Chapter 579 – 580: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 579: To Kill Renjie Yuan

Bugui Yuan always missed his mother. On this day, he found Kris Chen and said, “Daddy, shall we go back to find my mother?”

Kris did not refuse and carried Buhui out of the Sword Realm.

Half a year in the Sword Realm was equivalent to 18 days outside!

In just eighteen days, however, Buhui was as strong as a calf. His eyes were glazed over and his body had a strength of over a million kilograms.

“It’s time to end it.”

Kris thought to himself.

But Kris was not worried. He took the little one on a tour, and taught him by examples.

It’s true that parents are a child’s best teachers. The little guy acted and spoke more and more like Kris, and he had become more confident.


Meanwhile, the Yuans in an unnamed town!

Half a month ago, Renjie Yuan defeated Tiangang Yuan and Tu Yan by himself, and became the new Yuan Family Head.

One of the first things Renjie did when he took office was to abolish his own surname Yuan(元)and change it to Yuan(袁).

They were the Yuan(袁)family not the Yuan(元)family!

This incident made everyone in the Yuan family feel proud because they thought Tiangang was too cowardly.

The second thing was a marriage with the Wang family, the number one cultivator in the neighbouring Peace Town.

The married one was none other than Xuefei Yuan!

The eldest son of the Wang family was a fool, he didn’t mind that Xuefei had had a child with another, she was a second-hand item!

“The bitch still doesn’t agree, does she?”

“Yes, she and her maid Yujie have been on hunger strike for a week!”

Yuan’s maid, who was guarding the door, said.

“Well, do you think you can defy my will with this?”

Renjie snorted coldly and shouted at the inside, “Xuefei, you have a baby without marriage and have brought shame to the Yuan family, a marriage with the Wang family is the only way out for you, the Wang family will come to take over you later, if you resist, it’s hard to say if Tiangang will still be alive!”

Immediately, a scream came from the room, and then the door opened, Xuefei leaned on the door feebly, “You beast, what have you done to my father?”

“Are you finally out? Aha?”

Renjie sneered and walked over, slapped on Xuefei’s face, and suddenly there was a bright red slap mark on her face, blood oozing out of the corner of her mouth, “Bitch, If it wasn’t for you to look a little pretty, I would have had you slapped to death, you shameless slut!”

Yujie cried and rushed out to help Xuefei up.

“You’re quite loyal as a little maidservant, and I’m still short of a foot-warming girl for me.

Rather than giving you away to the Wang family idiot, you’d be better off staying at home, which is also the waste-reuse!”

Then, two Yuan family’s big men rushed out from behind, and they were about to pull them away!

“Bang bang!”

At this moment, the screams of the Yuan family’s man were heard from outside.


It’s the voice of a little boy!

This voice was not from someone else, but Buhui, the voice Xuefei had been longing to hear day and night.

“It’s Buhui, he is back!”

Xuefei was both happy and frightened, happy that Buhui returned, and frightened because now her father had lost control of the family. It was very dangerous for him to come back now!

“Bang bang!”


The screams got closer and closer, and then a fierce little boy came around the corner and looked at his mother and Aunt Yujie, who were lying on the ground, the little guy was furious!


“Miss, it’s the Young Master, it’s the Young Master back!”

Yujie exclaimed.

Renjie was also annoyed, “Are you all rubbish? You couldn’t even stop a little doll!”

Although he said so, he was surprised. He heard that the old man had spent a lot of money to send Buhui to the Earth Spirit Sect, so he was now a disciple of the Earth Spirit Sect!

Even if he is an outer disciple, I have to be careful!

Looking at Buhui, Renjie said, “Why aren’t you cultivating in the Earth Spirit Sect now? What are you doing back here?”

“Did you hit my mother?”

Seeing the bright red palm mark on Xuefei’s face, Buhui was furious, “You bastard dared to hit my mother!”

“How could you talk to your uncle in this way?”

Renjie was afraid that Buhui was coming with the elders of his master, but he found no one looking around.

“Bah, I don’t have an uncle like you!”

“Where is your master? Is that how he taught you?”

“I don’t have a master!”

Buhui said.

No master?

“Have you been expelled?”

Seeing that Buhui did not say anything, he knew he had guessed correctly.

“You little bastard, the family spent a lot of resources to send you to the Earth Spirit Sect, and you’ve been expelled, now I’m going to punish you severely!”

He said and waved his palm.

This boy was born with divine power and extraordinary talent, so no one knew if he had practised any powerful skills in the Earth Spirit Sect in the past six months.


Xuefei shouted hysterically, “Run! Buhui! You are not his opponent!”

“Mother, how do you know if I don’t fight!”

“Shaking Fist!”

Buhui threw a punch, and the force of a million kilograms stroke away.


More than a dozen punches hit on the same place at the same position against Renjie’s palm.


In that instant, Renjie’s metacarpal was shattered by a massive force!

What’s more, the powerful impact spread to his elbow and wrist.

With just one hit, Renjie’s right hand was ruined and his body flew out!

This scene made everyone dumbfounded!

Xuefei stopped crying, and Yujie on the side was directly stunned.

“You hurt my mother, I’ll kill you!”

“Five Elements Sword Tao, cut him down!”

Hundreds of Five Elements Sword Light condense in his.


The sword light swept across with extreme speed.

Renjie was cut down even without a chance to resist.

With the power of the Sword Fetus and the overlapping power of the Nameless Sword Tactics, Renjie, in Middle period of the Pill formation, was no match for Buhui.

After killing Renjie, Buhui was very calm, for he had done a lot of righteous deeds in his time with Kris, and had killed someone by himself.


Xuefei ran over in hurry and hugged Xuefei.

“Buhui, my son…”

Xuefei held the little one in her arms as tears streamed down her face, and Yujie wept with joy.

After a trip to the Earth Spirit Sect, Buhui became so powerful.

After holding and crying for a while, Xuefei came back to her senses, “How did you come back by yourself? Have you already broken through the Pill formation?”

“No, mom, I…”

When Buhui was about to say that he had come back with his father, the sound of gongs and drums came from outside.

“What about the Yuan family? Where the hell have you been, we are coming for the bride!”

A big, rugged man stood in the doorway, followed by hundreds of others, and a snot-nosed fool in groom’s garb stood by the palanquin giggling, “I have a bride, I have a bride…”

Seeing this scene, numerous townspeople stopped to watch and talk.

The big man who came to take over the bride frowned and was very upset, “What the fuck is going on, no one has come out to greet us after all this time?”

“You, get in there and see!”

“Yes, my Master!”

A servant trotted in. After a long time, the servant still did not come out!

Tengzhi Wang had a bad feeling about it, “Let’s go in together!”

When the group entered the gates, they found the Yuan family all lying on the ground groaning, and the servant they had called in had already been knocked unconscious.

In the hall, Tiangang Yuan and Tu Yan had been rescued by Buhui.

The two stopped the three people including Xuefei behind them, holding weapons in hand, and didn’t say anything, but looked at him with a resentful expression!

Tengzhi was also shocked to see the two of them, “Why are you here?”

“I see, Renjie is a useless piece of shit, and he’s so useless that let you escape!”

It turned out that Renjie and the Wang family had worked together to defeat Tiangang and Tu Yan.

Tengzhi was there too!

“Today I’m here to pick up the bride, hand her over now and I’ll pretend nothing happened, otherwise…”

“What if not?”

Buhui came out from behind. It was a funny and hilarious scene as the little brat and Tengzhi confronted each other.

Tengzhi was stunned and burst into anger, “Well, well, how dare you insult me like that!”

Then, the long knife in his hand gathered a powerful flame.

“Roaring Flame Slash!”

He was not a kind-hearted person, no matter whether you were a child or a pregnant woman, he would still kill you if he wanted.

“Five Elements Sword Tao, cut!”

A sword light cut out and collided with the blade.


The explosion created a wave of air that forced them both to take a step backwards.

Tengzhi was even more annoyed that he hadn’t killed the boy with one move!

Buhui narrowed his eyes. This person was stronger than Renjie, and he did not even kill him with a single move.

“Father said I’m still too young to carry more power on my flesh. After the Pill formation and the initial development of the Supreme Demon Bone, I will be able to become even stronger.”

To think that he had an extra sword in his hand, obviously an excellent treasure!

It was sufficient for Back-to-self stage in Fulfilled period to use such an excellent treasure.

With a thought, a thousand lines of Sword Energy condensed, which was the limit of his Sword Energy condensation.

Invisible Sword Energy, which he hadn’t quite understood yet, could only be used by him very simply. But that’s enough!

“Half-Moon Slash!”

The colorful Sword Energy cut out at a speed that exceeded the speed of sound and was in front of Tengzhi in the next second.


Tengzhi was horrified: what kind of sword move is this!

He hurriedly held up his magical weapons shield, which was instantly crumbling without collapsing as the sword light cut into it!

“What terrible power!”

It’s a defensive treasure of medium-grade spirit weapon, and it was almost cut through by this child.

This boy was not ordinary. There must be a big secret about him!

If I can catch him and question him, I’ll be in for a treat!

With the shield removed, Tengzhi unleashed his mana, the flames on the knife condensed ten metres, and the scorching heat almost set the scrolls on either side of the hall on fire, which produced a frightening atmosphere.

“Mosuo Flowing Cloud Step!”

Tengzhi’s figure was like a ghost, and his large hands grabbed at Buhui.

Tiangang and Tu Yan had already made plans to fight Tengzhi as their injuries continued to worsen. Unexpectedly, he was going to capture Buhui!

“Flowing Fairy Step!”

Buhui took a mysterious step, his figure exploded and retreated. That instantaneous eruption was so fast that not even a shadow could be seen.

The Flowing Fairy Step was a new step enhanced by Kris based on Floating Skill!

Now, however, it was still quite a big drain on Buhui.

The acupuncture points opened up by Buhui were not too good, just ordinary first-grade acupuncture points, but Kris didn’t want him to practice the melting skill either. This is because once his Supreme Demon Bone had been officially developed, he would be able to break his own limits, ten, twenty or even more times!

There was no need to practise melting skill at all.

Chapter 580: To Kill Tengzhi Wang

Of course, if he wanted to open it, he could use it as a second mana pool.

At critical times, it could definitely play a decisive role.

There were also melting skills at the third level, but he had to wait until he opened the seal at the third level. And these all came after the accumulated spirit.

“I have to finish this fight quickly, my Genuine Vital Energy is running out, it consumes faster than I thought!”

Buhui Yuan stepped on the Flowing Fairy Step and pulled with Tengzhi Wang.

The other party was an expert in Pill Formation, and he was able to slay Renjie Yuan solely because he was careless. He had cultivated the Nine-Step Iron Figure Skill, with a physical strength of almost a million kilograms.

But Tengzhi was defending it.

“It looks like I have to think of a way to get in close to attack him!”

With a twinkle in his eye, Buhui thought of a good idea.

After a dozen rounds of tugging and pulling, Tengzhi grew more and more manic, thinking that he was being played by a half-grown boy.

“Boom Boom!”

He wielded a long sword, and its blade cut through the hall, making a mess on the floor.

Tiangang Yuan and Tu Yan were able to resist the blade, which was far from being able to be resisted by the two girls Xuefei Yuan and Yujie.

Tiangang was overjoyed, and it seemed that he was right to send Buhui to the Earth Spirit Sect more than half a year ago.

He didn’t expect to fight with the second son of the Wang family for so long.

In the sky, Kris Chen had these all in his sights. But would never take action unless it was life-threatening.

What’s experience, this was experience.

Kris’s son was definitely not a useless dude.

Kris left him with these resources, just let him win at the starting line, and to reach the top, he still needed to rely on his own efforts.

After a dozen more rounds, Buhui found his Genuine Vital Energy decreased rapidly, and although the Flowing Fairy Step was fast, it was too draining.

He remembered what his father had said, no matter what kind of battle it was, he had to fight quickly to reach greatest strength in a limited time.

If there was no space, create space for himself.

Thinking of this, he slowed down, and Tengzhi had been teased for so long, he was already violent.

Seeing Buhui slowing down, Tengzhi was overjoyed, “Boy, there is no Genuine Vital Energy, I’ll see what would you do!”

“Rage Step!”

Afterwards, Tengzhi’s speed instantly doubled, his feet were off the ground and he was already flying through the air.

Buhui breathed heavily, showed a trace of horror in his eyes, which was captured by Tengzhi.

“I won’t let you get away with this!”

Buhui gritted his teeth and his figure soared again. However, two seconds later, on the right side of the hall, Buhui stopped, his hands on his knees, sweat dripping out, his face flushed with excessive force!

“Run, why don’t you run!”

Tengzhi walked over with a sardonic smile.

“Buhui, come here!”

Tiangang was shocked and hurriedly shouted.

This time he couldn’t think carefully and just burned his own blood, suppressing his injuries for a short time in exchange for a powerful burst of energy!

“Tengzhi, don’t hurt my grandson!”

The power of the burst of burning blood directly caused Tiangang to soar from the early to middle period of Pill formation!

“Family Head!”

Tu Yan’s eyes were widely opened, his muscles soared, and blood vessels lay like thick tree roots beneath his skin.

He took a sideways path, generating power through external strength.

His figure transformed into a shadow and struck towards Tengzhi!

Tengzhi sneered, how could these two idiots be his opponents!

As long as they could withstand the first two blows, they were like fish on the chopping block.

“Holy Light Armour!”

Seeing that the surface of his body was about to be covered by a protective light shield again, at this very instant, Buhui moved!

“Shaking Fist!”

The tiny fist hit him under the ribs and it was because of this light punch that Tengzhi’s ribs were instantly shattered and the tremendous force of the blow shattered his heart.


Even with his inner armour on, he could not resist.

His spine was also broken by the punch.


Tengzhi turned into an arc and even the wall was broken.

The scene stunned everyone.

Tiangang was stunned, and so was Tu Yan.

Xuefei ran over in tears and looked up and down to see if Buhui had been injured.

The people of the Wang family who came to welcome the bride were instantly stunned and fled everywhere, only the Wang family’s idiot stood by the palanquin and smirked.

“Run, Master Wang has been killed, go and inform the Family Head!”


After solving Tengzhi, Buhui sighed and squeezed his fists. As expected, physical strength could play a decisive role at critical times.


At this moment Tiangang vomited blood, his time to burn blood was up, and with the serious injuries he had sustained, he was almost dead at this point!

“Family Head!”

Tu Yan quickly helped Tiangang, “magical pills, get magical pills…”

“No… no, these magical pills won’t cure me!”

Xuefei also rushed over and burst out crying.

“Father…you will be fine, you must be fine!”

“My daughter, people always die!”

Tiangang coughed up a mouthful of blood and looked at Buhui, who was standing beside him with a complicated look, “Child, are you still blaming me for sending you to the Earth Spirit Sect?”

Buhui didn’t say anything, of course he hated it.

He would not have been treated inhumanly if he had not sent himself to that evil place.

But Buhui was also moved by the fact that Tiangang had burned himself to save Buhui.

He thought of what his dad had said about looking past the symptoms of an issue to its essence!

What’s the essence of Tiangang? It’s about wishing Buhui well and making him a success!

In the Yuan family, Renjie Yuan would certainly bully him and even blackmail his mother.

Maybe even kill him!

Buhui unclenched his fist and he looked up at the sky, where Kris Chen was smiling at him.

He thought for a moment and took out the extremely precious magical pill, which his dad had given him earlier and told him to take at the most dangerous times.

But now he took it out.

“Mother, let him take the magical pill and he’ll be fine.”

He understood, but not forgave. If Kris had come a little later, he would have really died.

Kris old him to be a good person, but not a rotten one with no boundaries or principles!

He listened to a lot of gossip from his servants.

He knew that it was the contempt of his mother and grandfather that made his father run away

In anger.

He even knew the divorce that had concealed by Kris. That’s why he was so angry, even resentful, about what Tiangang said when he sent him to the Earth Spirit Sect.

However, in the Sword Realm, Kris’s glorification of Xuefei had warmed Buhui’s heart, and he knew that his father was a broad-minded person, which was why he forgave Kris so easily.

No grudge, no hate!

Xuefei was startled, and Yujie sobbed, “Young Master, it’s useless, this low grade magical pills is useless!”

“How do you know it’s low grade magical pill?”

Buhui frowned, and with a flick of his fingers, he dropped the magical pill into Tiangang’s mouth.

When magical pill entered his mouth, it turned into a warm flow into the stomach.


The majestic power of the medicine melted away and soaked into his limbs as if infused with fresh hot blood, and the consumed blood was soaring at an unimaginable rate.

Even the cracked Golden Pill was rapidly rejuvenating.

Tiangang’s face reddened at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“What is this… What kind of magical pill is this, this can even repair the Golden Pill!”

Tiangang shouted out.

Tu Yan stared directly at Buhui, full of curiosity. Since this kid carried such precious magical pill with him, he must be highly regarded in the Earth Spirit Sect!

A few minutes later, the dying Tiangang was alive and stood up, even better than before his injury.

“It’s incredible, what level of the magical pill is this?”

Tiangang looked at Buhui excitedly.

“It’s a divine magical pill and I only have one!”

Buhui said.

Divine magical pill?

Tiangang took a breath!

Even if he sold the Yuan’s house, he couldn’t afford divine magical pill!

“Buhui, are your divine magical pill gifted by your masters?”

Tiangang curiously asked.


Buhui sneered, “It’s fortunate that they didn’t harm me. They gave me magical pills. Do you think it’s possible?”

“Buhui, how do you talk to your grandpa?”

Xuefei scolded, “Have you forgotten the most basic manners mother had taught you?”

She had tears on her face. She was thinner than half a year ago. Buhui felt the pain in his heart, and went over to wipe her tears, “Mother, it’s my fault, don’t be angry.”

Tiangang frowned and said: “Buhui, what did you just say, they harmed you, who harmed you?”

“And how did you get back, have you already made out pills? Didn’t your master come back with you?”

Buhui did not speak. When he mentioned the Earth Spirit Sect, a trace of deep hatred appeared in his eyes.

No matter how smart he was, he’s only a child of less than five years old. And it was a mortal sin to pull out spiritual roots! Half a year in a dog cage was the scar of his life, and if he couldn’t break the cage himself, he would remain in the shadows for the rest of his life.


Xuefei said: “Grandfather is asking you a question! Why don’t you answer?”

“Let me answer the question!”

Just then, a voice was heard in the sky.

“Who’s there?”

When everyone looked up, they saw a handsome young man descending from above on the wind.

Tiangang fixed his eyes and was shocked, “Kris Chen!”

Tu Yan also recognized the handsome face, “Sir!”

Xuefei’s head went blank as she watched Kris, as if she had been hammered in the back of the


Yujie looked at the fairy-like Kris and froze!


Buhui shouted.

Kris touched his head, flexed his fingers and flicked all the images of Buhui’s encounter with the Earth Spirit Sect into their minds.

When Tiangang saw the skinny Buhui lying in the dog cage, he was directly confused, “No, how is this possible, he received so many benefits from me, how could he do such a vicious thing!”.

Even Tu Yan was mumbling and unable to speak!

Yujie was in tears, “Young Master!

Xuefei’s heart strangled even more, almost suffocating her.

“It’s my fault… Buhui, I’m sorry…”

“You did feel sorry for him, a four-year-old boy, and how cruel you were to let him go to that dangerous place all by himself.”

“His spiritual roots have been extracted and he was living an inhumane life every day, struggling to survive, and if I had gone a day later, there would have been no Buhui in the world!”

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