this is all the Earth Spirit Sect has.

“Who are you that dare to intrude into our Earth Spirit Sect!”

One of the elders yelled at him, Kris just looked at him, and a thunderbolt came down from the sky, and the accumulated spirit elder was killed by the thunderbolt even before to let out a scream, not scraps left.

“Uncle Wanzai!”

His uncle was a powerful cultivator in the Middle period of accumulated spirit, and even he was no match for him, but he didn’t expect his uncle to die directly under a thunderbolt, and even a little spiritual intelligence couldn’t escape.


Dark clouds rolled in the sky, and the energy of heaven and earth covered everyone in it, “Whoever moves will die!”

At that moment, everyone was imprisoned.

“Actualized spirit Daoist Lord! Words are the law!”

Lord of Yuqian couldn’t help but yell!

What, actualized spirit Taoist Lord?

Redcloud was so despair, he did not understand when had he provoked the actualized spirit.

At this moment, he caught a glimpse of Buhui in the arms of Kris, and he understood, he understood everything!

Kris retreated his killing intent, used his vitality to stop Buhui’s injuries from worsening, took out a high-grade divine elixir, and took out a spirit marrow and incorporated the elixir into it.

With Kris protecting him, there was no need to worry that the medicine would burst his small, feeble body.

“Here, drink this and you’ll recover your strength!”

Drooped his eyelids, Buhui regained some energy. And didn’t know why, he really wanted to get close to Kris once he looked at Kris.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the spiritual liquid.

“Uncle, I’m so comfortable!”

Buhui felt a warm current flowing through his limbs, a feeling like being in his mother’s arms, which was reassuring and warm indescribably.

Kris washed his body over and over again, and the Earth Spirit Sect was silent during the process.

Not even birds dared to fly overhead.

Buhui’s thin body has been grow up at a visible rate, and the brilliance in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

After two hours, Buhui finally gained strength, but his injuries were too deep that even tens of times worse than Chennan.

Chennan’s uncle was at least a superb powerful man at actualized spirit, and digging away Chennan’s roots only stole his possibility of reaching the highest level.

In contrast, Redcloud was only in the Fulfilled period of Pill formation, and he was so despicable that he almost destroyed all of Buhui’s future and life.

If Kris had come a few days later, this child would have been doomed.

“Tell me, what is your name!”

Kris looked at him with a kind face, showing the greatest goodwill to him.

Buhui thought for a moment, although he didn’t know who this person was, but he saved himself, that’s for sure.

His own five spiritual roots had been dug up, and there was nothing worthy of stealing by other people, “My name is Buhui Yuan!”.

Hearing this name, Kris sighed, “Your last name is really Yuan!”

“Did your mother name you Buhui to tell me that she will never regret?”

“Uncle, do you know my mother?”

Buhui asked curiously.

“Yes, I know!”

Kris took a deep breath, “Is your mother’s name Xuefei Yuan?”

“Yes. Were you sent by my mother to save me?”

Buhui’s little face delighted.

Kris didn’t say anything, but his heart was burning with anger, what happened, why was Buhui here, and what did she do as a mother?

There is no doubt that Buhui being a direct line of descent of him.

As to why Xuefei Yuan got pregnant, maybe that was when he first entered the Sword Realm a few years ago, he was set up by the Kekkai Immortal, who cast the Seductive Spell!

He now understood everything, that this boy is the reincarnation of the evil Kekkai Immortal.

But so what? Buhui now is his own son, and he no longer has any memories of his past lives after all.

Even if he achieved the actualized spirit in the future and recalled the memories of his past life, Buhui’s still his own son!

Seeing Kris’s angry face, Buhui was startled, “Uncle, are you angry?”

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Kris touched Buhui’s little head, “I’m not angry!”

“I’m not your uncle, you should call me… Dad!”

“Dad? Are you my father?”

Buhui was stunned!

And Redcloud on the ground has been scared to death, “This little beast’s father is actually an actualized spirit Taoist Lord!

Lin Yang was also scared to pee in his pants and tears rolled down his eyes. People who were imprisoned in the sky were all dumbfounded.

“That’s right.”

Kris looked at Buhui with a guilty face, “I know you have a lot of doubts in your heart, but after we leave here, I will tell you everything.”

“But before that, you tell me why you came here and what did they do to you!”

Chapter 578: Father’s Teaching

When Buhui Yuan looked at Kris Chen, it was no wonder that he had a sense of closeness to him, even if it was only the first time he had seen him, he could not help but felt at ease with him.

However, a surge of anger arose in his heart, “Why did you abandon me and my mother, do you know how much my mother has suffered over the years?”

Tears slipped from Buhui’s face, and his eyes were full of resentment.

Kris felt guilty and remained silent, but current around him became more and more frightening. Finally Buhui was tired of crying and looked at Kris, “So will you still leave this time?”

“No, I won’t!”

Kris gently wiped away the tears from Buhui’s face.

“So then, I have a father!”

Buhui never hated Kris, because Xuefei Yuan told him that his father was a world-famous hero, who saved a city by himself. He was a man who deserved the admiration of all.

Xuefei didn’t let Buhui hold a grudge against Kris, that’s why she named him “Buhui” (Buhui means no regret in Chinese)

“Tell me what has happened, my kid!”

Kris didn’t want to use deduction, he wanted the child to tell him exactly what was going on.

Thinking about it, Buhui told the whole story.

“You shall die, all of you!”

Kris was so furious that the world lost its colour.

Even the space trembled with terror.

The Lord of Yuqian was incomparably terrified and angry as he looked at the kneeling Xiaozi Chi.

“Damn it, you’ve done such a heinous thing!”

If he had known that Xiaozi had taken an actualized spirit’s son as his apprentice, he would have raised him as a disciple of the sect.

His clan was almost ruined because of this fool.

“Calm down, please, seniors!”

Yuqian said in a frightened voice, “It’s our Earth Spirit Sect’s fault, but the main fault lied with Xiaozi, and we don’t know anything about it. No matter what you want, we would unconditionally agree!

In front of such a strong man, you have to honestly admit your mistake and maybe there’s a chance of survival.

Kris didn’t say anything and looked at Buhui, “Should I take revenge for you or do you want to do it by yourself!

Buhui thought for a moment and said without hesitation: “I want to take my own revenge, I want to personally trample these people underfoot!”

“All right!”

Kris nodded, for it seemed that Buhui was a wise, gifted boy, and had an iron-like mind.

However, he was delighted but more ashamed at the same time.

Although he only just learned that his own son was living outside, it was his fault. His son must have been having a hard time all these years!

He must compensate his child a hundred times, a thousand times, and ten thousand times.

“Listen, you two, take care of yourself, and five years later, my son will personally come and take your heads.”

Kris stood underground, his voice was not loud, but the brutal momentum made everyone feel like an ice cellar.

From this moment on, Kris left a very deep mark on Buhui’s heart.

“Go, I will take you home!”

Then, Kris left the Earth Spirit Sect with Buhui, and everyone who was imprisoned also recovered their ability to move.

Everyone was glad that they survived in the disaster.

Yuqian looked down at the two beasts, “From today, you two will spend five years in the Closing Door in the Earth Spirit Realm, and in addition to that, cut off the entire Xiaozi lineage!

The small Pill-Condensation Stage almost ruined the entire sect. The Lord of Yuqian decided to initiate an investigation in the entire sect. If such things happen again, they would all be killed.

Kris did not know, nor was he interested in knowing what happened to the Earth Spirit Sect, which was an inferior sect that could be destroyed with a single slap.

With Buhui in his arms, Kris flashed into the Sword Realm and into the world of the coffin!

When Buhui entered the Sword Realm, he just looked around curiously and didn’t ask. He’s really a good boy.

Kris was impressed by his determination.

However, the caution in his eyes had not yet been removed.

“This is a small world, and also a magic weapon of mine. We will rest here for a while!”

Kris smiled and touched his head. Buhui was hurt seriously, and only when he fully recovered, Kris would be able to bury the Supreme Demon Bone in his body.

He could never have imagined that the hundreds of Law he had asked the Gourd Ancestor for would ultimately save his own children.

Buhui nodded, but eventually couldn’t resist asking, “Why did you leave me and my mother behind?”


Kris sighed, thought about it and told the story, but many of the scenes were changed.

It was no longer important whether Xuefei was at fault or not, what really matters was that she gave birth to Buhui for him.

From Buhui’ words he could feel that Xuefei did not blame him, and even told Buhui that he was a great strong hero.

With this, Kris felt that he owed her a lot.

Kris took all the blame on himself and touched Buhui’s head, “My kid, it was my fault in the past, but from now on, I won’t let you suffer any grievances. If anyone tries to bully you, I will kill him!”

Buhui smiled, one of the biggest regrets in his heart was gone, and the heart that had been hanging over for half a year finally dropped, and he fell asleep.

Kris checked him out and was relieved to learn that he was only sleeping.

While he was sleeping, Kris took a law out of the red gourd and began cultivating the Supreme Demon Bone.

What kind of junk was that Five Elements Spiritual Root?

Even if Buhui was an invalid with no talent for cultivation, Kris could train him to be a first-class genius!

Buhui slept for three days and three nights, the magical pills constantly improved and repaired his depleted flesh and vitality, and even recovered much of his mental injuries.


The moment Buhui woke up, he shouted, looking at the empty thatched hut and feeling infinitely terrified!

As soon as he jumped out of bed, he saw Kris sitting by the lake not far away and making magical pills.

Kris looked back and saw the little guy standing in the doorway looking over him!

With a wave, the little one’s body flew towards him.

Buhui was held in his arms. He was startled as he looked at the medicinal liquid burned by the spiritual fire, “Dad, why don’t you need a furnace to refine pills?”

At the age of four, the little guy had read all the scriptures in the Yuan family’s Scripture Pavilion and knew that an alchemist’s stove was needed to make pills.

“Are you interested in making pills? Dad teach you how to do it, okay?”

“It’s great!”

Buhui nodded.

“My alchemy comes from a book called The Thousand Golden Pills, which contains a lot of magical pills and techniques for making pills.”

Kris did not pour all the methods directly into Buhui’s head, but spoke to him word by word.

He spoke very seriously, and Buhui also listened very seriously.

He had a good memory, and with the Taoist sound Kris had added, Buhui quickly understood it.

Soon an hour passed, Buhui said happily, “Dad, I have remembered it all, and I could understand it all!”

But he wasn’t happy for long and then became depressed, “But I won’t be able to cultivate anymore, my Five Elements Spiritual Root has been taken away by Lin Yang.”

“But it doesn’t matter, I practised to protect my mother, and now that dad is back, my mother and I don’t have to be wronged anymore.”

No matter how great he was, he’s only a child under five years old.

Kris touched his little head, with eyes full of love, “Don’t worry. Daddy still has the Supreme Spiritual Root that is a thousand and ten thousand times better than the Five Elementss Spiritual Root. When your injury recovers, daddy will give it to you!”

Buhui showed a look of horror, “Daddy, is this spiritual root taken from a person?”

Kris was stunned, then laughed and shook his head, “Of course not, I wouldn’t do that!”

“This spiritual root was gathered by Dad with great magical power, which is called Supreme

Demon Bone. It’s famous even in the ancient times.”

“It has since disappeared as the spirit of heaven and earth has weakened and the laws have been perfected.”

Buhui did not seem to understand, this was too profound for him, but from Kris’s words he also realized that the Supreme Demon Bone was much, much better than the Five Elementsal Spiritual Roots.

And it’s not from anyone else.


At this moment, a thunderclap fell from the sky. Kris blew out his breath and the thunder dissipated.

High-grade magical pills, the Divine Origin Pills, were made.

A magical pill as white as jade and printed with nine auspicious clouds appeared on the hands of Kris, “Come and swallow this magical pill, and your injury will be completely healed.”

Buhui nodded obediently and swallowed the magical pill.

Kris carefully supported him by his side, so that the medicine was absorbed by the little guy in the gentlest way possible, and the inexhaustible amount was sealed on all parts of his body.

Even the accumulated spirit needed to take some time to digest it, not to mention that he was only at the back-to-self stage.

“Daddy, I feel so warm!”

Buhui fell asleep in Kris’s arms, and his little face rounded up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The little hands became fleshy, and he looked very energetic!

“Good, now we can bury Supreme Demon Bone!”

Kris injected the already refined Supreme Demon Bone into the little guy’s body, and a hint of pain appeared on the sleeping face of the little guy.

But he soon became calm.

Kris carefully observed the fusion of Supreme Demon Bone. Just like that, ten days had passed in the Sword Realm.

Kris was relieved when they were fully integrated, and next, the little guy only needed to adapt to the Supreme Demon Bone.

In the following days, Kris forgot to practice and stayed with the little guy whole-heartedly.

Buhui was also gradually getting rid of the pain.

With the teaching of Kris, Buhui’s strength increased rapidly.

This strength referred to Buhui’s physical strength.

He fully understood the benefits of physical strength.

Kris had also taught him the complete version of the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, as well as the Nameless Sword Tactics, which the youngster was handy in practicing.

In just half a year, Buhui had perfected the first round of the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, and Kris found a Five Elements Sword Fetus to give the youngster Sword Energy.

Kris had refined a divine ring, which had five levels, each of which contained a huge amount of magical treasures and weapons, but each level had a seal that one must reach corresponding stage to break.

And it must be reached by soul, magic and body together!

Although Kris loved his child, he wouldn’t spoil him.

In spare time, Kris would like to teach Buhui the principles and knowledge of life.

And even played games with him!

These six months had also been the happiest time since the little guy could remember things!

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