Chuck Cannon was stunned. The woman said that if her bodyguard came out in the rankings his mom couldn’t be ranked in a hundred? Is this true?

To be honest, Chuck Cannon has never seen his mother’s ultimate strength. In other words, this woman thinks so, she sees the strength that her mother wants others to think.

He doesn’t know if this is right, and Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to talk about it.

But Chuck Cannon was still very upset when he heard the woman say that to his mother, “You…”

“That’s the truth, powerful people don’t come out,” the woman said lightly.

“Then if your family is so powerful, how did you get caught?” Chuck Cannon said.

“I was arrested because I came out this time without a bodyguard. Otherwise, no one can even get close to me.” The woman was plain.

Chuck Cannon thinks that she is not bragging. It is very likely that she really has this ability.

Forget it, Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to mention this, the secret family? With this Chuck Cannon still doesn’t want to get in touch.

What do people do for a lifetime and get in touch with so many things?

But Chuck Cannon still wants to be the richest man in the world, so wouldn’t it be impossible?

After all, the world she was talking about has been divided into three secret families. If you want to be the richest man in the world, isn’t it necessary to acquire these three secret families?

However, this woman also said that all the money that his mother has now is nothing more than one year’s income. This gap is too big.

Chuck Cannon was a little depressed.

“Why are you sighing? I said I will take you out.” The woman said lightly.

“No, I want to be the richest man in the world,” Chuck Cannon murmured.


The woman smiled for the first time.

Chuck Cannon saw her white teeth in the dark.

“Do you look down on me?” Chuck Cannon was unhappy.

“Your thoughts are naive, but you can be the richest man in the world, anyway since our secret family won’t show up,” the woman said lightly.

Is this to let Chuck Cannon play by herself?

She doesn’t want to be like this for Chuck Cannon, he will be the real world’s richest man.

“Forget it, I won’t tell you, I’m going out, will you go?” Chuck Cannon originally wanted to save the Huaxia people out, but this woman is not a Chinese woman.

“Can you go out?” In the darkness, the woman’s beautiful eyes were shining.

“Yes, this wall is made of mud.” Chuck Cannon also has a ring made of special metal on his fingers. The practical fist is fine, but he will still use his feet.

“Well, you take me out, I can meet your three requirements, anything is fine, as long as you mention it.” The woman said.

“Anything is fine?” Chuck Cannon touched his nose, his face was strange.

“Don’t think about it crooked.” The woman was serious.

“Well, you remember it, first get up, I will start kicking now,” Chuck Cannon prepared.

“I hurt my leg,” the woman said.

“Then you want me to hold you out?”

“If you don’t hug, you can carry me on your back,” the woman was a little hard to speak. After all, no man dared to touch her body because of her identity.

“Then I’m at a disadvantage. I’m adding two requirements. Can a total of five requirements work?” Chuck Cannon thought, if she really belongs to a hidden family, then these five requirements would be good.

“You are very greedy, but I appreciate greedy people, yes.” The woman nodded.

Chuck Cannon chuckled, found a place, raised his leg and kicked. It was really easy. The people outside, seeing that Chuck Cannon is not a tall man, thought that he had no strength. Now Chuck Cannon has a lot of strength.

After a few strokes, Chuck Cannon kicked and opened a hole. People outside were moving and should have noticed. Chuck Cannon picked up the woman and s topped suddenly.

The woman was surprised, “Run,”

“You are as beautiful as my wife,” Chuck Cannon said.

Really, this woman is so beautiful to the extreme, her facial features are beyond description, her noble temperament, she has a completely different feeling, Chuck Cannon thought, this woman should really be from a hidden family.

Otherwise, most people really don’t have this temperament.

“Are you molesting me?” The woman frowned. She heard the frivolity in Chuck Cannon’s words.

“No, my wife is as beautiful as you, and my Aunt Logan too is as beautiful as you,” Chuck Cannon said seriously.

“Well, I believe you, take me out.”

Chuck Cannon actually enjoys and accepts, after all, this is a great beauty.

“Wow,” someone ran over outside, Chuck Cannon put his arms around the woman and kicked the man out.

At night, only this person heard it.

Chuck Cannon hugged the woman and ran away.

But he suddenly came to a dirt house, he stopped, the woman was astonished, she heard a woman begging for mercy inside.

Does Chuck Cannon want to save this person?

Chuck Cannon only stopped for a second and ran. The woman was astonished again, but there was a person begging in the room, who was still a woman.

It was obvious that the woman in this room was facing something terrifying.

If she is not saved?

The woman looked at Chuck Cannon decisively and cruelly. This man might have done something.

The room was embarrassed.

The blue-eyed beauty was forced into the corner, and she was surrounded by fear.

Three big men surrounded her. She had resisted just now, but it was useless. These three men were too strong and often wrestled with beasts, making them the attack is also amazing.

The blue-eyed beauty, unable to withstand such a siege, was defeated in a few strokes.

“Don’t… I’ll give you money, don’t do this to me.”

The blue-eyed beauty was desperate, she knows what these three people are going to do to herself.

But she couldn’t escape by herself, and no one came to save herself.

At this time, she hated Chuck Cannon, especially hate Chuck Cannon, she had said that she would rather be tortured by Chuck Cannon, and won’t face such things.

At the very least, Chuck Cannon wouldn’t force something to happen to her.

All is because of Chuck Cannon, all because of him!!


The three men had smiles that only men understood, and the three of them were allocated.

With this smile, the blue-eyed beauty felt deep despair, she closed her eyes and was about to commit suicide!!

But suddenly, something happened.




With three screams, the blue-eyed beauty hurriedly opened her eyes and found that all three men had been knocked out. There was blood in the back of their heads as if they were hit by a stone. Who did it? Who?

The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t see the other people, and she was so scared that she ran out, but she saw that one of the men had a mobile phone in his pocket, and he would have robbed others.

She took her phone and ran out, “Who saved me?”

No one answered.


The blue-eyed beauty continued to lower her voice.

“No matter who it is, thank you, my name is Emily, you can come to the United States to find me,”

The blue-eyed beauty didn’t dare to stay any longer, and ran into the forest with all her strength.


This village is in chaos, chaos,…

The blue-eyed beauty ran wildly until she couldn’t hear the sound at all, and then panting to find a place to hide. She took out the mobile phone, but the mobile phone had electricity but no signal.

She had to keep running until she reached a signal position and dialed her mother’s phone.

She was nervous to the extreme.

The phone connected, it was my mother’s indifferent voice, “Hey…”

“Mom, it’s me, it’s Emily.” The blue-eyed beauty cried.

“Daughter? Daughter, where are you?” Here, the young charming lady shed tears of excitement. She was so happy and was worried for a few days, she hadn’t even slept for a few days.

“Woo, I’m still in the Amazon forest. I just escaped from a cannibal village. Mom, send a plane to pick me up. There are people. I want to kill all the people in that village.” There is hatred in the eyes of Blue-eyed beauty!!

“Okay, okay, how did you escape my daughter?”

“One person knocked out a few people, and I escaped,”

“Where is the one who caught you?”

“It’s him, it’s him that caught me!” The blue-eyed beauty was extremely angry. The fear and despair just now made her blue eyes red. It was too scary. She wanted to kill.

Why doesn’t Chuck Cannon listen to him?

Fortunately, someone saved herself!!

“He died?”

“Yes, I hope he died inside!” The blue-eyed beauty looked at the direction of her escape, this Chuck Cannon almost insulted her, such a person should be eaten.

“Okay, daughter, tell me the address, and I will ask someone to pick you up.”

The blue-eyed beauty said she didn’t know. The charming young woman said she would locate immediately. The blue-eyed beauty did not hang up. She stared in that direction. Chuck Cannon, I escaped, what about you?

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